Of lots of Babies, a loud diamond, randomness and Meshibe Ohori

Hello everybody! My PC crashed again, so I’m updating from my laptop… I don’t know when will this be fixed, but hopefully soon enough. 

First of all, I’d like to congratulate the Saeyaka  Paradise Blog for appearing in a japanese magazine! This is a huge achievement, and I bet it feels great to get aknowledged in such a way, so here’s hoping to world domination next, webmistresses!!

And next, some news straight from the your favorite theater, at Don Quijote, no less!!!

1. Baby! Baby! Baby! DVD scheduled for release this friday!: Yes, finally, what all of you fanboys had been waiting for, the girls in bikinis, singing in a pool and dancing their silly little choreography! It comes in 3 different varieties too, the Pink edition, which includes a PV version of each girl separately (yes, that means roughly 4 minutes of your favorite AKB girl in a bikini). The blue edition features a Making Of, with all the members, and the Green edition comes with a recorded performance of Baby!x3 at the theater, featuring each team and their go at it. Please order all three of them, I mean, come on! Bikinis!!! And half naked Acchan!!!

2. New single!!! A new single is going to be released on October 22nd, under the King Records label. The single’s title is “Oogoe Diamond” which roughly translates to “Loud voice Diamond”. This is the first single to be released under this label, which makes all of us wonder whether they have left Sony altogether. Speculation suggests that the “Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008” poster scam (remember, the one in which you had to buy like 1000 copies of the CDS to attend a special concert) might have had something to do with it, but I guess we’ll never know. I, for one, am really ecstatic to hear about them switching labels, because the latest AKS releases (the Shibuya AX concert and Babyx3 DVD) are more difficult to buy for foreigners (especially if you happen to be a foreigner living in Colombia D:) so a more gaijin-friendly label is great for us overseas fans! On the other hand, Defstar was a more mainstream and bigger label, so I don’t know what to make out of this info… Oh, and before I forget, let me tell you all that the choreography for this PV will not be the usual amazing Natsu-sesei, but another name familiar to all you H!P fans: RYON RYON. Seeing ow she was responsible for Gocchin’s really cool and elaborate choreographies, maybe we can expect great dancing displayed in this single!!! 😀 I love AKB’s simplistic choreographies, but I can’t deny that I’m really excited and looking forward to see the girls do something more… edgy

3. Assorted News: Oshima Mai (aka the hottest idol to ever walk the Earth) is releasing a PB on 9/11 (her birthday) The slogan? “A PB full of things that interest adults” You know you want it. Also, Shinoda Mariko is releasing another DVD, and Calendars for 2009 are already on sale! There’s the AKB48 calendar, the Maeda Atsuko calendar, one for Ono Erena, one for Oshima Mai and one for Oshima Yuko. AKB-fy your life with any (or all) of these beautiful calendars in super big and amazing B2 size!!! Yay!

4. The WTF? News: Kikuchi Ayaka is featured in all of the special versions of Babyx3, so if you’re a fan, there’s your last chance to say goodbye.

Also, Ohori Megumi (aka Pervy queen) is releasing a solo single with the stage name Meshibe (pistil) Ohori. So everyone went all WTF? because Ohori isn’t really known for her vocal talents per se, but because she is one really kinky girl! So our first guess was that it was probably going to be a mock single featuring her pole dancing or something like that. And then, there was a special episode of 0ji59fun, where the main feature was Ohori’s struggle to be a popular idol despite being 25 years old, and the oldest AKB48 member. It was pretty heartbreaking (although it does seem like a scam to me) to see how she talked about having so few fans, and how fans lined up for handshakes with the younger girls and never for her. Also, she talked about how she was never selected for a single until Babyx3 came along, and how she’s never in the front of any song. So then, after all that pity fest, it’s announced that she supposedly met with chief Akimoto, who told her that she was too old ofr an idol, so they would test her popularity with a solo CDS release. The deal is this: If she doesn’t sell 10000 copies of the single, she’ll get kicked out of AKB48. O_O This just gets more WTF? with every line I type (God, I wish I was making all of this up) Also, she isn’t to release the single with her real name because Akimoto doesn’t want AKB to be associated with her in case she fails, so she was given the stage name Meshibe Ohori. She graciously accepts the deal and decides to give her best at it.

Ok, let me say it once again: WTF???

