The AX 2010 Tracklist>

Hi people! Here’s the tracklist  of the latest AKB48 Shibuya AX Concert Request Hour Set List Best 100 (LOL what a long title…). I’ll make a few comments on some of the songs, and I got all of this info from Stage48 so credit goes to them entirely.

100 – ↓38 – A4 – 7時12分の初恋 (7 Ji 12 Fun no Hatsukoi) –> I think that this was the return of the A graduates. Kinda sad that it’s No. 100 now… 
99 – ↓29 – A2 – 涙の湘南 (Namida no Shounan ) –> MAIMAI!!! Yeah. I love this song so much, I don’t care it’s 99, I’m just so happy it’s there anyway!!
98 – ↓85 – A3 – 小池 (Koike) –> LOL Quintessential rebound song AKB version 😀
97 – ↓30 – K4 – 回遊魚のキャパシティ (Kaiyuugyo no Capacity) –> My favorite group song from K4 <3 <3 <3
96 – ↓49 – A4 – ただいま恋愛中 (Tadaima Renaichuu) –> And my favorite song from A4! Yayness! This one was performed by the kenkyuuseis, I think
94 – ↓82 – H1 – 僕の太陽 (Boku no Taiyou) –> I actually like this single, even though everyone else hates it <3
94 – ↓93 – H1 – ヒグラシノコイ (Higurashi no Koi) –> I expect it to be sung live, like it has in previous versions. Yuka = So much love
93 – 初 – A5 – 真夏のクリスマスローズ (Manatsu no Christmas Rose) –> Uh… I don’t like this song at all. Sad because I love Chiichan, Mariko and Yukari. Who is the 4th member anyway? Have they decided on it yet? XD
92 – 初 – S2 – Glory days –> I expected this to be a LOT higher due to Jurina being in it…
91 – 初 – A5 – JK眠り姫 (JK Nnemurihime)  –> Meh. 
90 – ↑97 – K3 – 脳内パラダイス (Nounai Paradise) –> ONETWOTHREEFOURABCD LOL This song wins at life.
89 – 初 – N3 – Girl’s talk (ノースリーブス)  –> Good to see no3b doing well
88 – ↓62 – A2 – ガラスの I LOVE YOU (Glass no I LOVE YOU) –> Oh God, please, make them stop singing this!
87 – 初 – B4 – そばかすのキッス (Sobakasu no Kiss) –> Wtf? Japanese fans sure are different from western fans when it comes to their taste in songs XD I happen to love this one too though 😛
86 – 初 – S2 – チャイムはラブソング (Chime wa LOVE SONG) –> I seriously don’t want to hear this anymore either. It’s been overplayed to death
85 – 初 – B4 – アイドルの夜明け (Idol no Yoake) –> Marching band!!! So amazing <3
83 – ↓42 – K4 – ごめんねジュエル (Gomen ne Jewel) –> Umeda performed instead of Yuko 🙁 I love Ume, but come one! This is a Yuko unit that I absolutely adore!!!
83 – ↓15 – H2 – confession –> And Yuko was here instead. I like sexy Yuko, but I prefer to see her in Jewel. I think they placed her here because she’s in Majisuka nad has to look cool, because Amina has become the staple performer in this unit otherwise…
80 – ↓39 – H2 – 夢を死なせるわけにいかない (Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai) –> YumeShina!!! I really like this song. Glad it made it!
80 – ↓21 – H1 – 向日葵 (Himawari) –> No Maimai, I’d guess…
80 – 初 – K3 – くるくるぱー (Kurukurupaa) –> LOL Kana got her wish granted XD Glad tos ee the K graduates come back
79 – 初 – A5 – スコールの間に (Squall no Aida ni) –> Umbrellas. And that’s pretty much it…
78 – ↑89 – A1 – スカートひらり (Skirt Hirari) –> Senbatsu version (not original senbatsu though) I’ve seen it 678999 times already
77 – ↓59 – K4 – 16人姉妹の歌 (16nin Shimai no Uta) –> THIS. It’s the best Team K song to ever be performed at AX!
76 – ↓51 – H1 – RUN RUN RUN –> I’ve always had a special little place in my heart for this one. Although it isn’t that special.

