This is basically an eyecandy post. As a thank you for all the people who voted for Aitakatta as the best AKB48 blog, I really appreciate it a lot. When I first started this blog, there weren’t many AKB blogs around, and it makes me very happy to see that now more and more people are making their own AKB fanblogs, and spreading the love.

I’ve worked hard to make this blog as informative and interesting as possible, so, once again, THANK YOU so so much for reading me and supporting my blog. I promise to keep working hard to spread the AKB love around!


What’s an AKB blog without a pic of Acchan? XD Although surely, lots of people out there fangirl her way more than I do…


Maimai is love.




Team B love with Haachan!


Tomomi-chan just gets prettier and prettier every day…


Cutest loli in Team B! Yeah, I love Mayuyu too, but Lovetan is just <3 <3 <3


Nakayan looks awfully plain here, but she’s a cutie and I love her voice so she gets to appear in my special Thank You post!


There’s not nearly enough Naruru love. I’ll make it my mission to increase it, because I adore her.


Nonti… She’s the most amazing dancer ever. And she’s also incredibly beautiful.


Too beautiful <3


Reina leaped from my bottom spot to one of my Team A favorites. Good job!


Sayaka is powerful, pretty, cute and boyishly adorable all at the same time. A multitasker! <3


Most of all, the reasons why I love Sayaka so much are kind of personal. Seeing her live really sealed the deal for me.


That’s a bad pic of Tanamin XD But still, I love her!


Yukirin! Best voice of Team B, hands down! Thanks for being the only frontgirl in Team B who doesn’t kill my eardrums XD


I saved the best for last. It’s always been Yuko for me. She was the whole reason of my fandom, the only girl who has never changed her position in my ranking.


Ignore the hair in the picture O_O Yuko is lovely!


Yuko is always going to be my #1. So that’s why she’s so important in this Thank You post! 😀 😀

I’ve said a million times already, but once again, Thank You. Please keep supporting me as I continue to work hard. 

See you next time!


Top AKB Stuff in 2008

I know that it’s a bit late to do a post like this one, but I just HAVE to XD 2008 was a rather eventful year for AKB, and we should take a look back into the past and check out the most important happenings in the Don Quijote theater! 

BEST SINGLE OF THE YEAR: We have various contenders here, some stronger than others, as usual, of course. 

The first single was Romance, Irane which had everybody really excited and anticipating great stuff because the song was a very cool and dark-ish number from Himawarigumi 2. People were even anticipating the return of the Dark Era of Seifuku and Keibetsu, but no luck. The PV was the most disappointing thing EVER. And the C/W song, was the lame “Ai no Moufu”, which is a saving grace in H2, because the girls look lovely in their wedding dresses, but it’s musically bland.

The second release of the year, Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008, was a remake of their very nostalgic and beautfiul debut CDS, and while it didn’t sell as much as its predecessor, it managed to bring tears to our eyes and make us reminisce about our high school days (hell, even I did it, and I hated every minute of high school). So yeah, it gets points for that. The C/W song that came with it, Saigo no Seifuku,  was brand new, and it never became part of a Stage, weirdly enough, which is kind of sad, because as far as ballads go, I really like this one.

Next, we were teased with Baby! Baby! Baby! AKB’s first digital release. And that was painful. We got to hear the song some time after it was released, and it honestly wasn’t anything too special. This song didn’t make it to any stage officially either, and it was coupled with a ton of songs XD Including the lovely B3 song, Shonichi. Anyhow, this was a rather unoriginal song, and while the single itself was probably saved because of the PV, that doesn’t do much to help it take the title of “Best Single”

Finally, we had “Oogoe Diamond“. Expectations were rising again, as it was said that AKB would work with a different choreographer, RyonRyon. And yeah, it finally came out, and pwned hard. The song is nothing spectacular, a catchy and upbeat tune reminiscent of the great “Aitakatta” or “BINGO!” which became fan favorites. This single sold like crazy (I mean, compared to the other AKB releases…), and it was just a very good song in its own right. It also became the saving grace of Team A’s lackluster 5 Stage, which features the A-side and the B-side as stage songs. They needed to do that, so no hard feelings. Jurina in the cover was crap, but yeah, that’s the idol world for us if we want to keep being fans we already know what to expect, right? I think that this single was the best they released in 2008. A great song, with a memorable and dramatic C/W that at least brought back to us memories of “Namida Uri no Shoujo”. Also, it featured an amazing choreography and a PV where the girls managed to shine, but still looked like normal school kids goofing around. And it marked the sad farewell of the 5 underdogs of Team A. Very eventful, it sums up 2008 for AKB perfectly.

