The AKB Massacre Results!

Well, you all know how there was a catch to Namida Surprise, you could actually VOTE for your favorite AKB girl and push her in the senbatsu list. I hated every part of this campaign, to be honest, I think that being an idol puts enough pressure in this girls, it’s really plain cruel to shove in their faces that they are unpopular in the group. 

And yes, I’m talking about most of Team B when I say this, especially of my dearly beloved Nakayan, who doesn’t get enough credit. Ever. At all. But yeah, I’ll rant about that at some other point, right now, let’s take a look at the final list, from first to last, because we ALL know the top 10 anyway so why bother? There’s no suspense in a stunt like this, but it meant a whole deal for the girls, and seeing them crying, fainting and stuff like that over this just pissed me off…


Oh see how happy your idols look? Awesome strategy. The worst part is that people actually liked how this gave them a chance to create a wota battle and get their favorites on top. What makes me sick about this whole deal is that it doesn’t take into account that these girls are trying their best for their dream, they go out there and try to shine as much as possible…

Oh, and Togasaki is my hero for his wise words, which were along the lines of “The election was based on the number of votes, but remember, for each person who voted for you, you’re that persons number one” I love that guy <3 <3 <3

1. Maeda Atsuko (4630)


I like this picture of Acchan better than all of her crying pics from her speech, so I’m putting this one up. BTW *GASP* NOWAI ACCHAN WON??? TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!!!111! What I find kind of funny is that her fans went so overboard that they greatly outnumbered anyone else in fear that someone might troll their queen’s victory XD No hate for Acchan, I swear, especially because she’s apparently Yuko’s best friend, she’s not my favorite member, and Namida Surprise was just TOO much of her for my liking… But this one will be even more filled with her… Oh well, I’ve always maintained that she’s like MM’s Nacchi back in the day, if you don’t like her, you better get used to her or find a new group to follow, because she’s going to be everywhere!

2. Oshima Yuko <3<3<3 (3345)


OMG! Yuko!!! You made it!!! I’m so proud of my Yuko… Sure, she’s always been a frontgirl, but seriously, if you ever get to watch her live you’ll see that she’s damn passionate about everything and anything she does on stage, and I’m glad that other people are able to see that and that she gets recognized as the great performer she is. She’s more that a thousand votes under Acchan, though, which I found surprising! I’m very happy to see her there, especially after her throat surgery and all. I’m very biased, but her election video made me want to vote for her right away, so I’m sure it helped her a lot too!

3. Shinoda Mariko (2852)


That’s the most horrendous picture of Mariko I’ve seen in my life, but it’s so funny too XD The girl was a real wreck, every picture of hers looks like crap… Poor thing. I don’t even know where I stand when it comes to Mariko, in all honesty. I hardly see her as part of AKB the Theater Idol Group, but as a part of AKB the TV Variety Girls group. It’s kind of cute to see that getting the third spot means so much to her, at least. 

4. Watanabe Mayu (2625)


Mayuyu, in true cyborg fashion, didn’t cry much, but you have to know her to understand how much she loves being part of AKB and how much she enjoys every bit of it. This coming from someone who used to dislike her, because she’s too cute for her own good, but man, she is a hard worker, and she completely deserves her position in the ranking, I’d say.

5. Takahashi Minami (2614)


Takamina in number 5 spot… hmm… her fans are raging, but I think that she has a pretty good position, I’ve always seen her as the unofficial leader of AKB48, and I honestly feel that well, Acchan and Yuko had their positions pretty much secure, Shinoda jumped in 3rd place because she’s hot, and Mayu stole 4th because Team B fans are hardcore. So there was no way for her to get any higher, and I don’t think that her position is bad at all. Congratulations Takamina! Keep rocking!

6. Kojima Haruna (2543)


Now, Takamina getting number 5 didn’t seem so bad, but Haruna getting 6? WTF? I would’ve never ever in my life guessed this. She doesn’t look too sad or happy or anything LOL Well, still, that picture is amusing only to look at Tomochin’s kid like pout… That girl is definitely a princess! Anyway, back to Haruna, no idea why she wasn’t higher, she’s the number 2 member on Mixi after all! Maybe her fans decided to vote for someone else this time? 

7. Itano Tomomi (2281)


Tomochin didn’t cry during her speech or anything, but you can see in her pout when she’s in the background in Haruna’s pic that she was probably not too happy with the results. I still think that being in the top 10 over more than a hundred girls is amazing, and I hope that Tomochin sees it that way too. I really like her, even though she’s kind of stuck up (or perhaps that’s why I like her :P) so I’m glad that she gets to stay a frontgirl!