75 – 初 – A5 – 君に会うたび恋をする (Kimi ni au Tabi Koi wo Suru) –> LOLZ @ the haters. I adore this song, so glad it made it high in the list :3
74 – ↓45 – K3 – 君はペガサス (Kimi wa Pegasus) –> Yay! Pegasus!! It’s never lost it’s cool prince-ness XD
73 – ↓52 – A3 – 誰かのために -What can I do for someone- (Dareka no Tame ni -What can I do for someone-) –> Uhh… For old time’s sake?
72 – ↓12 – H2 – 記憶のジレンマ (Kioku no Dilemma) –> Asuka and Natsumi version. This makes this unit a non-Team K members unit now. Weird.
71 – 初 – A5 – 長い光 (Nagai Hikari) –> Cute song.
70 – 初 – C/W – 白いチューリップ [from 渡り廊下走り隊 2nd single] (Shiroi Tulip) –> No idea. I’ve never listened to it *runs to listen to all Watarirouka B sides*
69 – 初 – B4 – タンポポの決心 (Tanpopo no Kesshin) –> Ahh!! I love this song!! And that makes me certain that most fans hate it in this side of the world XD
67 – 初 – C/W – 飛べないアゲハチョウ [from AKB48 13th single] –> OMG!!! Tobenai!! Such an awesome song!!! I’m ultra happy it got here!!!
67 – ↓23 – B3 – ワッショイB!(Wasshoi B!) –> AIKYOU SAIKYOU or whatever. This song is epic.
66 – 初 – B4 – みなさんもご一緒に (Minnasan mo go Issho ni) –> Team B attack!
65 – 初 – SG – 初恋ダッシュ [渡り廊下走り隊 1st single] (Hatsukoi Dash ) –> I’m glad to see Watarirouka owning so much, they’re a great group!
64 – 初 – SG – やる気花火 – [渡り廊下走り隊 2nd single] (Yaruki Hanabi) –> I want to see the transition between all of this Team B madness though XD
63 初 – SG – チューしようぜ [AKB48 + Idoling!!!] (Chuu Shiyouze!) –> AISHITERU AISHITERU! All AKB version! And I think I saw Chikarina here!
62 ↓11 – K4 – おしべとめしべと夜の蝶々 (Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou) –> Talk about a huge drop -_- Casual fans definitely made this year’s AX a lot more… Interesting…
61 – 初 – — クリスマスプレゼント [no3b] (Christmas Present) –> My least favorite Persona song, but still, amazing!
60 – ↓44 – H2 – Bye Bye Bye  –> I’m sick of hearing this song already. But it’s a nice position because no3b can sing the 2 songs in a row
59 – 初 – K5 – 抱きしめられたら (Dakishimeraretara) –> OMG!! I adore this song completely! It has some of the most coherent lyrics I’ve ever heard in an idol song XD
58 – 初 – S2 – ウィンブルドンへ連れていって (Wimbledon e Tsureteitte) –> No Tsukina, but Jurina XD I knew she couldn’t be stuck in such a low position 😛
56 – 初 – K5 – わがままな流れ星 (Wagamama na Nagareboshi) –> Yay! This might be my second favorite duet (fave is Haru ga Kuru Made, which is nowhere to be seen ofc -_-)
56 – ↑96 – H1 – 竹内先輩 (Takeuchi Senpai) –> Classic. You can’t not like this song.
54 – ↓35 – A2 – 渚のCHERRY (Nagisa no CHERRY)  –> Acchan fest!
54 – 初 – K5 – 虫のバラード (Mushi no Ballad) –> Sayaka Solo!!! ;_; So glad it made it ;_;
53 – 初 – N1 – 誘惑のガーター – [SDN48] (Yuuwaku no Garter) –> Yay! I finally get to see sexy Yukarin!
52 – ↓50 – K2 – BLUE ROSE –> There’s not much that hasn’t been said about Blue Rose already…
51 – 初 – SG – 強き者よ [SKE48 1st single] (Tsuyokimono Yo) –> OMG! Best single ever! Epicness.

50 – ↓8 – Chocolove – 明日は明日の君が生まれる (Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umareru) –> No Rina 🙁
48 – ↓41 – SG – 夕陽を見ているか (Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka) –> LOL Another single western fans love to hate on. I don’t like it that much either.
48 – ↓16 – K4 – 支え (Sasae) –> WE ARE THE TEAM K!!! Oh wait, wrong song XD But kinda like that anyway though…
47 – ↓7 – K3 – MARIA –> This song needs no description. It just owns so much.
46 – ↓9 – B4 – 純情主義 (Junjou Shugi) –> Yay! Haachan love! <3
45 – ↓27 – K2 – 禁じられた2人 (Kinjirareta Futari) –> The classic lesbian ballad XD
44 – 初 – A5 – AKB參上! (AKB Sanjou!) –> Most played song in my iTunes! It really is a great anthem for AKB
42 – ↑68 – A1 – Dear My Teacher –> I wonder what was the lineup? Probably the current Team A…
41 – 初 – K5 – 逆上がり (Saka Agari) –> K5 is pretty much unloved XD Only the units made it, and then, not even all of them did ;_; I’m glad the title song got a decent positin, everyone hates it, but I think it’s great
40 – ↓17 – A5 – 戀愛禁止條例 (Renai Kinshi Jourei) –> Title song from A5… Not a fave of mine…
39 – ↓19 – SG – Bingo –> BINGO is such a good single! 
38 – 初 – B4 – 愛しきナターシャ (Itoshiki Natasha) –> Cue crazy headbanging.  Team Karyudo FTW!!!
37 – ↓25 – K3 – 草原の奇跡 (Sougen no Kiseki) –> With Sayaka solo lines please :3
36 – ↑46 – H2 – となりのバナナ (Tonari no Banana) –> Whoa, Banana is actually going up instead of down! Tomomi was right! They’ll be No. one in 3 years! LOL
35 – ↓13 – A4 – 純愛のクレッシェンド (Junai no Crescendo) –> Awesome song is always awesome.
34 – ↓5 – K4 – 最終ベルが鳴る (Saishuu Bell ga Naru) –> Saishuu Bell dropped a lot 🙁
33 – ↓6 – B3 – パジャマドライブ (Pajama Drive) –> One of the best unit songs.
32 – ↓10 – SG – 桜の花びらたち (Sakura no Hanabiratachi) –> Performed by the new Team A line up, if I’m not mistaken.
31 – 初 – S2 – 雨のピアニスト (Ame no Pianist) –> Definitely deserving of its position. I don’t know who subbed for Moe though…
30 – 初 – SG – ナットウエンジェル (Nattou Angel) –> LOLZ I had no idea!!! XD This song is hilarious! 
29 – 初 – A5 – ひこうき雲 (Hikougigumo) –> Theater girls or Team A? I wonder who performed… My money is on team A of course *rolls eyes*
28 – 初 – SG – タネ (no3b – Tane) –> I like this song, it sounds happy but it’s about breaking up with someone 🙁
27 – 初 – S2 – 手をつなぎながら (Te wo Tsunaginagara) –> Whoa unexpected. Kinda. Well, it’s not a bad song…
26 – 初 – C/W – FIRST LOVE –> OMG. I didn’t think Erepyon’s solo would end up so high! It’s truly one of the most beautiful AKB songs IMO, so I’m glad it got high enough (this song makes me sad though…)

