About IW

Welcome to International Wota! This website was founded on March 18, 2007 by Ray Mescallado. Since then, we have been reviewing English-language blogs about Japanese music.

We have recently launched what we are labeling Version 2 of the site. We will still be reviewing blogs, but we will also be focused on promoting other types of websites (microblogs, fan sites, youtube video, twitter accounts, message boards, etc.). We also hope to expand our focus beyond just Japanese music and idols. Lastly, we will be presenting new features such as Blogger of the Month and Original Content.

Past Versions:

Version 1 – Here you will find an archive of International Wota posts from our launch until May 1, 2011.

Staff Members:

Our staff are volunteers and fans who wish to promote the interests we love and the people that write about it.



Email: admins@intlwota.com