8. Sato Amina (2117)


I would’ve never thought that Amina would make it in the top 10, but I’m certainly glad she did! She works super hard, but hardly gets any promotion even though she’s part of the new Team A generation. Funny that, especially considering that girls that get much bigger pushes like Fujie Reina or Takajo Aki didn’t make it to senbatsu… Congratulations to Amina! Now let’s just hope that they don’t have her appear one split second on camera, like they did with Yukirin…

9. Kashiwagi Yuki (1920)


Reaction queen Yukirin must’ve been thrilled! I’m so SO happy for her! Especially because her being in the top 10 makes sure that she doesn’t get so shafted anymore! Yukirin is one of the most talented vocalists in AKB, and she has a truly engaging personality too, so I hope that this is the beginning of a promising frontgirl position for her!

10. Kasai Tomomi (1890)


And rounding up the top 10, is my 3rd favorite AKB girl! Tomomi-chan! I love this girl to no end, so I’m supper happy to see her make it to the top. She’s crying, of course, she does that a lot. <3 <3 Go Tomomi!!!!

11. Ono Erena (1838)


Erena didn’t cry much either, judging by the photo, but the princess of Team K was probably pretty sure that she’d make it to the top anyway. I’m happy about her position, especially because I totally loved “First Love” and I wish that she’d do more stuff like that… It’s like a sequel to Aisareru to Iu Koto!

12. Akimoto Sayaka (1599)


Words can’t describe how incredibly happy I am to see Sayaka in senbatsu again! Not having her there was a crime, her strong presence and beautiful voice really balanced the singles, and I seriously hope that this teaches the management a lesson and they never leave her out of senbatsu again! Keep fighting Sayaka! 

13. Kitahara Rie (1578)


My favorite new A member makes a star appearance at position 13!!! That picture is scary, but I’m sure that Rie was just crying out of happiness and thankfulness and all the beautiful feelings in the world… Hopefully this means that Rie will completely inherit Mai’s position in Team A, at least as much as it is possible for one girl to replace another…

14. Miyazawa Sae (1547)


Of course, the Genking wouldn’t cry! She looks pretty happy! I’m very surprised that she ranked this low though, she’s one of the most popular K members! I was kind of saddened to see so many K girls pushed to the back of the rankings in favor of A girls, but that’s just how it is. On the other hand, just being able to validate their position as frontgirls is a nice thing, and it ensures that the management won’t kick them out of senbatsu for the time being.

15. Sato Yukari (1539)


OMG! Yukarin makes senbatsu again! Unbelievable! I love this girl with a passion, but I was always under the impression that she was highly unpopular, despite of her modeling career and whatnot. It thrills me to see her in senbatsu again, because I think that she deserves it! I also find it pretty cool that all original Team A members made the cut (I think XD) because well, they deserve some credit, after all, they started this whole thing!

16. Minegishi Minami (1414)


I’m sure that there’s something wrong with the world. I mean, Miichan at position 16??? That’s insane! She’s one of the most popular A girls, or so I thought. Miichan getting beaten by Yukarin? Weirdness…. Still, it’s always great to see the third part of No Sleeves get some love, I think that she is a great performer, and also, I love her bratty personality, it makes her very real and likable.

17. Urano Kazumi (1395)


Cindy! Talking about being passionate about something is one thing, but with her, you can REALLY tell that she has her heart set on it! Her election speech was the most compelling of all of them, she was truly trying to get people to understand why she’s worked so hard, and she really deserves more credit than almost anyone else, seeing how she worked her way from the bottom of Team A to stardom in Team B, leading the whole Team and making sure that they stay together no matter what. I’ll be super happy to look for her in the next PV!

18. Miyazaki Miho (1373)


Myao is a new fan favorite, and an indisputable new star in Team A. With her witty remarks and cute face, she’s made her way into the fan’s hearts, and it shows. I didn’t like her being so pushed to the front instead of splitting the attention more evenly (like that’s going to happen in an idol group…) but she has proven herself, showing all of us that she’s a hard worker and always tries her best. I’m glad she’s in senbatsu too, she gives me hopes that Team A will be alright despite all the graduation drama.

19. Matsui Jurina (1371)


Matsui Jurina makes senbatsu, of course. I won’t fight the tide, I’ll just say that after watching SKE perform, her high energy level and the way she just WANTS to shine are quite appealing, she definitely gets an A for effort! I still wish that SKE would stay out of AKB especially since they are getting their own singles now…

20. Oota Aika (1365)


Wow! Awesome! Lovetan is one of my Team B favorites, simply because I love her deadly combo of cute looks and a sharp tongue. I’m happy to see her make senbatsu for the first time, and she must be really proud of herself, especially seeing how she’s always seen herself as Mayuyu’s rival, even though, well… Mayu is on a league of her own XD

21. Kuramochi Asuka (1355)


Asuka is the last girl to enter senbatsu. She’s also, of course, very happy about it. And so I am, not only because she’s a Team K member, but because I really want to see her shine, she’s been only once in senbatsu, and I think she should return there, her smile makes me happy 😀


Hell, that’s a mean name, and the worst part is that I didn’t even make it up! Here are the girls who barely made it into senbatsu, but didn’t quite get there. So they’ll be singing the B-side, which will have a PV as well, and they’ll sing a sexy song, apparently. Of course, I’m more excited about this song than the A-side 😛 Also, since there are less girls chosen for this, maybe they’ll have solo lines or a good chance to be at the spotlight! 

