Maybe… Maybe… A girl idol group can finally beat JE?

AKB48’s latest single “Iiwake Maybe” has earned the No. 1 spot on Oricon on the first day of their release, beating SMAP while at it!!! And for all of you who said that AKB sold big numbers just because of the handshakes, there have been no events held this time, so it’s all “fair game”!!!

Congratulations to our girls, I’m super happy to see them achieve this huge goal. Iiwake Maybe is a good song, albeit a little generic, while the B-side, Tobenai Agehachou is amazing and brings us back to the time when AKB did sultry songs as A-sides. 

Please remember to support the girls and buy the single if you can, it’s really worth it, if only for the HAACHAN IN THE BSIDE OMG!!!!


The biggest WTF moment in AKB history

Hi people! Surely, all of us know full well that AKB has had tons of WTF moments, but this one right here blows them all out of the water easily. AKB48 teams are going to be reshuffled, effective in October. Here’s the new Team line up, and my thoughts on the matter. Oh, and BTW, all of the girls who are part of SDN48, are now OUT of AKB48. So that’s pretty much Bye Bye Bye to Nontii (who was made captain of ADN in a really weird move because my money was on Meetan), Cindy, Yukarin and Meetan.

Team A

1. Takahashi Minami (Captain): Takamina is the soul of Team A, so it’s only natural that she should stay there, she’s also been the unofficial AKB concert MC for the last few years, so she definitely has the ability to lead a team effortlessly.

2. Maeda Atsuko: Team A-cchan can’t lose its face. It’s also super important for the management, and I believe on of the key factors that influenced this shuffle, that Team A remains the “All-Star Team” the team they want to show off the most.

3. Kojima Haruna: Harunyan is also a very big frontgirl and as such, she should remain in A. She’s also an original member and one of the fan’s darlings.

4. Shinoda Mariko: Seems weird to see Mariko stay in A instead of other girls who are original members, however, Mariko is really famous and her supermodel looks and star attitude definitely make her an excellent choice for the “All-Star Team”

5. Takajo Aki: Surely, the miracle girl of the Kenkyuusei team just HAD to keep her position. I’m glad she did though, Akicha fits perfectly in A and it would be painful for me to see her try to fit in elsewhere

6. Nakata Chisato: Now this is a weird move IMO, Chiichan isn’t all that famous, and she’s not really being pushed either, so I don’t see why they should keep her in A…

7. Kuramochi Asuka (Former Team K): Ouch. Does Asuka fit in Team A? She probably does, because she’s very beautiful and elegant in a way, but… it still hurts me personally somehow. Asuka was great for K, with her beautiful rich voice and stunning looks. So I guess that’s why she goes to A…

8. Matsubara Natsumi (Team K): Weird choice. I adore Natsumin, and this is actually a relatively good mood form a business stand point. Natsumi’s super sweet personality will probably make her earn a good spot among fans, and I think that the fact that she made it to the “Undergirls” unit was a decisive factor for placing her here.

9. Sashihara Rino (Team B): Sasshi… OMG. And to think that her and Kitarie, being such friends would’ve probably loved to be together, and now they just switch them around? Sasshi was very Team B, her funny personality, the beautiful voice and the great stage presence. But I guess that she can make it to this new Team A? Weird.

10. Katayama Haruka (Team B): I’m torn with this. Because Haachan is my second favorite Team B member, and the fact that she got placed in A is probably a good sign, but then again, I’d rather have her in B, balancing everybody else’s high pitched voices with her deep singing voice…

11. Nakagawa Haruka (Team B): Harugon is pretty, but her voice seriously kills me every time. It’s so… raspy. NO thoughts about this, other than I think that she in particular is completely out of her element here.

12. Oota Aika (Team B): Lots of Team B members in here! I’m a huge Lovetan fan, so I’ll follow her anywhere. She’ll surely fill Team A’s loli quota easily and in a very charming way, like everything else she does.

