DISC CHIYUUUUU!!! ehm… AX commentary Disc 2 pt. 1

Hi people! Here I bring you one of my absolute favorite members, the incredibly adorable Kasai Tomomi, who is also unexpectedly educated in matters of love, as it would appear by her constant lecturing of senior Noro Kayo who doesn’t understand a single line of any love song in the world XD Plus, there’s Akicha!! But she never says much here anyway 🙁

Third Part ft. Akicha, Tomomi-chan and Nontii

  • They talk about how nostalgic “Anata to Christmas Eve” is, and how difficult it is to sing this song. So Nontii teases Tomo and tells her that she should try and sing it until Tomo goes “No, stop it, you know that I suck at singing T_T” XD
  • “Mammoth” is a very K-ish song, they all agree that it’s rather cool, revolutionary and un-idol-like. 😀
  • Nontii talks abut how she was a senbatsu in “Aitakatta” and she was surprised to see herself in the posters. When they went to a TV show, Nontii went to Akimoto and told him “Hey, I can’t wear a school uniform!!” XD Also, there’s a lot of praising of “Takajo Points” LOL That means that whenever the camera focuses on Akicha she’s doing something cute <3
  • Here Tomomi can’t stop saying how “mysterious” Mori e ikou is, she repeats it like 3 times XD While Nontii finds some parts of the choreography quite weird, and Akicha talks about how she likes stand mikes… Nontii and Tomo totally forget that there are stand mikes in K4 during Coolgirl XD
  • Tomo says how much she’d love being in “Shinkirou” so Nontii says that it’s similar to KinjiFuta, so Tomo schools her in love song culture and tells her that this is a good bye song, as opposed to KinjiFuta, which is a song about declaring your love. Pwned.
  • This is a really cute one 😀 Tomo says that “Futari nori no Jitensha” (riding a bike together) is actually a dangerous thing, but she still understands very well the meaning behind such a dream.
  • Nontii pokes fun at Tomo’s sparkly make up in “Aisareru to Iu Koto” while Kasai adds that this costume makes walking a very difficult task XD
  • Nontii says that “Dear My Teacher” A version is kind of cute, while she thinks that whenever Team K sings it it ends up sounding like “COME COME COME” So Tomo freaks out because that might give people a wrong impression of K! XD
  • “Boku no Sakura” is a very idol-like ballad, and the girls find it super cute.
  • Tomo and Nontii think that “Hatsukoi Doroubou” is the cutest thing ever, and only Erena, Manami and Kaoru can pull off such cuteness! Also, it’s amusing how Tomo really understands all of these love songs while Nontii is really thick at getting the meaning XD
  • For the girls, “Hajimete no jelly Beans” is super cute (they’re especially excited about the confetti) and they want to be Sae. Just because she’s that awesome. 😀
  • They find it hilarious that Takamina looks tiny in Rinatin’s “Kikyou” costume XD Mean girls… Also, Tomo babbles about how she’s from Tokyo, so she has no hometown to return to XD

Aw… Tomo, you’re the best! ;__;


  1. Comment by Julia on September 29, 2009 4:21 am

    Bawwwwww Tomomi xD. I love her.

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