AX Commentary Disc 1 pt 2.

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments! I’m glad that you liked this idea 😀 I’ll try and make the rest of the translations a bit bigger in content from now on I think XD.

So here’s Disc 1 Second part ft. Miichan, Lovetan and Nacchan (I have to say that I love Miichan taking the lead and saying “Ok, so don’t just shut up, because that’s boring, and don’t dance along, because people can’t see that so use your voices Ok? XD)

• The outfit for “Kiss Shite Sonshichatta” is based on the uniforms of american schools. Wut.

• “Hizukehenkousen” The costumes are “simple is best” XD That’s a quote right there. Also, B version is very energetic while K makes the song sound very grown up

• In “Inochi no Tsukaimichi” the line DAREKA NI AISARETAI is kind of masked, so Miichan thought it said “Dare Kore Sore Are” which means “Who This That” XD

• “Koike” is Mariko’s trademark song (but we all knew that already…) and then Nacchan and Miichan reminisce about their time together in A2, saying random stuff like “Haruna’s ponytail is nostalgic” and “This choreography is funny and there’s a part that looks like a fish” XD

• They all love “Ki ni Naru tenkousei” wish that they could sing it at karaoke and think that it’s very K-ish. Also, Miichan is jealous of Yuko because she can wink while Mii can’t XD She thinks that it’s a very idoly thing and feels sad that she fails at it.

• Miichan loves “Seishun no Inazuma” because of the difficult choreography. She also says that Team K are the best dancers so it was fun to do dance lessons with them. And at Sayaka’s fierce solo bit: “OMFG!!! She totally forgot that she was wearing a skirt!!!!” XD

• In “Boku no Taiyou” they talk about how cute Sayaka becomes when singing this type of songs, and also, Haruna winks so Miichan enters jealousy mode again XD

• About “DARUIKANJI” they remark how cool is the “Megane Megane” Miichan chant, and how she looks like a bad schoolgirl with her glasses on. Also, Mii states that this is a very A-ish song, and it’s sexy.

• “Stand Up” OOOOHHHH EVERYONE IS SO COOL!!! 😀 Also, Nacchan states how she loves it that in the theater you can actually hear their stomps during this song which makes it even cooler for her.

• Nacchan says that she loves the arm waving choreography in “Yakusoku yo” because it invites people to wave their arms along with them!

• The girls all agree that “Senaka Kara Dakishimete” is a great song, and they love the lyrics very much. Also, Nacchan says that the accesories changed from A2 to the ones worn in B2, and apparently, they are wearing the B version in AX

• They are pointing out that Acchan and Haruna are the center girls in “Saigo no Seifuku”. Nacchan says that it reminds her of “Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de” and Lovetan says that it reminds her of Sakura no Hanabiratachi which was her audition song.

• About “Heart ga Kaze wo Hiita Yoru” Miichan says that she loves the costumes because they became horses, so Nacchan quickly adds “cowboys, it’s cowboys” XD Also we get a little story about how Lovetan is jealous of Erepyon when she hangs out with Mayuyu

So that’s all for today! Let’s see each other next time with DISC CHIYUUU! Oops… I mean Disc Two ft. Tomomi-chan!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


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  2. Comment by nirvgardengod on October 1, 2009 11:05 pm

    Hey thanks for the commentary translations. I hope they dont get too jealous of each other now especially after all the changes. I always wondered what they thought of themselves,,now I know! The girls are smart and have great senses of humor.

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