Sure, this is all a tactic to boost sales, and I don’t really believe that Ohori’s idol life has been all that painful, but putting a member’s future on the line like that? Sounds pretty damn mean to me. And then, 10000 freaking singles?? That’s a hell of a lot. Seriously. Chocolove (by far the most succesful subunit of AKB48) only managed to sell 9500 copies of their highest selling single. And that unit combined Sae, Sayaka (tw of the most prominent Team K members) with front girl Rina of Team A. Ohori isn’t even as popular as any of the members I just named (maybe she’s more popular than poor Rina-tin ATM?) and she’s supposed to sell more than them? I’m speechless…

Ohori isn’t my favorite member, but I’ve always seen her as an important part of Team K with her “sexy persona” being so radically different from what we’re all used to see in idols. I don’t want to see her leave, and I’m sure that most AKB48 fans feel the way I do, but just how many copies of that damn single do we have to buy to keep her in the group? This makes no sense, and it’s stupid. I’m sure that it’s all a gimmick, and that Meetan will stay in the group, but toying with the fans hearts like this is just evil.

Also, I really do wonder what will Akimoto say if Ohori doesn’t manage to sell all of those singles (because, you know, there’s a decent possibility that she won’t be able to do it). I really don’t think that he would kick her out, because she does have a growing fanbase that would be pretty pissed if their favorite girl was let go for such a stupid reason as this one.

Not much else to say, we’ll have to wait and see what happens, but if you can, do buy her CD, she’s pretty amusing and I’m 200% sure that the PV will be something really perverted…

5. Tomorrow is my birthday!!! Yes, I’m turning 21 tomorrow, so I plan on making a strictly eye candy post to celebrate! Yay!!! Do look forward to it, please. 😀

Venturing outside the cozy borders of the Don Quijote Theater

Hello, everyone! I was writing a piece about the Shibuya AX concert, but it turned out oo damn long (even by my own standards) so I’ll work on it for a while more.

Yesterday, as I was checking International Wota, I noticed a post about Idoling!!!’s concert. And I thought “well, I’ll check it out, it never hurts to stick with another fandom”

Notice how I didn’t know anything about Idoling!!! before this. I watched a small segment they had on Hey!Hey!Hey! where they incidentally appeared making fun of AKB48, and I thought that their honest and straight forward comedic style was quite adorable. I’ll be honest: I never planned to watch their show, I hardly watch AKB48’s show, because huge files with no subtitles aren’t a good thing for my connection, and I never thought that I’d get into them, judging by their “Moteki no Uta” performance, that didn’t really appeal to me all that much.

So why did I decide to watch the concert after all? I don’t think that they’re AKB48’s competition at all, and not because I look down on them or anything like that, but because AKB is a different idol group, with a different concept and a different style. I guess I simply wanted to see what they were about.

The first thing that appears in the video is short clip featuring each of the girls doing something and then how they arrive at the concert, or at least that’s what I think that happened in there, because I actually got bored after the first 3 or so and skipped them altogether.

I’m not going to do a track by track review because I don’t even know the member’s names, or the song names, so something so detailed would be pretty time consuming.

The general impression I got from the first few songs, is that they weren’t too memorable. The Idoling (I’ll skip the exclamation marks from now on, because they kind of annoy me anyway) style of simple choreographies is also present, which must be a great hook for the wotas, but it’s not very engaging visually. These girls have all of the attitude and spunk in the world, though. I was pretty happy to see this, as I love to watch idols enjoy themselves while they do their work, and this was like an added bonus that made up for the somewhat boring choreographies. I liked the different Moteki no Uta version, with maracas, and there’s a chubby girl in the group that’s really lively, and the crowd totally adores her! Brownie points for her because of that!

After the pretty standard sounding first few songs, there’s a small MC (the girls don’t introduce themselves, which I hate, because I can’t freaking tell who they are) and then it’s on to the small unit songs.

