Disc 2 pt 2 ft. Sasshi, Mocchi and Kitarie

Hi people! Here’s the 2nd part of Disc 2, featuring the ultra cute and pretty Kenkyuusei – turned members Sasshi (Sashihara Rino of Team B), Kitarie (Kitahara Rie of A) and Mocchi (Kuramochi Asuka of K) what I really like about this part of the commentary is that you can see how close this girls are because they were all kenkyuuseis, and how they are really supportive of the trainees 😀 Also, this girls really love AKB a lot, they are basically gushing about every song. And I just love them so much, they are sort of the new generation!


·      Crap, this version of Romance Irane is way long X_X Anyway, the girls are overly excited everytime they see a former Kenkyuusei among the members 😀 They also love the dresses. And they think that the choreography is very difficult to learn.


·      They love Narita, apparently! Also, Kitarie says that she was very nervous to appear alongside all of this original members, so she was relieved when people called out her name too. Mocchi and Sasshi applaud when the audience cheers for Rie, which is rather cute too!


·      In “Idol Nante Yobanaide” they all think that it’s very cute, but they wonder if they could pull it off in case they had to 😀 They are also cheering for the Kenkyuuseis. A LOT.


·      “Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster” is pure love, according to the girls. Sasshi won’t shut up at all, she’s amazing XD She says that Yuko is the coolest person ever (of course she is) and that Amina is adorable, and that she’s just super happy to see an AKB version of this song 😀


·      “16 nin shimai no uta” just makes the girls giggle all the while. They find every  member cute, they think that the lyrics are genius…. They just plain LOVE this thing from beginning to end!


·      They love the “Namida Uri no Shoujo” outfits very much, and of course, are super excited to see Kitarie and Amina in the unit. They also state how shiny Cindy’s tiara looks in contrast with the dark dresses XD


·      In “Melos no Michi”, Asuka explains that the choreography is supposed to resemble a fight, and how they have teams and she’s in Nontii team, so Sasshi says she’d love to be in that team by Mocchi’s side too… or something.


·      Hmm… All they do is babble about how cute “Koi no chewing” is… seriously, there’s only like a gazillion “Kawaii” all over the place…


·      Sasshi loves “Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta”, especially the lyrics. And she also randomly loves Yukarin. Very much. LOLWUT


·      They all love “Erai Hito ni Naritakunai”, they sing along and all. And also, they think that Sayaka’s smile is super bright and cute 😀


·      “Two years later” becomes the “find Sasshi” game for the girls, and the saddest part is that the camera doesn’t focus on her even once 🙁 It’s still funny to hear the others tell her “Maybe it will end with a close up of you…” but it never really happens


·      The girls are all over “Dareka no tame ni” they love the lyrics, and Mocchi thinks that this should be a single.


·      Sasshi and Rie think that “RUN RUN RUN” is very cute because of its girly lyrics.


OMG Kitarie marry me? ;_; Why are you so cute and pretty ;_;

DISC CHIYUUUUU!!! ehm… AX commentary Disc 2 pt. 1

Hi people! Here I bring you one of my absolute favorite members, the incredibly adorable Kasai Tomomi, who is also unexpectedly educated in matters of love, as it would appear by her constant lecturing of senior Noro Kayo who doesn’t understand a single line of any love song in the world XD Plus, there’s Akicha!! But she never says much here anyway 🙁

