Komatani Hitomi aka. Hii-chan, Hii-pinku

Hello! This semester will be hell, so that could mean that I will either try to escape from my crappy reality by updating like crazy or get depressed and not do anything at all XD Let’s hoep that it’s the former one, this blog has been seriously therapeutic for me ever since I started, so I don’t expect to abandon it any time soon! However, you’ll have to bear with me, and my erratic update schedule, since uni/hospital sucks all my free time…

Anyhow, this isn’t what you all came for, right? Here’s the profile you’ve all been waiting for since so long ago! (really?) The lovely and slightly airheaded Hii-pinku finally gets her special spotlight time here in Aitakatta! *pachipachipachi* But first, I’ll tell you about the things and projects I have for the blog, seeing how I haven’t updated in ages and I lost track for a bit 😛

1. Finish the A4 track by track review: This might be a tough one, seeing how everything just piled up on me… But I really want to do this review, because A4 is one of my favorite stages (only centimeters below K3) and I really feel like reviewing it… we’ll see how this goes.

2. Himawarigumi 1 review: This one is even more long term. I’ve been thinking if I should just do a random performance review each week? That would be fun, and also, it would force me to update weekly, so I’m really looking into that option.

3. Finish the remaining Team A profiles: Tojima Hana and Ohe Tomomi (aka Ohtoji) are among my top favorite members ever, so I plan on doing epic profiles of each, which is why it’s taking me so long >_< On the other hand, the Kenkyuusei members that became Team A members this year… I don’t think I’ll be profiling them anytime soon, I’d need to see more footage of them in order to figure out what they can really do. I could venture into doing a mini profile of Amina, since she was in H1, and I already have a strong impression of her, but Reina… well, I honestly have never seen her perform, and that is a must for me, so I’ll wait until H2 gets released for that one, and the newest addition to Team A, Miyazaki Miho aka Myao is terribly cute and adorable and whatnot, but I have no idea about her either, so I’ll have to wait even longer in order to make that profile. But I promise you that they’ll be done ASAP, maybe after I finish Team K?

Ok, so there are my plans! Comments and/or suggestions are as welcome as always 😀

Oh, and before I forget! Team A has a new member! Yay! Miyazaki Miho aka Myao was added last sunday! She’s so cute! I hope that she does really well, but I’m sure she will! On the other hand, this news makes me wonder if they have a graduation in mind soon, considering how Team A has 17 members now… Or maybe one of the girls is getting really moved to SKE48? We’ll have to wait and see! In the mean time, please adore Myao just as much as any other Team A member, k? Because I really like her!


Ok, so that’s enough about news and the such, let’s talk about what we’re here for Komatani Hitomi!


  • Name: Komatani Hitomi (駒谷仁美)
  • Nickname: Hiichan (ひぃちゃん)
  • Birthdate: December 16th, 1988
  • Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
  • Hobbies: Shopping
  • Audition song: Otsuka Ai – Planetarium
  • Height: 156cm
  • Bust: 75cm
  • Waist: 56cm
  • Hips: 82cm
  • Lovely Hiichan, aka Hiipinku, Pinku or anything related to that color. Funny thing is, you might have something in common with Hiichan, (yes, I know that you’re nowhere near to becoming Kojiharu’s best friend, you’re probably not a hot japanese girl and your coworkers are probably far from being a bunch of cuties but still…) and that is the fact that Hiichan happens to be a huge Momusu fan, and a HUGE Sayu fan (yay! Go Sayu!). Hiichan has a passion for pink (in case her nickname didn’t give that away…) is probably as airheaded as lovely Haruna or more, and has THE most nasal talking voice I have heard in my entire life. I’ve heard people hate on her because of her voice, but that just seems absurd to me, because it sets her apart from the other members and also, her singing voice is simply divine! Nowhere near nasal or anything like that, she’s a fantastic singer. The thing with Hiichan is that she’s not much of a cam-whore, so you probably won’t spot her very easily.

    Her dancing is okay, nothing amazing, really, but when you sing and look like that, you don’t really need to be the best dancer ever, I mean, that just wouldn’t be fair! I actually don’t think that Hii is a bad dancer, but I feel like she has a very particular style of performing and she does everything within that range, if you understand what I mean… she’s not very over the top or anything, and she’s actually on the mellow side, but she delivers perfectly in that particular way of hers. It’s kind of hard to explain, so you’ll have to see her performing in order to understand what I mean…

    Anyway, let’s start going over Hiichan’s PV time (which has been really limited, sadly…)

    1. Sakura no Hanabiratachi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6XHLUwJMek You know, it’s always shocking to me how Hiichan gets systematically shafted in every single PV under the sun… She’s not even getting a PB yet, and God knows she deserves one like right.now! Anyhow, everyone (but Risa and Mai) was pretty raw back in the day this was released, so we see a baby faced Hiichan that now looks a lot older (and prettier) Still, I want to pinch her cheeks! She’s adorable here!