Memorable Stuff:

  • There’s this part where a girl appears tap dancing alongside another one who plays the koto. The contrast is pretty shocking, and interesting, even though it doesn’t always quite click. The girl in the koto is absolutely beautiful and I love her already for being so good at it (but I don’t even know her name so whatever). The tap dancing girl… well, her skills aren’t as good as Miyazawa Sae’s amazing tap power, so brownie points for Sae, Team K and AKB48! (yes, I’m biased, so what?)
  • My favorite song on the entire concert is one sung by Rumi, Mai and Maria (I think) with some girl whose name I don’t know in the piano. Rumi’s voice is simply breathtaking, crystal clear and perfect pitch. The harmonies are beautiful, and I rather enjoyed this ballad, which is weird, I usually hate those. Mai looks weird when she sings sometimes, like she’s nervous or something…
  • There are a bunch of other random songs, all performed lively, but not all of them manage to catch my interest, though
  • There’s another “break” thing where 2 girls play the taiko. Very impressive.
  • There’s a song they do with a random guy (I’m guessing a comedian) very old fashioned, it kind of reminds me of Mr. Moonlight. It’s all about the physical comedy, actually, and they sing live, so their voices falter and sometimes they giggle a lot or even scream! It’s pretty interesting to watch, and it reminds all of us how these girls are mainly about comedy themselves. I appreciate how they sing live through the whole concert BTW, and I think that they are actually pretty decent performers, they have some great singers in their roster, and I don’t believe what I’ve read so manytimes “that they suck”. Singing live is really a feat, even though their choreographies are pretty simple. So they earn another point.
  • Nagisa no Sindbad is performed here. Which makes me reminisce about W 🙁 I also really liked this performance, chubby girl is back, owning the crowd as always, and they harmonize pretty good, although this time I’m not really sure if the harmonies are sung live.
  • Happy Summer Wedding: Seeing this song performed really made me go “Wow! MM really are a legend” I’ve been a fan for many years, but for some reason, I had never seen it in that light! Anyway, the guy is back again, in a wedding dress (ew) and 2 girls perform with him. The vocal quality of this song is pretty bad, to be honest, but this number is all about the comedy as well, so I won’t really dwell on that. Not my cup of tea, really.
  • There was a song in english performed, but I didn’t really understand a word from it XD there was also a Bennie K song, and a song they performed in long gold outfits (Oh look! Rumi’s there!!! *hearts*) which sounds really lovely. I’m sure I’m forgeting more songs but whatever.

After this, the girls thank the crowd and go to change, they put on some really plain white dresses with colored hems, which reminds me, the costumes these girls wear are nothing too frilly or shiny or whatever, but they still fit the songs well, I guess.

Another set of songs, apparently singles or something. They are all back in happy mode, and I actually like these batch of songs more than the first one (maybe they’re growing on me already?). After they are done singing, they move on to thank the audience again and leave the stage.

ENCORE: The girls are wearing really plain jean shorts and red T shirts. They still look good, pretty casual, like a girl next door kind of look, I guess. Oh look! They’re introducing themselves!!! Awesome!!

Wow! the crowd really loves Fonchi (she didn’t really stand out all that much to me… except for the giggling part in that first comedy song)

Kato Sayaka looks TOTALLY different in video than in pictures. It’s like… scary. She also reminds me of AKB48’s graduated member Hoshino Michiru, and I think she was one of the girls playing the taiko… I might be wrong though.

Michelle Miki is a total gaijin, and she gets like no lines whatsoever. See, that’s what the future holds in store for the lucky few foreign who manage to join the Idol world in Japan…

Oh, so chubby girl is Kikuchi Ami! Well, she’s a lucky girl, because the crowd REALLY loves her. Being 2nd gen and all, that must be quite the honor, or something. I’m just guessing, I don’t really know how the dynamics of the group work. She looks a bit like Konkon. And she was playing the piano in that first ballad I loved so much (Omoi no Uta? I believe?) Go figure. Girl’s pretty talented.

Michelle cheering on Rumi = lolol No, that’s not going to get you extra lines, Michelle, but you should still worship Rumi because she can outsing lots of idols I’ve heard in my life *whistle*

Wait, no, chubby girl is maybe Yazawa Erika… I can’t tell. I have to watch this thing again, now that I have a vague idea of who the hell they are.

Tap dancer girl is cool. Not as cool as Sae, but cool enough for me to like her. A bit.

Serina is really bawling there. And she looks like she’s 10.

And then they perform a song named Lemon Drop, typical upbeat idol pop, and a little more typical than typical because that’s Idoling’s style, pretty enjoyable, though.

