The Shibuya AX Request Hour Set List Best 100 Review! pt. 4

Disc 4:


Watch out. Top 25 songs! Woot! Some really great songs in here, and also, look forward to Team B’s absolute pwnage of this concert 😀


Reinyan, Takamina and Yonechan are the first commenters. Odd combination, but still fun!



Sougen no Kiseki: Sayaka solo lines are gorgeous! (I’m running out of adjectives in this review XD) I’m so happy to see this song getting some love, though. I insist, K3 is all kinds of awesome, and underrated as hell too. Kana’s super bright KK hat was hilarious 😀


Kuroi Tenshi: Funny, this song is as gimmicky as anything Acchan has ever been in, but I LOVE her in this. Somehow, her voice fits the music and the theme. And Reina is pure love, I mean, WOW. Akicha is cute too <3 Great song.



Wasshoi B!: I’ve rambled enough about this song. It’s pure and epic idol fun.


Nakinagara Hohoende: Yuko Solo. Isn’t that enough to give you an idea of how awesome this song is? Only ballad I love with all my heart and listen to regularly. I wonder how will this sound with her new voice? Probably less husky? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out… I’m voting for this one like crazy again next year 😀 Imagine if Yuko could be No. 1… That would be so cool! (and Team A fans would gouge all of Yuko’s fans eyes out in anger)



Yume wo Shinaseru wake ni Ikanai: WTF? Unexpected as hell!!! This song is very cool, I wish this would’ve been a single instead of Romance, Irane, but if this had gotten such a crappy PV I would’ve gotten even madder, so it was probably for the best. It ended out being a B-side, which isn’t bad at all!



Only Today: Nooo… Hana graduation concert dresses… This song is a favorite for most Team A fans. I like it alright, but I insist, I like Tadaima a WHOLE lot more… To each her own, I guess 😛



BINGO!: I used to love this song a lot more than I do right now XD Maybe it’s because it’s 1am and I should be sleeping, or maybe BINGO is getting old :O It’s still a great idol song, though. There’s something very powerful about seeing that stage crowded with AKB members…



Tenshi no Shippo: Nakayan in Top 20!!! Take that all of you haters!!! 😛 I’m so happy to see her in this position! This is the cutest song that has ever existed in AKB, and yet I love every single note of it. And also, the frilly costumes with cat tails are adorable to no end!


Renai Kinshi Jourei: This made it pretty high on the list! Wow! And people weren’t even sure of who the members of this unit were back when they voted, so they took a leap of faith XD Imagine if takamina and Miichan had ended up in Manatsu no Christmas rose 😀 lololol


Sasae: This song has a special meaning behind it, and it’s all about how aweosme Team K is, which is why it has a special place in my heart, but even I won’t deny that it can get pretty boring… But this isn’t the case, happily. The girls are very cute, and interact with each other during the song, also appearing to be very touched and it’s heartwarming to watch (if you’re a Team K fan, I guess)



Gomen ne Jewel: It totally deserves its position, what a great song. Yuko is so good at looking cute and emotional at the same time! 



 Faint: GAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *orgaosms* That’s all I’m saying about this song.



Junai no Crescendo: Another great song, Miichan looks particularly beautiful here, doesn’t she? It’s nice to see the ogi trio doing this great song again, I insist, A4 was such a great stage!


Kioku no Dilemma: Maimai! Musically speaking, this is probably one of the best AKB songs. It’s very soothing, and all the girls in this unit help enhance that feeling. Also Yuka + Maimai = Love. I love this costumes BTW, they are so flowy and femenine… i love the fact that Nontii doesn’t have that awful hairstyle she had in the DVD, too. That was hideous.


Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no chouchou: Team K is so win for having songs like this… Meetan and Tomomi play their parts like no other girl can in AKB, and they both look stunning in this concert. Wait… did Meetan kiss her for real???? O_O


Sakura no Hanabiratachi: I would’ve loved if they had invited the 5 A girls who graduated so that they would’ve been a part in this… It’s very nostalgic to see them in that dress, remembering how they looked and acted back when A1 started and how different they are now…. Our girls have grown up!