    Well, this is actually a screenshot of Takamina, but in the background we can see Hiichan’s crying face… Anyway, I decided to put this one up because is one of the shots of her where she looks more… human XD I mean that ina good way though, her complexion and her facial features are absolutely flawless and perfect, so she looks like a doll sometimes, yes, she’s THAT gorgeus!

    Hii says Hi!! See what I mean about her looking like a doll? No? Well, I’ll show you more pics later on, then. I don’t really like her long straight hair, she doesn’t stand out much with that hairstyle. Thankfully, she has changed it quite a bit ever since…

    The girls that can be clearly seen in this screencap are from (your) left to right Yukarin, Nacchan and Hiichan is the one in the right. She cut her hair, which was a great move for her as it made her beautiful features stand out more!. I love her little pout, and notice how it’s more subtle than what Yukarin and Nacchan are doing, that’s Hiichan for you… Still works wonders, though, as we’ll see later on.

    Ok, I keep on yapping and yapping about the same thing, but anyway, she looks like a CG, right? Alright, I’ll stop now, I swear

    3. BINGO!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzp6tTAYoF0 She wasn’t officially a part of this PV, but all of the AKB girls were featured anyway, so still, I’m sure she’ll be in at least one frame…

    The infamous mugshot! It’s pretty small and crappy, but I love how she’s the only one who looks like “I’m so sorry, I will never do it again” Ahh, Hiichan, everyone loves a good girl!

    Yay for recycled screencaps! This is one of my favorite BINGO! PV moments, so I’ll post it as many times as I can. Anyway, here we see a bunch of girls smiling at the camera and waving. So we see Yukarin first, with her big smile and a cute wave, then there’s Shiho, who is really happy smiling her heart out, and then we have Hiichan, smiling sweetly as she clings to Risa’s arm. And then of course, there’s Risa (who has now the biggest boobs in AKB48 officially, 91cms, which beats Noro Kayo by one cm. Sorry Nontii! Ok, back to Hiichan) So we can really see the contrast between their personalities, and I’d say that the girl with the most similar personality to Hiichan (other than super cute airhead Kojiharu) is probably Nozofisu, who is also on the gentle, quiet side.

    Well… that’s all, sadly, so let’s take a look at her performances!

    A1 – Party ga Hajimaru yo: All of Team A seemed to be so excited at this point, and Hiichan is no exception, of course…

    Graduated member Orii Ayumi sings with Hiichan, who looks pretty plain with that particular hairstyle…

    A1 – Dear my Teacher: The first time I watched this performance, what stood out to me the most (other than Maimai’s awesomeness of course)was Hiichan’s voice. She has a few solo lines in this song, and she sounds great in them!

    As everyone else in A1, Hiichan is trying too hard at times, but DMT is not one of those times XD She totally owns every line, and seems to enjoy the performance from beginning to end!

    A1 – Classmate: I love this classic sounding song! It’s very pretty, and when you watch it performed you get this fuzzy feeling inside… Cyute!

    No solo lines for Hiichan, however, she makes Yukarin’s kind of inexperienced voice sound smoother and also her voice is amazing to hear at anytime either way. I read once that Hiichan had been in another idol group before joining AKB48, I don’t know if this is true or not, but it could be a possibility considering how ahead of most of her teammates she is when it comes to vocal ability.

    I said I’d shut up about this, but I can’t. Hiichan scares me in this screenshot. It’s because of the lighting, which leaves her eyes looking completely black, and that along with her doll-like face scares me to death…

    Vacuum eyed Hiichan again… scary… She looks like a Noh theater mask

    Thankfully, when she snaps out of it, she’s really adorable and sweet as always!

    A2 – Koi no Plan: One of my all time AKB48 favorites, this song is pure Team A. Totally girly and bubbly!

    Chiru + best friends Kojoharu and Hiichan! I love Hiichan’s hat, somehow I feel like it goes really well with her dress 🙂

    Hiichan starts to show her real “personality” in A2. She’s more laid back and comfortable being herself. Like I said before, she’s not a show off, but whenever the camera is on her, she knows what to do to stay in the limelight!

