The Stamen, The Pistil and the Evening Butterfly

I really like this song, you know. Being the pervert I am, it gives this song extra cool points in my book. But I should start from the beginning.

Meet Ohori Megumi, 25 year old idol and pervert girl extraordinaire


Meetan is known by non AKB fans because of her solo single release, which was pretty… racy and kind of controversial. She is also popular for her perverted character, and her constant kissing and hugging of all other AKB members.


Ever since she adopted this type of character, she became more popular, it was a great strategy for her, because it’s not common to see an idol behaving like this, which makes her very interesting. She’s one girl that you will NOT mistake from anyone else in any other group XD. And this song, Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou, was tailored just for her. She’s the perverted older girl, so why not give her a sexy duet with a loli and make sure that it becomes a hit. And I think it did.


And you see, she made it her song, her trademark. She’s been replaced by other girls whenever she’s absent at theater performances, with several degrees of success, but there’s no question, Meetan LOVES this song, and we love her in it! Her sultry voice, mischievous looks and moves make her the owner of the sexy title in AKB… But you know, there’s another half in this unit! Equally important, too. It was a key decision because they had to pick someone believable for the role of the infatuated younger girl, someone who would play along with Meetan.

And this is where the next girl comes in!

Meet Kasai Tomomi. I adore her. Seriously. She’s an anime character brought to life, girly to the max and with a very sweet voice. She also happens to be quite cheerful all the time, but since her eyes are kind of droopy she looks like a little emo whenever she isn’t smiling XD 


Her emotional looks are perfect for this kind of song, somehow. We’d already seen her as Yuko’s troubled secret lover in Kinjirareta Futari, where she almost broke all of our hearts with her sadness and her longing expressions, so, could she turn it up a notch and become the perfect partner for Meetan? The answer is rather obvious if you’ve ever seen a performance of OshiMeshi. She plays the weak, beautiful younger girl SO well! And she also adds a bit of spice to her part, making it even more interesting and very sexy in her own way.


Her super girly personality makes her naturally flirtatious, and her emotional look makes her look completely in love with Meetan XD It works perfectly! Which is what makes this combination so hard to beat whenever it comes to shuffling it around a bit. And let’s be honest here, some units aren’t meant to be shuffled. Like Blue Rose, for example. It doesn’t mean that the shuffles of that unit have been bad or that the girls couldn’t handle it or anything like that, it’s just… it doesn’t feel the same. It’s just not good enough. Interesting, of course, and sexy and stuff, but just… not quite there.

Here’s a performance of OshiMeshi with the original line up


The point of this post is just stating my love for this very pervy but awesome song, and also, treat all my visitors with a little preview of what they will find in the newest AKB DVD, which was released today. It’s a shuffle concert, and it features OshiMeshi performed by the 2 most popular girls of Team A and possibly of the whole AKB. Maeda Atsuko aka. Acchan as Kasai Tomomi and Kojima Haruna aka. Harunyan as Ohori Megumi. I think that this version is cute, and Acchan plays her part perfectly, but Haruna is just way too cute to pull off a predator role perfectly. It’s still quite charming and amusing though, so don’t miss it! XD

More OshiMeshi XD team A version…

Stupid wordpress won’t let me embed the videos for some reason, so you’ll have to click around, sorry 🙁

Ok, finally, Happy 3rd Birthday to Team K!!! My favorite AKB team!! I have a very special post prepared to commemorate, but I just thought I’d say it here as well 😀



I apologize for the lack of updates, my real life has been hell, but hopefully I can get back on track now.

This will be a rather short post, I just wanted to share with all of you the recent changes in AKB’s line up and post a little tribute to my 2nd favorite member, Oshima Mai, who is graduating in March, so, in no particular order, here we go

1 .Takajo Aki gets promoted to Team A in record time:


Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? I love Aki, she won me over with her cuteness and awkwardness, which in turn led to her winning many more hearts and getting promoted to Team A! She set a record for being the fastest promoted Kenkyuusei ever, and she’s  being pushed to the front a lot, so I think that they have her set to become the next front girl of Team A. I’ll be supporting her, because I really like her for some reason. She’s very cute, without overdoing it and has a good voice.

2. Kawasaki Nozomi to graduate next week



This is Kawasaki Nozomi, aka. Nozofisu, in case you didn’t know. She was one of my favorite Team A members, and now she’s graduating too… More original girls leaving and leaving… Nozomi is quite prominent as a model lately, which is great for her, and also, she’s designing her own clothes and stuff, so it’s good to see that she’s going to move on to better things, but I’ll still miss her like crazy, because I adored her. Dammit, sucks to be me…

3. Oshima Mai to graduate in March



If you’ve read this blog semi regularly, you must know that Mai has always been my 2nd favorite AKB member. I love her so much that I named my kitten after her XD The things I loved the most about Mai are her bubbly personality, her great dancing skills and her beautiful voice, which was very distinct and pleasing to listen to. I will miss Mai’s voice the most. Sure, AKBINGO won’t be as fun when she’s gone, because her playful nature and outspoken personality made her super entertaining to watch, but at least we won’t stop seeing her fun personality on TV!



