Team K will Guide You Into the Dark Side… Mwahahahaha!

Hi everyone! This is really random and all, but I felt that since H!P fans have been kind of swayed by RIVER and its popularity, maybe I can try to lure in a few of the weak hearts by showing them the fiercest team and their fiercest stage! This ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why you should give AKB a chance! So, let’s take a look at it! (BTW, this isn’t a serious attempt, if it were, I’d be pushing Team B because for some reason H!P fans always love them the most. Must be the overall youthfulness and cuteness overflowing everywhere. But I just want to gush about Team K, so shut up.)

Warning: There are lots and lots of Yuko screencaps about to get posted <3 And also, this review will have like a thousand pics so be prepared! Also, all of the H!P jokes here are meant to be in a good light hearted way. I’m still a H!P fan, so I don’t say any of this out of evilness or anything.

Disclaimer: All lyrics courtesy of Studio48! All translations and lyrics belong to their rightful owner.



It’s Captain Sayaka! Ok, so as part of my H!P fan capturing plan, I’ll try to compare Team K members with H!P members of similar characteristics. This is sort of a way to get all of you interested in a girl depending on what type of idol is your favorite. So, anyway, if you’re a Yossie fan, look no further than Sayaka. Sure, her boyish side isn’t as highlighted as Yossie’s was, but she’s also a strong and funny girl who cares very much about others deep down.


You know, Umechan actually auditioned for Momusu, she was rejected and Tsunku went and picked Koharu… Well, well, who’s her H!P counterpart? I’d go for Shimizu Saki of Berryz, because they are both amazing dancers, and they are sort of in the background at times. That’s where the similarities end though, because while Saki is a little more outspoken and fun-loving, Umechan is a quiet girl, very gentle and calm.


Oh! It’s my favorite member ever! Yuko <3 If I were to compare her to anyone, it would probably be Goto Maki, since they both have that kind of starpower to them, they definitely own the stage at any given time, and they can be quite goofy and funny whenever they want to as well. The difference is that while Gocchin always had an aura of “coolness” to her, Yuko is more of an outright nice girl character. They’re both tsundere too!


Meetan, the queen of all things pervy in the 48 family. The only girl who could match her devious personality a bit, is Melon Kinenbi’s Boss Saitou. They’re both overtly sexual in a way, but they also get to be the butt of jokes most of the time and are really good sports at it


Maachan the halfie loli of AKB… I don’t really know, because she’s extremely introverted so I really am a bit clueless as to how her real character might be, but uh… she can be a coconuts musume right? With her being a halfie and all *fails*


Meet little princess Erepyon! She’s kind of similar to Berryz Risako in that they’re both lolis, have a million photobooks and are quite popular with the fans! 😀 They’re also kind of spoiled, wouldn’t you agree?


Tomo~mi-chan! Who could be the Ishikawa Rika of Team K. They’re both super girly and always happy, they both have high pitched voices and are both kind of jokingly bullied by their friends for their overly girly behavior at times.


Asuka is the prototypical pretty girl with a soothing voice. So she could be like Kumai Yurina (favorite Berry <3), and I actually think that their relaxed feminine personalities are quite alike too!


Kana, being dumb as a rock, is the perfect mirror for Tsuji Nozomi! 😀 And they’re both kinda tone deaf at times too! 😀


The unexpectedly smart girl who’s kind of a background character, going by that definition alone, Nacchi could very well be paired with gokkie Konno Asami. Only Konkon was painfully quiet, while Nacchi is outspoken and likes to do gags and MCs…


Naruru was the Linlin of Team K. You know, they’re both funny, and incredibly talented but terribly overlooked… Oh well, she’s graduated already, so…


Nontii! How I’ll miss her! Ok, I’ve always thought that she kind of looks like Ogawa Makoto. And they’re also both funny girls, whose whole act is based on being tsukkomis. Of course, maybe Mako would’ve have to be way more over the top to match Noro’s level, but in general, I’d say that AKB girls are way more over the top H!P girls anyway…


Kaorin is like Berryz Maiha because they were both cute lolis who were kind of in the background and then graduated to keep studying 😀 Aren’t I the smartest??


