AKB48 Sports Festival!

Hi people!

So, in a desperate attempt to send off the original teams properly, AKB48 is going to have a Sports Festival!

Funniest part of the promo: “Which team was the best?” is the main advertising line, just to get it in our heads that we’re never getting them back outside of AX…

However, I find this news cute and kind of exciting, especially because we’ll surely get a DVD out of this, and it will be the last chance to watch our favorite teams in action, especially for us “Team” fans!

There are other special features of this festival that seem interesting to me, the biggest one is the fact that fans can actually participate in the races! I suppose that this will be some kind of prize, but imagine that! It’s a really high level of interaction that brings me back to the old times of Orienteering back when Keibetsu Shiteta Aijou was released! Nice job!

Now, let’s think of the possibilities that each team has of winning at this:

Team A: They have Mariko, who at least looks athletic, and they also have Fujie, who won the Maimai marathon. Miichan and Tomochin look like they could be good at sports too, but I’ve never really see them do much XD. Kitarie could be surprisingly good, she looks like the type who’s good at sports XD

Then there’s the non-sporty girls: Myao doesn’t really look like much, but with her huge will power she might end up surprising all of us! Harunyan… will certainly fail at this lol

Acchan and Takamina can’t even skip, but at least Taka should prove pretty interesting to watch. Akicha looks like she might just trip over and fall down XD She’ll be super cute at it though! And then there’s Yukarin, Chiichan and Amina… No idea of how they might fare!

Team K: It’s no secret that most people think that Team K is the one most likely to win 😀 Because they have Sayaka! Of course she’ll kick butt, but I’m sure that so will Sae and Meetan, they seem to be very fit and full of energy. Yuko, on the other hand, is tiny, but she loves sports the most, so I’m sure she’ll do great! Same with Umechan and Natsumi, who are really good at dancing, so surely they’ll be good enough. Yuka could kick ass too, something tells me that she’s really determined, so I’m sure she’ll shine here!

Chikarina will put her whole heart and soul into this, of course, and I’m sure that her love for Team K will really show here. As far as Mocchi, Tomomi, Erena and Nontii are concerned, I don’t think that they are very good (in Tomo’s case especially XD) but I’ll love watching them anyway! Natsuki might not be good at sports, but I really have no clue about her when it comes to this… Maachan probably won’t stand out much, she’ll just be cute and silent as usual 😀 And Kana… well, she’ll be fun to watch I’m sure XD

Team B: Frontgirl Mayuyu might break a bone while trying to run XD Hopefully she’ll take it easy! Other than her, I think that the only real hope for B are Harugon, Nacchan, Yonechan, Tanamin and Haachan. But well, that seems to be good enough! The thing I’m looking forward to the most is watching Cindy lead them again for the last time… I’ll miss the whole feel of Team B D:

Anyway, I’m very excited about this, october will surely mark a very important landmark for AKB fans, so I’m eager to see what comes next!

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