13. Nakaya Sayaka (Team B): If one thing excites me about this new team is the fact that Haachan and Nakayan miraculously ended up together, which makes me insanely happy because they’re both favorites of mine. While I feel that Haachan’s fierce presence will go to waste in the new Team A, Nakayan will probably fit very well, because she’s very cute.

14. Suzuki Mariya (Kenkyuusei): Oh, I like her! She’s the one that looks like a taller Nacchan, right? I’ve liked her from the start 🙂

15. Maeda Ami (Kenkyuusei): Cute… But that’s what A’s always been about…

16. Iwasa Misaki (Kenkyuusei): I don’t know who she is. Good for her, though

17. Oya Shizuka (Kenkyuusei): ounding up this somehow homogeneus team is Shiichan, the unofficial kenkyuusei leader. I’m glad to see her finally get promoted, poor thing, it’s been forever!

Team K

1. Akimoto Sayaka (Captain): Well, Sayaka IS Team K, so it’s only natural that she’s the captain. I’m super relieved that they didn’t shuffle her around!

2. Umeda Ayaka: Glad to keep Umechan in K, she’s a great dancer and very energetic. It’s such a relief to see her staying!

3. Oshima Yuko: I couldn’t even breathe until I saw that my dear Yuko had stayed in K. That doesn’t mean much at this point, of course, it’s all crowded with new members all over the place, but it somehow works for me and gives me some sort of peace of mind XD

4. Ono Erena: The little princess of K had to remain there, but it feels weird anyway somehow. I feel like Erepyon is the kind of girl who would suit A very well, although I liked her in K best. It’s good to have a familiar face around, and I’ve always had a soft spot for her…

5. Miyazawa Sae: Wheeee! Team K gets to keep the GENKING!!! I’m super happy that Saeyaka weren’t split… That would’ve been a personal tragedy!

6. Itano Tomomi (Team A): Well, I can see where they are going, Tomochin is very hip and kind of bratty, which fits the image of a powerful New Team K very well, however, I read from people who were there when the announcement was made that she didn’t take it very well, and that’s understandable, because it feels like a slap in the face that after being an original member and working hard to create something with her teammates she gets pulled to another completely different Team… Ouch.

7. Minegishi Minami (Team A): Another original member who gets transferred to K… I feel sad for them because they are probably the ones with the closest bonds between each other, and seeing them get torn apart like this is just, well, sad. Other than that, Miichan’s high energy performances and dance abilities make her perfect for the New Team K…

8. Fujie Reina (Team A): Pulling Reinyan out of A after all they did to make people notice that she was Maimai’s best friend seems like a stupid move to me. However, Reina’s unexpectedly sultry vocals and great dance skills also make her a great asset.

9. Kohara Haruka (Team B): It puzzles me to no end how Haruka never ended up in A even though it’s CLEARLY obvious that that’s where she fits best. Team B was too much with their hyper personalities, but new K? It seems to be all about power and attitude, and while Kohara can do the “bad girl” decently, she’s out of her element here

10. Tanabe Miku (Team B): Woot! One shuffle I’m happy about is this one, because I’m sure that Tanamin will get more recognition here than she ever did in B, and she fits right in!

11. Nakatsuka Tomomi (Team B): Awkward and dorky Tomomi in K? I don’t really understand how that works…

12. Nito Moeno (Team B): Moeno can be pretty hot when performing, and she also has a lot of experience from subbing for Yuko. She should do pretty well, and I’m somehow really relieved to see her here, where she still can shine.

13. Yonezawa Rumi (Team B): Wow. Hot team is HOT. Rumi is an amazing performer, and she proves her worth more everytime! With Tobenai Agehachou she managed to win the hearts of all of the people who ever doubted here effortlessly, and she’s just really awesome so I’m glad to see her here.

14. Nonaka Misato (Kenkyuusei): Miicha? Wow. I really love her, she’s really sexy and has a deep voice that is very fitting for this group of girls, somehow.