Yuka’s voice is a stereophonic orgasm. I think that that makes her a bit like Natsuyaki Miyabi, they’re both great singers and mellow girls with a few little quirks to them


Nattsumii physically looks like Miyabi but she’s already taken so I’ll pick someone else 😀 I think that she’s like Niigaki Risa in that they’re both super nice to others, and super happy whenever they are on stage too!


Hmm… this is really difficult! Sae is such an energetic girl that it’s really hard for me to compare her to anyone in H!P. She’s one of the most over the top personalities in the already over the top AKB. The only one who could match that level of genki-ness and the versatility to fit in any song despite of that is Yaguchi Mari!


OMG! Look it’s the title screen! This stage’s title is: Saishuu Bell ga Naru (The last bell rings)


1. M.A.M.M.O.T.H “Even if the environment changes, more than anyone, it ferociously survives”


This song is the best Stage starter ever IMO. It’s simply full of energy in the fiercest way possible!


OMG Yuko! She’s front and center in this too, and you see, this choreography is full of jumps and fist pumping action, and she’s the best at it, it’s really impressive. (No, I’m not biased at all)


Rock it Erepyon! Well, she isn’t exactly one to rock anything at all, but she really tries her best though…


It’s funny (and adorable) to see Kasai trying so hard, the funny part is that she ends up looking sexy, but not scary at all!


You know, the truth is that, as much as I love this song, I kind of… Don’t get its meaning at all. I’m still unsure about whether it’s a song about global warming or simply a scary one about random mammoth spirits that awoke in order to kill all of mankind. Either way, it could be the next big movie right? 😀


You see, for some reason unbeknownst to me, Erena is the easiest member to cap, so you’ll be seeing a lot of her 😀


Yuuuuukooooo! *dies* Anyway, I like how this song is kind of mysterious sounding even though it does have hints of hip hop or something like that thrown in, it gives off a more dramatic effect.


I really like the costumes too. It looks like a school uniform but with a wild twist to it, because of all the ripped cloths over the skirts. The one thing I don’t like all that much is that some girls are given pant thingies, and while it helps keep a diverse look, it just… well, it kind of looks off to me


Of course, this type of songs is where Sayaka shines the most


Avatar Yuko looks cute in blue! 😀 (Lamest joke ever, I know)


Mochi! I love her hairpiece too, it looks kind of tribal and all!


OMG! Look! It’s almost a Maachan smile! That’s like the rarest item in the pokeworld!


Kaorin! She’s so sweet and adorable, but you know, the best thing about her is that she really tried hard to get in the mood of the song, no matter how hard she might fail at it.


Nontii is a really good dancer, and I’m sure that she’ll do great in SDN. Actually, I want their first stage to be over already so that we can finally take a look at their first stage DVD! 😀


I remember someone once said that whenever Perfume’s Kashiyuka danced, it was amazing because her hair just followed her moves and it looked pretty neat. Well, it’s the same with Tomo~mi, I just always wondered how come it doesn’t bother her? I mean, it’s kind of bothersome to have your hair get in the way, but I’ve never seen her trying to adjust it or put it back or anything…


Ok, this is just weird. WTF is going on there? Sae looks like she just became possessed by one of the killing mammoth ghosts…


Cool formation is cool


OMG! It’s possessed Sae again! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!


Oh Yuko, why are you so cool?


Look at the hair ornament! Isn’t it neat? I want one!


You don’t know how numb by finger got from trying to get the only split second of camera time for poor Naruru 🙁


LOL Mochi looks surprisingly not really into it in this cap XD


Ok, so here’s the thing. I’ll really try my best to finish this one. Just, right now, it’s already midnight and Im falling asleep, so before I write any more nonsense, let’s wrap it up here!

