AKB48’s latest DVD : Himawarigumi 1 – Boku no Taiyou Review

Hello! Yeah, I know that I’m far behind in the profiling, in the A4 review and many other things, but I want to keep pimping H1, since it’s an awesome piece of work and I think that everybody should go and buy a copy 😀

In this part, I will introduce you all to Himawari-gumi, a group that merges Team A with Teamk. Within Himawarigumi, there are subgroups too, Team 1, is the All-Star cast of AKB48, featuring the most famous members, and Team 2 is composed of… well, the rest. Another reason I have to review this DVD is that because both teams are included, I get to finally talk and fangirl about my favorite team (which is K), even though I haven’t finished Team A profiles XD Also, like I’ve said before, most of my favorite Team A members are the underdogs, so I was more than happy to see them get a stage of their own!

Team 1 ~ The Girls

Akimoto Sayaka – Team K: Sayaka is a fan favorite for many reasons, the main one being the fact that she has an amazing powerful voice, and so much stage presence that she’s never left unnoticed on stage! She is a very strong type of girl, kind of a Yossie type of character, but the difference is that Sayaka actually gets lots of lines and screen time, and she’s not such a goofy girl as Yossie is. It’s actually just about the “cool aura” they both exude that makes that comparison come up a lot. I’m a big Sayaka fan myself, she can ROCK the hell out of any song at all, and you just have to love that voice of hers!

Highlights: She’s everywhere really, and she was great in her unit song, Himawari, but she totally pwned Lay Down! In case you want to check that out…

Itano Tomomi – Team A: Ok, I’ve already profiled her, so you must have a vague idea of who I’m talking about here 😀 I used to be a much bigger Tomochin fan than I am these days, but she’s still a very good idol and performer. She’s the ultimate Lolita of AKB48, being so young and given the lead role to some of the sexiest songs of the collective. She wasn’t really featured a lot in H1, which makes me sad because I like her voice a lot and I also love her energy whenever she’s performing

Highlights: It has to be her unit song, Itoshisa no Defense. It was kind of wrong, but her lower voice range made her a great addition to the higher pitched duo of Sae and Nacchi.

Oshima Mai – Team A: You all know how much I love this girl by now, right? Well, I was sad because of the lack of Maimai here, and if something hurt the Team 1 part of the concert was the fact that these girls ALL get so much screentime in their Team’s stage DVDs, that all of them appear to be featured less than usual in this one. Anyway, all of that aside, Mai is always a very solid performer, this is noexception of course, and her ability to get so much into the songs she is performing made for a great range of emotions displayed in her performances. Still, she wasn’t to be seen in many songs, which is a shame for the rabid fans such as myself…

Highlights: Her unit song, Himawari, is very nice, and she did a great job with her cheerful performance of that. I loved her in Déja vù, and she was very good in Lay Down as well.

Oshima Yuko – Team K: My God that picture sucks… Still you will know who Yuko is if you’re even a casual fan of AKB, because she’s one of the most featured girls in PVs, along with Acchan and Takamina, and definitely the face of Team K, so to speak. Yuko is my favorite member along with Mai, and I like one of them more than the other depending on the day. Yuko impressed me so much more than Mai in this particular DVD, but it might be due to the fact that I’ve been looking at Team A stuff more lately because I have to finish the remaining profiles. Anyhow, there’s something very special about Yuko, she’s an incredible dancer, has a very distinct voice, a good range, lots and lots of energy for performances and there’s something extra: Yuko is more an actress than an idol, and she’s said it herself, so nobody can top the way in which she is able to convey emotions when she sings.

Highlights: Her unit song, Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster, probably the finest performance of the whole concert, and a lot of it was because of Yuko’s flawless dancing and singing. She impressed me in Déja Vù, and was pretty cute in Takeuchi Senpai and Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka

Erena Ono – Team K: Erepyon used to be my second favorite member just a few centimeters below the Oshima girls, but something happened… I don’t really know what, because I still think that she’s believably cute and adorable and a very good idol for someone her age, but I guess that when you have so many stars on stage at the same time, it’s very hard to stand out, and poor Erena didn’t stand a chance here. She was overshadowed even in her own unit, which made me sad, but I also think that because many of the songs of this stage were kind of grown up, she probably didn’t get many lines.

Highlights: IDOL Nante Yobanaide is her unit song, and even though she contributes a lot to the cuteness overload that is the song (and there’s nobody else in team K who could’ve replaced her there) she doesn’t really POP or something. I noticed her a lot in Sonna Konna Wake de, but saying such a thing is a sin so I’ll shut up

Kasai Tomomi – Team K: Kasai is somewhat of a yo-yo member for me, I can either love her to death or love her a bit less depending on how she performs. Lots of people hate on her because of her super high pitched moe voice, but I think that it fits her personality perfectly, and that she’s actually not a bad singer at all in spite of her very particular voice. That said, I have to give credit where credit is due, and Kasai somehow manages to be a very solid performer, even though one might think that her cute character doesn’t really fit with team K, she can be FIERCE! I think that’s what I like about her… Anyway, she was incredibly good in this DVD, and she was actually one fo the girls who I noticed the most in almost every performance!

