Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – March 4th, 2012

Chiima’s Picks

Bitter & Sweet: A Double-Feature from Kara – Nia’s Wonderland!
Nia reviews the latest from Kara, and finds the auto-tune annoying, but enjoys both songs none-the-less

Team H (HKT48) members chosen – aramatheydidnt
Wait, they still exist?

EriMano in Young Gangan – aramatheydidnt
Some Mano eyecandy for you fans out there! And I say, is she looking lovely.

Ray’s Picks

“I Am Scared of Certain Types of Fans” – Chiima Confesses and Shares her Thoughts on Certain Types of Fans – Okay! Musume Time
Regarding Berryz’s run-in with T-ara fans, here’s the Fear…

K-Pop Fans, We Need to Talk. – Wota (in training)
… And here’s the Loathing. Both of which were amply earned.

Momochi 20 [-1] – Berryz Kobo International
And a timely reminder from Zush.

Tommy February6 makes a heavenly return – aramatheydidnt
Tommy explains herself, though I still find James Addiction pleasantly puzzling.

♥~~♥~Happy Girl’s Day~♥~~♥
– モーニングBerryz48
MB turns her attention to Koike Yui and a lovely photobook of the idol.

Can Someone Milk My Bunny?!? – Konno’s Story
A playful profile of Milky Bunny… (Well, who were you expecting? Michishige Sayumi?)

All Members Over 30, Still in High Spirits! V6 is Getting Serious – aramatheydidnt
Their “fastest song ever”? It’s not like they’re Metallica.

AKB48 Crowns 4 Billboard Awards for 2011 – MELOS no Michi
More tribute paid to our Pop Overlords.

SDN48 – Makeoshimi Congratulation PV – IXA Ready
And yet another declaration that retiring SND48 is a mistake. It’s called the voices of reason, Aki-P.

Interview with SNSDKorean (Part 1) – Selective Hearing
A fun, rambling interview about SNSD, Kpop, and of course fandom.

When racism doesn’t cut it anymore…you guessed it: a Jin post – aramatheydidnt
Someday Bakanishi will play this song for his child and say, “THIS was how you were made!”

Akimoto Sayaka Image Character for adidas [GOLD LINE] – MELOS no Michi
She’s poised to be an action movie hero. Just give it time.

Matsuda Shota is falling in love with Ashida Mana – aramatheydidnt
Oh please let this headline be everything I dare not hope…

Because You Were There For Me: Takayanagi Akane – MELOS no Michi
Being an idol to overcome introversion is like being an arsonist to overcome fear of warm stoves.

Young Jump No.13 [2012] – Jappydolls
More Koike Rina! And it’s really good!