Junjou Shugi: Excuse me while I go and yell my lungs out for Haachan!!! I voted for this song too! and I was really happy to see it in this position! Everyone who watches this should agree with me, the girl in red is amazing!!! And so are Matsuyuki and Moeno, of course 😀 I’m just super happy about this song being in the top 10!



Ashita wa Ashita no kimi ga umareru: RIIIIIIINAAAAAAAAAAAA! Wow. I really really miss her voice D: She sings like an angel, and looks like one too… I miss you RIna, please sing again!!! Also, Sayaka and Sae look stunning! Chocolove should continue even if Rina isn’t part of AKB anymore!



MARIA: Nothing can beat the epic gothic lolita-ness of this song! Yuka is SUCH a great singer! And I’m always happy to see Umechan in this without changing hairstyles and editor bloopers as in K3 😀 Tomomiiiiii- I love you girl! She’s all kinds of awesome!


Pajama Drive: I’m amused by Nacchan backdancing and doing nothing in Nagisa no Cherry and Nage kiss and then STORMING out in number 6. to pwn all. Go NACCHAN! I love this song, it’s what made me like Mayuyu, because I thought she was just cute and loli but nothing else before, but when I saw that she can really fire up for a performance, I loved her.



Saishuu Bell ga Naru: The title track of K4, it’s so full of energy and coolness! Team K really knows how to raise the bar! This performance is great, there’s cuteness, jumpiness, and fierceness! Amazing.


Bird: If you haven’t heard this song yet, you should go and do that right now. It’s amazing. I know that this song is number 4 because of Takamina, but the reason why I love it so much is Maimai. This song made me fall in love with her, and her lines are my favorite part of the whole thing. So I’m super happy to see that it’s a full version!


Temodemo no Namida: Mikachiii!! I’m so happy to see her back on stage! The cheers were also amazing, and se looked surprised, how adorable! This is a really moving performance, Mikachii is injured, so she can’t walk much, she has a chair, and Yukirin dances really close to the chair when they do the dance. I cried watching this, it’s too much…



Oogoe Diamond: Kana back there in the Kurukurupaa costume is amazing 😀 The girls in the back are dancing too, but it doesn’t really look like they’re part of the song, only the senbatsu do. Boo. They should’ve performed this as a whole whooping 48 girls group. Screw senbatsu, Yuko and Sayaka don’t have many lines anyway 😛


Shonichi: TAKE THAT AKIMOTO! Ok, I don’t know if I should be mad at Akimoto or someone else. But Team B always gets shafted in singles and stuff like that, and it’s so unfair. So it serves them right, to see that fans love this girls, and they  got them to number one. The girls are all really excited, and crying. Takamina is crying in the background, how cute! Only a few girls are singing along in the background though, that’s funny. They all must be like “Hmm… I wonder why the fans of my team didn’t think of making us No. 1 too…” LOL.



Hikoukigumo: This was the encore song for the last day, there was an encore song for everyday, but this was the only one that wasn’t hidden on the DVD. B fans are mad, they think that the DVD should’ve ended with Shonichi, but I honestly think that regardless of how cool it is to have a Team beat the others, I’d like to see AKB48 dancing as a whole to close to whole thing. Hikoukigumo is already being overdone IMO, but well, whatever… Oh wait, this is only Team A singing? Fuck this. The background is 100000 times more interesting XD Yuko stole Kana’s onion and ran off XD And Nontii, Umechan and another Team K member doing funny dances and Sayaka jumping around… Ahhh… Team K is so much fun! 😀


And finally, the last commenters for this DVD: Yuko (<3) Acchan and Yukirin 😀 They were great at it!!! 















The Shibuya AX Request Hour Set List Best 100 Review! pt. 3

Disc 3:


SHAMUNEKO FTW!!! Best song ever. Anyway, Disc 3 is amazing, as we approach the top 25 we get to watch some of the greatest AKB songs!!