    I love this girl’s smile. She fixed her teeth too, like many other fellow AKB’ers. She looks even more perfect now. Life is unfair like that…

    A2 – JESUS: I insist, this song is really something else… I love it though, it’s packed with lots of energy and I like the 80’s sound of it. Hiichan… well, she doesn’t appear all that much in it, but still…

    Sexy mysterious looking Hiichan! She still has some baby fat in her face, and yet looks beautiful here.

    A2 – Dakedo…: I’m running out of things to say about this song, because it isn’t really my cup of tea. Pretty ballad, though. I like the lyrics, although they are a bit emo…

    Melancholic looking Hiichan. See, her range of expressions isn’t particularly huge, nor is she totally over the top at trying to convey a particular feeling, but she accomplishes it perfectly in her own style nonetheless, that’s what I like about her.

    A2 – Dear my Teacher: This has always been Hiichan’s song. She nails it perfectly and effortlessly here, and it makes me think once again that it’s a shame how she almost never gets lines and stuff like that, she’s a great performer!

    Flirty Hiichan! How cute is this, seriously?

    A2 – AKB48: I effing love this song. Seriously. With a passion. Hiichan was really cute during this performance, channeling her idol’s spirit, that is to say, Sayu’s.

    Half Usachan Peace!!!! This is… too… adorable… must… love… Hiichan… XD

    A3 – Tsukimisou: I find it funny how this is one of my favorite AKB48 songs, yet there are few screencaps of this performance in my profiles… That’s gotta change! Hiichan was unfortunately sort of neglected here, but we still get a few shots of her!

    This is a song about how girls are like an evening primrose, which is a flower that blooms during the night then wilters the next day. It’s a very interesting analogy, but I’ll leave that for another discussion. The thing is that this is a very strong yet “womanly” song, which is why I like Hiichan’s apparently defenseless pose. It’s a sharp contrast from what the other girls are doing, and it fits her “Damsel in distress” idol persona very well.

    This looks like a scene from a musical, no? All the girls surround her and she looks like she’s the center of the dance. Very cool looking, but sadly far from what really happens to poor Hii in most songs… I like how she looks like she’s pointing at Miichan, like “Oh, I didn’t do it, it was her!” Hiichan is THE good girl, and she will do anything (or blame anyone) in order to keep her position XD

    A3 – Rider: I know I keep repeating myself in every post about this song, but that’s only because I think it’s a very important song in AKB history, and it makes me very happy to see that this song was given to members with great voices, all perfect for it, especially because Hiichan is the lead of this unit! Yay!

    Stunning Hiichan was the lead for this song along with Watanabe Shiho. She looked beautiful in that white suit, and notice how she looks older now, and of course, prettier.

    I love how commited to singing this song Hiichan was! I think that it was very important that whoever got to lead this unit would really be able to sing it with the same amount of sadness and hope that it has. I’m glad that Hii was so good at it, she really made this one a memorable performance.

    Yes, Hana is the reason why I’m posting this screencap. Got a problem with that? Then go away, because I ADORE Hana! And you will be seeing a lot of her in this blog anyway 😛

    Sad looking Hiichan… She’s lovely <3

    A4 – Only Today: I have just realized that 80% of my A4 screencaps SUCK. So I have to redo those before I do Hana and Ohyay or I won’t forgive myself for that! Hiichan looked absolutely beautiful in A4, with her cute pigtails and all…

    Ugh… what a sucky screencap… Anyway, look at the pigtails! How lovely! (And notice blurry Hana next to Hii Blurry Hana > your face)

    A4 – 7ji 12fun no hatsukoi: Well, this was Hii’s unit in A4, and she didn’t get a big part in it, sadly. Still, she’s the one who looks the best in that tight fluffy outfit, so go Pinku!

    Another recycled screencap FTW! Anyhow, that step of Hiichan’s looks oddly familiar… It resembles the start of a certain song that sold millions of copies and all of us have heard more times than we could bear and now inflicts brain damage to everyone who listens to it… I wonder if Natsu-sensei is becoming a bit old and recycling dance steps? (Or maybe she’s lazy and that’s why she recycles, like I do with my screencaps XD) or perhaps Hiichan decided on her own that she would do that step, you know, she’s a pretty big fan of *that* idol group…

    How serious… Is she identified with the song? Does she have a secret unrequited love? You know what’s funny… there are like 4 different screencaps of this performance where she looks exactly like this. Focused much?