22. Yonezawa Rumi (1352)


For Rumi to lose senbatsu just for 3 votes… It’s pretty sad. But it’s still great to see her make it all the way here! Without this voting crap she would’ve never made it into a single, even though she’s one of Team B’s most polished performers. Way to go Yonechan!

23. Takajo Aki (1322)


Akicha definitely looks like she belongs in H!P XD Anyhow, she’s probably the miracle girl of the Kenkyuusei, with her super fast promotion and whatnot, and I really like her, and I want to root for her and stuff, but her election video was a disaster! In the same fashion of her early MCs, she was awkward, looked scared and bored all at the same time. But I love you Aki! I know that you just need to get more out there and you’ll be fine! I’m rooting for you girl!!!

24.  Ohori Megumi (1316)


Yonechan’s disappointed face is pretty sad to see… But Meetan being moved to tears of happiness is not really a rare sight, but one that I like a lot 😀 She’s really a girl who loves what she does and fights for it no matter what! It’s great to see the fans supporting her, and if this is really going to be a sexy song, then I’m sure she’ll be the lead, and an awesome lead at that!

25. Masuda Yuka (1247)


It’s only fair for the best voice in AKB to be featured again in a single, you know? The Undergirls really do have some of the best singers and dancers, so their song is going to ROCK! I’d rather have Yuka here, of course. The A-side will certainly be some kind of cutesy idol song, but with the hopes of a sexy B-side and this amazing line up, I’m super thrilled!

26. Hirajima Natsumi (1216)


Nacchan! Fan favorite and cult idol in a way, she makes her way into the top 30! Pretty nice and impressive, because she’s another girl who works on MAX energy level and then some! She’s come a long way from the cute background character of Team A until she became a star of Team B. Great work, Nacchan!

27. Sashihara Rino (1170)


Sasshi has been senbatsu in the last singles anyway, if I’m not mistaken. She’s my favorite of the new Team B members because her quirky character makes me laugh and her beautiful voice was a very welcome addition to Team B. Glad to see her sort of staying on top!

28. Katayama Haruka (1089)


OMG!!!!!!! *hyperventilates* OMG!!!! IT’S A DREAM!!!!! AND IT FINALLY CAME TRUE!!!!! Haachan is my favorite Team B member, and she’s also the best vocalist in the Team, and I don’t care if you think otherwise, she rocks, and that’s the truth. Not only does she have a deep powerful voice, but she uses it really well, conveying emotions in a great way through it. Just listen to her lines in Natassha, Sasshi is good, but Haachan gives me the chills, she’s amazing. And I can’t believe she’s going to be in the single! I love her, and I’m super happy about this! Hopefully she’ll stay on top… I mean, it’s kind of sad, because she’s proven that fans love her before, her unit song, where she had the most lines, Junjou Shugi, made it to the top 10 in the last AX, yet no recognition for her??? I’m hoping that the management learns from this and chooses her for next singles as well!

29. Matsui Rena (1073)


My favorite of the Matsui girls also made the cut! I’m happy because she’s a cutie, and a good singer too, so it’s nice to see her make the list. I insist I’d ratehr have SKE in their own singles, but Rena is adorable, so no problem here 😀

30. Matsubara Natsumi (1050)


Natsumi was rumored to graduate around the same time Kaorin did. People stated that Natsumi, with no agency, no large fanbase and a somewhat old-ish age already (in the idol world) had no hopes of surviving in AKB for much longer. But she stuck to her dream and worked hard. She’s part of the “End Roll” unit in K5, where she proved everyone that she knows just how to dance and put on a great show. I love Natsumi, she’s a very simple girl, but she still manages to catch your eye with her hard work and just how much of a genuinely nice person she is. This might be the top 30 member who made me the happiest to see included, regardless of my love for Haachan, Natsumi deserves some love, and I’m glad that she’s finally getting it!

Ok, so that’s it. I’m super excited for this single! Like I said before, especially for the B side!!! 

And I hope that the management learns from this, and never pulls Sayaka out of senbatsu again. Also, as a surprising fact, super pushed to the front member Fujie Reina didn’t make the top 30, even with all the publicity stunt of Mai’s graduation. I feel bad for her, she’s a sweet girl and I wish that she would’ve made it. Nito Moeno, who was elected for senbatsu before as a B member was absent from the top 30 as well… I’m not sure if this will affect them (and the other popular girls who didn’t make the top 30), but I hope not.

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