Renai Kinshi Jourei -Forbidden Love Rules-

Hi people! I hope that you all had a wonderful christmas, I sure did! 😀 So now I’m back with an entry I had promised a while ago, about the little Kikuchi Ayaka rehiring situation. The name of this entry also happens to be the title of Team A’s latest stage, and also a unit song (featuring Takamina, Miichan and Myao), but the reason why it caught my eye is because it reminds me a lot of Ayarin and what she’s gone through. The translation was taken from Stage48, and belongs to Gideon, who kindly translated it because he is awesome 😀

Kikuchi Ayaka, aka. Ayarin, was a popular Team B member who became even more popular because of the controversy surrounding her firing from AKB48 because she took a picture with her boyfriend and he posted it on his blog, making it very public. Since the first rule of idols might just be “Don’t date, and if you do, don’t get caught” it was a clear violation of said rule what made her go bye-bye. She had many fans who supported her, and even made a petition to Akimoto and signed it in order to keep her in the Team, but it was no use.

It’s been just over a year since we started dating…
None of our friends know since everyone’s always together

This part of the lyrics isn’t clearly related to Ayarin, since she had only been with her boyfriend for 2 months before the pic came out. But it’s sure interesting to put the second verse in context “None of our friends know” I wonder if the AKB girls who do have boyfriends (don’t panic, fanboys, I’m sure there are plenty out there :P) can tell their team mates about it, or if they have to keep it to themselves in fear that one of the others could be a snitch XD or rather, that she could be put in a compromising situation because of knowing about the other girl and her bf.

“Inside this circle, we have rules against love”
They make too much of a deal about this joke of a rule

This joke of a rule? I wonder if Akimoto is actually dismissing the rule as stupid (after all, he did marry an idol) or if he simply assumes that all girls (and Ayarin, in this case) might find it lame and ridiculous. “Inside this circle” implies a very tight group, just like idol groups are.

I love somebody somewhere
Even if I can’t do so at my own convenience
If it has to be let go,
It’s not real love
This is so against the rules

The “even if I can’t love somebody at my own convenience” line could imply that there’s always that yearning to find love, regardless of how sheltered this girls are, they still want it, like any other person would. But what really catches my eye in this chorus is the “If it has to be let go, it’s not real love” part. I suppose that Ayarin has quit dating this guy after all this mess, or maybe she still sees him, but has denied it in order to get back in the group. Does Akimoto mean that if she walked away from this guy, it wasn’t even love in the first place? It’s a puzzling line, considering how making a choice between career and love is very complicated and kind of a sad position to be put in, in the first place.

Isn’t it lonely being single? I wanted to make it a secret
If I send out a mail on my cell phone, soon nothing but love comes back

Again, Akimoto aknowledges the fact that these girls feel lonely because they aren’t supposed to go out and date guys like their non-idol female friends do. And if they do, it has to be kept a secret, which in a way is still a lonely way of loving.

Unconsciously I’ve been charmed, and he’s become such an important person to me
I only have myself to blame – feel the strings of fate!

This lines could be interpreted as a bit of a guilt trip from the point of view of the girl, but since Akimoto was the one who wrote them, is he subtly trying to scold her in a way? She let herself be charmed by a guy who probably didn’t respect her enough to keep their relationship private, even though he knew that she was an idol and was probably aware of what was at stake if he posted that pic. Then again, in the last bit, there’s a reference to fate, which could be interpreted as an understanding of the girl, she’s 15, she’s probably bound to make mistakes like this as much as anyone else of this age.

I love somebody all the time
I can’t stop the affection
If there’s a boy,
There’s definitely something going on
A chemical reaction

The first two lines are very true when it comes to hormones when you’re a teen XD They’re just out of control, and you’ll be insanely in love with the most bizarre people just because of them, it’s an undeniable fact! But the last verses I like even more, because they could imply that Akimoto knows very well that girl+boy=trouble, regardless of whether the girl is an idol or not. “Chemical reaction” is a brilliant way to describe it indeed.

