Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – March 1st, 2012

Ray’s Picks

New Upfront Youtube Channel, “UFACTORY” Opened – Hello! SayuNii
So basically, Hello! Project now has its own Home Shopping Network.

西野カナ – to LOVE – Plastic Candy
Alvy is pleasantly surprised at how Nishino Kana handles being a cute pop star on this album.

#4 Zenitani Nozomi (銭谷のぞみ) – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki shares his love for this soloist

~AKB48 celebrates 5 years of tears and emotions~*… – モーニングBerryz48
Thanks to a PV, MB gets all misty-eyed over idols and the hard work they put in. You should, too.

Shibata Ayumi – 2nd Single Announced, Titled “Setsuna” – Hello! SayuNii
She’s still hanging in there!

NEWS – NEWS Nippon PV review – Never Ending Music Power
A PV review of back when the group was twice as big as it is now.

30 Day Idol Challenge 29 ~Best Leader~ – Shanimuni Paradise
Tsukiki makes the expected choice.

Final Musical Guest for Sakuracon 2012: Moi Dix Mois –
Another great VK act is headed to Seattle!

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
“I can count to two!”

Kashiwagi Yuki Taiwan & Hong Kong Handshake Event Report – MELOS no Michi
A great first person account of meeting one of the Pop Overlords.

Vanilla Beans- “Choco Mint Flavor Time” PV – Neaux Clicked on It
“French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe / Even caramel sundaes is gettin touched…”

Mayuyu Battles Yamapi For Chart Domination! – IXA Ready
Give the two of them knives and let’s make it interesting.

Harugon To Go Under The Knife – IXA Ready
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to her!

PARTY PEOPLE WARNING: M Flo reveals tracklist + previews – aramatheydidnt
Get a taste of the new m-flo album and see what you like.

Maybe you were Thinking this~ – Konno’s Story
KonnoAsami ain’t too hot over Big Bang.

Brown Eyed Girls celebrate their 6th anniversary – allkpop
Six years? That’s a lot of catching up for a new fan like me.

[PB] Saaya Irie ~ Seventeen’s Dreams – Jappydolls
Oh Saaya, how gracefully you’ve aged over these many years.