Third Part ft. Akicha, Tomomi-chan and Nontii

  • They talk about how nostalgic “Anata to Christmas Eve” is, and how difficult it is to sing this song. So Nontii teases Tomo and tells her that she should try and sing it until Tomo goes “No, stop it, you know that I suck at singing T_T” XD
  • “Mammoth” is a very K-ish song, they all agree that it’s rather cool, revolutionary and un-idol-like. 😀
  • Nontii talks abut how she was a senbatsu in “Aitakatta” and she was surprised to see herself in the posters. When they went to a TV show, Nontii went to Akimoto and told him “Hey, I can’t wear a school uniform!!” XD Also, there’s a lot of praising of “Takajo Points” LOL That means that whenever the camera focuses on Akicha she’s doing something cute <3
  • Here Tomomi can’t stop saying how “mysterious” Mori e ikou is, she repeats it like 3 times XD While Nontii finds some parts of the choreography quite weird, and Akicha talks about how she likes stand mikes… Nontii and Tomo totally forget that there are stand mikes in K4 during Coolgirl XD
  • Tomo says how much she’d love being in “Shinkirou” so Nontii says that it’s similar to KinjiFuta, so Tomo schools her in love song culture and tells her that this is a good bye song, as opposed to KinjiFuta, which is a song about declaring your love. Pwned.
  • This is a really cute one 😀 Tomo says that “Futari nori no Jitensha” (riding a bike together) is actually a dangerous thing, but she still understands very well the meaning behind such a dream.
  • Nontii pokes fun at Tomo’s sparkly make up in “Aisareru to Iu Koto” while Kasai adds that this costume makes walking a very difficult task XD
  • Nontii says that “Dear My Teacher” A version is kind of cute, while she thinks that whenever Team K sings it it ends up sounding like “COME COME COME” So Tomo freaks out because that might give people a wrong impression of K! XD
  • “Boku no Sakura” is a very idol-like ballad, and the girls find it super cute.
  • Tomo and Nontii think that “Hatsukoi Doroubou” is the cutest thing ever, and only Erena, Manami and Kaoru can pull off such cuteness! Also, it’s amusing how Tomo really understands all of these love songs while Nontii is really thick at getting the meaning XD
  • For the girls, “Hajimete no jelly Beans” is super cute (they’re especially excited about the confetti) and they want to be Sae. Just because she’s that awesome. 😀
  • They find it hilarious that Takamina looks tiny in Rinatin’s “Kikyou” costume XD Mean girls… Also, Tomo babbles about how she’s from Tokyo, so she has no hometown to return to XD

Aw… Tomo, you’re the best! ;__;

AX Commentary Disc 1 pt 2.

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments! I’m glad that you liked this idea 😀 I’ll try and make the rest of the translations a bit bigger in content from now on I think XD.

So here’s Disc 1 Second part ft. Miichan, Lovetan and Nacchan (I have to say that I love Miichan taking the lead and saying “Ok, so don’t just shut up, because that’s boring, and don’t dance along, because people can’t see that so use your voices Ok? XD)

• The outfit for “Kiss Shite Sonshichatta” is based on the uniforms of american schools. Wut.

• “Hizukehenkousen” The costumes are “simple is best” XD That’s a quote right there. Also, B version is very energetic while K makes the song sound very grown up

• In “Inochi no Tsukaimichi” the line DAREKA NI AISARETAI is kind of masked, so Miichan thought it said “Dare Kore Sore Are” which means “Who This That” XD

• “Koike” is Mariko’s trademark song (but we all knew that already…) and then Nacchan and Miichan reminisce about their time together in A2, saying random stuff like “Haruna’s ponytail is nostalgic” and “This choreography is funny and there’s a part that looks like a fish” XD

• They all love “Ki ni Naru tenkousei” wish that they could sing it at karaoke and think that it’s very K-ish. Also, Miichan is jealous of Yuko because she can wink while Mii can’t XD She thinks that it’s a very idoly thing and feels sad that she fails at it.

• Miichan loves “Seishun no Inazuma” because of the difficult choreography. She also says that Team K are the best dancers so it was fun to do dance lessons with them. And at Sayaka’s fierce solo bit: “OMFG!!! She totally forgot that she was wearing a skirt!!!!” XD

• In “Boku no Taiyou” they talk about how cute Sayaka becomes when singing this type of songs, and also, Haruna winks so Miichan enters jealousy mode again XD

• About “DARUIKANJI” they remark how cool is the “Megane Megane” Miichan chant, and how she looks like a bad schoolgirl with her glasses on. Also, Mii states that this is a very A-ish song, and it’s sexy.

• “Stand Up” OOOOHHHH EVERYONE IS SO COOL!!! 😀 Also, Nacchan states how she loves it that in the theater you can actually hear their stomps during this song which makes it even cooler for her.

• Nacchan says that she loves the arm waving choreography in “Yakusoku yo” because it invites people to wave their arms along with them!