15. Matsui Sakiko (Kenkyuusei): I have no idea.

16. Uchida Mayumi (Kenkyuusei): And we get to keep the most fierce Kenkyuusei since Naruse Risa? Awesome!

17. Kikuchi Ayaka (Kenkyuusei): I have a feeling that online heads will roll for this desition, but it’s not like it matters anyway, because there’s no “old Team B” to return to anyway…

Team B

1. Kashiwagi Yuki (Captain): Yukirin stays in B, of course, she’s the star. But it feels really weird to have her as the leader… Cindy should be the natural choice for that position, but of course, she’s out of AKB so no can do. It makes me sad that Team B always gets the short end of the stick, Sayaka, Takamina and Cindy were the obvious leaders of their teams, and now Team B loses theirs! I can only wish lots of luck to Yukirin, she’s not the “leader” type, but neither was Takahashi Ai and look where she is now!

2. Watanabe Mayu: Mayuyu stays in her team, of course! Too bad that Lovetan won’t be around to try and compete against her anymore D:

3. Hirajima Natsumi: Wouldn’t it be frustrating for Nacchan if she had gotten transfered to yet ANOTHER Team? XD She’s the soul of Team B, especially now that Cindy is gone, so I would’ve made her leader…

4. Kitahara Rie (Team A): Rie will be a good fit in Team B, she performed quite a number of times with them as a Kenkyuusei, and her happy and random character is perfect for them!

5. Miyazaki Miho (Team A): I think that if anyone is more affected than Tomochin is probably Myao. She seemed to really love her position in Team A, she worked really hard for it and probably deserved all of the attention…

6. Sato Amina (Team A): I read that Amina almost fainted in despair when she knew where she was assigned to. Amina is another very hard wrking girl, and she earned everything she ever got along the way with hard work alone. I’s particularly puzzling why she was placed here when she was elected senbatsu and all for the first time…

7. Chikano Rina (Team K): This is plain stupid. Chikarina was SO fucking happy to be a part of Team K after so many years of training and now they do this to her? This has no name, it’s just low.

8. Masuda Yuka (Team K): WTF??? Taking away the best voice in AKB and mixing it with this cutesy loli group that New Team B seems to have become? What a waste…

9. Oku Manami (Team K): Well, I’m sure that Maachan will find herself comfortable in here, after all MOST OF TEAM K ENDED UP HERE ANYWAY D: D: D:

10. Sato Natsuki (Team K): Nacchi???? Oh crap. That said, Nacchinon is gone forever anyway, because Nontii is now out of AKB, but really? Nacchi was some kind of K icon in my mind, she’s amazing and cool and should’ve stayed there…

11. Kasai Tomomi (Team K): My dear beloved Kasai!!!! I can’t even begin to express how puzzled I am with this choice, I’d rather see Erena shuffled around than Kasai…