Highlights: IDOL nante yobanaide was the Kasai show. She totally stole the show from the other three, and was appealing and just very awesome in that song. She was the dirtiest piece of loli in Lay Down, with her hand in Tomochin’s crotch and making out with Miichan and other generally filthy deeds…

Kojima Haruna – Team A: I do have a love-hate relationship with Haruna, and I think that she’s the member that puzzles me the most in AKB. She’s a very good singer, she dances well, and there is something terribly compelling about her! It might be her beauty, or her confidence, but even though I don’t find Haruna to be the greatest or most impressive member, she has like a superpower that makes me notice her everytime I’ve decided to give up on her… weird… Anyway, more of that Haruna power comes with the DVD, she is preobably one of the girls who gets more screentime, and trust me, I’m not complaining. It might be something she was born with, but the camera loves her *scratches head* maybe I should stop trying to figure it out and just enjoy it without overanalysing everything

Highlights: If I said that Sayaka was everywhere, Haruna is everywhere everywhere everywhere… or something. I loved her in Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster, but she was also cute in Mirai no Kajitsu, Takeuchi Senpai, Sonna Konna wake de… Oh well, she was great during the whole thing, damn talented beautiful Haruna 😀

Sato Natsuki – Team K: Nacchi FTMFW! I’m a HUGE Nacchi fan, really. She’s a very funny girl and has a great personality, always very natural and honest. Also, I love how commited to her work she is, she was completely into every single song of this Stage. She is a very good singer and dancer and has lots of attitude (like almost everyone in Team K) which works great for this upbeat stage!

Highlights: Itoshisa no Defense, she was HOT there! She had the most beautiful solo line in Takeuchi senpai and she was awesome in Lay Down.

Shinoda Mariko – Team A: Mariko is always good to see live, she’s a very good performer. This is no exception, but she tends to be a little lacking in the bubbly department in this particular Stage, but is amazing in the sexier or more dramatic songs! I liked her in Himawari too, although it was really obvious that she was lipsinchyng there.

Highlights: Himawari, Sonna Konna wake de, Lay Down

Takahashi Minami – Team A: This was Takamina’s best stage to date, without a doubt! She’s always been a great singer, but she’s beyond amazing here! She is supper happy in the cheerful opening songs, is a great match for Yuka in Higurashi no Koi, is adorable in Takeuchi Senpai, sexy in Sonna and Deja vu… And wraps it up being a scary dominatrix in Lay Down, only to go back to being all cute and hyper in BINGO! and Boku no Taiyou. If anyone had a doubt about her talent (is that possible?) they will instantly understand why she is the front girl of all of AKB (well, practically)

Highlights: EVERYTHING!

Nakanishi Rina – Team A: I’m a HUGE Rinatin fa, so I was sad to see her missing from H2, however she was great in H1, so I could get over the fact that she’s not going to be in the next DVD and bask in all the badass Rina moments in H1. I couldn’t believe that that was Rina at first, she’s always so sweet and gentle, but here she’s totally evil! I mean it in a good way of course, I love it when my idols can be bad girls…

Highlights: Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster, without a doubt! Sonna Konna Wake de, Deja Vu, Lay down (please don’t miss the part when she is totally hitting on Nacchi! I don’t blame her, I probably would too!)

Noro Kayo – Team K: Nontii is a great performer as well, a very powerful vocalist and a great dancer. I was pleasantly surprised to see her make it to Team 1 because she gets totally neglected in singles, so I was afraid that she wouldn’t make it, but she did! yay! She got paired with Nacchi a lot for their lines, which is understandable since they are renowned as the “Nacchinon” duo, they do MCs and jokes and are just awesome XD

Highlights: Again, Sonna Konna wake de, Himawari and Lay Down 

Maeda Atsuko – Team A: You all came here for the Acchan, right? Well, I’ve never been a big fan of hers to be honest. She’s very camera friendly but has 0 stage presence, so I never really expect anything from her in Stages, but this was an exception, because in the H1 previews Acchan looked HOT. Not her usual super pretty and oddly fascinating self, but HOT HOT HOT. I was shocked, of course, and I thought to myself “Well, maybe Acchan has decided to become hot, and now I have a reason to become her fan!” And so I was looking forward to see Acchan for the first time in my life, and here is what happened: I watched the entire DVD, I was super impressed and happy and proud of my girls and then it crossed my mid “Wait a minute… where the hell was hot Acchan?” And the answer is: Hot Acchan performs only in H1 previews 🙁 I was disappointed in her for the first time, she was completely outshined in IDOL nante yobanaide, she was the only girl who acted like a dead fish in Lay Down… :(:(:( I will never expect anything again, and that way I’ll be pleasantly surprised sometimes

Highlights: See, the thing is that Acchan is (as usual) the most filmed girl in the whole DVD, so it’s impossible to miss her (well, not THAT impossible considering how the other girls outshine her a lot of times) IDOL nante Yobanaide is a must see for Acchan fans, though, so check it out.