WINNER: Oogoe Diamond

BEST PV OF THE YEAR: Keeping up with a similar topic, the best PV is a kind of debatable category, as almost all of the releases this year (except for Romance, Irane, of course) had great PVs in their own right. So let’s take a quick look at them to make our personal choice. Each link will take you to the Youtube version of the PV XD

1. Romance, Irane:  I’m sure that there are people out there who like this PV. Surely enouch, crazier things have happened. Some people liked the Resonant Blue PV, and I’m sure the same people would/will be all over this one. The girls are wearing flashy idol outfits, perfect hair and make up, and dance in a stage with a disco ball. And that’s all. I’m not even kidding, this looks like a TV performance! Of course, it had its good point, the girls looked very beautiful, and this was one of the very few PVs where Hana was a chosen member, so it has a special place in my heart. Also, the close ups of the girls were very good too. But yeah, it sucked majorly, and it threw all of us ex-H!P fans into a panicking fit of thinking “OMG, what if AKS becomes as cheap as UFA and decides to give the girls no budget for their PVs?” So I kind of hate it for that. Boo.

2. Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008: Luckily enough, for all of us fans, this PV made us sigh in relief. This is an absolutely gorgeous story-telling PV. It was like watching a movie! Also, it featured all of the girls of AKB, but especially Yuko and Tomomi, who are some of my favorite members got huge parts in it! So let’s do a mini review, shall we? The PV starts with the valedictorian, played by Miichan, reading a touching spell while the girls cry. Then we get to hear Acchan and Yuko talk about what they think they’ll become in the future, and we can already see that Acchan has a MAJOR crush on Yuko. Later, we have Tomomi enter the love triangle (or square?) as she attempts to deliver what seems to be a love letter to an ugly teacher of hers XD He’s like dating someone else or something, so she turns to Yuko . Bla bla bla, this is the main storyline. Of course, we also have clueless Haruna looking clueless all through the video XD. All in all, I found it endearing and also very good to get to know at least a bit of the personality of the girls, so I love it.

3. Baby! Baby! Baby!: O_O Is probably the best expression to describe this PV. While its atmosphere is mostly sunny and summery careless fun, with the girls playing around in the pool wearing bikinis (fan service much?) there are times when the PV suddenly cuts to a dark and angst filled scene featuring Acchan doing various weird things, like getting undressed and laying in a bed (not it THAT way, you perverts! Or… maybe?), eating a peach in a very provocative way and jumping to the pool in her fancy princess dress. This scenes are a sharp contrast to the rest of the colorful PV, and the black and white makes them stand out more and conveys a very claustrophobic feel. I don’t really know what to make of it, because my mind goes to all the wrong places when interpreting this, and I can’t help but see it as a sequel to “Seifuku” in a way. Acchan is trapped, she’s still in the very questionnable line of work that was hinted in Seifuku, and she dreams of a colorful world where she can be a normal girl and have fun. Or something. Pretty disturbing, but I like that, if only because it reminds me of the AKB I fell in love with. The one with the dark songs and shocking innuendos. It was the most expected PV ever, anyhow, that’s got to count for something XD

4. Oogoe Diamond: This PV takes us back to the most familiar scenery when it comes to AKB PVs, a school. And it’s a wonderful concept, again, a story-telling video! Yay! I love those! In this one, the story is that there’s some sort of school festival, and a group of girls have decided that for the festival, they will learn and perform the SUPER FAMOUS “Oogoe Diamond” song of the SUPER COOL idol group AKB48. So we see the girls listening to the song for the first time (Mayu’s line is WIN), watching a DVD of the “Stage Performance” of the song in the theater, and finally, rehearsing the choreography and making the decorations for their stage (Maimai screentime! Yay!) The main character of the video, is, as usual, Acchan, who plays an emo kid that can’t work at the same pace as her other friends and thus is a failure. She’s so much of a failure that she gets stomped by SKE48 Miracle Girl aka. Matsui Jurina. So, anyway, emo Acchan is whining to Sae, but Sae takes no crap from anybody (which is why I ADORE her) so she just stands up “What up you bitch, don’tcha come whining at me like a pussy yo ho” or something like that XD And after that, emo Acchan runs off crying or somthing, and we see them performing, adorably bumping over each other on their way to the stage and other cute stuff like that. So to sum it up, Sae regrets being so hard in Acchan, because, hey, it’s not her fault that she’s so emo and wimpy and stuff, so she sends her a mail that goes like this: “Ohai! We miss youuu!! XOXOXOXO 😀 😀 😀 <3 <3 <3” Or something, and finally Acchan is happy again and goes on stage and PWNS Jurina’s face. Team A style. Cool PV is cool.