12. Kobayashi Kana (Team K): And they also take away team K’s comic relief? Boooo.

13. Komori Mika (Kenkyuusei): Wow. I would’ve placed all my money in this girl ending up in A. Weird.

14. Sato Sumire (Kenkyuusei): Another girl who I could’ve sworn that would end up in A…

15. Suzuki Shihori (Kenkyuusei): No idea

16. Ishida Haruka (Kenkyuusei): Woot! Favorite Kenkyuusei FTW!!! I’ll be following this team closely for sure!


  • Doesn’t it feel like AKB is jumping the shark way too early?
  • Some people believe that the shuffling is a strategy to get more Team fans to know the rest of AKB girls. I have to disagree, because the main faces of each team remained unaltered, so I don’t think that was the cause
  • Team A seems to me like the main reason why this happened. What used to be the most flashy and fancy Team, the team to showcase everywhere and stuff, became a weird group of girls with highly noticeable differences in rank and skill level. Now we get a more balanced Team A, albeit a bit weird
  • Teams have 17 girls except for New B. Graduations are to be expected, I’d say.
  • Captains? In AKB? Are the turning H!P on me? Is my worst nightmare becoming a reality?
  • From a business standpoint, this girls are trained to be idols, and they should be capable of working and creating a good show regardless of the Team they’re placed in. From a fan standpoint, the group dynamics were one of the most interesting parts of the AKB experience. I, for one, was a Team K fan because they were all a big family and seemed to have lots of fun…
  • Team A: Classic Idols         Team K: Badass          Team B: Energetic Lolis  ==> Has it really become this simple?
  • I’d actually be pretty interested in this in a good way if it was only forconcert tours or one stage or something, but… This way it’s sucky and makes no sense.
  • What happens to Watarirouka Hashiritai and No3b? Are they finished now that they’ve been torn apart?
  • The girls are being put through too much in a public way, it’s becoming like watching a sickening reality show.

Well, one way or another, we’ll have to cope with this I guess. Right now, I feel like something very big and important was lost, but I’m also interested in seeing how things turn out from here. I guess I’ll be a fan of all of the old Team K girls and some B girls. And I’ll be following their new teams as much as possible. But for me, there’s only one Team K: The one I watched live, the one with the happy girls running around and chasing each other, poking fun at their friends and just being a family, and nobody can take that away from me, no matter what.

AKBest 10! Best Team B Songs!

Hi people! Today is Team B’s turn to shine in here XD I chose Team B because they have a small number of songs, but most of them are wonderful! But I’ll try and do all the teams! B3 obviously rules the list, being one of the most amazing stages ever, it was really difficult to leave some of my favorite songs of that stage out in favor of some B4 songs, but admittedly, B4 is pretty solid too, and has some great songs too.

Ok, so let’s get started!

10. B4 – Tengoku Yarou (Urano Kazumi, Nakagawa Haruka, Kohara Haruka, Nakaya Sayaka)


I swear that it has nothing to do with the fact that Nakayan (my second favorite B member) is part of this unit! This song is on crack, absolutely. It’s a song about alcohol! and enjoying your life with it or something XD Still, it’s tons of fun and its catchy melody sticks in my head forever. Also, cosplay! How fun is that???

9. B4 – Idol no Yoake


The title track of the highly anticipated successor stage to B3 blew everyone away in different ways. In a similar fashion to K3’s Tomo yo, this song makes use of real instruments played by the girls, only this time, it doesn’t look like a school rock band, but like a marching band XD The girls look funny as hell with those huge instruments, but it’s super cute to watch them play them and try to dance and sing at the same time, and it’s a really impressive achievement for a group of idols I’d say! Also, Lovetan is the most adorable person ever, and she proves it leading this song and being totally lovable at it.

8. B3 – Wasshoi B!


This is the song that defines Team B in my opinion. It’s super cheerful and energetic, without losing a bit of cuteness. I’ve already ranted about it many many times, but it’s amazing how a silly little song like this can brighten up your mood whenever you need it!


7. B3 – Kagami no Naka no Jeanne da Arc (Urano Kazumi, Sashihara Rino, Yonezawa Rumi, Tanabe Miku, Saotome Miki)


If we’re talking about Team B songs, this one definitely has to be part of the countdown. Regardless of the controversial decision  of adding Sasshi all out of the blue to replace prominent team B member Kikuchi Ayaka as the “B flag bearer” I love this song, I love how powerful it sounds whenever it is sung live! 

6. B3 – Junjou Shugi (Katayama Haruka, Matsuoka Yuki, Nito Moeno)


Junjou Shugi was the song that got me instantly hooked on Team B, and on Haachan, so of course, it just HAD to be here. This super sexy song includes naive lyrics and a sassy choreography, and I love that combination of elements, they make it a very special song.

5. B4 – Itoshiki Natassha (Katayama Haruka, Sashihara Rino, Tanabe Miku)


This one right here might be the best AKB unit this year, the song is amazing on its own, but when sung by these 3 girls, who are some of the best B singers, it’s even greater. Also, the performance is flawless with all the headbanging and all, they really became rockstars for this!