Masuda Yuka – Team K: Yuka adds 1000 points of awesome to Team K, so I was ecstatic to see he in H1 (she also tends to get majorly shafted in singles, sadly) In my not so humble opinion, Yuka has the best voice in AKB48, and not only that, but she’s also a very energetic dancer and has a WHOLE LOAD of stage presence. It’s amazing! That’s why I wrote earlier that Takamina should be proud to be on a duet with Yuka and hold her own. Anyway, when you have such a great singer, you can’t go wrong!

Highlights: Other than the obvious choice of Higurashi no Koi, she is very upbeat and happy during Mirai no Kajitsu and RUN RUN RUN, she also is super badass in Lay Down (like almost everyone, except for Acchan)

Minegishi Minami – Team A: Cute little Miichan! Yay, let’s watch her and die of cute overload! Ehh… that’s what I though when I first watched the DVD… let’s just say that by the end I had a feeling that Miichan was not such a little girl anymore XD As always, superb dancing, she’s a little ball of energy on stage! And of course, lots and lots (and I mean LOTS) of fan service… Oh, I love me some Miichan!

Highlights: Viva Hurricane!, Idol nante yobanaide (she’s the only one who matches Kasai appeal in that song), Sonna Konna, Lay Down, Boku no Taiyou.

Miyazawa Sae – Team K: Sayaka opens the intro, Sae closes it, very fitting. Sae and Sayaka get paired a lot, and they are very good friends, so much that fans call them Saeyaka! I like Sae a bit more than I like Sayaka, because even though Sae has a less powerful voice she has SO much attitude! And I like that, I also like her carefree personality and find her very funny and likable! And yes, she was the girl who impressed me the most in this DVD! Like Takamina, every frame Sae is on is amazing! And that is the end of it.

Highlights: EVERYTHING! Especially Lay Down, her line was the sexiest one!

So that was Team 1 for all of you, people! I’m terribly tired right now and haven’t finished screencapping Team 2, so I’ll probably do that entry later tonight or tomorrow morning 😀


Remember! BUY BUY BUY!

A few reasons why you should buy the Himawari gumi DVD

Hi everybody! Since my computer is acting up and I haven’t slept in a week for various reasons, this will be pretty short. I plan on doing a very very detailed review of both Himawari-gumi casts, but this is just so you can preview the songs and know what to expect of them. The main message is PLEASE BUY! This is a wonderful DVD, and if you’re not an AKB fan, it will convert you for sure! Also, it’s great because since both teams are mixed, you get to see ALL of the Team A and K girls, and they work great together. Also, you get to see the alternative cast version, with the girls who aren’t all that popular, but surprisingly enough (I mean, some of them were surprising to me) can hold an amazing concert by themselves effortlessly! The links lead to the Youtube videos of said songs, and they open in a new window 😀

Disclaimer: All lyrics taken from AKB48 Lyrics Paradise http://stage48.net/lyricsparadise/ They belong to their rightful translators/romanizators

0. Overture: “Here in world famous Akihabara, these angels have come down to perform for you!”  Team 1  Well, the Overture is a classic! It’s also very helpful when you’re a n00b because the names of the girls appear in romaji, so you can finally know who the hell is who 😀 This is very cool, and it sets the mood for all of AKB48’s DVD

1. Dreamin’ Girls: “Becoming the lead role for song and dance, I dream it all in front of the mirror” Team 1   I LOVE this song so much! It’s also great because it helps to prove the point that lots of this girls are really talented singeres! This is sung completely a capella, with claps and tapping of the feet as the background. The use of harmonies is beautiful, and the lighting is also amazing! It creates a very “dreamy” feel somehow. Also, the lyrics are very nice, about working hard to be an idol, the lessons, how there’s almost no free time and the such… It kind of makes you feel like you’re closer to the girls or something

2. RUN RUN RUN: “Love always is an unexpected thing. Continuously unexpected, right?” Team 1       Ok, so those aren’t exactlt the deepest lyrics ever, but this is a fun and energetic song about falling in love and telling the person you like about your feelings. (Aitakatta 2?) I like how bubbly and catchy the tune is.

-Watch Overture – Dreamin’ Girls – RUN RUN RUN Team 2 Version-

3. Mirai no Kajitsu: “The times can be sad, of this I’m sure, but thanks to the tears the dream is gradually nurtured” Team 1   I dare you to listen to this song and not have “Boys & Girls” stuck in your head for like a week! It’s that catchy. This was the B side for Boku no Taiyou (I believe…) and while it’s nothing spectacular, it’s very happy and it kind of cheers you up. I like the choreography, it’s pretty simple but works perfectly with the song!