Haruna, Myao and Mariko make up the next team of reviewers. It’s quite funny to see them interacting with each other, because the dynamics are different from the usual, with Haruna being an original member, Mariko a kind of original member and Myao the new star.



Blue Rose: Blue rose is cooooool… How can you not love this song? It’s simply a classic! No skimpy surprise to us from Meetan, but still, amazing performance by the original line-up, no less.



Tadaima Renaichuu:  Ahh the memories… I SO love this costumes, I’m glad they’re back, if only for a bit… Kohara would’ve fitted so well in A, I’m still surprised that she’s in B, but I like B more than A so, that’s fine too XD I love Miichan’s hair, BTW, it looks totally gorgeous. And Kitarie, please stop being so beautiful, you distract me kthxbai.



SKE48: Oh come on. Fixed song ranking is fixed. Anyhow, I’m amused by the fact that I’m just like AKB haters when it comes to SKE48 “There are too many girls, and I can’t tell them apart from each other, except for like 4 of them” XD But I hope that that changes when S1 is released as a DVD… Wait. Full version too? WTF? Stop it already…



Aozora no Soba ni ite: This reminds me of Hana’s graduation, so excuse me while I go cry a bit T_T Er, wait, what’s up with the fugly boots? Seriously.



Tonari no Banana: I love Tomomi-chan, and I’ve recently rediscovered my love for Erena as well. This song is cuteness overload all over the place! 



Kimi wa Pegasus: This song is pure and raw pwnage. Although Sae’s collar was all over the place when the song started XD. Sayaka is the best prince ever <3 *drool*


Bye Bye Bye: The Ogi trio is always a fan pleaser. I like this song, though. It’s all happy sounding but it’s about dumping someone XD I love when AKB does that…



Shiroi Shirts: Cute, happy and random song. I liked the letters in the back of their shirts, although I don’t know what the hell they said



Confession: Yuko + Sayaka in a sexy rock unit already should make this song top 1. It’s very good eyecandy too!


Yuuhi wo miteiru ka?: Not my favorite single, and the fact that I have like 42678 versions of this song in my ipod doesn’t help much either… But I guess it’s sort of cute? Or something? Yuko looks cute in green <3



Amai Kokansetsu: Go Meetan! Making it to 40 is pretty freaking amazing, I’m so proud of her! And she’s supper happy to be there performing too, how nice! WTH was I thinking about when I got THAT screencap O_O



Himawari: I love you so much Mocchi, but Maimai is this song for me. Bleh. I hate how she’s never around, I’ve been thinking that she might appear more next year, as a graduated member, than when she was part of Team A.


7ji12fun no Hatsukoi: Ohyay! I love her so much! I missed her voice and her smile so much… Gosh this concert is wrecking me completely…



Ai ni Ikou: This song makes me happy! 😀 The rap part is so freaking random though, I love it too! I’m proud of being a fan of Team K, they are so awesome and have this amazing feeling about their team and it really shows!


Heart gata virus: Oh crap. Kitarie is my favorite Team A member now that Mai is gone, but, that means that I like Mai more than Rie… I was really looking forward to this (and I even VOTED for this song) to watch Mai perform it, but yeah, enough of my whining! Kitarie is so freaking cute! And also, Nozofisu!!!



Nagisa no Cherry: Acchan cracked me up in last year’s AX commentary, when she confessed that she didn’t know the steps to this song anymore XD I hope that she practiced more this time, she looks like she’s not so nervous. Well, she looked happier last year too, but Acchan is Acchan. I think hat she really enjoys what she does and works really hard but has a hard time expressing that…


Baby! Baby! Baby! I almost never listen to this song, I think, but I like it. It sounds a bit dated and the lyrics are stupid, but retro is part of AKB’s flavor anyway, and if I wanted meaningful lyrics I wouldn’t be listeining to idols XD Anyhow, good times when Sayaka was senbatsu and everything was alright with the world… BTW, Mariko earns a golden star for not missing any day of the concert despite being one of the busiest AKB girls. Thanks, Maririn!