WINNER: Baby! Baby! Baby! Oogoe might have the catfights and the “believable” and cute storyline, complete with Mayu looking confused and adorable and Sae kicking butt. And Mariko being Queen Bee. But Acchan’s disturbing scenes, and her not so disturbing bikini scenes are worth more in the idol world. Baby x3 takes the cake if only because it created a whole lot of suspense, and after it was released it didn’t disappoint anyone. Also, because Seifuku is my favorite AKB single and in my mind, Baby x3 is its retarded little child, PV wise only of course. Acchan-wise only, actually.

BEST  SUBUNIT: This is a lame-ish category, since there are only 2, and one of them is only releasing its single this year, but still, I felt like they deserved their own category so sue me 😛

1. No3b: When you have a group made of  popular Team A members Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami and Kojima Haruna, you know that it’ll be good. And they are! Other than sounding good (which is a given, having Takamina as part of the unit) and looking good, what makes them really stand out is their chemistry as a group. They must be very close, especially since they’re kind of used to working together in stages (Junai no Crescendo and Bye Bye Bye). That makes for effortless chemistry that makes you want to know more about them and turns you into their fan.

2. Watarirouka Hashiritai: The legendary Ushirogami Hikaretai subunit of Onyanko Club gets revamped with Team B members. This shocked me a bit because Team B is usually shafted, rather unfairly too, so seeing them get such a big push was so moving that it almost brought tears to my eyes. To be honest, I’m not a fan of Harugon, Mayu or Nacchan’s voices. I adore Lovetan, that’s for sure, but the other girls just… don’t do it for me musically speaking. However, I have to say that they work really well as a group, and it’s adorable to see Harugon and Nacchan, the hyper girls competing in genkiness and Lovetan and Mayuyu competing in cuteness and loliness. They are a great unit indeed.

WINNER: No3b. There was almost no contest here, sadly. No3b’s Relax! song was poppy without being unoriginal or dull. And they managed to be very entertaining in the PV. Enough said.

BEST STAGE OF THE YEAR: And we’ve finally gotten to my favorite category of all. I’m a HUGE fan of AKB almost exclusively for the Stage concept. Having an idol team who performs a given setlist in an almost theatrical way is a delightful breath of fresh air and a concept that appeals to me A LOT. This year a lot of different stages were released, one for every Team, so let’s go over them shortly.

B3 – Pajama Drive: Everyone was eagerly expecting this stage. Team B had been shamelessly shafted with 2 recycled setlists, even though they were a legitimate Team and had debuted a while ago. So yeah, we were all biting our nails in excitement when this came out. And then we were all WOWed. This is an amazing stage, and that’s a fact, even for people who aren’t Team B fans (such as myself). The opening song, Shonichi, is a happy number with touching lyrics about them not wanting to lose to their seniors and stuff like that. After that, the first block of songs are cute idol-y songs about being in love and stuff like that, enjoyable, none the less. And then, the unit songs! I’ll sum them up in a few words: Tenshi no Shippo, featuring Lovetan, is unbelievably cute, after that comes the stages namesake, which despite having my 3 least liked vocalists of B turned out to be unexpectedly cool, after that we have my dear Haachan lead the hot and sexy Junjou Shugi, followed up by the beautiful and memorable Temodemo no Namida, which makes great use of Kashiwagi’s beautiful voice, and finally, Kagami no Naka no Jeanne da Arc is hella cool. The second block of songs are dark and moody, featuring punky school uniforms and dimmed lights, worth mentioning is especially the trance influenced Inochi no Tsukaimichi, which takes angst and dirty to a whole new level. The stage finished with a lame ballad in Boku no Sakura, as usual for AKB stages, and then there’s the awesome encore, with Wasshoi B aka. the most addicting song this side of Minimoni, then followed by a cool number in Suifu wa arashi no yoru ni yume wo miru or something like that, and finishing everything off with a “feel-good” kind of mood with Shiroi Shirts. Good costumes, good songs, and girls who work extra hard to prove themselves. 

