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Recommended Reading – March 8th, 2012

Ray’s Picks

Excel Spreadsheet for AKB and Other 48/46 Members – MELOS no Michi
It’s always nice to see useful tools being shared among the fan base…

Bring Out The Measuring Tape – Selective Hearing
Meanwhile, Greg apparently had a run-in with a completely useless tool of the fan base.

Hey! Say JUMP – Ultra Music Power PV review – Never Ending Music Power
The whole “futurist volleyball” meme in JE intrigues me to no end, seeing how often it pops up…

Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” Japanese version to be included in After School’s album “Playgirlz” – Koreaboo
An interesting move, perhaps making the album more idol-friendly?

Yurina Kumai & Chinami Tokunaga – Foot Torture – Hello! Project Feet
Every once in a while, we’re reminded of how fetishy this site is. Bravo!

Oshima Yuko to Star in [Kaeru no Oujo-Sama] – MELOS no Michi
Yuko’s lining up a good deal of acting work, apparently…

Yuko Added To The Cast Of A Musical Drama – IXA Ready
… But do any of them involve her sleeping around some? (Please?)

Diagnosing Sayumi with Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Chuu! Sugoi! Idol
That list of symptoms can apply to most any highly popular idol, I think.

Ai wo kudasai eps 1+2 – HamsapSukebe
Akiramike finds one saving grace with this show, and her name is Kanno Miho.

momuse: 74 名前:名無し募集中。。。[] 投稿日:2012/03/06(火)… – Idols and Hollywood
Sayumi’s the one taking pictures? That’s another great reason to make her leader!

Tunnels to host special live music show on Fuji TV – Tokyograph
Oh please have Ishibashi invite Dream Morning Musume just so he can smack Kei around for a good five minutes.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
An interesting meeting of idol groups…