4. Viva! Hurricane: “The pride of my feet sways / I’m almost to the point of losing everything / And yet it can’t be stopped”  Team 1   This song begins with SUCH a ridiculous music intro! It reminds me of sentai shows of the 70s or something, but then the girls start singing and it’s a very different song from what it sounded at the beginning, with a little mishcievousness thrown in. What is really awesome about this song is the choreography! The girls swing and sway and there’s a little break when they dance as if they were blown by the wind, it’s very entertaining! Also, I have to say that this is the most random song ever (70s + Rap + Tropical sounding stuff) but I love to watch it nonetheless! Oh, this was the C/W to Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka BTW

-Watch Mirai no kajitsu – Viva Hurricane Team 2 Version-

5. IDOL Nante Yobanaide: “More than being loved, they want to love. From a far away place they yearn. They can’t admit that it’s an unrequited love”  Team 1  “Don’t Call me an Idol” is a perfect explanation of why I like AKB48 😀 The lyrics of this song are very in-your-face, about how idols, don’t really like their stalkers and how they are puzzled by the extreme affection of a lot of strangers at handshaking events and the such. It goes even as far as critizicing the “pure” image of idols and how they can’t fall in love!!! I was shocked when I read the lyrics, but then I was even more shocked when I saw the song performed, because it’s a typical TYPICAL idol number! Girls in pink poofy dresses, with high boots and a silly girly choreography! This song is a slap in the face for wotas, disguised as an innocent idol number. Funny thing is that, this is one of the songs where wotas chant the most… Are they THAT blinded by their love of these idols? Here’s the (lyrics translation) in case you want to read the whole thing

6. Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster: “This young love, in order to shake free from adults, earnestly drinks the poison” Team 1 If you are going to watch just one performance, make it this one. The song is AMAZING and the girls do an excellent job at singing and dancing the flashy choreography perfectly. The lyrics are sad an beautiful, in contrast to the vivid pop music. Both teams do a great job at this, even though Team 2 had a SEED for a member of the subunit! Even so, if you’re going to pick, I’d recommend that you watched Team 1 version, because the star power of Yuko, Rina and Haruna is incredible!

-Watch IDOL Nante Yobanaide – Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster Team 2 Version-

7. Higurashi no Koi: “If I dissappear, this neighborhodd will become quiet. Like this, a cicada can be heard in the distant sky” Team 1 I was lying before, if you’re going to watch just one, watch this one. This is a slow song, but it’s so incredibly haunting and beautiful! team 1 features the best singers of AKB48 (Takamina and Masuda Yuka) and they are absolutely perfect in their performance. Team 2 features a now graduated SEED (who is amazing!) and Ohe Tomomi, whose voice is very peaceful and pretty as well. This is how ballads should be done, it never gets boring!

8. Itoshisa no Defense: “Without you ever falling in love with my real self, I drag you along a chain”   Team 1 Aaaaand the stage starts getting sexy with this one! The song is nice, but what’s really amazing is the choreography here! Very hot!!! Also, if you’re wacthing only one version of this one, I recommend the one with Team 2 because Hana is TOO HOT TO BE TRUE!!!!

Watch Higurashi no Koi – Itoshisa no Defense Team 2 version –

9. Himawari: “In order for you to be you, I’ll be waiting until you stand up Even in the far side of the starry sky Surely the sun is waiting” Team 1 This song could be considered the typical “cheer up” stuff, but it’s not that simple really, there’s something about it that makes it really stand out… I don’t know, maybe those guitar riffs? I have to say that this is one of the most even line distributions I’ve seen as an idol fan, which made me happy because all of the girls chosen for this song are great singers. I really like it, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, so you should watch it too to see if it works for you 😀

10. Takeuchi Senpai “With a shy expression on my face, I definitely look like your junior. All through the high school You’re popular among the girls”  Team 1 Remeber how Kinjirareta Futari was a song about lesbians? And so was Boku no Uchiage Hanabi (well, kind of), well, third’s a charm, so here’s Takeuchi Senpai, ladies and gentlemen! To be honest, there isn’t much in the lyrics that I can interpret as Takeuchi being a girl, but Maimai did a drawing of the song, and it was a girl in a football (soccer, for all of you US people) uniform, and Tomomi (I don’t remember if it was Itano or Kasai) said “ehhhh? a girl??” And Mai nodded. Ok, make what you will out of that, but isn’t it so much more fun if those “Love me! Hold me!” are girl on girl? (Ok, that sounded SO wrong… but whatever)

– Watch Himawari – Takeuchi Senpai Team 2 Version –

11. Sonna Konna wake de “As for a summer man, his hands move too fast. Seaside Love” Team 1 Sexy! I like the costumes a lot, they are very very sexy in a naughty catholic schoolgirl kind of way XD This is a song about uh… Seaside Love. Literally. It’s a very hot performance, trust me.

12. Deja Vu “Déjà vu, this nostalgic pain… The days gone by are a vague reality. The same future, even though it repeats, I want to fall in love” Team 1 I really really like this song. It might be one of my favorite group songs ever (for AKB48) It has dramatic music and a very simple choreography with hand movements that work really well with the song. Also, I love how the girls are really into it, so it makes for a spectacular performance!