I love somebody somewhere
Even if I can’t do so at my own convenience
If it has to be let go,
It’s not real love
This is so against the rules
Romance’s fuse
Because I have to hide it,
Passion only builds up
It’s so likely to go off

We already went over the first 5 lines, and the most interesting ones are the final 4. If it has to be kept a secret, it’ll only make it more intense “it’s so likely to go off” it’s like a statement “This will happen sooner or later anyway”. Ayarin wasn’t admitted back in Team B (yet) but she’s a Kenkyuusei of the 7th generation. There are 19 more girls that were accepted with her, and a “Team Kenkyuusei” is about to be formed. I think that she’ll lead it wonderfully for a while, and after that, maybe she’ll be accepted back in her beloved Team B. I was never an Ayarin fan, but I respect her immensely for having the courage to enter another audition and be willing to start from the bottom despite having been a frontgirl of Team B. It shows true passion and professionalism. Kudos to her.

And I also really like the perception I get of Akimoto from the lyrics of this song, he knows that girls are bound to fall in love, and the “no date” rule only worsens it. Of course, this whole post is pure speculation and guess work, but I don’t think it strays too far from reality because, again, Akimoto married one of the Nyan nyans he produced back in the day. He knows stuff. And that’s a good thing for the girls.

Merry Merry Christmas Silent Night, I want to see you!

Hello people! Have you checked out my awesome Jpop blog Macaronii yet? XD Please do so, that will make me happy and it’s a great christmas present for me 😀

This is a very short post, just to celebrate Christmas! With my favorite AKB48 Chirstmas song, Team K’s beautiful and festive “Christmas ga Ippai”

The picspam pt 2 -there are too many underdogs in AKB48!-

Hi people! I’m back with another update (I hadn’t been able to update earlier because my keyboard got all messed up and it annoyed me, so yeah…) Before I start with this one, though, I want to invite all of you to visit my new Jpop blog, Macaroni-i! I figured I’d start it to ramble about the non-AKB stuff I like, so please check it out! OK, enough self advertising XD, let’s get to the post!

Hirajima Natsumi aka. Nacchan is another very prominent Team B member, but I bet YOU don’t know about her either 😛 I’m not a HUGE Nacchan fan, but I know someone who is, so please head over to Julia’s wonderful Nacchan worship site, Summer Sea!

Nakayan is one of my favorite Team B members. Which also means that she’s one of the least popular members on that team D: I don’t know what the hell is up with people, she is lovely, sweet, very kind and an excellent singer and dancer. Am I the only one who sees that? Why? She used to wear glasses before, and that actually guaranteed her more fans, but I’m all for her talent, she doesn’t need a gimmick to rock my world! <3

Inoue Naru aka. Naruppe used to be a Team B member, but she graduated this year D: WTH is Team B falling apart? They are so cool! Anyhow, Naruppe was one of the best singers of the group although she was pretty bad at dancing when she first started XD She was a very sweet girl too… I’ll miss her…

Naruse Risa aka. Naruru was a RS that got added to Team K this year. She is not such a great singer as Mochi (Kuramochi Asuka) is, but she has a lot of attitude when she’s on stage. She looks pretty cutesy too, I like her. She might be the skinniest girl in AKB though XD (yeah, skinnier than Sae, even)

Matsubara Natsumi aka. Nattsumii (yeah, that is a nickname, apparently XD) is a Team K member with a very sweet personality. I like Natsumii, especially because she is a very good performer, despite not being very popular. Also, she reminds me of Natsuyaki Miyabi, especially personality-wise, but also, there’s something similar in their faces…

Kawasaki Nozomi aka. Nozofisu is a Team A member and I <3 her. I’ve already profiled her and stuff… Well, she’s a gravure model, so she’s pretty hot. She’s shy and cute too. Very loveable!