K4 – Saishuu Bell ga Naru: Team K is my favorite team. That’s no secret, so I’d probably love any stage they perform, even if it were a crappy mismatch of bad songs. But this is NONE of that. I thought that Team K had such a cool image and powerful attitude, that it was kind of a waste to see them perform stuff like “Korogaru” and “Hana to Chire” only every now and then, so when I heard that they were getting a new stage I just crossed my fingers and went “Oh, God, please let them have another song like Korogaru” And my wish was granted, only instead of getting 1 song like Korogaru, I got 10!!! If you’re looking for super energetic idols with a bit of an edge and tons of attitude, Team K is definitely your thing. So I’ll try my best to go over the songs in a brief but effective way XD.

First is MAMMOTH, a postapocalyptic cool song, next up is the stages namesake, with its rocky tune and unexpected lyrics about joining AKB, or something XD. Then we have the super cute and genki Boyfriend no Tsukurikata, followed by the HIGH energy song “Erai hito ni naritakunai” which makes you want to stand up and pump your fists in the air with the girls. The first unit song is the super sexy “Return Match” which oozes sensuality and longing while being kickass cool. Followed by the only bump in the road, Hatsukoi Douroubou which is kind of dull, in all honesty. After that, the all-star cast of Gomen ne Jewel delivers a bittersweet upbeat number, and then they make way for “Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou” which is as racy as an idol song CAN get. Finishing the unit songs, we have “16nin Shimai no Uta” a tongue in cheek song that describes every girl in Team K with funny interludes included. After this, the second block of songs come up, and this is when the FIERCE comes stomping right in. In “Stand Up!” we have a powerful song about not giving up even in the face of death, “Coolgirl” teaches us all about being tough and deceiving in order to win before guys and “Kaiyuugyo no Capacity” is one of the most beautiful and powerful songs I’ve ever heard, with sad lyrics about loving a difficult person. Then it all finishes with the cute and happy “Ai ni Ikou” which suddenly turns into a cool rap number XD. After the encore we’re treated to Shamu Neko, a sassy song  about a proud girl who’s looking for love anyway. Then Melos no Michi, which has become the new signature Team K song, with an amazing mirrored choreography and powerful urgent lyrics about going all out for your special someone. Finally, we have the beautiful “Sasae“. And if you count how many times I wrote “powerful” or “cool” in this review you might get an idea of how much I adore Team K. Enough said.

A5 – Renai Kinshi Jourei: This stage has had to walk a very windy road so to speak. It started with Team A having 5 graduated original members and no one to fill in for them just yet. Also, it started out without Takamina, Miichan and Haruna, some of the most popular members, who didn’t perform it for over a month, if I’m not mistaken. So with this sad turn of events, it wasn’t a secret that the opening day would probably be rather bland. And it was. But it’s picked up the pace along the way quickly, since they have the OgiPro trio performing again (that’s Takamina, Miichan and Haruna, in case you didn’t know) and they’ve added Kenkyuusei star member Nakata Chisato and Miracle 2 aka. Takajo Aki-chan <3 <3. But since this concerns the setlist itself, and not the members, let’s go over it in a dash.

It starts with a Takamina led song in Nagai Hikari, which sounds pretty but that’s it, then goes to Squall no Aida ni, which includes umbrellas as part of the props for it and has a rather memorable chorus. Then we get the bouncy JK Nemurihime, which is a fan favorite already, and to finish the first block, there’s “Kimi ni Au tabi ni koi o suru” a bittersweet song about a school reunion. Very nostalgic. After that, we have the units. First off, Acchan shocks all of us stripping off her innocent girl image in “Kuroi tenshi” (well, it’s no shocker if we put Seifuku and Baby x3 in context, but still…) then we have a super cute and catchy old school song in “Heart Gata Virus” which is also the only unit with only original members, making it very solid. Following this is the title song, which is cool and RnB-ish, with great dance moves from Miichan and Takamina, and Myao being surprisingly cool. Then we have Tsundere! A “gyaru” song, very strange sounding, which makes it stick to your brain forever XD and finally, we get “Manatsu no Christmas Rose” a rather generic love song. Blah. After this, comes the second block of songs, which starts with the very interesting and sexy “Switch” followed by 109, which we already know is great. Then, in the most typical H!P fashion, in the next song, Hikoukigumo, they wave a red rag while the audience follows them. It’s cute though. It all finishes with yet another lame ballad. And after the encore, we get what I’m sure was supposed to be a Team K song, only Akimoto couldn’t find a place for it in K4 and thus it ended up in Team A XD AKB Sanjou is the remake of the old “AKB48” song, but this time it ROCKS HARD BABY!!! Seriously. After that there’s another cool song in Namida no Shinkokyuu and then it all ends with Oogoe Diamond. Which was very much needed.  