It’s Ranking TIme!!! -AKB Member Version-

Hello people! Sorry about the loooooong absence, but I actualy had something close to a real life until last month, so I just had to sit back and enjoy while it lasted XD

The end of 2009 is coming really soon, and so, here comes the list making season for blogs all over the net! (have you noticed how we bloggers have OCD? Making lists is a compulsion according to many psychiatry studies…)

Here’s my member ranking for 2009, I’ll rank the members according to their old teams until their new stages premier, ok?

Team A


13. Miyazaki Miho; I’ve never been a huge fan of Myao, to be honest. I think that she’s the full package as an idol, she’s determined to reach the top, she’s very pretty, and she’s entertaining as hell with her “unexpectedly tough” gimmick. She just doesn’t do it for me. I think that it’s her slight diva attitude. Sometimes, she looks as if we don’t deserve her in all of her glory, and it isn’t even in a tongue in cheek way, so w/e. I don’t like her voice either, and that’s a big no no for me most of the times.


12. Sato Amina: Oh crap, if I don’t get flamed for not liking Miho, I’m surely going to get slapped for placing Amina so low! I don’t dislike Amina in the slightest, in fact, I quite admire her as a character. She’s worked really hard to get where she is now, and seeing a girl who loves AKB this much is heart warming. She also seems to be very caring about her fellow team mates and whatnot, but still, she’s just not my type of idol. Her ultra high pitched voice is her greatest asset because she knows how to work it, but even still, I don’t really like its timbre. 


11. Nakata Chisato: Chiichan, Chiichan. She used to be my favorite kenkyuusei for a really long time, and then she got promoted and kind of disappeared from the face of the Earth. I think that Chiichan’s biggest problem is that she doesn’t have enough “oomph” to make people instantly spot her and want to root for her, and that’s almost certain to be a downside for an idol. Actually, I want that with the new Team A that fits her gentle personality she is able to show herself more, because she’s really talented and it’s a shame that it doesn’t always show.


10. Maeda Atsuko: How can an AKB fan really hate Acchan? I personally don’t. Especially not ever since I found out that she’s really close to Yuko XD But all kidding aside, I can feel for Acchan, ever since that MC in A5 shounichi where she said that Akimoto had told her to smile all the time because when she didn’t she looked like she didn’t care about anything, I realized that she’s just mostly misunderstood. I think that whenever people accuse her of half assing something, it’s probably just that she’s not all THAT great, objectively speaking, and that is her charm. But of course, not everybody GETS IT. I theoretically do, but she lacks the punch that I like in my idols so she’ll never be a fave. I still enjoy her blog though, it’s the main reason why she ranked here anyway XD


9. Kojima Haruna: Kojiharu is gorgeous as hell and stuff, but she doesn’t do it for me most of the time either. I love how determined she is, and how down to earth and smart she really is under that cover of hers. Also, Yuko seems to have a huge crush on her, so I kind of have to like her too because I’m lame like that XD And for the most part, I do like her, but I think that she’s not a very versatile performer, and that can really lower her level on stage. I think that No3b was the best thing that could’ve happened to her, it suits her style and lets her be the charmer perfect idol she is.


8. Shinoda Mariko: I don’t know about Mariko at all tbh. She’s like one of those girls that I really WANT to love, and she seems to have everything I look for in an idol: She’s goofy, has a good voice and great stage presence, but then in reality, she somehow falls flat for me and I don’t quite know why. What I really like about Mariko (other than the things I just wrote) is the fact that even though she’s really famous on her own, she still really loves AKB and has a lot of fun at it.  I admire her because I thought that she was going to call it quits at the same time Oshima Mai did, but she stayed, and even said in the Budoukan concert that she won’t graduate until she’s 30. 

Maimai's protegee, Reinyan

7. Fujie Reina: Reina’s whole friendship with Mai seemed like a really obvious gimmick to me, what with the re enactments and overly dramatic tone of the whole story, but despite of that, it made me notice her. I used to dislike Reina back when everybody loved her just for her cuteness after her disastrous rendition of HoneHone Waltz, and then, Kuroi Tenshi came around and I was in love. Reina is a solid performer, she has a great voice, and she’s very flexible, which gives her dance moves an elegant look. I just love her, I love how honest she is in her blog too, and I’m totally looking forward to have her in K!!