– Watch Sonna Konna Wake de – Deja Vu Team 2 Version-

14. Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka “Because everyone is a weak creature, We’re supporting each other” Team 1 Er… you’ve all seen Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka, this is a performance of said song.

15. Lay Down! “If you bite back at me, This dormant whip will fly! Who is, who is, who is your woman? […] Kneel! I’m your queen. Kneel! You’re my pet. Lay down, Lay down” Team 1  This son is SO much flith… You know, my recommended performances are written above, but Lay Down is SUCH a filthy song full of leather and loli fanservice that you will really regret it if you don’t watch it… I remember some weeks ago I wrote about the 10 AKB48 songs that I felt people should listen to in order to get a bit familiar with their style, and in Ray’s comment of the post said “All I need is an S&M song to go with the enjo kosai song!” Well Ray, you might rejoice, Lay Down is the S&M song you’ve been waiting for so long XD

– Lay Down! – BINGO! Team 2 Version –

And Team 1 Version, you know you want it!

Ok, now that we’ve all watched (and enjoyed) Lay Down, here are the bad news: I won’t be including BINGO and Boku no Taiyo because I’m tired and it’s late and I have to wake up early and… well, you’ve all watched those elsewhere, right?


Ok people, that’s it for now! Bye bye!

Narita Risa aka. Risa

u_u I’ve had lots of technical problems, which is why I had to delay this forever…

OMG!!! What the hell is up with all the spam that’s flooding my blog!!!

Ehhh… Hi folks! Here’s another profile, because the “not so well known” members of Team A are some of my favorites, and also because I want to finish team A ASAP so I can focus in Team K and Team B profiles.


  • Name: Narita Risa (成田梨紗)

  • Nickname: Risa (りさ)

  • Birthdate: March 1st, 1991

  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

  • Hobbies: Shopping

  • Audition song: AI – Story

  • Height: 156cm

  • Bust: 80cm

  • Waist: 60cm

  • Hips: 83cm

Risa is the “poor man’s Acchan” and I mean this in the nicest way possible XD I’ll elaborate into this a bit more, but that’s how it is, sadly.

Personally, I would have Risa over Acchan any day! She’s a reliable singer and dancer, has TONS of stage presence, smiles all the time and is very sassy! While Acchan… well… she has good days and bad days, and if it wasn’t for that strange almost supernatural charm of hers…

Risa was chosen to be the replace member for Acchan in the Himawarigumi performances. “Himawarigumi” was a group formed by Team A and Team K, and they have done 2 Stages (so far). The thing with this group was that because it had so many members, a group of “A class” members was formed and then a group of  ehh… B class members of sorts. So each of the A class girls had a replacement in the B class members, so that whenever they couldn’t perform somebody else could do it instead of them. Well, not just for this reason, of course, they had to have all of the members doing something and performing! But in Acchan and Risa’s particular case… Acchan was absent during a WHOLE load of shows, which gave Risa the chance to shine with the other “A class” members! yay!

1. Sakura no Hanabiratachi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6XHLUwJMek You’ve all heard me hype about Miichan and Mariko’s rise to stardom, but it all has a price, and girls who were originally meant to be at the front, like Risa, suffered from this and ended up shoved to the background! And in Risa’s particular case, it hurts me a lot, because she’s a great idol, and she should get more love dammit!


In this screencap we see Acchan and Risa… And you can see what I mean! You can’t help but look at her! This is way more evident in performances, because the lack of stage presence really hurts Acchan…


Here she is, so front row that she was even in front of Maimai! You know, Risa is not the BEST singer out there, but there’s something in the way she carries herself that screams “Superstar” Ehh… that’s not very obvious in such early stages of her career, of course


I like how SNH is plastered all over the place with Risa, because we won’t be seeing much of her in the following PVs 🙁 I can’t understand what happened to her… why did she fade? I mean, when I became an AKB48 fan, she was already a background girl, and I still noticed her in performances… Maybe they wanted more “cute” type of girls fronting Team A?


And here is where we can see how much Acchan has actually blossomed! Risa has always been a beautiful lady, but back in the day, Acchan looked like a little boy XD And look at the way Risa’s looking at her like “Oh… poor thing… don’t worry, hair grows” Oh yes, it grows indeed… and eventually became Narita’s doom, who would’ve thought about it back then?


 Here we can see Risa with fellow front girls Tomochin and Takamina. Not really about this picture, but I like how professional she looks whenever she is performing! This is a common trait among Team A members, and it gives a completely different feeling to their performances when compared to the ones of the other teams. It’s not like they don’t have fun performing or anything, but I think they can pull off the “professional idol” act a bit better. Team K and Team B are purely girls having fun most of the time (but that’s why I like them more than A)

Of course, back in the day Team A was only about the fun too. Here we can see Miichan, Tomochin, Risa, Acchan and Nacchan having a laugh and waving. Risa seems to be the one who laughs the most, too, she seems like a fun person to be around, judging from the amount of purikura she takes with other members

I still think that she was a pretty good front girl, but maybe due to the fact that so many other girls stepped it up, while Risa kind of stayed the same had to do with her fall from grace… Still, I always notice her in stage performances, she has great stage presence!