25 – kuroi tenshi (takajo,maeda,fujie) /full/ [A5] –> Welp. That was completely expected
24 – kodoku na runner /full/ [SDN1] –> Glad to see another SDN song make it!! I’m so excited!! If we had LOD’s of their stages, I’m sure they’d become my favorite *48 group 😀 😀

23 – tenshi no shippo (nakatsuka,oota,nakaya) [B3] –> Nakayan power! 

22 – kataomoi no taikakusen (nito,komori,yonezawa) [B4] –> Weird to see it so high, but it’s a really good song anyway. I don’t understand Moeno’s popularity though. Sometimes she shoots right up, and then in the election she didn’t make it to the undergirls even…
21 – aitakatta (shuffle) [A2] [B2] [KII1] [MAXI —> We all know Aitakatta by now I’d hope

20 – ENDROLL (umeda,noro,oshima,matsubara) [K5] –> Yay! Yuko unit! 😀 This song I think has also quite coherent lyrics for an idol song XD You know, I think people didn’t like K5 because it wasn’t very Idoly. It sounded more mainstream, I think

18 – relax! (no3b) [MAXI] –> No3b keeps succeeding 😀 (2 songs are No. 18 because they were tied)
18 – only today [A4] [c/w] –> Always a fan favorite. I learned to love it a lot through my years as an AKB fan…
17 – zannen shoujo (nakatsuka,watanabe,uchida) [B4] –> Mayuyu unit, ofc. Very cool.
16 – kuchi utsushi no chocolate (kashiwagi,hirajima,oota) [B4] –> Yay for pervyness! 

15 – korogaru ishi ni nare [K2] –> I’m so glad it made it to Top 20 at least… I really wanted the girls of Team K to sing this together for the last time…
14 – tsundere! (sato a,itano,kitahara) [A5] –> Definitely one of the best units in latest stages.

13 – baby! baby! baby! [DIGI] –> Now THIS is weird. It didn’t even rank that high the year it was released!
12 – temodemo no namida (kashiwagi,takajo) [B3] –> It’s completely lame to not bring Mikachii back, and especially, to replace her with a girl that isn’t in Team B. I love Akicha as much as anyone else, but this is just wrong.

11 – nakinagara hohoen de (oshima solo) [K3] –> YUKO > ALL.
10 – BIRD (shinoda,takahashi,miyazawa) [A3] –> Sae instead of Maimai? I’ll take what I can, but… Maimai…
*9 – 3 seconds (persona) [soundtrack]  –> This song is epicness. I love the boyband look too XD
*8 – shonichi [B3] [c/w] –> We know Shonichi too, right? It’s been a B side of 2 different singles already…
*7 – heart gata virus (kojima,kitahara,takajo) /kojima speech ver./ [A5] –> I’m sure that almost 60% of the people who voted for this song wanted Maimai back. It sucks that she was only in Namida no Shounan at 99 position, when she had this song in the top 10 for her. Meh.
*6 – namida surprise [MAXI] –> I can’t get to like this single. I guess I never will…
*5 – RIVER [MAXI] –> LOL Theater fans hated RIVER I heard, but then I guess casual fans pushed it this far XD
*4 – oogoe diamond [A5] [S1] [MAXI] –> Diamond is such a good song!
*3 – 10 nen zakura [MAXI] –> Unexpected. I had no idea 10nen Zakura was so important. Maybe there’s hope for SakuShio
*2 – kimi no koto ga suki dakara [c/w] –> What. the. flying. fuck. LOL. This song is so… unremarkable in many many ways… But I guess that’s the way people like their songs, girly, cute and with sunny PVs.
*1 – iiwake maybe [MAXI] –> My favorite single of 2009 hands down. I concur with the masses who voted it No. 1.

yeah I’m to lazy to edit them so that they look all nice and samey, so w/e 😛 I’ll re edit whenever S48 has made the top 25 pretty like the rest of the list 😛

So yeah… My favorite AKB song wasn’t in the ranking… Sucks to be me XD

Also, my favorite Team (which is K, BTW)only had 19 songs in the ranking.