Now tell me that she doesn't look like a H!P egg or something XD

6. Takajo Aki: For Akicha and me, it was love at first sight. I adored her, she reminded me of the unpolished and huggable Momusu yougsters when they have just joined, she looked really lost, but still smiled and gave her best effort always, and I instantly wanted her to be a star. And Akimoto must’ve heard my prayers because she was promoted to A in record time, and she was given a huge push in following concerts and the such. But I think she wasn’t ready for it, and sometimes she seemed even a bit dumbfounded (her self advertising video was HORRIBLE) and I was disappointed. But right now, she’s become more comfortable with her position as the leader of undergirls and I’m loving her again! 

Spunky fashionista, Tomochin

5. Itano Tomomi: I’ve never been a Tomochin huge huge fan either, but I love her carefree attitude and I love her dancing skills, it just flows when she does it! I’m kind of bummed about her depression issues, as I really worry about such things and I know that it can get pretty bad, and I think that the shuffling announcement didn’t help cheer her up at all, but I really hope that she can find a good side to it…

The lovely troublemaker, Miichan

4. Minegishi Minami: What’s not to love about Miichan? She’s just lots of FUN. And she’s also very talented, I love her sweet little voice, she has decent control, and she’s a really good dancer. I also love how cheeky she allows herself to be! It’s kind of sad that she’s been steadily losing popularity over the years because of the new generation, but hey, I’m still a fan, Miichan! Keep rocking!

All hail Captain Takamina!

3. Takahashi Minami: I think Takamina ranks this high mostly out of respect. I really admire how hard working she is, and how she puts her heart into everything she does, despite of her limitations as a comedienne, she still does MCs, and gets out there to speak in front of everyone, and what’s not to love about that??? If you like AKB, you have got to have a place in your heart for the great Takamina.

Sexy Yukarin!

2. Sato Yukari: Yukarin! OMG I love this girl so much, and nobody ever understands why XD I used to like her even more when Nozofisu was around, I love seeing the 2 airheads just being silly with each other… But right now, I have to say that I love Yukari because she’s sheer attitude. She’s not the prettiest girl around, she’s kind of flat chested and she doesn’t really have a booty, yet she works it like no other in photoshoots and ends up looking really hot, and it’s the same in performances, she’s not a great singer or dancer, but she’s just damn proud of herself for being there and enjoys it fully, I can’t help but love her more everytime I spot her! And I’m going to sorely miss her when she moves to SDN 🙁

The beautiful Unagi Inu XD Kitarie

1. Kitahara Rie: Unexpected choice much? Kitarie is simply my favorite A member as of today. She’s been steadily rising ever since I saw her from the first time, she’s the most gorgeous girl ever. I LOVED her funny bits in AKBINGO as “Unagi Inu” and I also love how hard she works, she always seems to be glowing! To sum it up, I don’t have a real reason why I adore Kitarie, but I just do. So any other statements I might make now are going to be only gush gush gush so let’s leave it like this XD

Team K

The loliest loli to ever loli in loliland XD

15. Oku Manami: I’ll start by saying that I love ALL of the girls in Team K so this ranking was hard as hell! Manami is so adorable, she’s very beautiful and I like her soft voice. I also like how Akimoto thinks that she should be an ace, as she looks like a very trendy person to me. 

The girl with an Angel's Butt (that's actually her catchphrase too...)

14. Kobayashi Kana:Kana is like she goes into on and off mode. Whenever she’s “on” she jokes around, is super lively and entertaining, and the she switches to “off” and you won’t even notice her at all. I don’t like how inconsistent she is as a performer, and her voice tends to go off pitch a lot.