Phew. You get brownie points if you read through all of that XD

WINNER: K4 – Saishuu Bell ga Naru While B3 really put up a great fight, I’m under the impression tha K4 flows better somehow, maybe it’s because it makes great use of the cardinal qualities of Team K, which are Power and High Energy. While Hatsukoi Doroubou is admitedly dull, there’s no Boku no Sakura here to bore me to sleep, and the first block of songs doesn’t sound as generic as Team B’s does (excluding Shonichi, of course). So yeah, there you have it.


Other stuff that happened in 2008, worth mentioning:

1. The graduations. There have been graduated members every year since AKB formed, but this year was just insane. Not only did 5 Team A members decide to call it quits at the same time, but 3 Team B members went or are about to go Bye Bye. And that’s just scary. AKB needs to change in order to become what it needs to become, this is a sad fact, but one that we must accept.

2. TV shows: AKB 0ji59fun, AKBINGO, Nemousu TV… AKB did great in TV this year, which is a great thing because as long as they can keep their show entertaining, they can retain their fanbase and even expand it gaining new fans and more recognition. Awesomeness.

3. The rise of the Kenkyuusei: When the original “SEEDS” were introduced, we thought that we could brush it off like the Eggs. But that proved to be a mistake. They weren’t going to be there just as lumps, they had a place and a function and they were/are damn talented too. I’m sorry I second guessed them back then, because some of my favorite members right now were Kenkyuusei or are right now.

4. LODs and how they completely changed overseas fans perspective of AKB: Sure, we can’t buy them, and not all of us can use Share either, but hey, whenever kind people upload one for previewing in H!O that makes my day. It’s amazing to see the girls practically live, listening to whole stages in decent quality and seeing all the dances and costumes before the DVD of said stage is released. It takes us one step closer to the theater, and the only way in which it could be even better would be if they finally allowed us to pay for those, then we could watch all of them AND support the girls at the same time. Awesomeness.


That’s all I can come up with, I hope I didn’t bore you all out of your minds XD I have a new series in mind, and I’m also finally able to pick up again the Costumes Review series, so please stay tuned! Bye bye!

News News News!

Hi people, I bring you a short but important update in the AKB world.

Kenkyuusei (Research students) Suzuki Nae, Fujimoto Sara, Muranaka Satomi, Arima Yuka, Tomita Mayu and Hatayama Arisa failed to pass the audition to the new Team Kenkyuusei and are now out of AKB. The only advantage they have now is that if they  audition again, they will be on the final round automatically. 

Well, this is pretty bad, as I actually liked Hatayama and Arima a bit. I will not lie here (and it will probably get me pretty flamed EDIT: It already did! Thank you very much XD) but I was never a fan of Fujimoto Sara. So yeah, everyone in the AKB fandom is tearing their heart out because of her, but I don’t really care much. On the other hand, I thought that they would stick with her because she’s the youngest girl, and they love young girls for the group (like SKE’s Matsui Jurina, who is just 11 and they’ve been promoting her a lot!) but I guess I was wrong.

It’s kind of surprising, because Fujimoto was also a kind of regular replacement for many AKB songs. She got into unit songs, for example, and that’s a feat that Nakatsuka Tomomi, who passed this audition hasn’t done very often. yet she passed. This is a complete mystery I guess. 

I always thought that the H!P Eggs get the much shorter end of the stick with mostly backdancing at huge concerts, where their face isn’t even focused most of the time so they don’t even appear much on the actual DVD. Of course, this has been slightly changed now, as they have had their own concerts a few times. And some subunits thrown their way. But right now, I don’t know what to make out of Kenkyuuseis either… They seemed to have a much more promising future ahead of them, but this really changes things.