Oh well, maybe I’ll have better luck next time? Or… I don’t know, maybe next time I just won’t care, let’s see how this evolves…

Team S Second Stage “Te wo tsunaginagara” Review pt. 2

Hi people! First of all, I have to get something off my chest, so here goes:

If anything I’ve ever written in this blog or anywhere around the internet has ever offended any of you in any possible way, I apologize. 🙂 I’m trying to become a more sensible and peaceful person, so please forgive me if I’ve said anything inappropriate. I mean it in the most honest way. 🙂

Ok, now, let’s move on to the things we love! AKB48 and SKE48! Wheeee! But first, OMG have you watched the Sakura no Shiori full PV? It’s so pretty *__* I’m loving the single so much already! If you want to check it out, it’s upped at H!O.

Today, I’ll do a brief track by track review of S2 (although I really should be reading about Kawasaki’s disease XD) Also, the translations are made by me, so they’re nowhere near accurate XD They’re just supposed to give you an idea of what the song’s about anyway

1. Bokura no Kaze “The birds are flying freely towards a new horizon”


The opening song of B2 is a standard cheery idol song. Pure pop, complete with cute lyrics about overcoming obstacles in your life and how you have friends who help you out with everything always and stuff like that. It does sound a tad bit generic, though, so it’s not really a favorite of mine, however, I do appreciate the fact that it’s an upbeat number, and has a nice jumpy choreography that really showcases the high energy level of Team S’s girls. Also, tambourines! OMG I love them!

2. Mango no. 2 “Fast, fast, I want to become an adult! I want to throw away my sneakers and wear big high heels”


This song begins with Jurina saying “Uuuuhhh Mango number twoooo—” and then the girls come out and GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS, it’s actually mambo! LOLOL I love it when AKB (or SKE) have latin sounding music! It makes for great danceable numbers, and I also really really enjoy them because, well, this is the music I grew up with. So yeah, I’m in love with this cute little mambo number! The tempo is kind of slowed down though, but it still makes for a super cute choreography! And I also love the lyrics about wanting to grow up fast :3 I don’t know why though… Maybe I can relate to that feeling, because all the people around me were always older than me XD

3. Chime wa Love Song “The school chime is a love song, a dear melody to me”


This song has been way overplayed already. Whenever SKE appears anywhere this is the song they sing, but of course, it’s because it’s actually a very idol-y song, about a girl who looks through her classroom window at her crush so whenever the school chime rings she is happy because she can see him if only for a bit. Yeah, those lyrics are lame unless you’re like 14, but whatever. IT has just the right measure of energy and cute dance steps to make it catchy. It’s not a favorite of mine, though. I don’t understand why didn’t they give this awesome (albeit a little too colorful outfits to the more tropical Mango No. 2 but w/e)

4. Te wo Tsunaginagara “Under the gate where cherry blossoms bloom, while I’m feeling nervous, pushed by the spring breeze, it’s the first day of school”


Yay! Rika-chan screencap FTW <3 Anyway, the title song, is a very energetic one, albeit a little generic. However, it has a nice melody and it has parts where the audience can scream “HEY HEY HEY” along with them, so fans always like that kind of stuff XD My only complain about this one is the fact that it sounds too similar to CHIME sometimes, so yeah. But even though it might not be musically awesome, it’s pretty nice to watch the girls perform this, they are super happy and interact with each other cutely 😀

5. GLORY DAYS “every day, everytime, I’m living today as well”


This is Jurina’s unit from S2, where she sings along with Kuwabara Mizuki (left) and Nakanishi Yuuka (right). This is the dance unit in this stage hands down, and although I didn’t really like it at first because it’s all over the place, music wise, I like the reggae feel it has at some points 😀 Also, the dancing! OMG! These girls move around so much that I had to put my video player in slow motion in order to take screencaps of them, it was insane! I also don’t get why Kuwabara ended up so low in the general AKB/SKE ranking this year, she’s a really really good dancer, and that should count for something 🙁 Not a fan of the hats or the feather boas, but they make it work surprisingly well!