Ex- vampire girl, Umechan

13. Umeda Ayaka: Umechan has stage presence like no others, is an amazing dancer and an adorable dork, but she doesn’t have a lot of oomph to her personality either. I was such a big fan, then I went to watch them live and she was kind of freaked out by me XD Now I can’t really find a reason why I should be in love with her, I do think she’s one of the best performers K has, and I’m glad that they kept her in the team!

Cutest bunny girl, Mochi

12. Kuramochi Asuka: Mocchi is a dear. She’s soft spoken, gentle and very ladylike, which is why she’s getting moved to A XD I love how sultry her voice is, she does wonders with it. Also, am I the only one who thinks that she’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous? She’s right up there in my ranking next to Kitarie <3

Matsubara Natsumi, Natsuyaki Miyabi's older sister

11. Matsubara Natsumi: I’ve always had a soft spot for Nattsumii, and I’m super happy to see that she’s steadily becoming more popular. Also, she’s a very H!P-like idol, which I think was the first quality that drew me to her back when I was a n00b XD. However, like the verse about her in 16 shimai no uta says, she’s too plain, and that hurts her a bit at times.

Yuka, the vocal powerhouse of Team K

10. Masuda Yuka: I adore Yuka’s voice, she’s a star all around. She’s a great dancer, and she’s versatile enough to perform cute songs believably and effortlessly as well as power numbers, which is why I love her so much. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she has a relatively quirky personality. But you know what? Screw all that, the only reason why everybody should love Yuka is because idols like her are born every 1000 years (yeah, I’m stealing Akimoto’s definition of Mayu, so what?). She’s breathtaking on stage, if you won’t take my word for it, go watch her version of Koike, she 0wned everyone’s faces with that (and the whole first shuffle concert, actually XD)

I love this picture of Nacchi XD

9. Sato Natsuki: Nacchi is smart, fun, has a great voice and looks very beautiful. Also, she has a great way with words, she’s unexpectedly entertaining no matter what, I love her MCs, she manages to tell the most random stories in an amusing way! Also, she can eat salad endlessly! Which is a great talent, I’d say XD

Like a beautiful sparkling star, she's a sexy princess with alluring breasts

8. Ohori Megumi: Meetan, the sexy predator of Team K. Of course I rooted for her a lot during her “Kokansetsu” days. What I admire the most out of Megumi is her devotion. She just entirely throws her heart and soul into the things she loves and that’s touching. I also really admire her honesty, she isn’t afraid of looking silly, she’s just incredibly sincere and that is so refreshing! Especially with the “cover up” attitude the idol world usually has…

Chikarina having fun with a skeleton!

7. Chikano Rina: Awww… I’m so sore that she’s getting moved to B! No hate to B, of course, but it breaks my heart how she was a kenkyuusei for like a million years and always wanted to be in K, and when she finally gets her dream, it evades her like this… Anyhow, Chikarina is amazing for the same reasons Kitarie is, more or less. She’s ULTRA happy to be performing in anything and it definitely shows. Of course, she’s more of the “fierce” type instead of Rie’s “cuteness” but still, their determination and happiness are almost equal. I also love Chikarina’s constant gush posts about Team K, she’s such a wota!!! (or AN wota if you’re a grammar crazy person)

That's thumbnail looks all kinds of wrongs... XD

6. Ono Erena: I’ll always state this until proven otherwise: Erena is singlehandedly the prettiest girl in AKB. You may or may not realized it, I personally hadn’t noticed it until I saw her in person. It’s incredible. Ok, now I sound like an L pedobear, but I swear I’m not. I love Erena because I always have. She’s the epitome of cuteness, and she’s a spoiled brat and doesn’t care about it. I love how she’s still super excited about her job, but even with everything that comes with being an idol, she doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap, and with this philosophy she’s beaten up certain AKBINGO guests XD

Tii tii tii - NONTII!

