Should I be all apologies?

Hi people! Sorry for not updating in such a long time, but I’m currently going through hell in uni, and also, my main PC, where I store all of my pics and songs and videos and screencaps, and well, everything, crashed and I haven’t been able to fix it yet (I sure hope that there’s a way to solve it though…) so I haven’t really had any media available to put here.

I can’t promise that updates will be more regular, for now, because I really don’t know when I’ll be able to fix my PC. And I’m also starting shifts at the pediatric ER next week, so…

But that’s not what you all come for, right? I promise I’ll do my best to update, but the profiles have to be put on hold again, at least until I can take the screencaps from the other PC.

So I was thinking of doing this for a while now, and today seemed like the perfect chance! I’ll do a mini update in the profiles I’ve already done, because my opinion of some of this girls has changed a lot, and so have their pictures lol

Maeda Atsuko “Acchan” aka The Perfect Idol


  1. This girl REALLY is a perfect idol. I mean, she’s absolutely adorable, beautiful, ladylike, her singing voice isn’t amazing but she works with it and makes it sound good enough. 
  2. When Acchan enters full power mode, she’s impossible not to look at. I think it’s a case similar to that of BK’s Risako. She can half ass a performance, but when she wants to dazzle, she totally does.
  3. She’s a really good actress, and doesn’t get enough credit for that
  4. I’m not fan, but come on! You can’t possibly hate the face of AKB48