So all in all, I enjoyed watching this. I’m probably not going to be a hardcore fan just yet, but they’re a pretty interesting group. I like how they play up the individual talents of the girls, and the fact that their choreographies are limited is actually a great chance to see how they interact with each other on stage and how their personality is reflected by that.

You should give this group a chance, don’t think about it as competition for Momusu, because that’s not what these girls are about. Idols who do comedy is a pretty interesting gimmick to at least check it out, and even though they can definitely make you laugh, they also have some good songs and great singers, they are rightful idols, in other words.

I’ll agree that the group isn’t for everyone, but you should at least try it out and see whether you like it or not, I for one, am already a fan of Koizumi Rumi and her beautiful voice <3 <3 <3


Well, first of all, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has visited my blog, I’ve had over 8000 page views, which is a much greater response than I ever expected to get, so I really want to thank everyone who has visited and came back. I love blogging, I absolutely ADORE AKB48, and I’m thrilled to see that at least a few people have grown to love the group because of this blog, it makes me incredibly happy because that’s why I created it in the first place, in order to spread the love.

I want to thank Tokyograph for linking to Aitakatta, it’s really an honor for me, and for my relatively young blog.

And now… on to the real news.

Somehow things are going a bit shaky at Don Quijote this week. Remember sweet little Team B member Ayarin? Well, turns out that she was fired. Which of course, sucks majorly but was the logical step in the idol world.

The fact that foreign fans can’t help but think of how lame each and everyone of this boyfriend scandals have been also helps state even more the difference between japanese fans and us. Idols are what they are, and if we can’t really grasp the whole concept, then sucks to be us, because that’s not going to change. I keep telling this to myself, but I feel like I’m more hurt about the fact that this had to happen in my beloved AKB48 than about Ayaka herself.

I mean, not that I don’t feel sorry for her and her fans, but I read from someone at Stage48.net that Ayarin’s friends had posted stuff on their blogs about how they hated Otakus and how she was thinking of quitting AKB because of the scandal. I don’t really know if this is the truth, but what I do know is that what Akimoto wanted to accomplish with this whole kicking her out thing is to set the rules even clearer than they were before for the girls. You screw up, you’re freaking out. There’s no suspension, no pretending like nothing happen. Unlike H!P, who try to be aimed to a wider audience, AKB has always been wota-oriented.  If a girl (or her friends ) diss the wota, then there’s no prentending it didn’t happen (like  H!P  did with Ishikawa Rika and her big mouth) because the wota are the reason why  the whole group exists,  and Akimoto aknowledges it, he respects them (and in fact, he once said that he was a wota himself on TV…) and he’s not going to have his whole group boycotted by some 15 year olds, and he’s making that a very CLEAR statement for the other girls.

I feel bad about Team B, they always work so hard, and for them to lose a front girl like Ayarin, must be pretty tough and frustrating. And then comes the DVD question, are they going to edit her out of B2? I sure hope they don’t, like I said before, she wasn’t really my favorite girl voice-wise, but she’s all over the place! If they cut her out it won’t even make sense anymore. I don’t think they’ll do this, though. B2 must be out for all of us to get our filthy paws on very soon, but it also raises questions about another DVD, B3. That stage has been performed over 150 times now, which is a lot. I’ve read that people aren’t as excited about it as before, let’s say it’s getting old. So that one must be ending pretty soon, but what are they going to do? I wonder if they already filmed it? And if they did, are they going to re shoot almost everything? And include Sashihara as Kikuchi’s permanent replacement as she has been in the latest B shows? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I do wonder who will be pushed to the front now that Kikuchi is gone. I mean, a part of me is always kind of excited when a big Momusu member leaves just to find out who will fill her position. This isn’t the same of course, but Ayarin and Mayuyu were the face of Team B, so it’s almost certain that a girl will be pushed into that position. I’m thinking Kashiwagi might be the logical choice, given how she leads a lot of songs, and is an amazing singer. I would love to see my beloved Haachan in the front, of course, but I’m good with any girl who is a good singer.

Like I said before, please support AKB48, and especially Team B. They are all very committed hard workers, and they deserve all the love and support in the world after all of this chaos.

And finally, to wrap this whole scandal business and never look back at it again, I really wish all the best for Ayarin. She proved to be a great performer and a very fun girl to watch, it’s sad to see her leave. I hope that she can experience the life of a normal teenager now, and that there are many many good things in store for her in the future.