The former SEEDS now Kenkyuusei members are a completely different story from Eggs. They aren’t there primarily for backdancing, although they do that in some songs, but they exist as a backup. Since AKB48 performs everyday (or almost) at the Don Quijote theater, the most popular girls, who film dramas, are in movies, have photoshoots, appear on TV and so on, are bound to be absent sometimes because of their extra activities. This of course, makes AKB unique in a way, because girls are managed by different agencies, and if they get on a good one, they can go around promoting themselves, not necessarily on behalf of AKB.  But regardless, somebody is going to have to go and replace the missing girl in the theater performance either way. In Team K, there are no Kenkyuusei replacements for unit songs. The official members of the team go and shuffle themselves around in the different units, which is why we’re used now to see Sayaka in Gomen ne Jewel, and Naruse in OshiMeshi, to name just two.

But the other teams, which are also usually the ones with more absences at a time, can’t afford this. Team A, for instance, has only begun performing their A5 stage not too long ago, so chances are that the girls are still getting familiar with their own songs. Sure, some girls like Fujie Reina or Kitahara Rie replace the actual members (Acchan and Maimai) in their songs when they have to, and every member supposedly has a replacement this way. But with 15 members making it the smallest team right now, plus Takahashi, Minegishi and Kojima having been absent for the first month of the stage, they need to have extra backup. Also, in group songs the backup is kind of necessary. Sure, if only one girl is missing, and she doesn’t have many lines, she won’t get a replacement at all, but if it’s an important girl with tons of lines, they will usually call a Kenkyuusei to perform the parts of the actual member who is going to replace the missing girl, and then it’s solved. Or if 5 girls or more are missing at once, they’ll call on 5 kenkyuuseis for the group songs, and shuffle the units around with only a few of them getting a spot in the limelight, actually. 

Team B is in the middle, they shuffle units whenever possible, but they also have a big amount of Kenkyuusei performing units at times. I have no idea of why it’s largely different for K, but I’m glad because it’s interesting seeing your favorite girl take on a different song, and the way she performs it. (Not that Yuko’s ever been in anything different than Gome ne Jewel, that I’m aware of…)

Anyway, kenkyuuseis have to work extra hard, because they have to learn the whole pack of group songs of more than one team sometimes. I know for a fact that Fujimoto performed with A and K, so she must’ve known both the stages, and it must be hard. Also, some of them are very popular, but others go largely unnoticed, and sometimes don’t even get a chance to perform very often.

Now I don’t know which one is worst, Egg or Kenkyuusei, but of course, Kenkyuuseis have an advantage that Eggs rarely enjoy. They are actually candidates for being added to one of the teams, because AKB doesn’t hold auditions to enter into the team directly. It’s a nice method, because it ensures that the girls who join an already established team are already trained and have honed their skills before joining the others. It also helps them feel more comfortable when they are added. 

End of rant. But you know what? remember Kato Sumire from the MM 8th gen audition? Babyface Sumire? The super cute girl that most were rooting for? She’s a Kenkyuusei now!

I’m so happy! I was rooting for her to win back then! Just like I was rooting for Yukirin… So I’m super excited to see her making it to AKB! I’m sure that she’ll get added to a Team real soon, since she’s very cute. 

Now this gives H!P fans a basis to scorn AKB saying that it only picks up the leftovers from the H!P auditions, ignoring that there are over 100 girls in the 48project right now, and only 3 of them have been in MM auditions, counting Sumire. 

Also, I’m sorry to say it like this but Umeda Ayaka pwns Koharu sooooo hard talent wise. Umeda, who was also in the 7th gen audition, sings beautifully and is one of the best dancers of Team K. Koharu can’t do either.


Kashiwagi Yuki also owns Mitsui Aika. Yuki is one of the best singers I’ve heard in idol world, while Aika is pretty… inconsistent, for lack of a better word. Also, Yuki is prettier that Aika, and hey, I don’t hate Aika, but facts are facts!


And I’ll end it like this, because I don’t want anymore flaming that I’m already due because of my comments about Fujimoto and Koharu (who everyone seems to adore for reasons that actually bewilder me to no end).

Tadaima Renaichuu <3 Or something...