    Heart-shaped earrings! Hiichan is a fashionista! She’s always referring to herself as “beautiful” and “gorgeus” which cracks me up! She really is following the footsteps of Sayu-sensei!

    Now, girls, please take a look at Hiichan’s impossibly slim waist and weep…

    A4 – DARUIKANJI: My most listened to song in iTunes. What an emo, right? Anyway, I like how aggressive this song is, and how Hiichan manages to portray that (to a certain extent, because she doesn’t really have a lot of lines or anything)

    Hana and Hii really got paired a lot in A4! Anyway, here they are, and this dark and dull shot is perfect for this song, it sort of reminds me of a dark alley or something along those lines…

    Work it girl! I love her hair color, BTW, it fits her perfectly, she looks so much better now than she did back in the day, and she was beautiful then, so go figure…

    A4 – Mr. Kissman: Even more Hana-Hii goodness! This is probably one of my favorite songs about S-E-X, it’s just so… silly and sassy at the same time!

    This is just… too hot for words… So I won’t type anything else…

    w00t! Hiichan has made it to one of the most important positions in AKB48 here, next to Acchan! Go girl!!!!

    A4 – Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta: I like the filler songs of AKB48. They are so easy to listen too, but they are pretty catchy nonetheless!


    The two “ladylike” characters of Team A, the good girl and the gravure model if you will XD

    A4 – BINGO! You all know about BINGO! by now, I hope… Still, some pretty nice moments in here, this song hasn’t been killed for me yet (Ok, I lie, I always skip it in H1) so I enjoy it quite a bit 🙂 /this part is true though)

    Mwahahaha! I knew she had to have some flaw… That arm looks kind of crooked, doesn’t it? Not like it matters to me, because mine looks like that…

    Hiichan: “Oh look Acchan, I’m next to you again! I’m rising to stardom!” Acchan: “You wish, I’m like WAAAAAY above anyone else in this group so back off!” Ok, all kidding aside, the fact that she gets lines with Acchan actually surprised me a bit, but of course, her beautiful voice at least get used, which is good, I guess… I mean, it could be worst, if she were in Hello!”you-can’t-sing-unless-you’re-Risako”Project

    Classic Hiichan look. Gawd, I’m running out of things to write yet there are so many great screencaps of this girl!!!

    A4 – Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou: I couldn’t resist it. She looks too pretty here…

    Her eyes look like they can pierce thorugh you, right? Damn this girl, she looks good in every freaking frame! Thankfully she was blurry in the rest, this is already like the longest entry ever and it isn’t even done yet!

    A4 – Nante Suteki na Sekai ni Umareta no Darou: Pajama Hiichan! That’s all I can say, because my brain has gone numb! This profile took me two days to write! I need to rest…

    Cute and whatnot… I’m braindead…

    So anyway, I hope you liked this HUUUUUUGE post. I have to say in my favor that it’s full of pretty pictures of Sayu’s #1 fan 🙂

    Feel free to comment if you want to, your comments make me a happy wota, and they encourage me to update more and work hard in order to always make interesting entries, so please do, it’s a win-win situation 🙂

    Love you all, and see you soon, with a special post I’m planning! No, it won’t be another profile for at least another week, but I promise you you’ll like it!

    Bai bai!

    Figuring out which Team you would like the best

    HI! I’ll keep rambling until I get home, which will hopefully be tomorrow, and then I can continue with the regular pic-loaded updates. Anyway, I wrote this one as a follow up of my last entry, in hopes that people who are beginners in the fandom and want to really understand what this whole “Team” business is about will probably know what each one has to offer. Well, see you whenever I get home and can finally update regularly again!

    Let’s asume that all of us have a favorite type of idol, well, it’s not really an assumption, you see, because most of us actually go through different idol fandoms attracted by a certain girl who has the character or talent treats that we specifically favor the most.

    To make my point clear, I’ll talk about my personal taste, as far as idols go.

    I like idols who are first and foremost happy to be where they are, I like my idols to be proud of their group, collective, unit, whatever, and I like it when they support their colleagues or groups. In this vein, I would like to point out my favorite Morning Musume member, who is the main girl I think of whenever I state this, Niigaki Risa. She has constantly said in interviews, Futarigotos and whatnot that she adores MM, she always has treasured the fact that she’s part of the group and it really shows in her performances and in everything else she is a part of.