No wai! Boyfriend scandal in AKB48? Oh noes!!1!!

Hi again, people. So, let’s play a game called “guess which Research Student (aka SEED) was added to which Team?” Well, let’s not play that, because I seriously have no idea of who is who, regarding SEEDs, I only now that there’s a gorgeus one named Chisato somewhere, and am crossing my fingers so that she ends up in Team K-ickass (and yes, I do know that she’d be perfect for Team A, but screw them :P)

So, this girl named Nito Moeno was added to Team B! Yay! Apparently, she looks a lot like prominent B member Kashiwagi Yuki, this is a fact that has been stated by many people anyway, I, on the other hand, think that she looks freaked out in all of the pics 😀 Congratulations to her, anyway!

Ok, so with those news out of the way, let’s head to the reason why I made this post. The AKB48 girls have already publically stated (in a Hey!Hey!Hey! appearance) that Akimoto has told them that they can’t have boyfriends. This is nothing new to all of us idol-wota people, and even though H!P has a rate of 2 – 3 boyfriend scandals each month ever since last year, AKB fans remained peaceful and cozy in our comfy little idol niche, until these news surfaced…

Meet lovely Team B frontgirl, Kikuchi Ayaka, also known as Ayarin.

Isn’t she adorable?

Apparently, little Ayarin, 15 years old, has found out about the greatest thing a 15 year old can find out about, that is: Boys, of course. Her alleged boyfriend is this unknown guy who posted a purikura of them, surrounded with lovely pink hearts, and which candidly states that they’ve been together for 3 months. (Ah, I remember back in the old days, when 3 months meant SO much in a relationship…) So here’s the pic, for future reference, I do think that they look pretty cute together, but I’m a sucker for romance and all that crap women love.

The guy isn’t all that cute though, poor Ayarin…

This news had been out for a while now, but for some reason (probably due to denial, or to the reaction of UFA to all of the Kid’s scandals these days) I assumed that nothing would happen to her, that she’d be performing like nothing had happened, especially because a few days ago it was announced that she was going to be transfered to famous agency “Ogipro” along with other Team B front girls, Nacchan, Mayuyu and Harugon. Ayaka would also be one of the most pushed-to-the-front members, considering how Team B’s sole representation in any single is constantly Mayu. However, she’s been in 2 singles, which is way more that some poor Team A or K members (not to mention her fellow B’s) 🙁 (Of course, I’m not counting BINGO! or Sakura no hanabiratachi 2008, because those included all of the members, but really few were actually featured in the PVs)

This is bad news for Ayarin, because apparently she hasn’t been performing often in Team B shows lately, and also, SEED Nito Moeno was suddenly added to Team B, which now has 18 girls. People are speculating whether she’ll be silently thrown out of the group, considering how Team B girls aren’t really the busiest with other kinds of work and usually attend shows regularly…

My personal opinion on all this is that I’m tired of this crap. I’m really tired because ultimately, this was the reason that drove me away from H!P, and I don’t want it to happen again, because AKB is a very important part of my life. Everyone has already stated their opinion on the “no boyfriend” policy, seeing how frequent this type of scandals are becoming, especially among the younger girls. My POV is that although that rule is crap, it does make sense, considering what the idol image is all about. I seriously don’t think that these girls don’t ever go out with guys, I don’t think that all of them are virgins (I mean, look at Ohori, she’s clearly none of that XD) I don’t care if they are or not, because this whole idol thing is an act they put up with for the fans, I appreciate that, and I would also appreciate a little bit of… common sense when it comes to handling their personal lives.

I don’t know if I’m talking BS here, but paparazzi in Japan seem nowhere as wild and suffocating as the US ones, I don’t blame the girls for their stuff getting posted in newspapers and the such, because they are entitled to their privacy and it’s really none of our business, but if you already know the rules, then you can play the game without any problems. I don’t know if I’m making my point clear (because I have a bit of a hangover, so I’m dying here…) but what I mean is that it’s been proven before that idols actually do date people (like Iida Kaori and Tsuji Nozomi), and they don’t always get caught, you know, because you have to know how to handle it. Of course, it sucks to have to hide and go to small places to have fun just because some crazy guys with cameras are interested in getting you kicked out of your group, but this wasn’t the case with poor Ayarin, she was sold by her own boyfriend. Ouch.