Kagami no Naka no Jean darc: I can never get this title right. Well, you know, the crazy french chick who went and fought in a battle or something. This song is so much win, the only thing I’d change about it would be solo lines for Tanamin and MIkipomu 🙁 And speaking of which, here you can see that Miki was an excellent performer, so all that “I’m not up to par with my team mates” crap was just BS. And now I’m mad again… Mikipomu D:



Korogaru Ishi ni Nare: 32? WTH I’m so voting this song as much as I possibly can next year. Because it’s TEAM K, BIOTCHES!!!! KICKASS KRAZY KOMPOSITION here. I’m lame I know, but this song isn’t 😀 At all.



Nagekiss de Uchiotose: Kayano is back!!! She’s absolutely adorable! I can’t get over the fact that she graduated, even though it happened a million years ago… I’m also very happy that they brought her back for a cute song and not for Itoshisa no Defense, because I was quite disturbed seeing her in such a grown up song…


Kaiyuugyo no Capacity: Favorite K4 song FTW. I love this, it sounds like something straight out of a Wink album. My favorite part are the lyrics, but the choreography is also very nice. And so are the costumes. Team K wins at life.



Namida no Shounan: My heart broke last year when Maimai didn’t sing this, it’s prbably my favorite of her units. But now she’s back!!! 😀 And Chiichan getting Ayumi’s lines was totally unexpected… Maimai! It might be my bias, but I think her mic was louder than Yukari or Chiichan’s because I only heard her during the chorus… Werd.



Tsundere!: They always end up looking like clowns in screencaps XD Still, this song is amazing. I always end up dancing along regardless of the place or what I’m doing at the moment I hear the song, HI RIE!!!!


Kinjirareta Futari: Ahhh! Kinjifuta! yuko and Tomo are 2 of my all time favorites, and this song is just epic, as far as idol songs go. It’s nice to see the original 2 again, after so many shuffle concerts XD I love the camera work in this one. You can tell that they’ve both become better actresses by now too, which makes the performance even better!


SHAMU NEKO: Loads of fun, with a little bit of cuteness and diva attitude thrown in the mix. Amazing song.


Kickass trio for the second comment part!!! Nacchi, Sayaka and Sae!! Funny how Sayaka totally grabbed the second cushion in a different way than all the other girls XD











The Shibuya AX 2009 Set List Best 100 Review! pt. 2

Disc 2:


Sae hotness <3 Anyway, last year, I thought that Disc 2 was my least favorite of all XD But this year, it’s a great selection, with quite a bunch of old nostalgic AKB songs 😀


The first commenters are Akicha, Tomomi-chan and Nontii. Quite an unexpected but fun combo! I love Aki’s socks BTW.



Anata to Christmas Eve: Ahhh! This is a real fan favorite, isn’t it? For the nostalgic value, I guess. I love to see Ayu-nee back on stage! She was one of my favorites <3


Mammoth: Whoa. I’ve always loved this, it sounds kind of “mean” in a way XD Although it does lose a bit of its effect in a huge stage… Yuko’s hair is back to being lovely 😀 And they are singing live… O_O Go K!!!



Aitakatta: Cute to see them again with that old dress, I like the fact that Team B has its own stage now, so we can see the girls of A and K performing their old songs <3 I find it strange that this song didn’t make it higher on the list, but at the same time, I’m glad we get the stage version! And Lovely Kitarie is lovely <3



Mori e Ikou: This here is one of the best songs AKB has come up with, musically speaking. It’s lovely and haunting and a blatant Queen ripoff all in one XD I also voted for this one so YAY! I feel like I was an important part of the selection of this songs (ofc I know I wasn’t :D)



Shinkirou: Myao <3 I’m sure that she’s going to be the next Acchan, and I love her and respect her a whole deal for it. Shame that Haruna wasn’t present, but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense having her there without Rina, and of course, I’m never mad about having Chiichan in anything at all <3 They’re singing live too, I’m impressed, that’s so rare for AKB concerts…