    I also happen to like idols who are confident, and a bit of show offs even. A girl who isn’t afraid to steal the spotlight and speak her mind, immediately gets my utmost recognition and unconditional love. This is why I love Team A’s Oshima Mai, never one to be afraid, she sings her heart out, smiles all the way through concerts and dominates the stage with her confidence. This is a very important thing for an idol, because if a girl isn’t sure of what her talents are, and isn’t capable of faking it either, chances are that she will slip to the background and remain unnoticed. Another example of a girl who I love because of her confidence is Team A’s Tojima Hana. She’s not really a front girl, but whenever the camera is on her, even for a split second, she totally steals our attention, it’s like you HAVE to look at her, because she looks like she knows exactly what she’s doing.

    Another favorite treat of mine, is how capable a girl is to convey the feeling of a song or the energy of a dance. Some girls are technically perfect, but they don’t really have much feeling put into their performances, so they don’t stand up to me as much. Miyazawa Sae of Team K is a perfect example of this, she is very upbeat, but whenever there is a sexy or sad song, she can handle it just as well, channeling all of that energy into something great that highlights the emotion of a particular song.

    Finally, and probably the most important of all, is that I happen to like girls who are talented. Sure, I’m not looking for Utada HIkaru kind of vocals or Amuro Namie dancing skills, but if I’m going to be fond of an idol she has to prove that she is good at what she does, which is singing and dancing. That is the reason why I have never jumped in the Kusumi bandwagon, that girl can’t freaking sing, her voice breaks every other line and while she has really improved her dancing, and she is the most charismatic one out of the current MM, my eardrums still bleed whenever she sings. On the other hand, I’m a big fan of Oshima Yuko mainly because of her talent. Don’t get me wrong, Yuko is my favorite member for a number of reasons, including her fun loving personality, but the reason why I was captivated by her and have never looked back since, was her sheer talent. Yuko is a great actress, you can see this in the Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou PV, where she cried, but not in the typical idol way of crying fake tears, she was shaking and sobbing and seriously crying, fitting the mood of the song perfectly. This acting skills enable her to be a great performer, and she also has a very distinctive kind of husky voice that sets her apart. She is also a fine dancer. It might sound kind of mean, but I’ll be honest with you, I’m into idols because of the music, and while I’m not expecting any life changing songs, I do expect my favorite idols to be able to do what they’re hired to do!

    Ok, so with all of that in mind, I have had great fun by being an AKB48 fan, because there are so many girls that you will definitely find one to suit your taste. I won’t do the 48 girls individually, but I’ll try to do a bit of a profile of each Team’s style, so that you can decide what fits you best.

    Team A

    Team A, the first Team created, is pretty much a classic idol group. The girls who are part of this team are all charming, cute and sexy in a very girly way, which is probably what sets them apart from the other 2 teams. They have great songs in all kind of styles, but their main musical feature is probably pop per se, both mellow laid back tracks, like Haru ga Kuru Made, 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi, Shinkirou, Kikyou, coupled with more dramatic danceable numbers like Faint, Mr. Kissman, Namida no Shounan and so on. Something that is also unique about Team A, is that their choreographies usually have a more “flowing” feel to the moves, as opposed to the sharp moves and steps of Team K’s choreographies, for example. Personality wise, the girls from Team A are pretty much typical representatives of the Idol label. Whether absolutely charming, like Acchan, careerist, like Takamina, fun loving like Miichan and Tomochin or downright sexy and “in charge” like Maimai, there’s no doubt that if you’re a fan of classic idol groups like Morning Musume and Wink you will probably find yourself swooning over the professional hotties of this team. That is not to say that there aren’t any quirks or personality treats to give this group a little more… variety, take the very sweet but slightly insane Ohyay as an example, or the beautiful but airheaded Kojiharu, and overall, it seems like most of the girls in this Team were handpicked to be stars, which means that while some may not have great voices, and others aren’t exactly the best dancers they all have lots of personality, and this creates a very interesting amount of strong characters so you will certainly find a perfect match for your idol tastes whithin this hip looking, slightly retro oriented team of girls.