6. Kono Mune no Barcode “I only want the security camera to shoot the proof of the fact that I came here”


The songs so far have been either kiddie stuff, or bright cheery songs about “be happy, you’ll never be alone”. This is the first grown up song, with a moody tune and lonely lyrics about… well… shopping in a convenience store? XD Akimoto is at least original in his lyrics, I give him that XD This song compares love with things like “being read by a register machine” hence, the barcode in the lyrics. I especially like the line about the security camera because WTF? Who thinks of that when you say “break up song” Also, I used to love the outfits way more than I do now, the non-Aki girls (That’s Deguchi Aki in the screencap, BTW, the other girls in the unit are Ono Haruka and Takada Shiori) used to wear a really cute and stylish stewardess like little hat, and I really can’t understand why it was replaced with these random yellow things. I love this song, the music sounds even a bit soulful XD If such adjective can be used to describe idol music… And the vocals by the 3 of them are flawless and not grating in the least! Definitely a favorite.

7. Wimbledon he tsureteitte “Your sunburnt skin is surely a gift from the sun, right?”


And here comes the loli unit of S2! featuring Yagami Kumi (blue), Takai Tsukina (pink) and Mori Sayuki (yellow). This unit is pure idol pop in all is glory, classically made, completed by puffy dresses and ribbons and lace everywhere! These dresses are absolutely adorable as far as I’m concerned, I love them! Of course, the lyrics are kind of lame, but whatever! We’re not into idols for their lyrics most of the time anyway (except if you’re a trascendental weirdo like me…) The reason why I like this song the most is because its lyrics remind me of “Suki yo Captain” another Jpop song I really like. It’s a cute unit, to sum it all up.

8. Ame no Pianist “The pianist rain softly plays a Chopin farewell song I know”


This was the first song that made the SKE non-fans pay attention to the group. It’s kind of cheesy, but so amazing! XD Kind of like a guilty pleasure of sorts XD The girls are decked in Moulin Rouge-esque outfits, and they sing this sad break up song. The most remarkable part is the choreography, which is very intense, and goes along with the piano background really well. The girls in this unit are Yamashita Moe (left) Matsui Rena (center) and Matsushita Yui (right). Most improved mention goes to Rena, who manages to own this song as a lead, even though her vocals in her previous unit, Classmate weren’t as smooth as here. Rena is so hardworking <3

9. Choco no Yukue “Hey, tell me about the whereabouts of that love, did it end up in your tummy?”


OMG! Rika-chan unit!!! Yay!! <3 This unit is a completely cute song, about a girl who made Valentine’s chocolates for her crush and then leaves them in his locker but forgets to put a card with her name on it XD I think the comparison of love = chocolate is really cute and idoly. And I really like that line about the girl wondering if her love ended up in the guy’s tummy XD It’s all so cute! The girls in this unit are Hirata Rikako, Oya Masana, Hiramatsu Kanako and Shinkai Rina 😀

10. INNOCENCE “Before you take off my uniform, tell me that you love me once more”


Of course, me being the huge pervert I am, this is my favorite song of the stage, It’s a really sultry song about a girl who’s going to lose her virginity, and the part I like the most is that *48 decided to be politically correct for once and the only girls who get lines in this are the legal ones 😀 Yay! Because, no offense to the lolis, but I like older idols a bit more *shrugs* This song sounds amazing thanks to the fact that all the solo lines are given to girls who can really sing 😀

11. ROMANCE ROCKET “In a romance rocket, just the 2 of us, we’ll travel to the farthest ends of the galaxy!”


The only words that come to mind whenever I think of this song are “Weird and Bouncy” this sounds borderline denpa even XD And the chorus has some really catchy rhythm that I’m sure I’ve heard elsewhere before. It works though, and I like aliens, I think they’re cute, so I like songs that feature them as a main subject 😀 This song is really really weird though, in a cute way but… yeah, insanity. The male “Oh yeahs” can be annoying after a while though. Another guilty pleasure here XD

12. Koi no Teikoku to Taisaku Oshiete “Nobody has noticed, but behind his glasses, he has round eyes, and if he cut his hair, he might even become cool”


This song makes me happy for no reason whatsoever XD It’s a cutesy song about a girl who falls in love with a geek 😀 It reminds me a lot of a mix between Ki ni Naru Tenkousei and Heart Gata Virus 😀 But music wise, it’s a bit like Doku Ringo wo Tabesasete, in that the girls sing a solo line and then another girl says something cute like “KAWAII!” or something like that. It’s hard to explain. I just love this song <3

13. Daisuki “No matter what hard things might happen, it’s going to be ok from now on”


Oh, how I love this song. There aren’t words to express it. This song really made me cry the first time I listened to it. And I hadn’t cried about an idol song for like years. Seriously. I can’t even remember the last time I did. This song is kind of a ballad, slow paced and very pretty. I love the lyrics, although they are really generic about loving someone and being there for them. Also, the white dresses are so pretty.