5. Noro Kayo: Nontii is hilarious. She is definitely not afraid to make fun of herself or be goofy, but she’s also really beautiful and talented. I like her dancing style, it’s very powerful and lively! I really wished that she could stay in K, because she really made everyone laugh and stuff, but I’m sure that she has a bright future ahead of her in SDN48 anyway…


4. Miyazawa Sae:  GENKING!!! Sae is incredibly lively an entertaining as an idol, she’s impossible to ignore, and I also think that it’s nearly impossible to dislike a girl like her. She’s just UBER excited about everything, and at times, she looks like she might need a Ritalin XD But in spite of all this, it doesn’t take away from her performances, which are top notch, and I love how she can go from jumping around everywhere to being sexy or emo if the song requires it

Sayaka looking lovely! <3

3. Akimoto Sayaka: Sayaka is one of those girls that people either ADORE or dislike. I can’t possibly understand how anyone could dislike a person as kind and devoted as Sayaka, but I guess some pople don’t look that deep into idols XD I also think that if you haven’t seen Sayaka in person, you might get the wrong impression of her, but the way I see it, she’s one of the girls who truly cares the most about her fans. She’s just incredibly nice and humble when you meet her. Also, there are a LOT more good things about her: She’s incredibly passionate about everything she does, and it really shows in her performances, she’s very funny, she isn’t afraid of being geeky, she has a great voice, she is gorgeous, she speaks english! 😀 There’s so much to like about Sayaka, I’m super excited about her being picked as the captain of Team K, because not only does she deserve it, but she’ll do a fantastic job at that position.

The girliest girl on Earth!

2. Kasai Tomomi: Tomomi-chan has been winning me over through the years. At first I didn’t quite like her because I thought that she looked too emo, but then I realized that it’s just her droopy eyes XD She’s amazing. I mean, she’s just… the only way to describe what I feel about her is that I want to run up to her and just HUG her until she squeals cutely XD I also love her voice, it’s very distictive and it helps balance out the lower voices of K. Also, come on! Just read a bit of her blog, she’s so perplexed and amused by everything and anything, that how could you NOT adore her???

Yuko looking all dreamy and gorgeous :D

1. Oshima Yuko: I’ve written enough about Yuko in this blog and all over the internet, but still, she’s still my number one, and I don’t think that that will ever change. I’m glad to see her growing more and more as a person everyday, and I also like that she’s steadily coming closer to her dreams with her hard work.

Team B

The cute and dorky Chris

14. Nakatsuka Tomomi: I still don’t understand why this girl was promoted, it perplexes me. I don’t hate her or dislike her or anything, but I can’t see what’s so great about her. This girl makes me worried because she’s on Team K now, I don’t understand why they shuffled her there anyway… She should’ve stayed in B, where her quirky dorkiness could’ve worked for the best

Harugon looking cute in her Kanpeki costume!

13. Nakagawa Haruka: I’ve always had plenty of issues with Harugon, mainly the fact that her voice sounds flat 90% of the time, but also the fact that lately, she’s barely noticeable on stage. When she first joined Team B at least she was lively and kind of quirky but right now, I just see nothing there…. She’s still gorgeous though XD

Momoko look alike XD

12. Kohara Haruka: Kohara just graduated didn’t she? I didn’t understand that at all. I think she was moved to K, then to SDN and she finally left for good or somthing, but I might be wrong. I loved Kohara at first, and I thought that she was perfect for Team A, as she’s cute, pretty and has a sweet voice, but then they placed her in B and nothing made sense anymore. She never seemed to be all that tight with her team mates, and she looked kind of awkward sometimes among the young girls of B…

Here's Moeno looking sporty!

11. Nito Moeno: Here’s another girl who’s been REALLY pushed beyond her popularity and I can’t really see why sometimes. She’s a good dancer, she’s a good singer, but… What else is there to Moeno? I don’t see it really, she’s kind of a mystery to me like that. I have no idea what her personality is like, or who she hangs out with or any of those background tips that mek you endeared. 

Crack queen extraordinaire!