• The girls all agree that “Senaka Kara Dakishimete” is a great song, and they love the lyrics very much. Also, Nacchan says that the accesories changed from A2 to the ones worn in B2, and apparently, they are wearing the B version in AX

• They are pointing out that Acchan and Haruna are the center girls in “Saigo no Seifuku”. Nacchan says that it reminds her of “Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de” and Lovetan says that it reminds her of Sakura no Hanabiratachi which was her audition song.

• About “Heart ga Kaze wo Hiita Yoru” Miichan says that she loves the costumes because they became horses, so Nacchan quickly adds “cowboys, it’s cowboys” XD Also we get a little story about how Lovetan is jealous of Erepyon when she hangs out with Mayuyu

So that’s all for today! Let’s see each other next time with DISC CHIYUUU! Oops… I mean Disc Two ft. Tomomi-chan!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

*drumroll* Blogging Surprise!

LOL what a lame title… The thing is that I’m extra bored stuck in this hellhole of a city right now, so I’m doing the weirdest things to keep my sanity in check. The project I’m working on right now is this: TRANSLATING AX09 COMMENTARY!!!!

I’m sure that most of you won’t read this block of text kind of entries, but I had a lot of fun listening to this comments, and it can actually change your view on some of the girls to get to know their opinions a bit more. For example, I never cared much for Chikarina, but after reading all of her loving entries about Team K I can’t help but really ADORE this girl. So perhaps you can find this bits insightful? Some are a bit funny, even! Here’s the first part, so Enjoy!

First Part ft. Tomochin, Erepyon and Mayuyu

  • Kasai actually plays the harmonica in Tomo yo, according to Pyon’s version of the Facts
  • Erena loves Mr. Kissman so much that she thinks it should be a single
  • Erena has a really hard time understanding the Word “suifu” (sailor) she swears that it’s “Mizu” (water )XD
  • Tomomi, Kana and Erena couldn’t get the “Nounai Paradise” dance right, so they were always practicing more than the other girls
  • The girls pestered Akimoto a lot and asked him what was the meaning of Takeuchi senpai, and he answered that the song was based on a rumor, and the title is simply because Takeuchi is one of the most common last names in Japan
  • The “rutitarururatatadiida” part in the lyrics of “Hissatsu Teleport” lyrics is supposed to be a Spell that can teleport you next to the person you love. That’s cute
  • Maimai was apparently very nervous when she had to sing “Haru ga Kuru Made” and the dress is supposed to resemble a butterfly
  • Erena: OMFG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH WHAT SHOULD I DO WHAT SHOULD I DO??? The others: O_O Erena: I REALLY WANT TO SING HUGURASHI NO KOI AT A SHUFFLE CONCERT!!!! The others: * blabbering about oshimeshi* poor Erena XD
  • Sayaka’s nostalgic gaze in Mail no Namida is the cutest thing ever *__* Also, the girls feel that this song sounds very grown up and not so AKB-ish
  • “Rider” is a very nostalgic song sung by the “Big Sister Team” (speaking of which, all of the girls in Rider have already graduated… Rider curse anyone?) Tomochin thinks that it must be worrisome for the girls to watch out for their sunglasses because they can’t let them fall down XD
  • The girls feel that Return Match is exceedingly cool. Erena and Tomochin wish to play a guy role because they love the costume while Mayuyu would rather be a girl, of course.
  • The girls talk about “Skirt, Hirari” and how it’s the original theater version. Tomochin states that these are the A1 costumes and then they go on about how they all have performed this song at different times…

 Please do comment about this post if you’re interested in reading the rest, and if you guys aren’t, then I’ll just post it anyway because I’ve already translated most of it XD (oh yeah, and I know that I totally overuse the “XD” emoticon. So what. Sue me or something)

Yuko has a blog!!!

Hi people! i just felt the need to pop in here briefly and tell you all that my favorite AKB member, Oshima Yuko, has now a public blog at Ameba!!! Here’s the link!

Please check it out! The blog, Yuurari Yuuko, is very cute and easy to read (or rather, Rikaichan XD) And also, it’s become very popular!

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