Ohe Tomomi aka. Oh Yay Team A graduate 🙁 Is a beautiful girl with lots of personality to spare. Ohe happens to be a bit crazy and out there, but that makes her all the more interesting! She is a great singer, but not much of a dancer, so it’s really cute to see her trying very hard to do all the right moves and FAILING XD. She’s going to be a model now, and even has a PB scheduled for next year, so thankfully she won’t disappear from the map!

Well, if you remember correctly, some posts ago I said that my least favorite AKB member was this girl, Fujie Reina aka. Reinyan. Well, she’s not my least favorite anymore XD She’s not my favorite either, but in A5 noticed how much she has improved and how she doesn’t really have all the camera time I thought she had back in A4 Revival. I like her soft husky voice and she is a good dancer. To be honest, I don’t ever notice her much, she doesn’t stand out all that much, but she’s pretty. And she changed her annoying catchphrase for something that I can bear (now I only need Myao to change hers and I’m set 😀 )

Narita Risa aka. Natarii is another Team A member who graduated this year (whoa, so many!) She is a very energetic girl and just SO incredibly cute! It saddens me that she’s not going to be around anymore, I actually really liked her and looked forward to seeing her in A5… Well, she’ll be a gravure model full time now, so it’s ok I guess.

Watanabe Shiho, former Team A member, then Team B member, then graduate (phew!) is a very beautiful girl. I especially like how graceful she became over the years, because back in A1 she was very awkward, stiff and had this unnatural smile in her face all the time! And then you watch B1 and she’s like whoa! She has everything nailed and under control!

Tanamin (Tanabe Miku) is one of my favorite Team B members. I really want her to be the most popular member on the Team but the management won’t help us with that XD. She’s gorgeus (as you can see with the pic) and one of the best dancers of AKB48 (if not the best). But she hardly ever gets a solo line T_T I hope that in B4 they have something good in store for her!

Yonezawa Rumi aka. Yonechan is an adorable Team B member. What I love about her is how she always gives 100% in everything she does! I swear, this girl is something else! She’s not exactly a ball of genki like nacchan or Harugon, but she’s always smiling and having fun so it’s really nice to watch her. She got a slightly bigger role in B3 than the usual, so I hope that this happens too in B4. She’s adorable, but I already said that XD

Meet one of the many reasons why Team K is so awesome. She’s no underdog (although she doesn’t get many singles) but since I’m assuming that some of my visitors might be casual fans who don’t watch theater performances I thought I’d introduce her here. Masuda Yuka, who is TOO freaking cool for a nickname. She’s (IMO) the best singer in the entire AKB48. And she’s also a great dancer. And she’s also beautiful. And she’s like 16 years old. Yeah, I LOVE Yuka, so I’ll post more about her in my favorites entry XD

Alright people, so this wraps up this picspam installment. Wait next time for a post on my favorites and another one on the popular girls! (or maybe it’ll just be the same post, since I like lots of popular girls…) Oh and BTW, Kikuchi Ayaka of Team B, who was fired earlier this year, was admitted back as a Kenkyuusei. I’ll probably write a post about that but yeah, I thought you should know XD

You can call it a picspam pt 1 -The Underdogs-

Hi people! I’m back in my hometown (Yay!!) enjoying a relaxing vacation, and I thought I’d update, but I had no idea what to update about XD I could finish the goddamn Team A profiles, but I need more screencaps and I’m too lazy to go capture them now… I could continue with the A2 fashion check, but I don’t really feel like it right now. Plus, I don’t know in which computer all those screencaps ended up being X_X But I still really felt like updating, so, I’m following after what so many other bloggers do 😀 I’m doing a picspam post!!! I’ll try to focus on the less popular members, so that you’ll love them or at least learn their freaking names! Of course, I’ll also include my favorites, who happen to be some of the most popular girls… Go figure…

Meet Sato Amina. She was a Kenkyuusei (Research Student, RS from now on because writing the whole word is a pain in the ass) and then lucked out and got added to Team A. I like her, but she’s that type of idol that you either love or hate. She has a very high pitched voice, which is the main reason why people hate on her. But it doesn’t bother me at all, because she’s not annoying and she makes the most out of it. I like her because of her great attitude and stage presence. I always admire an idol who performs with a lot of self confidence and Amina has this part totally nailed!