That reminds me of the Kamei non-scandal. Which I think was true to a certain extent, because we all know that she’s too hot to not have a boyfriend. Ayarin should probably tell her future dates that when your daily work consists on putting on frilly pink costumes and singing girly pop to a crowd of grown men with glowsticks who dance along with you, you probably need to keep your date under the radar. Ayarin is only 15, so of course, she shouldn’t be blamed for this. I’m sure that if this scandal doesn’t get her kicked out, she will learn how to deal with this annoying “no boyfriend” situation, and not exactly by not having a boyfriend (like all wotas believe their pure innocent idols do) but you know, the old fashioned sneaking out and hiding.

Now, what if she does get kicked out? Well, personally, I’d be sad (because I’m always sad when an AKB girl leaves) but Kikuchi isn’t really one of my favorite members. I’m glad to see all of the support she’s getting, because I do give her credit for always trying so hard at everything she does, even though I don’t really like her voice all that much 😀 and I’ve stopped hoping that “those guys from agencies realize that this is a stupid policy, and finally remove it and then all of us will be happy and no girl will ever get kicked out and W will reunite again yay!”, because I’ve learnt the hard way that to agencies, idols are pretty much disposable, regardless of how big their fanbase might be. This is of course, partially due to the fact that an idol is a very VERY manufactured product, and while all of them bring something fresh and original to the table, they can be easily replaced by someone pushed to the front for long enough, regardless of her charm, talent, beauty or whatever.

Bottomline (because I really need to get some sleep) is that as long as an idol group keeps being labeled as one, girls who belong to said group must hide their boyfriends or get the boot. It’s that simple. I’m with all of you people who say that she’s a teenager, she should go out, enjoy the life of a normal teen and whatever, just… you can do all of that and not post it in your blog when you know your gf is going to be fired because of it. Or maybe the guy didn’t do it on purpose? God knows that people are capable of such a good natured stupidity at 15…

So, people, support Ayarin, and Team B. They are amazing, and she’s a very good idol who has earned everything with hard work and a huge charming smile.

Bye bye!

Sakura no Hanabiratachi ga saku koro…

Hi everyone! This isn’t the special entry I promised a while ago, but it’s still AKB48 news, so I really felt like posting it.

The SEED adding crazyness continues, with Kitahara Rie added to Team A (damn! If they add one more SEED to that Team I’ll be a n00b all over again, I can’t recognize this girl for dear life)

Moving on, we have another SEED, this time joining Team B, Sashihara Rino. Let’s hope that she’s a good singer, after listening to Team B’s Senaka Kara Dakishimete, they are in desperate need for good singers. Yukirin, Haachan, Naruppe, Nakayan and Matsuyuki can’t make everything sound lovely, more help is needed.

Ok, after all that talk about SEEDs, let’s have more talk about SEEDs! Yay! No, I kid. former AKB48 SEED Deguchi Aki has officially joined SKE 48, which is amazing, because she’s an incredible performer and I didn’t want her talent to go to waste! The other semi-familiar face is Takada Shiori, who apparently is the sister of really neglected obscure former Team K member, Takada Ayana. Poor Ayana, I never even heard of anyone being her fan or at least liking her to some extent. That’s pretty sad considering how she was in team K for 3 Stages…

Poor Ayana didn’t even get a different profile pic in all the years she spent in AKB! Just the old and ugly Aitakatta pic… Sad fact.

Well, apparently, Team K members feel the same way that most people do about poor Ayana, seeing how Ohori Megumi (aka. Pervy Queen) posted an entry in her blog saying how she hoped that Shiori would fulfill her sister’s dreams. Ouch. I mean, Takada was in Team K for 3 freaking stages!!!! YOu would think that’s enough but apparently no…

So here’s the pic of SKE48, yes, I am aware that some of the girls look seriously hideous, but this is a common thing in AKB48, at the beggining they kind of look like little trolls, and then a little make over and voila! perfectly cute idols.

So, other than that, the other pretty big happening in AKB48 was the release of the 3 DVD set, the Shibuya AX concert held in January with a countdown of the top 100 songs of AKB48. Funnily enough, this was released almost simultaneously with Morning Musume’s Single Daizenshuu DVD, which I found to be an interesting coincidence, to say the least.