Maimai is probably the most popular AKB girl for non-AKB fans, she’s constantly appearing in various TV shows, and she’s also a model. She doesn’t do only gravure, but it seems to be what she does most frequently XD Maimai is a very beautiful girl, but I’m a straight girl, so I don’t really care much for that line of work of hers 😛 Her DVD did have some very cute and entertaining moments! I should review it one of these days…



 I’ll miss Maimai’s voice very much, she was capable of making me feel better only by listening to her lines in Himawari. She was definitely my favorite singer in AKB. And she probably won’t ever sing again, since she will now be focused in her modelling and TV career. I WILL MISS YOU MAIMAI! Rock on in Hexagon! or something…

4. Matsuoka Yuki graduated in B3 senshuuraku (last show)


Matsuyuki was one of my favorites from Team B, especially because she was a fierce performer with a beautiful voice and because she loved her foreign fans and spoke english fairly well. She was the least popular girl in Team B, though, for some reason japanese fans weren’t particularly crazy about her, which might’ve been why she decided to call it quits. Sad thing, since she wasn’t signed to an agency or anything like that AFAIK, but I’m glad that she’s at least keeping a blog…

5. Noguchi Reina graduated on B3 senshuuraku



Well, I never really caught the “Gussan virus” and I wasn’t her biggest fan, mostly because I could never see what her fans said about her, that she was lots of fun, and made funny silly comments because she was the biggest airhead ever. All I ever saw of her was… well, her performances, which were pretty normal, and her MCs, which didn’t really catch my eye. I was pretty shocked when she announced her sudden graduation, because she was failry popular among japanese fans, and her fanbase was ever growing. She also started a blog after she graduated, but probably became scared of all the crazy wotas commenting there so she deleted it XD Funny, that. We’ll probably never hear from her again…

6. Saotome Miki “demoted herself” to Kenkyuusei status


Ok, now we’re entering bizarre territory. Saotome Miki aka. Mikipomu, allegedly demoted herself to Kenkyuusei status (she was a Team B member) because she felt like she wasn’t giving her best or something like that, I can’t even remember the official lie XD. I don’t doubt that a girl can choose on her own to leave a team, you know, graduations work this way in AKB, but for a girl to decide to leave the team but stay as an understudent just seems unlikely to me. Also, Miki wasn’t a bad performer at all, but she was kind of unpopular, I never really understood why. It could be that Miki hated Team B and wanted out to be in a different place, but it doesn’t seem likely either, because she was friends with B members, or at least seemed to get along with them just fine. My theory is that the management decided to demote her, because she was the least popular girl in team B after Matsuyuki graduated, and they wanted her out to have a popular kenkyuusei fill in for her, but they must’ve felt bad to just throw her out and decided to leave her as a Kenkyuusei. We’ll never know the truth, of course, but I hope that Miki ends up in Team K, because she’s awesome like that.

7. Kohara Haruka gets promoted to Team B



Kohara Haruka, popular Kenkyuusei member and ex-cafe girl, was recently promoted to Team B. This was kind of weird because she always performed with Team A and she also said once that she wanted to join Team A. I feel bad for her about this, but hey, Team B is pretty awesome! Actually, way better than Team A at the moment 😛 Kohara ooks a bit out of place among the hyper lolis of Team B at times, but I think that whenever she adapts she’ll be a great addition! She has an amazingly Moe– voice, and looks a bit like Momo from Berryz Koubou. To be honest, I don’t think that she fits all that well in her B4 unit “Tengoku Yarou” but I would’ve loved to see her in “Kataomoi no Taikakusen” Oh well, she looks pretty fine in all of the sexy police officer cosplays anyway, so I’ll shut up.

8. Nakatsuka Tomomi promoted to Team B


Nakatsuka Tomomi was one of the Kenkyuusei I knew the least about. I only saw her performing Manatsu no Christmas Rose once in A5, and it didn’t really impress me, but she was endearingly dorky anyway. And then she got added to B, and I didn’t know what to think. But now I know! She’s amazing! Only not photogenic at all, she looks SO much better in motion XD Great singing, great energy and she’s pretty serious about her job. I’m really liking her more everytime

9. Saeki Mika will be on leave for the next 6 months due to a bad knee injury


There’s something fascinating about Saeki Mika IMO, but I can’t quite tell what it is. She’s very serious all the time, but she still manages to blend in perfectly with her hyper teammates. Also, I love how she never gives up, because she’s been injured for quite a long time, but always gave her all on stage. This might be the reason why her knee never fully recovered and she was probably told “Ok, stop fooling around and dancing, you need to stay put in order t get better, so no more Team B for you in the next 6 months” I wish her a happy and speedy recovery so that I can keep cheering for her when she returns 😀 Mikachii love FTW!!!