I’m back from my amazingly long hiatus of 7 days XD AKB loving and rabid fangirling as much as everything else! Well, I went to Japan and watched Team K in the front row center seat, which makes it an AMAZING experience. I also took a 2 shot with my favorite member, Yuko <3 So yeah, all in all, it was betetr than I ever dreamt it could be, and a big THANK YOU to Tatami and Hiroki for helping me out (although they probably don’t read this blog anyway LOL)

So, my first official post of the year will be about predictions for AKB in this year. I suck at predicting stuff, the only things I’ve ever gotten right were SweetS disbanding and Mikitty leaving Momusu ASAP when she got leader position LOL But I still want to try my hand at these…

1. AKB will keep their high selling single streak, but won’t become extremely popular in a mainstream way for a while.

2. They will be invited to Kouhaku again next year, and will beat MM and any other idol groups in single sales (you know, because they do expensive pictures and special handshakes and pictures so the wotas buy 10000 copies of a single XD I totally would too, if it got me to see Yuko in person again…)

3. Kohara Haruka will get promoted to Team A

4. Ishida Haruka will go to Team B

5. Kikuchi Ayaka will lead the so called kenkyuusei team for a while, and after regaining her relatively big fanbase, will be moving on to bigger stuff…

6. Team K graduations… I really don’t want this to happen as I love them all and they work amazingly well as a cohesive unit, but let’s face it, no line up of AKB has ever been so stable ever since 07, so I don’t think that they will be spared. I’m thinking maybe Hayano Kaoru might go, since she’s pretty smart and might want to focus in entering a great high school and doing some sort of brainier career for her life XD

7. Nonaka Misato will probably get added to Team K in case any member graduates. Sure, she’s not as cute as Takajo, she’s not as hot and she doesn’t have a busty sister who does gravure (as far as we know…) But she’s tall and powerful, so with a bit more training she would fit right in. I also love her deep voice, we need more of that in AKB.

8. There will be another Kikuchi-esque scandal, because, they’re idols so they’re bound to have one sooner or later anyway…

9. Tomochin will keep on looking down on Kenkyuuseis XD And being a super cute gyaru. She’s also going to get a PB and DVD.

10. Kasai Tomomi will also get a PB, and she will continue to be the girliest girl on the face of the Earth

11. Team K gets a new stage that amazingly enough is EVEN better than K4th. And you all know that that is possible since they are THAT awesome.

12. Team B’s 4th stage will also be filled with good quality songs. As usual, Mayu, Harugon and Nacchan will get tons of lines and kill my poor eardrums. And if Haachan doesn’t lead another unit I will personally go to Japan and smack Akimoto in the face. Also, solo lines for Tanamin and Mikipomu plz kthxbai.

13. At least one more member of Team B will call it quits. I ADORE Team B, seriously, and they are probably the most appealing unit as a whole, if only based on the charisma points. But it’s not such a great deal to be on that team, comparatively speaking. If you’re one of the popular girls, like Mayu, Harugon, Nacchan, Cindy or Yukirin, it’s just as good (or even better) than being in the other Teams. If you’re medium popularity, like Haachan, Yonechan, Gussan, Nakayan, it’s not good at all, considering all the fucking annoying Team B shafting in AKB. Of course, the shorter end of the stick goes to girls like Tanamin, Mikipomu and to some extent, Moeno, right now. They barely get any lines. Moeno is arguable since she’s only replacing Naruppe so far, and she’s new so she has a chance to become popular and get more lines. But Tanamin and Mikipomu hardly EVER get a measly line. It’s pathetic. They give their all and get absolutely nothing in return, which sucks, but that’s the idol world for you. Anyway,  they might actually consider quitting altogether because being an idol who doesn’t even get lines, gets stuck in the background every single time and never ever appears on the TV shows and promos for the group must be pretty annoying. I hope they don’t go, because Tanamin is one of my favorites, and I respect Saotome a lot. But we’ll see.