Orii Ayumi, aka Ayunee. She graduated a while ago, but has always stayed in touch with AKB48 members and goes to the theater to perform on special occasions. I really really like her, and I feel like Team A has partially gone to hell (I don’t mean this in a bad way, somehow… ) because of the lack of an “older sister” or motherly figure like Ayunee was.  There are older girls in Team A, like Mariko, Nozomi and Mai, but they have different ways of adding to the Team. While I do feel like Mai takes on the duties of spokesperson and cares deeply about her kouhai (she seems like a nice girl) she can’t always be at the theater and has actually a scarily high absence from performances rate, same as Mariko. Nozomi is too shy to take on such a big responsibility, and then that’s about it (there’s Yukarin too, but she’s such a scatterbrain that I can’t picture her in that position). AKB doesn’t have leaders involved in their concept, but there’s someone pulling the strings underneath (like Sayaka does for Team K or CinDy does for B). Ayumi was that for Team A, so she deserves some credit.

Urano Kazumi aka CinDy is pretty well known if you’re into Team B, but seriously, not many people are. Shame on you! CinDy was transferred from Team A into B, which was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to her. In Team A she was a bubbly sweet girl, and that’s all. But in Team B, she’s the Queen Bee (no pun intended XD) she calls the shots and reigns supreme over the hyper always excited girls of the team. She’s really cool, not only has she majorly improved her vocals to fit her new Lead Singer status, but she has also been given the chance to flaunt her flamboyant personality. She wears a tiara constantly and she’s just pretty much crazy, in the best possible way 😀

Chiichan!!! I so <3 <3 <3 her!!! Nakata Chisato is her full name, and she was the most recent addition to Team A. I’m glad that she’s a full fledged member now because she is SO talented. She’s gorgeous, and I like her sweet voice a lot. She’s one of the girls who are always excited to be on stage, and performs with the brigthest smile!! A cutie 😀

Chikano Rina aka. Chikarina is a RS who hasn’t been added to any team yet, despite having been a Himawarigumi stad in (I think she was Takamina’s along with Myao or something like that, it’s pretty complicated) She is a good singer and a very good dancer. Other than that, I don’t know what else to say XD But you can look at her, she’s quite pretty!

Deguchi Aki, former RS who was added to SKE48 recently (well, it was formed recently anyway…) She is a great singer, and I love how fierce she looks with her high cheeks and stuff. But I guess I won’t really keep track of her, seeing how I don’t particularly care much about SKE right now D:

Noguchi Reina aka. Gussan, of Team B. I’ve heard that she’s becoming more and more popular in the theater, but somehow she doesn’t seem to be all that popular with overseas fans. I don’t know why is that, but I’m not her fan either XD. I’ve heard that she’s pretty funny and airheaded IRL, but that sadly never really quite shows in the DVDs and LoDs that I’ve watched so far… She looks a LOT like my housekeeper, she could be her daughter even! /endrandomcomment

Here’s the girl that all of you readers must revere now that my beloved Hana is gone!!! If you adore Nozofisu, Yukarin and Kana at the same time, then I APPROVE OF YOU!! You’re a cool person 😀 Katayama Haruka aka. Haachan aka. THE BEST DAMN REASON WHY YOU SHOULD GO AND WORSHIP TEAM B RIGHT NOW

OMG! Look she’s so damn cute!!! And she’s also pretty damn hot too, but since I’m doing a picspam post about my favorites, I’ll just leave it at this for now 😀

You all know who this is, right? It’s Awesome Hana!!! And she’s just as awesome as always, even though she’s graduated now… Well, I’ll ramble more about her whenever I do that favorites picspam post…

Hiichan looks like a beautiful doll… She’s graduated now, in case you didn’t know :'( I really like this picture of her, because she looks so passionate about her song! This is Rider, in case you didn’t know. She led that unit and was awesome at it!