Narita Risa “Babyface” aka The fallen from grace


  1. I’m sorry fro being so repetitive, but I love how sassy and bitchy she can get
  2. She’s not that much of a dancer… really…
  3. I LOVE her mannerisms. I’ve heard people claim that they think it’s annoying, but I feel like it really works for Risa, she appears with this huge smile and does the little head bobs and head tilts and I just feel like that’s totally her thing!
  4. I hope that in the new A5 she gets to be in a really cool unit… (A5 starts in October 19, BTW)
Kojima Haruna “Kojiharu” aka The airheaded bombshell
  1. Haruna is one of the most beautiful japanese girls I’ve ever seen.
  2. I’ve really started to think that her dumbo ears are cute
  3. She’s an excellent performer, and I feel like she doesn’t get enough credit for that. Her nasal voice isn’t all that great but she’s a charmer
  4. I’ve just really fallen for this girl lately, ever since I saw her perform “Bye Bye Bye” in Shibuya AX
Itano Tomomi “Tomochin” aka It’s all so easy for her
  1. I love how her voice is different from all the others
  2. She’s kind of wearing too much make up lately, she looks way older than she is, and very sexy
  3. I’m always amused by the fact that all seems to just flow for her, you know. She’s the only one who likes math out of Team A (and probably the whole AKB), seems like a really smart kid, excells at futsal, seems to be always quite bubbly and whenever you see her performing, it’s like she is really just enjoying herself, like its an effortless job for her (I don’t mean that she doesn’t put her best effort into it, but that it’s simply natural to her)
  4. She really reminds me of SweetS Haruna in this performing style of hers and pure starpower
Komatani Hitomi “Hiichan” aka The Doll
  1. She doesn’t look human, she’s like… too perfect
  2. I don’t really notice her at all! I don’t really know why, I’ve tried to understand her, and other than her beautiful appearance I don’t really know anything else…
  3. She reminds me of the quiet mysterious anime characters lol
  4. She recently got signed with an agency, I totally didn’t see that coming
Oshima Mai “Maimai” aka Hot Tamale
  1. She’s too hot for words
  2. She’s one of the best singers of Team A
  3. She hasn’t attended like 70% of the Team A 4th stage revival shows 🙁
  4. Apparently shows up on TV everyday
  5. I love how her new cachphrase is “Don’t mess with me just because I’m stupid” I shouldn’t, but I find that so… original somehow lol
  6. I really don’t want her to graduate, I’ve tried to detach myself from her, but really, it’s quite impossible. She’s too important for me 🙁 And AKB48 won’t be the same for me if she really leaves (which would be in less than a month considering how A5 is starting pretty soon) I only realized this when I watched the AX concert, and she was absent for the first half and I just… didn’t feel like Team A was the same 
Minegishi Minami “Miichan” aka LOLita
  1. She’s a ball of energy! Her performances are always amazing, she gives 150% percent
  2. She’s so funny! I love that, it’s just adorable
  3. I really like her little sweet voice, she needs more lines!
  4. She’s like 49% of the reason why I’m really expecting the “No Sleeves” unit!!!
  5. Her PB was amazing, she’s very beautiful in an unusual way
  6. She’s a really devious little girl! I love that side of her, and how it wasn’t really shown until now
Takahashi Minami “Takamina” aka The Legend
  1. Idols like her nly appear every 50 years or something… Wow
  2. I respect her the most out of all the AKB members
  3. She’s a dork, and always having fun, makinf funny faces and still, she takes her job really seriously! It was a real eye opener for me when she cried in Nemousu TV because of that prank, and how she was really crushed that she had failed to do her job the right way
  4. Her voice and moves just get better and better
  5. This girl IS AKB48
  6. The other 51% of expectance for No Sleeves 😀
Nakanishi Rina “Rinatin” aka The Angel
  1. Rina needs MOAR. That’s all. She’s become a bit of an underdog, and there’s no reason why she should be treated like that! 
  2. She always puts so much effort into everything she does, it’s really cute
  3. Her voice is just wow… another level of awesome
  4. She deserves the best unit for A5!!! I want something fierce, because I only recently discovered that she can totally pwn in that style of songs
Shinoda Mariko “Mariko-sama” aka The Attitude
  1. That’s one lovely pic, isn’t it? Anyway, I don’t know how she accomplishes that, but she gets even prettier every day
  2. The oldest member of Team A also seems like the one who has grown up the most… She’s still silly and fun, but she’s a woman now… There’s just this feeling to her
  3. Which makes me feel like she doesn’t fit in as well in the idol life as she used to 🙁
  4. Another big candidate for graduation, has missed around 60- 50% of Team A 4th stage revival performances (but at least didn’t miss her birthday, like Maimai did… *sigh*)
Kawasaki Nozomi “Nozofisu” aka The Prettiest girl
  1. Why did she look so… different when she first joined? Dofinitely most improved mention, now she’s the prettiest girl in Team A
  2. She’s so sexy in all her photoshoots, but her attitude is really “girl next door” I really like that, she feels like an ordinary girl.
  3. A great singer, but really not so much of a dancer…. I hadn’t really noticed before, but she’s pretty stiff sometimes. She does wonders whenever it’s her turn in the limelight though, like in Faint
  4. I love how her friendship with Yukarin just gets more and more prominent
  5. She’s front girl material, and I’m glad that she’s finally given the chance to show all that she’s got
Sato Yukari “Yukarin” aka I don’t know… I just freaking love her
  1. I don’t know when exactly this happened, but I adore this girl with a passion! She’s so funny, and random, just my kind of idol
  2. I love how she totally came out of her shell. She used to look very uptight when performing, and now she’s so smug! It’s pretty nice to see that, at least for me
  3. I love how much control of her average voice she has, that’s really something
  4. Not much of a dancer, either, but in her head she thinks she’s like J-Lo or something, I mean THAT’S self confidence!!
  5. I admire how incredibly sexy she can look and be even though she has no boobies or booty XD Gives me hope…
  6. I’ll quote another Yukarin fan, because I love what he said  “She makes being in the back look good”
I believe I haven’t forgotten anyone… :O I sure hope I haven’t LOL. No Hana, Ohe, Myao, Reinyan, Amina yet, because I haven’t made a main profile for them either!
Ok, that’s all for now! Do comment if you notice I left someone out please!


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  3. Comment by Blue Sweater on September 16, 2008 7:10 am

    Love reading this post. Some of your comments just make me smile:) Can’t wait when you finally get to doing the same for Team K!

  4. Comment by Eimi on September 17, 2008 2:33 am

    Good luck at university! I’m having a terrible time with my classes. Exams should not be scheduled all during the same week…. and I’m on your site at 5:30 in the morning with an exam at 8:30… I’m terrible. T_T

    And yea totally agree with you on Takahashi! Can’t wait until the single comes out.

  5. Comment by miin on January 3, 2009 3:13 am

    Wow. Enjoyed reading tremendously!! Can’t wait for ur team B posts 😛 where there’ll be watanabe mayu!

  6. Comment by J on April 26, 2009 7:34 pm

    I think that Haruna isn’t the most beautiful girls in Japan, though she is cuter a little than average. There are many beautiful girls than her in Japan.

  7. Comment by jadeee on April 28, 2010 4:41 am

    mariko looks the cutest. to me personally, this group doesnt have many pretty members…out of all the jap girl idols, sugaya risako is THE CUTEST AND PRETTIEST. but,,,,there are also many more attractive actresses in japan…so 🙂

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