14. The previous point leads to another one, if AKB keeps shafting Team B for the sake of overexposing girls like Matsui Jurina, I’ll be a very pissed off wota. Team B is freaking awesome, and I’m sick of the poor girls getting stuck in the background, being back up dancers with no microphones, recycled stages, and all that crap. They work hard and deserve respect (although the front girls could definitely use some voice training…)

15. There will be 4 singles released, Junen Sakura will be a ballad with cherry blossoms a la Sakura no Hanabiratachi and they will overdo it 10000x at concerts. Next will be a spunky number like Romance, Irane, hopefully from the B4 setlist and with kashiwagi Yuki as a lead, because she deserves it dammit. Next will be a standard Idol song like Oogoe, and finally they’ll release a WTF song or a song with a WTF element on the PV (like Babyx3 and Acchan’s questionable behaviour in it LOL)

16. Acchan, Haruna and Yuko will keep doing dramas.

17. Not only that, but No Sleeves will actually live for long enough as to release more singles and even a CD.

18. Team Kenkyuusei will be largely overlooked by the foreign fanbase, except for Kikuchi fans.

19. Ohori Megumi will keep being a pervert in the most awesome way, and she’ll probably even have a solo in K5th. That, or a pervy trio which will definitely include either Maachan or Erena. (I’m thinking Maachan)

20. SKE48s Party ga Hajimaru yo rendition won’t  satisfy anyone. Except the Jurina fans. And seriously, that stage is so dead by now…

21. But, they’ll still have Team Kenkyuusei perform it XD. Oh, and speaking of Kenkyuusei, the ones of 6th gen and up who don’t get into any teams soon, will probably get tired of working their asses off and getting nothing in return and call it quits too.

22. The AKB project will expand majorly, until we all lose track of it and don’t give a damn about them anyway.

23. AKB will stop releasing their damn DVDs through AKS and star actually working their contract with King Records.

24. Maimai will be in every possible TV show in Japan, just as usual XD She’ll release another few PBs and DVDs

25. So will Mariko, Nozomi and Yukari, of course.

26. Yuko will still be the most amazing person ever. And she will get a kickass unit song like Confession for K5. With Sayaka.

27. Sayaka will keep being the amazing awesome incredible Sayaka we all drool over. And we’ll keep being dazzled by her gladly <3

28. I sense something coming for Nontii… but I can’t really put my finger on it (LOL I sound like Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter… XD) I hope it’s something awesome, of course.

29. AKB will finally release albums of the stages they haven’t released yet. They will also release the DVDs of K4 and B3 and I will buy them and cry tears of joy whenever I watch either of them.

30. They will have another nation wide tour, and it will be very succesful which will allow them to perform at slightly bigger venues.


Well, there you have my predictions. Some good, some bad, like everything in life. I did this mostly jokingly though, so I’ll be quite surprised if any of it actually becomes true, but yeah,  let’s wait and see, people!


Well, it feels kind of dumb to write it, seeing how I haven’t updated in quite a few days, but the thing is, I don’t feel like updating this blog right now. Yikes. I’m in Japan right now, which is great, and I’ve been able to experience lots of things AKB related, which makes me pretty happy, but it also somehow left me wondering a bit… I mean, what I had in my mind totally didn’t happen, but then a lot of things that I thought wouldn’t happen actually did.

I’m sorry if this makes no sense at all, and I’m also very sorry to let down the people who regularly come and visit this blog expecting updates. 

I hope that this is just a phase, you know… A very surreal feeling phase when I don’t really feel like saying anything about AKB, and I find the whole purpose of my fandom pretty pointless. 

I’m sure that from here on, I won’t stop being an AKB fan, of course, I’ll keep supporting them as much as I possibly can, the group, especially Team K, and especially my favorite member, Yuko. But right now, I need to clear my mind a bit before I think about something I want to really blog about regarding AKB. I’m sorry, again, I’m kind of upset about this outcome, because I definitely didn’t expect that of my trip. But yeah, I guess some things can’t be helped.

So, I hope that you all can try to understand a bit of this really bizarre explanation of mine, and I wish that I could put my reasons into more coherent words right now because the reason I have for keeping this blog, is of course, to expand the fandom and help AKB’s fanbase grow more because of this. 

I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. I hope that I’ll get out of this slump quickly, or that I’m able to figure this out as soon as possible, because I want to keep this blog as active as possible for as long as AKB exists, ideally.

So please, wish me luck, and keep checking back… Something tells me that I won’t be away for too long.

Thank you so much everyone for reading my blog frequently, I really really appreciate all of you, I check my tracker almost daily to see how many people have visited, and it makes me really happy whenever someone tells me “Oh, I found out about AKB through your blog, so I became a fan” That’s my greatest accomplishment with this blog, and its reason to be. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

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