2. Skirt Hirari:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc5mKEgl9kY Skirt Hirari was definitely Risa’s signature song/performance. I like her stuck up attitude in the PV as it makes for a cool change of pace from the way the other girls act here


Needless to say, she wasn’t trying to be sexy here, in fact, her attitude reminds me of that of the girl who is a snitch or something like that. The look in her face in this particular screencap is very “Don’t look at me or I’ll tell mommy”

She looks very lonely leaning against that wall… Ahhh nobody know what it’s like to be teacher’s pet… it’s very difficult and lonesome

The pointing fetish of AKB returns… Still, she looks truly evil here! “You’re busted! I’m so telling on you!!”

When you compare her performance in this particular song to that of say… Tomochin, you realize that she had a lot more of potential from the start but perhaps she didn’t know how to work it in order to mantain her front girl position

I also like how she managed to turn her stuck up attitude into a sassy one as she grew up as an idol, it’s really nice to see girls who aren’t all winks and blown kisses every now and then

Oh Risa… Everytime I look back and try to understand why was she pushed to the background I end up completely puzzled. The theory I believe in is that they wanted more “cutesy” girls to front the group, but neither Maimai, Takamina or Mariko fit into this category completely, and yet they are rather big. I hope that she gets bigger roles in the team, but the addition of Fujie Reina makes me think that it won’t be the time for Risa’s revival just yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

3. Aitakatta  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwFvpkiNOVU A bubbly song like this fits Risa’s smily self to a tee. Still, she wasn’t very big in this PV, and we could start seeing the trend of her vanishing from the map.

She was still kind of famous here, because we can see how she was placed in the front row! Even ahead of Maimai! (I lol at my “kind of famous” definition… She’s more famous than any of us we’ll ever be XD)

A heart with Oh yay and Risa!! God I love this picture! It’s so cute and natural-looking!

And now she’s trying to take a pic of Oh yay and Tomomi-chan. She got a kind of big part in this PV you know, when you compare it to Umeda or Hana who appeared for like 2 seconds pushing a bike or Erena and Rina who appeared for like a second too…


1. A1 – Party ga Hajimaru yo: This DVD (A1) is probably the worst looking of all, because the girls had just debuted and looked pretty stiff. BUT if you’re a Risa fan, this one is probably the best you could pick, because she is SO ahead of the rest when it comes to acting like a pro and delivering her lines with perfect idol attitude! Party ga Hajimaru yo was the song which gave the name to this stage, and while it’s not one of my favorites, there were some nice Risa moments in it, so let’s look at them!

Yukarin + Risa! It looks like an unfortunate screencap for Yukari, but the truth is that she was that stiff during the whole song! Risa, on the other hand, look like she knew exactly what to do and how to carry herself!

2. A1 – Dear my Teacher: This song screams AKB to me… the dated sound of it and the naughty lyrics are the trademark of early AKB. Risa managed to pull of a sexy-loli look here that is very appealing!

See? loli-Risa is awesome!

3. A1 – Skirt Hirari: Well people, prepare yourselves for a LOT of Skirt Hirari screencaps. And I mean A LOT, because this one is Risa’s highlight!

Risa brings a completely different attitude to the stage version, compared to the one she had on the PV. Here she is totally rocking the sexy looks!

Risa is a true idol. That’s all I have to say about this picture.

4.  A1 – Aozora no Soba ni Ite: this sweet song was IMO one of the best performances of the first stage of Team A, because all of the girls let loose and we could see little bits where they interacted with each other and were just normal girls (kind of)

Risa continues to be placed ahead of Maimai… That’s to show how big she was back then! Here she shares lines with Rina, and they are a great pair!

And here’s probably my favorite screencap of Risa! The second before she leaned towards Rina and picked a paper sakura petal that was left tangled in Rina’s hair. As a response to this, Rina smiles sweetly at her <3

5. A1 – AKB48: All the girls are pumped up here to deliver the theme song in high spirits!

Risa-chan stills sparkles the most!

6. A2 – Aitakatta: Risa was still big when A2 happened, but here we see how the other girls are more confident with their performing skills, so she doesn’t stand out as much.

this is totally wrong but Risa probably has the biggest boobs in AKB48… And yes… that is all the purpose of this screencap…

7. A2 – GLASS no I LOVE YOU: I’m a big fan of this song, it’s very very girly, and cute, but not hyper cute but.. you know, girly cute or something…

Risa proves here that she’s pretty cute herself, but instead of making it super sweet cavity inducing cute, she gives it a little bit of a sexy twist, which is very welcome in this particular song!