4.  B4 – Kuchiutsushi no Chocolate (Kashiwagi Yuki, Oota Aika, Hirajima Natsumi)


This is probably the naughtiest song in the whole AKB catalogue, which is saying a lot, considering how their songs have a bit of an “edge “to them. But this takes it to the next level, especially because all of this girl are underage. Still, it’s a very good song in its own right, and Yukirin is a great lead, even though this kind of music isn’t what she’s used to do. I was also really glad to see Lovetan doing something out of the “cute” image she’s always given. 

3. B3 – Inochi no Tsukaimichi


It’s hard to defend AKB from haters when they do sing about some nasty stuff sometimes XD This song is about a girl who feels her life is so meaningless that she gets involved with some random old guy just because he’s the only person who is kind to her. Ouch. Still, this kind of depth in an idol song is rarely seen outside of AKb, so I’m glad I’m their fan anyway 😀 Also, this performance is amazing, the girls dance like mannequins or robots and the lighting of the stage is really cool. My performance of choice would be the one on AX 2009, that one was just… WOW!

2. B3 – Temodemo no Namida (Kashiwagi Yuki & Saeki Mika)

 I’ve already raved about this song too soon to do it again right now, so go back to the past AKBest 10 to read my thoughts about it 😀

1. B3 – Shonichi


There’s no denying that Shonichi is the ultimate proof that Team B went from being the “afterthought” team that nobody even wanted to look at to become an amazing group of girls with great songs and stage presence to spare. I’m always touched whenever I watch this performance, it’s always inspiring to see people who have worked so hard to achieve their dreams finally seeing them come true in front of their very own eyes.

And some runner ups:

– Tenshi no Shippo: I still think that out of all the cute units, this one beats them all effortlessly!

– Pajama Drive: Mayuyu being unexpectedly cute is always nice to see!

– Two Years Later: This song is so sassy and cool!

– Yokosuka Curve: I like how retro this sounds!

– Kobushi no Seigi: gang style AKB!!! Very cool!

AKBest 10

Welcome to my new entry series, AKBest 10! Here I’ll rate the top 10 of AKB’s songs, girls or whatever comes to mind. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update regularly this way!


Today we have a very special theme to start it all! I’m going to rate the top 10 best AKB duets!! If you noticed that I left one out that you think should’ve been in the countdown, please feel free to comment and add your suggestion, I love discussing AKB!


Ok, so here we have them, let’s start with number 10

10. K3 – Honehone Waltz (Stage Version) – Oku Manami and Ono Erena


The original Honegumi from AKB48 included Team A members Itano Tomomi and Masuyama Kayano, however, the song was recycled and used as a stage song in K3, in a duet formed by Erepyon and Maachan only. The truth is that this cute song gets old relatively quickly, so it’s no surprise that it ends in the bottom of the ranking… It’s pretty amusing to watch though, but the lack of Kayano’s huge smile and Tomochin’s mischievousness make it feel a bit lacking at times

9. H2 – Tonari no Banana – Ono Erena & Kasai Tomomi


It looks like I have something against cute songs, but I swear I don’t XD Tonari no Banana is a really cute duet between the cutest K girls, Erepyon and Tomomi-chan. Apparently, there’s a hidden meaning to this song’s lyrics, and it’s something naughty, but I’m t thick to fully grasp it 😛 The thing with this song is that despite its cuteness and catchiness it kind of falls behind in comparison to the rest of the songs in the countdown…

8. A1 – Anata to Christmas Eve – Hoshino Michiru & Orii Ayumi


This type of songs are kind of missing in the recent AKB style, the older sisters Chiru and Ayu sang this beautiful ballad, with Michiru on the keyboard, it ended up sounding rather beautiful! However, it’s a really slow ballad, so unless you’re in the mood for it or are a ballad person you could get a bit bored with it. Musically wise, though, it’s very pretty and uses beautiful harmonies, making it special if only just because of that.