14. Rope no Yuujou “The friendship rope, while it’s tied, we can go together to paradise or anywhere we want”


This is the first rocking song of the stage, and it’s really nice. I’m a bit fed up with the lyrics about friends, it’s like “Yeah, I get it, friends are nice, now STOP IT!” Ugh. But, other than that, the outfits are incredibly fierce, and military inspired. And they also have props! Yay! They use a rope to symbolize friendship and have an interesting choreography to showcase it. Yeah, you kind of have to watch it to get it though, but I like the music a lot. I wish Team K gets similar songs in their latest stage ;_;

15.  Kayoubi no Yoru Suiyoubi no Asa “The me who cries too much, cries until the morning comes, because I can’t open the door”


This song is SO good. It’s not even funny. I was seriously converted into a fan when it started playing. The music is incredibly catchy and dramatic, and the macarena-like choreography works surprisingly well, although I was expecting headbanging here XD As always emo lyrics are popular within Akimoto’s works, this one is no exception but just… wow… it’s a really good song, by all standards.

16. Tooku ni Itemo 


I haven’t even bothered to listen to this song paying attention to what it says. It’s just a boring ballad, but almost every stage has one of its own, so it’s ok. 


S2 is a great stage, I highly recommend it even for people who don’t like Matsui Jurina, she’s not all over the place in this, and the girls from S2 are very charismatic and talented, it’s a stage that you will definitely enjoy, one of the best in AKB history IMO!

I JUST HAD AN EPIPHANY!!!! (aka. OMG I’m getting old D:D:D:)

You know, with everyone in the H!P fan world praising Aibon (after ditching her for her scandals and PBs *shrugs*) because she said that AKB was nowhere as good as H!P is, I had an epiphany!! It was simply triggered in my brain!!!!

EDIT: No need to curse all that much in the blog *seatdrop* See, I got carried away because sadly, IRL I curse like a pirate XD

Here’s how my thought process went: 


2. That’s not really classy of her to say, especially when AKB girls are all super humble, and there are quite a few of MM fans in the group, who openly admit it and gush about their favorite idols! And even the girls who aren’t fans, they always refer to MM as their “big and important senpai” looking up to them and stuff. They’ve NEVER EVER claimed that they were even a competition against H!P in any way…

3. You know what? I don’t give a fuck. H!P could be the best thing in the music world, music and performance wise, I’d still stick with AKB songs because…. I’M TOO OLD FOR H!P!!!

Ok, now before I get flamed like crazy, allow me to explain myself:

I know that there are fans of H!P who are WAY older than me, and of course, fans of AKB who are younger than me too. (I’m 22, BTW) but the truth is that I’m a straight girl, I don’t like watching girls in my daily life, and the only reason why I watch these particular girls is because I like their songs, and I feel like I can relate to them somehow. (and that’s why I watch their idol DVDs too, of course *whistle*)

now, you might ask wtf does this have to do with anything? Well, I used to be a very mentally innocent person when it comes to love, so I adored Berryz songs, and (believe it or not) their lyrics too. It’s just like Ray wrote not so long ago, some people think that music is a trascendental thing, like finding a BGM for your life and everything that happens in it, well, I’m like that exactly.

So, back in the day, whenever my bf didn’t call me for days I always blasted Gocchin’s “Yokohama Shinkirou” in rebound mode or something like that. And of course, the first date was actually me humming “Tanoshii na lalalala Tanoshii na Hora! DEETO wa tanoshii na”

But then…

Well, let’s just leave the details out and say that a few years went by, and I grew up while H!P just became disturbingly younger and younger every time (disturbing for my life BGM purposes I mean XD). And, also, Koharu happened. With her sugar high songs with random instrumentals and derailed smile in her PVS and I went “Uh… not really my thing”

And while this might ruin my net reputation forever (like I have one LOL) I just have to accept the truth, I’d much rather listen to lyrics like “We fell in love like a roller coaster, our skins longing for each other, we dreamt a fleeting dream” than a song about a Bus Guide (really, honestly, I truly did love Berryz so much, but then I sort of… can’t relate to such songs anymore!) So yeah, you’re getting this kinda right, I grew up and then I didn’t care about Amulet Eggs people or something like that it’s like “Omg they’re 9 kthxbai”

So yeah, the next point you’ll say is “AKB has lolis too! And of course, innocent songs as well!!! WTF is wrong with you, you bitch???” and I’ll say: Yeah, but not quite. I don’t like the AKB lolis for the most part, and the vast majority of my favorite AKB members are over 18… and while sometimes I do hum GARASU no I Love you to myself, I’d rather hum “Junai no Crescendo” LOLOL

I also have to point out a funny thing that happened to me that made me realize why I might have given up on H!P, randomly, Abe Natsumi and Yajima Maimi’s duet “16sai no koi nante” started playing and, while paying attention to the lyrics, I could totally relate to EVERYTHING Nacchi was saying, shaking my head at Maimi’s naive lines. So I thought “Damn, I’m elder club fan material… Now it’s really for sure!!!” XD XD XD Ahhh… growing up sucks D:

To sum this up, as it’s always been the case, it IS a matter of liking one thing or the other, but for me, and around the time AKB48 was actually created, I wanted to listen to something a bit more grown up lyrics wise. 