Ok, so looking at things being how they are, here’s a quick summary of my opinions:

Sadly, I don’t care about Team A at all anymore. I’ll keep supporting them, of course, because they still have one of my favorite members in there (Yukarin, who will probably announce her graduation next week XD) and some of the most talented Kenkyuuseis in Aki, Kitarie and Myao. But I just… my favorites have either graduated or will graduate very soon, and the truth is that A5 is a bland stage, and the amount of new girls in Team A is slowly changing the feel of the overall group and making it a less solid unit. It’s not the Kenkyuuseis fault, of course, they work super hard and manage to pull off some really polished performances, but Team A needs to fill the holes quick so that instead of rotating all of the Kenkyuuseis we can finally know who’s going to be on the team and they can start working more cohesively.

Team B has changed a LOT too, but still retains the same atmosphere. Maybe it’s because most of the original girls are there still, maybe it’s because of CinDy’s awesome leader work that keeps them together, but I think that the key reason is that the members who are gone are quickly replaced, which allows the fans to have an idea of what the team will be like or something. Unlike Team A which is a huge question mark in that aspect. I like Team B more and more everyday. They are hard workers and have a great balance of cute and energetic in their team, which works great for them!

With this in mind, don’t expect me to fangirl about Team A anymore in a while. If some of my favorite Kenkyuuseis get added and Aki, Myao and Kitarie keep being prominent in the team, I will still like them but just… not as much

Why so sad? Pt. 1

Hi people! Ok, so I want to make a quick update, and it’s somewhat silly, but I’m feeling really down right now, and having a bad time in my personal life, so I thought I’d share the AKB songs I listen to whenever I’m sad. They aren’t GUARANTEED to make you happier, but hell, they sure make me feel a lot better! You know the deal, click on the song’s title to watch a performance of said song.

All lyrics are taken from STUDIO48. Translations/romanizations belong to their rightful authors.

Himawarigumi 1st – Himawari: “Despite things like sadness, loneliness and being depressed , you as your own self, look up to the sky”

This might be the quintessential cheer up song. The music is upbeat and mellow, without being too bland, and the singers are some of the best in the whole AKB, featuring Akimoto Sayaka, Oshima Mai, Noro Kayo and Shinoda Mariko. This gives the song a nice balance, because their powerful vocies (and Mai’s XD) are a good contrast to the music. Still, I adore it, it works just perfectly and manages to put a smile on my face everytime!

B 3 – Wasshoi B!: “With love, respect and bravery, I’m succeeding!”

Wasshoi B! is a slightly different song in a way, because it’s not really about depression and how to overcome it, it’s more of a VERY happy song. Which makes you happy too. Ok, I’m not making a whole lot of sense, but please click on the link, this song is just infectious. And ultra hyper. You’ll be jumping around in no time, and everyone knows that when you’re jumping around, you can’t be sad 😛

A5 – AKB Sanjou!: “Since when did you stop running and went on walking?”

Keeping on with the trend of “Wasshoi B!” AKB Sanjou is the newest theme song of AKB48. But this one does have some lyrics about getting up from your lazy ass and doing whatever it is you want to do, along with the “AKB rocks!” choruses XD This one  is absolutely worth watching for the heavy rock background music and the dance with flashlights. Awesome.

K3 – Hana to Chire!: “Even though this body is ruined, the shape of a heart seems to remain in the ashes”

You didn’t actually expect me to leave my favorite Team out of this one, did you? Truth be told, all of K4 can pump me up and get me ready to fight! Or so to speak… However, most of K4’s songs are very difficult to find on Youtube so I can’t link you to their performances 🙁 Anyhow, Hana to Chire! is an AMAZING song. It’s about dying gloriously, you see, so what can be cooler than that?

K2 – Korogaru Ishi ni Nare: “Move with your own mind. Burn hotly until the fire expires”

My favorite AKB song of them all. This song makes me sing out loud and pump my fists in the air whenever it appears on my playlist. This song is amazing because it’s about being brave and standing up no matter what. And yes, I do take idol music seriously 😛


Ok, that’s all for now, I’ll probably keep this series up until I’ve managed to cheer myself up somehow XD So please send me any suggestions you have. This is only the part 1 of “cheer up” songs, and I promise to feature more pop-py and idol-y tracks next time, so look forward to that!

Bye bye!

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