Futari Nori no Jitensha: I have a soft spot for this song, I love the verses, even though the chorus is dumb. Funny how Team B girls know the other team’s choreographies, but the A/K girls just clap along or fail miserably at trying to copy their dance steps back in the bleachers XD Mikipomu D:



Aisareru to Iu Koto: YESSSS! This one is my favorite AKB ballad ever, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s sung only by Team K members! I hope that this one manages to appear in all of the future AXs because it’s a crime that it never got a proper PV and it wasn’t part of a Stage either…



Dear My Teacher: Old school version again. I like the full AKB versions of DMT (because Mai and Yuko share lines) but since Mai isn’t even in the concert it doesn’t matter anymore XD Nice chance to see the original girls back where they started



Boku no Sakura: God, I don’t like this kind of ULTRA slow ballads at all. I haven’t listened to this full song ever, I always skip it, it’s so… boring. And I totally didn’t recognize the beginning of the song, I was like “WTH is that? SKE?” XD I FAIL at AKB fandom…


Hatsukoi Dorobou: The K4 song EVERYBODY loved to hate. I thought it was cute, when Erena wasn’t bored as hell and if the costumes had been a bit prettier XD But I still think that it has its own charm, and Kaorin is simply adorable here!



Hajimete no jelly Beans: This song is a gimmick, like most things Acchan is part of, but I love it, it’s so much fun to jump around and sing in a high pitched voice! Also, YAY! Original cast <3



Kikyou: Takamina was adorable in that big overall and hat! She kind of looks like a toddler though 😀 And I’ve always loved Yukari in this song SO much. She’s always super happy even though she didn’t even get a solo line, and only got to sing like 3 words in the whole thing… I <3 you Yukarin!



GLASS no I LOVE YOU: Well, here’s the thing, this is a good song, cute and fun and stuff, but it has been overplayed to the MAX. I wish they stopped singing it at every concert D: At this rate every girl will have appeared in at least one version of this. Oh! Risa is back! How sad that she was shafted all the time, but she got the last laugh with her super racy gravure photobook and whatnot.



Idol Nante Yobanaide: I’m surprised that with this all star cast and all, this didn’t make it to a higher position. It’s always nice to see, if not much else.


Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster: The fact that this didn’t make it to the top 50 almost infuriates me! This is my favorite AKB song, ever (well, sometimes it is :P) It’s soooo good that it hurts. Also Yuko OMGOMGOMG. I’m speechless. And Yukirin… This unit just got EVEN better! 😀 Yuko and Yukirin in the same song! They sound amazing…



16nin Shimai no Uta: This song reminds me of why I LOVE Team K so much and they’ll always be my favorite Team! 😀 They managed to make this fun song even better by having the actual members appear instead of cardboard panels. Meetan, Yuko, Sayaka and Kasai are win here, and of course, so are the 3 singers! Lovely Natsumi, funny Nacchi and klutzy Kana. TEAM K FTW!!! 


Namida Uri no Shoujo: This costumes are genius, so I’m glad to see them on stage again 😀 I really like this emo WTF song, even if it has the most screwed up lyrics ever. I wish Maimai was present though, but yeah, I’ll take what I can get 😀 I’m surprised that Amina got a big role instead of Myao though.



Melos no michi: Team K power FTW! I love this, especially the dance off. I’m sure that no other Team could pull it off as well as K does 😀 Rock on, girls!



Koi no Chewing: I like this song, it sounds very old school, but I was NOT expecting it to see it this high, or even in the top 100 at all.  Oh Lovetan, how I love you so you damn cute kid! <3 Those dresses are stupid though 😛 But I enjoyed this performance a lot!



Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta: Again, I liked filler songs a lot more when they were a bit more upbeat than the ballads of A5/B4/K5. However, this song isn’t a favorite of mine or anything, I liked it back in A4 because Hana had tons of screentime, but with no Hana, it doesn’t interest me as much. BTW, why the hell is Haruna just sitting there in the background instead of actually doing something?