This type of unit fits her perfectly, but I’d love to see her in something where she could be “sexier” because it fits her character a bit more. Maybe she should be in something similar to Junai no Crescendo….  In case you didn’t notice, these are the girls of Nageki no Figure minus Acchan and plus Risa. Which also helps my theory of Risa being Acchan2 in a way…

It’s nice when a girl brings something different to a performance, something that kind of changes the mood of the song a bit! I like that kind of versatility.

8. A2 – JESUS: This song cracks me up so much XD Risa was very serious here, and sexy too, fitting the kind of dark mood that the song tries to have (but fails at XD)

Intense looks and all…

This is probably my favorite Risa moment of A2! She turns her head with that serious look on her face… sexy!

9. A2 – Dakedo…: I’ve already stated how this song isn’t one of my favorites, but Risa’s emo face is priceless!

It’s like she’s back to her snitch Skirt Hirari PV persona!

10. A2 – Dear My Teacher: Risa is no longer a loli now, but she’s very very sexy nonetheless!

Well, Hello there Narita! *prrrrrr*

Now she knows what this song is all about! (or she acts like she does…)

11. A2 –  Mirai no Tobira: It’s a cute song, and a cute screencap. That is all.

Miichan looks kind of weird, but can you see Risa’s mischievous expression? Priceless!

12 – A3 – Nage kiss de Uchi otose: This is the only screencap of Risa I’m including from A3 for various reasons. The first one is that A3 wasn’t Risa’s best, really. She wasn’t seen much in there, because this is where we could start noticing how much she was shoved to the back, and the second reason is that I’m absolutely tired, I’ve been writing this entry for a week now, with no success so far and for the love of all that’s holy, I’m not going back to screencap more split seconds of A3 where Risa appears right now!!

Risa’s so sassy! I insist on that… Acchan looks kind of dull when she’s next to her (no hate for Acchan, I’m just stating the truth :P) Risa was the only back up girl in this song to get a cowboy hat, which is exactly like Acchan’s, only purple. Make what you will out of that, I’ve already statedd my opinion about this 😀


I can’t believe that this is finally over! It was soo soo hard for me to finally manage to finish this profile! And I’m sure that if I hadn’t liked Risa as much as I do, it would’ve ended up being published like in a year from now.

I want to thank Ray for helping me out through this whole picture mess, and hopefully I can keep updating regularly now that I’ve sort of worked it out.



Shinoda Mariko aka. Maririn pt. 2

Hi everybody! I’m back to regular schedule, for now. I think that I won’t have a lot of free time in the next 3 months either, but I’ll surely figure out something to do about it in order to keep updating the blog regularly. As a side note, I got a comment yesterday from someone named Sutocu who said that this blog is “nothing special” So Mr/Ms Sutocu, don’t worry, it’s aim is not to be special, just a blog about my favorite idol group, so you’re most welcome to come and check it out every now and then, just for the fun factor, nothing special, really 😀

Anyway, today I bring you guys the second part of Maririn’s profile 😀 And as I said before, I have Stage screencaps too, so you all can see the awesomeness that is Mariko live!

10. Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILbITvG9VRE Mariko wasn’t prominently featured in SNH’08 but still, she looks very cute in the moments where she was onscreen.


Hmm… this is the only one I could find of her XD But still, she’s rocking the long hair, right?


Special Stage Performances: Ok, so starting from A2, Aitakatta, we’ll take a look into Mariko’s best live moments! I left A4 out of it, because I’m slowly but surely writing that track by track review, so you can watch those screencaps there.

1. A2 – Namida no Shounan: This song is all kinds of awesome, and not just because Maimai pwned it! I like the choreography, it’s somehow very fitting. I was in awe when I saw Mariko in this, she was SO into this song, she nailed the mood perfectly, and when whe winked, she totally killed me!


She looks like she’s inspired… or something! She difinitely put lots of spirit into this one!


I don’t really know if her fierceness translates well into this screencaps, but I picked the ones that showed more… “oomph” in order to capture that special attitude of hers on stage


Ohhh!! The wink that made me swoon! This is the best wink I’ve seen in my whole life as an idol fan, because it wasn’t cute at all, it was very “come hither” and sexy


Sexy Mariko > you


2. A2 – Aitakatta: Mariko-sama has lots of energy always, which works perfectly for a bubbly song like this!


There is some sort of pointing fetish in AKB48’s choreographies… I swear that I’ve seen it n at least 6 songs, if not more…


*random* She looks a lot like Team B’s Kikuchi Ayaka in this pic! I like her expression, though

3. A2 – Senaka Kara Dakishimete: This song is one of my personal favorites, but it also shows what a push Mariko was given ever since she became a part of Team A, because the “All-Star Cast” of the time were chosen to sing this, and Maririn was one of them


See, this is why I think that she stands out so much in Team A. All the other girls were trying to be cute as hell in this song, but Mariko made it sexy! That’s so cool…


She only had one line, and it was great because her deep powerful voice was a perfect contrast to the rest of “cutesy” voices that plague this song (I have nothing against cute… but it can be a bit overwhelming at times)


All in all, I think that Mariko’s best stage so far was A2.