7. K5 – Wagamama na Nagareboshi – Ono Erena & Kobayashi Kana


Erepyon really does a lot of duets, she has a ton of stage presence so she can easily manage, Kana, on the other hand, doesn’t do as well herself, but she isn’t bad either! This one’s another cute song, but this time, it’s about a girl who is just wishing on a shooting star, refusing to grow up. I like the lyrics a lot, and the tune is catchy and easy on the ears, but Kana’s voice wavers a bit and even breaks at times which brings it down a notch.

6. A3 – Shinkirou – Nakanishi Rina & Kojima Haruna


In Shinkirou we have a combination of the angelic voice of Rinatin with the nasal tone of Haruna’s, still, it manages to sound really good because of the good use of harmonies, which keeps Haruna in the low range sounding great while Rina takes the higher melody which works best for her voice. This heartbreaking song about a lost love is really good!

5. K4 – Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou – Kasai Tomomi & Ohori Megumi


This song is already a classic, isn’t it? With low key suspicious sultry background music and writhing and moaning all over the place, this is probably the most overtly sexual AKB song ever! It’s all about the theatrical antics of Tomomi and Meetan too, who really spice it up! 

4. A4 – Haru ga Kuru Made – Oshima Mai & Hoshino Michiru


This one right here is my favorite AKB duet, which is why it ranks so high. I stand alone in my love for this song though, because it always ends up in the bottom of the AX rankings, and I’ve never heard anyone else saying that they like it! However, it’s my little secret baby song and I adore every second of it. It’s a nostalgic song about unrequited love, however, it carries some hope in its tune and lyrics that manages to cheer me up all the time! Most people don’t like Mai’s voice because they say it isn’t strong enough, but I think that it works perfectly for lovely songs like this one, especially when combined with Michiru’s which is downright beautiful!

3. H1 – Higurashi no Koi – Takahashi Minami & Masuda Yuka


There’s always going to be a fight between AKB fans. Who is the best singer in AKB? Takahashi or Masuda? Akimoto decided to settle it by giving them this duet which is probably one of the best songs of AKB’s catalogue, vocals wise. In my opinion, Masuda pwns the world with her deep rich voice, but we’re all welcome to have our own opinions! The only truth about this song is that it’s absolutely breathtaking.

2. B3 – Temodemo no Namida – Kashiwagi Yuki & Saeki Mika


B3 really took everyone by storm and proved that Team B could very well stand on its own and kick ass! This beautiful song with electro hints is about a girl who loves someone who doesn’t like her quite as much (why are almost all of this duets so sad anyways?) The funny thing is that despite of the weird astronaut outfits and the lacking choreography, there’s no way that this song won’t grab your attention! I especially like the fact that Mikachii (who has graduated recently 🙁 ) managed to stay at the same level as super talented Kashiwagi Yuki, because Mikachii was a kenkyuusei and stuff, but still, she managed to hold her own and sing beautifully!

1. K2 – Kinjirareta Futari – Oshima Yuko & Kasai Tomomi


If I were to choose a word to describe this song, it would be powerful. It’s a ballad, like most of the songs in this countdown, but this one is different because it tells a story in such a way that you can actually feel what this girls are singing about, and I mean it! I’m sure I’m biased, because Yuko is my favorite member, but nevertheless, it’s undeniable that this song is REALLY important in AKB. Not only because of its controversial subject, but also because of the performance itself, which is a bit more like real acting than most of the idol songs I’ve heard. This song always ranks high in popularity among fans and has intrigued many non fans enough to give the group a chance, so I think that it’s very deserving of the position I’ve given to it here, even if it isn’t even my personal favorite!


Interesting facts I noticed while making this: Ono Erena and Kasai Tomomi are tied for the girl with most duets at 3 songs each

Why does Tomomi-chan always end up the seme in this yuri songs?

Team K has more duet songs on average

Most of this duets are about unrequited love or another form of suffering

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