Please keep in mind that not all of us girls want to listen to STRAWBERYY PIE AYAYAYAYAYAYAIIII FOR MAI DAAARIN!!! all the time… *shrugs* And this of course, doesn’t mean that I think AKB lyrics have a mystical and philosophical depth unbeknownst to man kind prior to their existence, because, come on, these girls have sung about ALL of the freaking bones in the human body! It’s just… I like their lyrics more and that’s it. 😛

So if in your mind AKB = slutty

in mine H!P = teen love

They go together sometimes yeah, but that’s a whole other post and for a whole different kind of media that’s not exactly this blog XD

SKE48 Team S Second Stage “Te wo Tsunainagara”

Hello people! Here’s my mini review of SKE48’s Team S second stage DVD! I think that some people might be shunning SKE thinking that they are a subpar spinoff of AKB48, but I wanted to show people, both old fans and new, how much I love this team, and how incredibly talented and hard working they are! This new generation of idols are all stars! Starting from the miracle child, Matsui Jurina, the face of SKE48



Well, I don’t know much about Masana, she’s quite pretty, and I get an “Invisible frontgirl” vibe from her. By that I mean that somehow I feel like she’s getting a small push by the management, because she’s in the front in quite a number of songs, and she’s the lead in Choco no Yukue, her unit. I don’t really know about it, though, it’s just… a kind of Kobayashi Kana-esque feel, in that they’re both given some extra lines and close ups even if they aren’t senbatsu



Haruka looks very different in pics than the image she projects on stage. I mean, she has this super cute set of fangs (like Nono’s XD), so whenever she grins, she gives out the vibe of being a cute and bouncy kid, but don’t be fooled! IRL she’s like that, but when she performs, this girl is fierce! She has one of the most powerful voices of Team S, and she’s also a great dancer. The best part is her whole attitude, she exudes such self confidence that she just makes you look at her! Definitely a favorite of mine!



Mizuki’s talent makes her outshine some of her more famous team mates sometimes XD She’s an incredibly good dancer, even in Team S, where many girls like Jurina, Kuumin, Yuka or Moe excel. She’s always super energetic, and she moves her body in ways that I can’t quite comprehend yet. I have to analyze the tsuyokimonoyo PV more, but in this stage performance of the first SKE single she’s in the center most of the time with the Matsui stars. That means that she’s an almost senbatsu! Wow!


You know, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I think that RIna is a lot like Kojima Haruna *puts on flamesuit* I get the same vibe from both, they are gorgeous, adorable, and… not very versatile at all XD But that’s part of their charm! Harunyan hasn’t looked cuter than looking all confused in RIVER while the others went all “yeah bro, I’m all street and shit…” and she went “huh?” LOLOL Same with RIna, who smiles from beginning to end of this DVD, regardless of the song! She was grinning adorably during all of Tsuyokimonoyo XD   Also… well, I have to say it, if you hear her talk once, you’ll never forget her voice. She sounds just like if Kojima Haruna had a really bad flu and them ate a whole tank of helium. I tell you, her speaking voice is out of this world. Go look for her senbatsu election video if you want to hear for yourself XD Anyhow, her singing isn’t as peculiar, and while she’s a bit pitchy and nasal, let’s just say that it makes her recognizable among the others XD



Welp… she graduated already so… Still, she was a major fan favorite so I have to write something here, right? Tsukina was the loliest of the lolis in SKE. Jurina and Sayuki might be younger, but Tsukina was this really petite and fragile looking girl who always made the saddest puppy eyes ever XD She looked like she had walked right out of a date sim! Also, a little bit of trivia for fans of the new big underground hit idol group Momoiro Clover, Tsukina used to be a member of that group, but she kinda left them to join SKE XD Of course, she graduated because of “school” but I think that her puppy eyes were actually her being horrified at the wotas D:



Nickname Shiitan. She’s the younger sister of former Team K member Takada Ayana, so she says that she always went to watch Team K and she wanted to stand in a stage and sparkle too, so she gave it a go! She’s prettier than her sister, and she has a husky voice that I like because it makes a good contrast with the other voices of the team. I think that she’s a fan favorite because of her classic features and long silky hair, but sometimes she seems to lack a bit more confidence to really step to the spotlight, she can fade in the background at times.


Her nickname is Pippi. She was a quite famous AKB kenkyuusei, she even appeared in the Himawarigumi 1DVD as Masuda Yuka’s stand-in. Which means that she’s a great singer! And after that, she suddenly graduated, which left us fans quite disheartened D: However, when I heard that she’d be part of Team S, I was ecstatic! She’s kind of an older sister image to the other girls, which is very cool. Something I really liked about an interview I read somewhere is that her dream has always been to be a singer, so after whatever happened with AKB, she had given up and wandered aimlessly through her life, but she decided to take her last chance at fulfilling her dream with SKE! How inspiring!