Erai Hito ni naritakunai: The only glimpse of old school fun loving and bouncy Team K we got in K4 was this hyper pop-rock number. It’s really an infectious song, when I watched it performed live I wanted to pump my fists in the air and scream my lungs out 😀



Two Years Later: Great song. Team B means serious business in this concert, you can tell that they’re all doing their best up in that stage. Haachan fierceness all over the place too! She’s awesome, I’m telling you.


Dareka no Tame ni: Uhm… Don’t kill me now, but even though I think that this is a great song and it gets stuck in my head forever, I’m not exactly its biggest fan. It’s still nice to see them back in the old white dresses and doing old school stuff


 RUN RUN RUN: I love the high energy feeling of this performance, it’s great to see Himawarigumi together again, it was a great idea, especially with H1, H2 was kind of all over the place XD


The other commenters were 3 of y top favorite AKb members! New generation FTW! Kitarie, Mochi and Sasshi. They are quite talkative and funny, so it’s a nice combination.


















The Shibuya AX 2009 Set List Best 100 Review!

This will be very long XD But I hope it can encourage people to buy the DVDs, they are expensive, but actually a good deal when you think that it’s 5 DVDs with double audio track and like 105 performances or so. Also, the making of is super long and entertaining, so it’s a very nice bonus!


And so, let’s start with the first Disc, which includes the lower rated songs… I liked this disc a lot! Because of AKB’s huge musical catalogue, choosing only 100 songs means that they are all great! 


As with last years DVD, we get 3 girls talking about the songs, and you can actually hear her comments during the performances if you want to! The first 3 are Erepyon, Tomochin and Mayuyu. I found this kind of weird because Mayu is Team B’s most famous member, so I thought that she’d be getting to comment on the highest rated songs. Still, cute trio.



Tomo yo: I <3 this song so much. And Yuko’s bass > ALL. Tomomi looks stunning here, and it’s nice to see Ayana and Yuu back in the team! I want to vote for this song next year too, I love the concept of it, and seeing the girls just being there all happy playing their instruments makes me happy. And yes, they do play the instruments, you can see that in the making of.



Mr. Kissman: A4 was SO great. Amazing group songs for sure. Anyway, it was kind of strange to see the new girls take over the other’s lines, but it gave the song a refreshing feeling XD Maimai looks so bored in this performance, though. I wonder why…


Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume o Miru: This song is really kickass, and I only started liking it after watching Team B’s DVD. The school uniforms take half of the fierceness away though… I’m glad to see Team B doing their own stuff in this AX.




Nounai Paradise: This isn’t a great song, but the girls make it superb. The choreography is so much fun, and everybody is jumpy and happy! I love this kind of Team K just as much as I love them when they’re being all kickass and EPIC.



Takeuchi Senpai: Oh GOD I love this song so much! It’s so… corny in a way, but cute and old school. It was adorable seeing the girls in the background doing the choreography too, I love this about this concert, it’s very spontaneous.



Hissatsu Teleport: My second to last favorite in B3… but it’s cute anyway. I swear I’m not doing a Haachan close up in every Team B song… I mean, I’ll try to restrain my inner fangirl XD Funny seeing Chikarina there, she was with B A LOT, I was sure that she’d get added there, but I’m glad she went to K instead.


Haru ga Kuru Made: OMGOMGOMG!!! Words can’t express how much I love this song. This is my favorite Team A unit song ever, and I was really sad that Maimai wasn’t there for this last year, but now she was!!! It was absolutely amazing! Michiru’s voice is so soothing… I wonder why it ranked so low both times if Maimai was a BIG fan favorite…


Higurashi no koi: Another song with a completely unfair low ranking… D: The 2 best singers in AKB perform a great ballad, and LIVE! Because they can, weeeh! I’m not  fan of Yuka’s super glittery eye make up, and the dance was all over the place, but this song is always BEAUTIFUL.