    Team K

    Team K, the followup Team, has a bit of an edge to it. The energy level of this girls is like way up in the sky, they are always bursting with enthusiasm and pump up the audience with their rock inspired songs and hyper pop numbers. Something that will have you recognize them instantly is the fact that they have the most powerful singers, so their songs sound a bit in the lower range and somewhat stronger than those of the other teams. As I said before, Team K’s signature music is a winning combo of rock, energetic or really powerful pop, and while they are very sexy on their own right, it’s not the girly sexy “Fall in love with me” style of Team A, but more of a “I know I’m hot, so you must worship me now!” kind of sexy, if you get what I mean (and if you don’t, then go watch Blue Rose, and then you’ll get it) Impressively enough, although this one is the “Cool” Team of AKB, they have some of the most beautiful ballads, due to the great singers that are part of the team, songs like Nakinagara Hohoende, Don’t Disturb!, Kataomoi no Sotsugyou Shiki or the incredibly sweet and melancholic “Aisareru to Iu Koto” help prove this point. Personality wise, this girls are all little balls of energy, and each one of them does it in their own style,so there are purely cool girls like Saeyaka, crazy adorable ones like Yuko or Kasai, cute little kids like Erepyon, Machan or Kaorin and the silly girls like Nonti, Nacchi and Kana and so on, but you can trust me on this, even the most mellow looking ones, like Matsubara Natsumi, really fire up out of nowhere when the show starts and as a result Team K stands strong as the powerful and cool team of AKB.

    Team B

    Team B, the last group that was created, had been a bit of a puzzle, musically wise, because of the fact that they were given 2 recycled stages to perform, so none of us had any clue of what their songs were really about. Thankfully, that all ended with the opening of B3, which is one of the strongest stages of AKB as a whole and proved that with every audition, Akimoto has a knack for picking a group of girls that will smoothly fit with each other and with the music that he has tailored for them. First thing you will notice about Team B is that they all seem to be in hyper mode, and it’s a different kind of energy from the one Team K exudes, this one is more like… wacky, crack, pure fun type of energy, which is great, because it helps Team B stand out from the other two. If Team A is starpower and Team K is coolness then we’d probably be better off saying that Team B is the most charismatic Team of all. Regardless of the amount of big names and great characters in the senpai groups, B’s girls manage to work, smile and joke their way into the sturdiest of wota hearts. They have the kind of schoolgirl goofiness and carefree attitude of groups of young girls, like Berryz Koubou or Buono, and it’s always refreshing to have some great lighthearted fun every now and then! With all of that said, Team B’s music is a very interesting mix of dreamy pop (Shonichi, Gokigen Naname na Mermaid, Tenshi no Shippo), and dramatic songs with greatly incorporated elements of techno (Junjou Shugi, Inochi no Tsukaimichi, Temodemo no Namida) or a little bit of rock (Kagami no Naka no Jeanne da Arc, Seifu wa Arashi ni Yume o Miru). It’s kind of an eclectic combo, and takes hints from the other teams’s styles to make them their own. We can only sit and expect for more great things to come from this team, already on their first original stage they are way ahead of the way!


    Well, I hope that that turned out somehow useful, or at least readable XD



    75 reasons why you should love AKB48!

    Hi everyone! I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to update, but my internet connection is reallybad and it won’t let me upload pictures, so I can’t finish my Hii-chan profile 🙁 So, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Ok, enough with the cliches, all of this lovely free vacation time has allowed me to rewatch ALL of AKB48’s Stages and Concerts, which has helped me a lot in understanding and noticing some of the girls that I never really payed attention to, and has also lead me to a few other conclusions, which are the main reason of this update! Most people who have spent some time in the AKB fandom, will inevitably end up choosing a favorite Team out of the three, and while Team A is most people’s favorite almost by default, there are lots of Team K fans (such as myself) who love to get pumped with their energetic performances, and Team B fans, who adore this cute girls and their somewhat wacky personalities and undeniable talent. So, I figured I would do a bit of a “more advanced” type of entry, including some of the main reasons why you should love each of the teams. Truth be told, if you are just getting into the fandom, you will probably not understand most of the stuff I’ve written or you won’t be familiar with most of the girls’s names, but still, I promise you that you will find some reasons to motivate you go and look further into the Team of your interest.

    I’m also working on a bit of an “Idol Profile” of each of the teams, so that you can know exactly where to look according to the type of idol you are most fond of.

    Yeah, I know that this is pretty pointless, but it was actually a lot of fun to work in, and took lots of hours of dedicated fangirling over each team, so I hope that it ends up at least being readable, despite of the wall of text that it appears to be…