4. A2 – Rio no Kakumei: Whee! A song about the Rio de Janeiro Carnival! This is one funky number, and IMO, the catchiest AKB song ever! You listen to it once, and you’re doomed to have it stuck in your head forever.


Mariko is REALLY into the groovy carnival mood. Nice!

5. A2 – Dakedo…: I’m not a big fan of this song. I mean, it’s pretty and stuff, but too slow for my taste.


The only reason why there’s a screencap of this is because i don’t understand how the hell can she choose to hold Haruna’s hand when she could’ve held Mai’s instead…


Oh, see?… now she’s regretting it! I knew she would… silly Mariko…

6. A2 – Dear my Teacher: Well, Kiss me Baby indeed! I already said it, but it’s still the truth: Sexy Mariko > you


7. A3 – Warning: Well, here all of the girls are trying to be sexy but still, Mariko can do sexy AND cool. That means that she’s better, in case you hadn’t figured it out…


Mariko-sama is watching you!

8. A3 – Bird: You know, this song is all kinds of awesome, but I feel like this wasn’t Maririn’s best effort… she kind of faded to the background while Takamina and Maimai stole the spotlight. I don’t really understand how this happened (well, I mean, Takamina can sing better than almost everyone else, and Maimai is an excellent performer, but Mariko should’ve been able to hold her own) Still, she looked liked she really enjoyed the song.




Uhh… is it “Dance like an Egyptian” a step in this choreography? Oh well, at least they aren’t pointing at me 😛


Well, nice effort. Still, she shines so much more in many other songs… which is funny, because I wonder how does she manage to steal the spotlight when there are 16 girls on stage, but she can’t when there’s only 2 more girls? That’s weird… Maybe the one that was recorded just wasn’t her best performance

9. A3 – Seifuku ga Jama o Suru: She’s at the top of her game again here, which is always nice to see~


I love her pout!


  10. A3 – Koike: This was a big part for mariko, because she was the girl who did the monologue and also the only one to get a solo line.


I like her angry faces, they are very good!


She really makes you feel the frustration of the dumped girl of the song with her body language


Oh God! This became so long! I had to screencap the 2 DVDs and that was exhausting O_O Anyway, I’ll update some more soon, so please remember to come again! Ciao!

I promise I’m not dead…

Yeah, I’m not dead, I just have a dreadful final on thursday and I’m studying like crazy for it.

In the meantime, I’ll update you all with a few news of sorts:

1. Stage48.net is celebrating its first anniversary! Yay!!! You should all go and log in, if you’re interested in the girls, I can assure you that this is THE place to discuss, fangirl/fanboy, ask questions, write fanfics or whatever. You don’t want to miss out! Because they have improved the forum with lots of spiffy extras, like an AKB48 wiki, and a direct link to haruna_hamasaki’s page, when you can find EVERY AKB48 song, and translations for most of them 😀 Definitely, my personal recommendation!!

2. Himawari-gumi 1 “Boku no Taiyou” DVd, confirmed to include both casts!! Yay! This means that you should buy it right now, because it’s totally awesome!!

3. B3 “Pajama Drive” is so awesome that I’m a desperate Team B fangirl right now: Ok, so this isn’t really news or anything, but this might be the best Stage of all, and it doesn’t even include my favorite members O_O It’s pure idol magic, with awesome music, superb vocals (well, I’m talking idols here, so don’t go expecting Norah Jones :P) and a lot of attitude! I’m SO getting this DVD… when it comes out in some 10 years D:

4. A new subunit!: Okashina Sisters is the name of this Team B subunit, and it’s composed of the three “cutest” members: Watanabe Mayu, Nakagawa Haruka and Oota Aika. The hats are funny, and I’m almost sure that this is a one shot deal, but they’re still pretty cute, so check them out on Youtube or Dl the torrent at H!O

5. New SEEDs turn into members!: I’m unsure whether SEED is still the term used, because they seem to be calling them “Research Students” for some reason unbeknownst to me, but anyway, 2 SEEDS(is it all capitals? Or am I just biased because of Gundam?) were added to Team K (OMG! So much love!!) and 1 was added to Team A. Here are their piccies taken from AKB48 Stage48 wiki 😀

Team K: 1. Kuramochi Asuka aka Mocchi: She’s so freaking beautiful! She also has a great deep-ish voice, so I think that she’s very fitting for Team K’s powerful songs


2. Naruse Risa aka Naruru: I have no idea about her at all, she looks a bit like Matsubara Natsumi… but I’ve heard people say that she’s kind of… not cool enough to be part of Team K. I wouldn’t know, but I certainly hope that she can step up her game, because I would hate to see any more girls fade into the background


Team A: 1. Fujie Reina aka Reinyan: Again, a SEED I know nothing about, but everybody seems to love her, so that’s ok. She’s very cute, which makes her fit into team A instantly.

So, there. I’ll be back to regular schedule this weekend, I hope. Well, if I didn’t flunk my test and feel like shooting myself XD

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