It’s time to introduce all of you (for the first time, I believe) to my favorite Team K underdog, Kobayashi Kana aka. Kana or Kacchi. Kana is the definition of adorable, and I don’t give a damn about the fact that she’s pretty tone deaf. She used to be way more of a lead girl, back in the start of Team K, but something happened that dethroned her (same as with Narita RIsa of Team A) I love her anyway, and you all should too. There will be more about her in my favorites post to keep this short 😀

And we move from one Team K underdog to another, here’s Hayano Kaoru aka. Kaorin. She’s absolutely adorable, and a fierce performer whenever it’s required. In contrast to Kana, who is the dumbest girl in AKB (and maybe even in the whole Japan O_O) Kaorin is a great student, always getting brilliant grades. Her father is a Waseda University graduate, so that’s where she got her brains from (according to 16 shimai no uta, at least XD)

Masuyama Kayano, aka. Kaya, graduated in 2007, she was very cute, and the child quota of Team A. I miss her ;_;

Kohara Haruka aka. Himesama (Princess) is one of the most popular RS right now. She looks like a taller and less dorky Tsugunaga Momoko, which is great lol. I really like her.

Oku Manami aka. Maachan has become sadly known for not smiling on stage, according to the people who dislike her. I’m not one fo them, and I don’t think that a girl has to smile all the time On Stage in order to be a good performer. Take Mikachii of Team B as an example, her cool vibe makes her smile only so often, yet she’s very good. Same with Maachan IMO. She did look pretty overwhelmed early on, but it was because she was like 10 freaking years old at the time, and she’s pretty snappy and bratty too. I love that.

Matsuoka Yuki aka. Matsuyuki is graduating from Team B in February. This pains me because I really really like her. She’s a great performer, and there’s just some sort of spark everytime she’s on stage that makes you look at her. She was the msot unpopular AKB member according to the mixi ratings, and that is a CRIME!! I wish that she can accomplish everything she wants for her life, because she deserves the best!

Mikachii (Saeki Mika) was, if I’m not mistaken, the first RS to be added to a Team, she is a part of team B and I love her. She has a “cool” vibe about her and I love cool idols! I can’t freaking resist them! Mikachii is a very strong girl, look how fragile she looks! She’s been injured for a long time, and she has to skip performances every now and then in order to heal, but when she makes it to the theater, she’s amazing to watch

Saotome Miki aka. Mikipomu is so damn fierce that you should love her. I don’t even get why she doesn’t have more fans or solo lines but I’m seriously PRAYING that that fact will change with B4. Also, now that Matsuyuki’s leaving, it makes her the least popular member. And that is terribly unfair, so please root for her, everybody!

Kuramochi Asuka aka. Mocchi is a Team K member and a former RS. She’s amazing <3 She has a very gentle and caring personality, she’s gorgeus and she sings like an angel. There’s nothing more to ask for, she’s a perfect idol! *cough become her fan now cough*

And here’s Nito Moeno of Team B, also a former RS. I don’t know anything about her other than Naruppe’s costume looks huge on her XD

There’s already a great Nacchi worshipping fanblog called Where’s Natsuki? So please head over there for the regular Nacchi awesomenes 😀

Ok, this is FREAKING long already, and I’m not done yet, so I’,ll just continue in another moment XD Or rather, another entry.

Bittersweet newsflash…

Hi people, today I bring you guys the scoop of the latest AKB news. First off, let’s get the bad news out of our system, shall we?