    25 reasons why you should love Team A

    1. They started it all
    2. Acchan (Need I say more?)
    3. Takamina’s voice and facial expressions
    4. Most gravure-licious members (Nozofisu, Yukarin, Maimai)
    5. Miichan’s mad dancing skills (and glasses in DARUIKANJI)
    6. Tomochin’s intelligence
    7. Ohyay’s adorable awkward jumpy behaviour, and her awesome voice
    8. Narita Risa’s boobs
    9. They’re so good that some of their members were transfered to Team B in order for it to be awesome (Cindy, Nacchan, Shiho)
    10. Faint, with all of Tomochin’s loli power, Nozofisu’s hotness and Hana’s amazingness (and hip sway that makes us all faint…)
    11. Team A has the most songs written for it, even though Team K has had 4 Stages as well, that is pretty cool
    12. Lots of racy lyrics 😀 (Dear my Teacher, Doku Ringo wo Tabesasete, Seifuku ga Jama o Suru, Tsuki no Katachi, Warning, Junai no Crescendo, Mr. Kissman)
    13. Nageki no Figure’s perfect robot dancing
    14. Most awesome graduated members ;_; (Chiru, Ayunee, Kayap…)
    15. Best opening song and costumes to go with it so far (Tadaima Renaichuu <3)
    16. Most touching song (Rider, with lyrics about a fan who passed away)
    17. Maimai’s crying during Haru ga Kuru Made
    18. Kojiharu’s constantly clueless behaviour, her sidekick Hiichan, and how they both manage to look smoking hot and in total control even though they’re airheads IRL
    19. Nakanishi Rina’s angelic voice that soothes you and makes you feel peaceful
    20. They have had only 1 stage that’s only been performed by them (A3 Dareka no Tame ni) they shared A1 with Team K, A2 with Team B and A4 with the Kenkyuusei (aka Seeds) that makes them very awesome, and it reassures their position as the “Leading” Team in AKB48
    21. They came up with the black and white dresses with squares of primary colors(Koi no Plan) way before Berryz Koubou and their Sakura Mankai concert
    22. Bird, dammit. Probably the best unit ever.
    23. Hana’s *GAO* power!
    24. All of the A-sides of the singles have been their Stage songs, and lately, most of the B-sides too…
    25. They’ve got the most popular Seeds on their Team (Sato Amina and Fujie Reina)

    25 Reasons why you shoud Love Team K

    1. They are so freaking cool. Seriously, I feel like a surge of energy whenever I see them performing one of their team songs
    2. Oshima Yuko is hands down the best actress of AKB48. Don’t believe me? Go watch Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou again, dammit!
    3. Sayaka has such a powerful voice that whenever she opens her mouth you will certainly know it. And she really rocks that voice BTW
    4. Sae is the best thing that can happen on stage. She is SO into everything, every step of every dance and every word of each song, with great facial expressions and energy
    5. No, I lied, Saeyaka combined are the best thing that can happen on stage… Wow (Blue Rose, Kimi wa Pegasus, Chocolove)
    6. Masuda Yuka’s constant pwnage of everybody else of any other team, as she proved in the Shuffle version of the first concert. Not only does she have the most amazing voice of the whole collective, but she has unparalleled stage presence to go with it.
    7. Nacchinon’s comedic skills that are so great that I crack up whenever I see them even though I can’t understand a word they’re saying
    8. Most members that look like kittens X3 (Kobayashi Kana and Matsubara Natsumi)
    9. They “played” their own instruments in Tomo yo
    10. Umeda Ayaka’s Doc Martens, love for pink, fixed vampire fangs, dancing skills, perfect harmonizing voice… and especially, the fact that she’s freaking back!!!!
    11. Oshima Yuko’s funny faces, they are too adorable
    12. Kasai Tomomi’s ultra girly manners and her moe anime character voice
    13. Ohori Megumi’s hentai character which cracks me up
    14. They got to keep the most talented Seeds as Team members, IMO (Naruru and Mocchi)
    15. Korogaru Ishi ni Nare. Period. There’s no other Team that can perform that song like Team K.
    16. Most amazing singers in a Team (IMO) Masuda Yuka, Akimoto Sayaka, Noro Kayo, Kuramochi Asuka, Oshima Yuko, Umeda Ayaka…
    17. Erepyon’s loli appeal
    18. Kasai’s “Dark Side” aka Kinjirareta Futari and especially Oshibe Meshibe Yoru no Chouchou, where she and Meetan fire up the stage in corsets (or nurse outfits…)
    19. Because Blue Rose is REALLY cool
    20. MARIA in gothloli dresses. Amazing.
    21. Hana to Chire! Perfect choreography and amazing vocals. I get chills down my spine everytime I watch it performed
    22. The pantless animal costumes in Ame no Doubutsuen
    23. They got Honehone Waltz. And Erepyon and Machan were the cutest kids on Earth when they performed it in K3 <3
    24. ICE from AKB48 (Oshima Yuko, Ono Erena, Kasai Tomomi, Sato Natsuki, Imai Yu) was the greatest subunit ever created, and the best line up ever. And Aisareru to Iu Koto is one of the most beautiful ballads of the entire universe. And I will not be told otherwise.
    25. They have great themes for their songs! I mean, Animals (ame no doubutsuen), salsa (fushidara na natsu), flamenco (Cinderella wa Damasarenai), lesbians (Kinjirareta Futari), leather (Blue Rose), TEAM K!!! (Korogaru ishi ni nare, 16shimi no Uta), gothloli (MARIA), pirates! (Theater pirates), princes (Kimi wa pegasus), funny clowns (kurukurupaa), bones (honehone waltz), YUKO!!! -best theme ever- (Nakinagara Hohoende), prehistoric animals (MAMMOTH) Ok, I’ll stop. But you better love Team K, because they are freaking amazing!