10. Hirajima Natsumi: Nacchan the great! I love how keen Akimoto was when he moved her to B, where her real crack personality started to show, and she became a very important part of the team, so much that she was one of the only 3 girls who were able to remain in the team. That said, I have a bit of an issue with her, and that is that she has very little control of her voice, and she can start shouting her lines when singing at times, which does bother me a bit because I’m absurd and expect idols to sing in a good way XD But still, even with that little problem, I still think that she’s one of AKB’s greatest members, she’s really entertaining and I love how she’s always having fun with everything!

Ayanami cosplay!!!! :D :D

9.  Tanabe Miku: I like Tanamin, she’s beautiful, powerful and she’s the best dancer ever. I liked her better with long hair though, it makes her look so elegant! I’m super excited to see her in Team K, because I know that she’s a hard worker, and I hope that she gets a chance to shine there. I also admire how determined she is because even though she was always a background character in Team B, with no solo lines or anything, she decided to stay there and do her best no matter what, and I really like that about her!

Cheerleader Yonechan

8. Yonezawa Rumi: Yonechan is a happy girl, right? She’s just infectiously happy, so to speak, and I love that about her, but the other thing I really like is that she’s very versatile as a performer, she’s incredibly cute whenever she needs to be, but she can also be super sexy, or look quite strong. I like her voice a lot too, and it’s really funny to hear the contrast between her high pitched speaking voice and her singing voice!

Mayuyu the cyborg girl

7. Watanabe Mayu: Mayuyu is a perfect idol. She’s incredibly cute, and she sings in an impossibly high pitched squee. Even though this is true, I like her because she gives her best effort all the time, so she manages to be unexpectedly good in various types of songs.

Click on the picture so that you can see Cindy's tiara!!! XD

6. Urano Kazumi: Cindy is crack, and of the very good variety XD It was really amusing to see her interact with her fellow Team B members because the age gap gave room for a lot of funny situations. Also, I love how she managed to go from being one of the most obscure A members to become the leader of Team B. It’s kind of stupid to see that she’s getting transfered to SDN, because she was the perfect girl to continue leading Team B and even to assemble a brand new one and still make it fun. What a shame…

Sports version Lovetan!

5. Ohta Aika: Aika is unexpectedly aggressive and mean, which I love. I also really liked her rivalry with Mayuyu, it was great for comedic purposes, and those 2 just look super adorable together. It’s sad that she’s getting moved to Team A, because she’ll probably get out shined there, but hopefully she’ll take it as an opportunity to grow up as a performer!

Sasshi the wota

4. Sashihara Rino: Sasshi is hilarious, even the way she speaks. She’s also really beautiful, and a very hard working girl and polished performer. But I especially love her quirky personality, there’s so much about her that I really think will go to waste in a Team like A, where the girls are all striving to be perfect one way or another… Poor fun-loving random Sasshi…

Wheather girl Yukirin!

3. Kashiwagi Yuki: Yukirin was a favorite the first time she opened her mouth and sang. I love her voice, it’s really clear and soothing. I’m wondering if she’s going to be a good captain, I mean, I love her and she’s a key member of her team, but… she doesn’t seem to have the super strong personality the other captains have XD. 

Awww... That smile can definitely melt hearts!

2. Nakaya Sayaka: I love Nakayan because I love the underdogs, and she’s the quintessential background girl. I want to root for her because I can’t understand why she has so little fans, she’s incredibly cute and has a homey feeling to her that reminds me a bit of Nakanishi Rina’s, and she’s also really talented, she’s a very good singer, and she’s also good at dancing, so why do people shun her like that U_U I think the main reason why people don’t care about her is because she’s a quiet girl, she’s not over the top at all, but people should try to notice her in all of her various units, also, whenever she subs for a member, she’s very good at that too! Please try to notice Nakayan a bit, ok? 

Haachan the sexy girl of B!

1. Katayama Haruka: Haachan, on the other hand, is the opposite. She’s all about attitude, she’s super confident too, which makes her a great performer and gives all of her performances a sexy edge to them. Also, THE VOICE. OMG, she’s just SUCH a good singer. If she ever sang a duet with Yuka I would literally die out of awesomeness 😀

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