Mail no Namida: I have to confess… Even though I adored Chocolove, I never liked this song. I wish they had released Chocolate instead, that one is so much more interesting… That said, SAYAKA GORGEOUSNESS OVERLOAD!! And Mocchi did a good job with Rina’s lines too, she’s improved a lot at conveying emotions with her voice 😀


Rider: This song always makes me cry D: Hiichan is so gorgeous, I’m glad she’s doing well in gravure, because that’s what she always wanted to do… I miss Hana, she should’ve been in this song, I have a feeling that there’ll be less and less Rider girls present each year if the song makes the Top 100 🙁 And I wonder if it will… new fans don’t know/care about the meaning behind this song, and chances are that they won’t vote for it anyway because there’s no one they know in the line up…



Return match: WHY THE HELL IS THIS SONG 90??? DDDDDD: Er, I mean, such a great song, it should’ve ranked higher… I think I’m gay for Sayaka every time I see this performance XD Surprisingly loud cheers for Naruru! I’m a happy cat 😀 Shoddy camera work, but still, great song!


Skirts, Hirari: Wasn’t this like in the top 10 last year? It certainly dropped a lot… The truth is that I feel like this song is getting old, but it still should be performed because it sums up AKB in just one song teeheehee… And… original Sukahira 5! Talk about old times… They should’ve brought Risa in, after all, this was her moment of glory…


Kiss Shite Son shichatta: I love this sassy song. And it’s a full version too! I don’t know who did the shout, but I won’t go back and rewatch to find out just yet XD Matsuyuki was so fierce here, and Chikarina got a LOT of screentime, unexpectedly… Also, I know, I know, another Haachan screencap, but it’s not my fault that she’s so awesome 😛


Hizukehenkousen: I’ve never understood what people like so much about this song. I don’t like it at all, it sounds like something dated and cheaply produced… But sexy songs are always nice to see 😀 TEAM K!!!! I must say that I hate Yuko’s hairstyle…


Inochi no tsukaimichi: Favorite Team B song FTW!!! This song should SO be a single! But with AKB’s new sugary sweet image, it’s impossible D: I voted for this song, so I’m glad I helped bring it above some 80 other songs XD Oh, I get it now, Chikarina is subbing for Mikachii. Words are not enough to describe how awesome this song is, so go buy this or the B3 DVD like NAO!


Koike: Wow, this is so nostalgic. I love to see Kitarie enjoying back there XD Mariko has quite mastered the “scorned girl” part perfectly. This was so fun to watch and reminisce…


Ki ni Naru Tenkousei: I can’t believe this ranked so much higher than Nounai Paradise, when I find it a bit more generic than the other one XD Once again, tons of fun! K3 is the most underrated AKB Stage ever


Seishun no Inazuma: Ok, I’ll stop whining about the low rankings of my favorite songs now. It’s still great to see this one performed, because it’s so cool and latin sounding and stuff 😀 Sayaka getting the solo dance was such a nice surprise! Her Kamehameha cracked me up XD


Boku no Taiyou: I have my moments when I ADORE this song, but otherwise, it’s pretty blah. At least it made it, unlike my favorite singles, Seifuku and Keibetsu D: LOL at Haruna’s face in this screencap XD



Daruikanji: Favorite Team A song FTW! I love it so much! It’s so random and ironic and full of WIN.





Yakusoku yo: I like this song, because it’s nice and not quite as ballad-y as what AKB has been doing in stages lately, but it needs Sayaka’s voice to sound good XD Still cute, though.


Senaka Kara Dakishimete: I love this song, it’s my favorite from A2. And I’m so happy that Team A is back to performing it, no offense to Team B, but I like this version so much more! And WOW at yukari getting promoted here because of Rina’s graduation… Unexpected!


Saigo no Seifuku: One of AKB’s finest ballads, and those uniforms are so cute too!!!


Heart ga Kaze wo Hiita Yoru: One of the best songs from H2, it’s kind of a wannabe rock song, with lots of emo faces from the girls 😀 Still, very nice!


Lovetan, Miichan, Nacchan also appeared to comment on the second half of songs! They all sat in the same way XD Aaaand that’s all 😛





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