1. AKB48 isn’t going to Kouhaku this year: This really crushed me. All of the girls were always super excited about how they would love to sing Oogoe DIamond at Kouhaku this year and stuff, and they get this??? I don’t understand, really. If anything, AKB has become bigger and more mainstream than it was last year. And Oogoe has sold like 60000 copies, which is pretty impressive. But yeah, idols aren’t trendy blah blah blah, Kouhaku is going to be revamped because nobody watches it blah blah blah… Good thing Perfume were invited, or else I’d be like WAY TOO mad. BTW, Was I the only one who wasn’t in the least surprised that MM were left off this year?

2. My little squirrel is sick T_T: Well, if you’ve ever read this blog you must now that the lovely, dorky and super talented Oshima Yuko is my favorite member. And now she’s sick!! She got appendicitis (ouch) and had to be operated. Luckily, though, everything went alright, and she’s returning to her home on december 5th. GET WELL SOON KORISU!!!!

Ok, now let’s get to the good news;

3. Ohori Megumi stays!!!! Yay!!: Meetan aka. Ohori Meshibe managed to sell 10125 copies of her solo debut single, Amai Kokansetsu, thus she gets to stay in AKB48!!! She was really put through a lot, and pushed along the way, like a pro. She’s really amazing and deserved to stay!!

Of course, lots of perviness to be expected 😀

4. AKB48 Late Night Live: I don’t know the exact name, and this is sort of old news anyway 😛 But still, in spring next year they are starting this new series of live shows, where only AKB members who are over 18 can perform, and only fans who are also of that age or older can attend. Apparently, the girls will be wearing sexier costumes than the usual uniforms, but that’s all of the info that has been released so far. I wonder… from Team A, that’s just Haruna, Mai, Mariko and Nozomi, right? Oh, Amina is over 18 as well, but IDK if she’ll be performing. Team A just got a whole lot younger O_O Sorry Acchan fans, you’ll have to pass on this one…

5. AKB48 Concert at JCB Hall on December 20: Yeah, that’s all there is to that, but you know, just in case.

6. Yuko PB release “Yuurari Yuuko”: I’m SO buying this. Even in my parents think I’m into girls (i’m totally not). Anyhow, there’s a handshaking even scheduled for December 23rd, in case you happen to be in Akihabara that day and have spare money, buy 3 copies and get a polaroid and a special DVD of the event. Sounds yummy!

7. AKB48 Set List Best 100 at Shibuya AX reloaded: I’m really sorry that I couldn’t report this earlier, so that all of you could’ve voted for your favorite songs, but I’m on finals this week, so there’s a lot that slips my mind really… The voting finished December 1, and there were only 6 or 7 days when you could vote. The conert will take place around January 18, four days, as last yeat, with a setlist that features 100 songs that fans can vote for, thus, the number one song (and I’m pretty damn sure it will be Sakura no Hanabiratachi this year and next and forever and ever but W/E) is the one that got the most votes and that’s how the order of the songs goes. I hope that people voted for the newer stuff, I mean, I love Don’t Disturb, but I’d rather watch something newer performed in that stage like… A5 stuff or H2 (which was horribly neglected last year BTW)

My own vote log:

1. Korogaru Ishi ni Nare (fave song FTW)

2. Junjou Shugi (A B3 unit song featuring my fave Team B member, Katayama Haruka. Sexy stuff!)

3. Heart Gata Virus (A5 Unit song featuring my fave Team A member, Oshima Mai! Cuteness!!!)

4. Rider (I want to see the graduates again T_T)


As you can see, I missed 2 days of voting because I’m lazy, but yeah…


Ok, that’s all I can think of for now, I’ll get back to you if I get more information! Remember to buy at least 5 Yuko PBs, because she deserves all your love and support and cookies and money, k? 😀 I know I’ll be buying my own share, even if I have to beg and cry to my parents for a credit card…


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