    25 Reasons why you Should Love Team B

    1. They had a lot to live up to being the follow up team of A and K, and they managed to amaze us all with their talent!
    2. Best first stage ever! And I’m not saying that because it was K2, but I mean, when you watch A1, you can tell how much improvement they needed, and same with K1, but B1 is amazing, and while some things need a little polishing, the final product is way superior when compared to the other first two stages!
    3. They are very good sports, even though they got shafted with 2 recycled stages, they always appear glowing and smiling their little idol hearts out, no matter what!
    4. Wasshoi B is probably the most crack-up, cute, amazing song ever. All at the same time.
    5. Mayuyu’s innocent aura and the millions of yens wota pay for her pictures
    6. Nacchan’s absolutely insane behaviour
    7. Yukirin’s crystal clear voice and matching radiant smile
    8. They have a TV show (AKB48+10) and a manga, while the other teams have to share 0ji59fun with each other AND with them! Mwahahahahaha!
    9. Cindy’s constant tiara wearing, her evil mastermind-ness, her undeniable talent and charisma that make her the spokesperson of the Team, and the fact that she’s the most reliable performer both because of her experience as a former Team A member and her “I’m in charge” type of character
    10. Haachan’s voice and sexiness and stage presence and kindness and dance skills and… well, Haachan, just that,
    11. Tanamin’s beauty and the energy she exudes whenever she dances
    12. The “Pajama Drive” unit (Nacchan, Mayuyu, Harugon) it’s the first time in AKB history that a stage gets named after a unit song and not a Team song.
    13. Shonichi has the most honest and moving lyrics ever (they are all about the hard work of Team B, how the girls got discouraged at times, felt like crying or giving up, but they kept walking forward because they believed in their dream *sob* It’s so beautiful!!)
    14. The youngest team on average (which means… lots of lolis!)
    15. The Ninja competition in AKB48+10, I bet you would’ve never guessed who the winner would be!!!
    16. Harugon’s unmatched energy level, and Lovetan’s irresistible cuteness
    17. They have a song about Joan of Arc!
    18. Nakayan’s cute glasses, and how she looks even cuter without them!
    19. Yonechan and Mikipomu’s never wavering smiles
    20. Naruppe’s voice! I mean, wow!
    21. Matsuyuki’s hair… it makes you want to stand by her side and just… run your hands through it… in all of its shiny soft goodness…
    22. MIkachi’s ability to be with Yukirin in a duet and not get completely owned, but instead, bring her own charm into it as well, even though she has less experience than her colleagues
    23. The punky costumes for Inochi no Tsukaimichi, and Inochi no Tsukaimichi itself. That song really blew me away with the amazing vocals and overall edgy sound
    24. You know, I’m trying really hard not to be biased and leave this one out of the list, but I swear I can’t. I still tried though… Junjou Shugi is the perfect mix of great beat and arrangement, nice lyrics, sexy choreography, amazing vocals and the best line up possible in Team B (Naruppe, Matsuyuki and Haachan), yes I might be a bit biased, but I’m not lying! You’ll all see when the B3 DVD gets released…
    25. They are simply fun to watch, a group of young girls with very engaging personalities and lots and lots of energy that will certainly bring a smile to your face whenever you watch them perform!

    Ok, I really wanted to include the Idol Profile of each team, but due to space restrictions I won’t. It’s a bit long, and there’s already a big wall of text in this post as it is due to the fact that I can’t upload any pictures. Anyway, I expect to post that one in some 2 – 3 days, and when I get back to my apartment in a week, I will finally finish Komatani Hitomi’s profile, which has been driving me crazy over the past weeks… So, see you soon! Bye bye!


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