Of course, comparing an AKB48 concert with a MM concert is probably not a very wise thing to do, because regardless of what most people believe, the 2 groups are radically different from each other. MM concerts tend to be all over the top, flashy lights and effects, huge venues, a short tracklist of singles and album songs and hideous costumes of course 😛 While AKB48 stick to their “homely” feel even in big concerts. It’s all about the girls, not the show. So the feeling is really different.

However, I couldn’t help but thinking about this a bit further. What if MM would actually perform 100 songs? I’ll tell you what, it would be boring as hell. And no, I don’t mean it out of hate, but simply because while MM’s singles are probably stronger than most of AKB’s stuff (you know, production wise and stuff), their B-sides and album songs tend to be pretty blah, if not downright boring and/or impossible to listen to. Does MM even have 100 great songs to perform? Of course, not all of the songs AKB performed are great songs, hell, one of them wasn’t even a song! (the overture) But the music style of the group allows for songs to be kept in the same line of quality, generally speaking, so nothing falls out of place, and this consistency in the composition of the songs makes up for great concert material, even when songs are taken out of their original Stage Performance context. MM doesn’t necessary have that consistency, because they don’t actually need it. They put out a single, they need the A-side (which will get promoted) to be really good, the B-side to be passable and when all of that needs to be put in an album, then we get the really supbar album songs. This isn’t a bad thing, I insist, it’s just meant to fit into the needs of the group.

Going even further along with this commentary, I must say that some key members were missing during parts of the AKB concert, like Acchan, Maimai, Miichan, Tomochin and so on. The absence of said members didn’t really affect the overall quality of the concert, but it sure hurt some unit songs, where a stand in needed to be placed. Besides, what’s an AKB48 concert without Acchan’s face shoved in your eyes every 2 seconds? It felt kind of weird, and going back to the comparison thing, in MM this kind of stuff just doesn’t happen. See, in AKB the most popular girls get signed with various agencies, which manage their career outside of the group (like acting, modeling, TV hosting, gravure, and so on). So if the girl has to, say, go to a photoshoot on the day of a concert, she misses the concert. So we could safely say that AKB is a side project for the most popular girls (like Oshima Mai, who hasn’t even been seen at the theater much in the A4 revival). MM is radically different, all of the girls are signed to the same agency, and their idol career is their main thing. They never do anything that isn’t sponsored by their agency, and of course, their work schedules for things other than MM never conflict with an important concert.

Well, taking all of this into consideration, I’d like to have a word about the quality of both concerts. I was sincerely blown away when I watched MM’s concert. I used to be a huge fan, then Koharu’s screeches, Reina’s spastic winking and poor Aichan getting shoved in my face all the time drove me away in order to keep my sanity. I still download MM’s concerts, and watch them merely out of tradition. Sure, there are girls I love to watch, like Risa, Eri, Sayu or Aika and Aichan is amazing to see live, but the magic was gone. The excitement I used to feel whenever something new was released just wasn’t there anymore. Last concert I watched I skipped like half of it. I don’t even know the new songs (nor do I want to) so I get bored. And in that same train of thought, when I saw this one up in the H!O tracker I thought “Hmm… let’s see Koharu butcher all of the MM songs I love” and then I sat down and watched it and I was blown away. This concert moved me, it made me remember how much I love this girls and why I stuck with them for so long. This is hands down the best MM concert I’ve seen in quite a long time, and I’m glad I watched it, because every second of it was entertaining and nostalgic all at the same time (and Koharu’s horrible singing didn’t appear in most of the songs, thank God)

And what about AKB’s concert? WOW. That’s all I can say. I can only feel even more proud of being a fan after watching it, knowing how hard on the girls it must’ve been to rehearse 100 freaking songs while having to perform twice a day a completely different thing from what they were going to sing. They all are in full spirits, energetic, dancing their hearts out and 0wning this thing from beginning to end. I thought that a concert like this would bore me to death, but I didn’t even skip one song. Not even the ones I don’t like, because the new performances were incredible. These were 4 different concerts, I believe, which might be the reason why they always seem to be so pumped while MM kind of half asses some of their dances (especially in the first part) in order to have energy for the rest of songs.

I can’t draw a conclusion from this, other than saying that both concerts are great, definitely worth watching. And that all of you people starting in the AKB fandom, this concert is a great way to know all of their popular songs, and realize how AMAZING they are on stage, all of the three teams!

Thanks for reading! 😀

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