She was known as Chunchun back in her old days XD That nickname doesn’t suit her at all! Anyhow, Yuuka was one of the most popular and cool kenkyuuseis in AKB48, she’s part of the same generation Naruru and Mochi are, I think. The thing is, everyone was sad that she wasn’t getting promoted, because she was one of the best dancers and also, one of the sexiest girls in the RS bunch. And then, she was transferred to SKE! Yuka is a great addition to Team S, she’s definitely one of the coolest girls in the tam, and she’s known for her boyish looks and strong attitude. The thing I love the most about her? Her voice is gorgeous *___*



OMG! My oshimen!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Rika-chan is so SO SO fucking cute! <3 <3 <3 <3  She looks always happy, and she’s a very dreamy girl *blushes* She’s also always smiling and giving her best in everything she does!!!! She’s not a great dancer or an amazing singer but OMG WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE RIKA-CHAN???? I can’t get enough of this girl, she’s an underdog, but whenever I see her I become instantly happy! She’s like my Kasai Tomomi of Team S <3


This girl is like 17 or something (too lazy to check)! People used to say that her profile and Jurina’s had gotten mixed up and she was the 12 year old! LOL. Kana is adorable, her huge round and kind of droopy eyes make her look like she’s straight out of a shoujo manga, and she’s also a very lively and cute girl!



Rena is the princess of Team S, she’s what the japanese call “ojousama” which basically means, a well mannered and refined young girl. Rena is a very gentle girl, and she’s also very lady like, which in turn gives her an adorable aura, especially when she’s surrounded by the cracktastic rest of the 48 bunch XD Rena is simply irresistible, especially because she’s a very emotional girl, so she tends to cry out of happiness easily and stuff like that. She’s so cute <3


If you don’t know who Jurina is, you’ve certainly been living in a rock in 2009, AKB wise. Jurina is the “ace” of AKB (and of course, SKE), like Koharu was the “ace” of MM. Ok, no, not really. I don’t want to sound like I’m hating on Koharu, but this 12 year old girl is WAY better than her at both dancing and singing. The thing about Jurina is that she isn’t scared or nervous to be in the center at all! She just really loves what she does, and since she’s just a kid, she simply enjoys it to the fullest without any drama. If you don’t like Jurina, chances are you’re going to be a very bitter AKB fan (same goes with Acchan haters) because she’s all over the place. However, I feel that her performances are incredible for a girl of her age! IMO, she deserves her spot in senbatsu!



I love yuimin for many reasons, the first one being her amazing voice. Call me crazy, but usually, whenever an idol is a very good singer, I’ll like her no matter what. In Yui’s case, there’s a lot more added there. She’s also really cute (She looks a bit like Konkon, wouldn’t you agree?), she’s a full blown aniota, being the self procclaimed “president” of the manga and anime SKE club XD She’s also an aspiring voice actress? And she cosplays too!!!! What’s not to love? Also, she can be unexpectedly sexy whenever the song calls for it, which is a BIG plus in the 48 groups XD


Sayuki is the second youngest member in SKE (the youngest being obviously Jurina), and while she’s as cute as a button, she’s kind of in the background most of the time. Actually, I was quite surprised to see that she got a unit in Budoukan! Good for her, though. I guess it’s like a random friend of me who is fan of AKB in Japan said, “the japanese love young girls” for whatever reason that might be. I don’t really know any quirks about her or anything else. She’s just an adorable loli, I guess



Her nickname is Kuumin, and this kid is the most beautiful thing in all of Nagoya, and I’m not even kidding. She looks a bit like a prettier version of Nakagawa Haruka, or something, I don’t know but she’s just GORGEOUS. She’s also quite a good dancer because she’s been taking hip hop lessons ever since she was in her first year of elementary school! This one is my loli of choice, she’s absolutely beautiful, and a great performer too!


This girl already graduated too which pains me so much WHY DID YOU LEAVE MOE WHY WHY WHY BAWWWWWW

Ok, so back to coherent sentences, Moe was a great performer. Not quite as “moe” as her name, since she was more like a fierce girl, instead of cute. The thing I love about her are her exotic facial features, which make her kind of “wild” looking (I obviously have no idea of how to describe this at all XD) And she’s also one of the most graceful dancers I’ve ever seen. Every little move that she makes just flows! Also, she dances every step in such a light and elegant way… it’s amazing! Aaaand… you guessed it, she’s a good singer too! That’s what I like the most about Team S! They have so many good singers!! I remember that back when Team B first debuted I didn’t like them much because I couldn’t really get into the sound of the voices of some Team B senbatsu girls *coughHarugoncough* (notice the extra care with which I wrote that line in order to avoid being flamed as much as possible XD) but then when I watched their stages I found out that they had lots of great singers too! And then Yukirin got promoted to senbatsu *____* dream come true! Ok, I?m totally rambling, I’ll shut up.




Happy 2010!!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!! I was on vacation so I had to leave for a while, but I wish you all a very happy new year, and I hope that you can keep supporting AKB48 this year as well 😀


Anyhow, the latest news that’s buzzing all over the internet is the new AKB single, entitled “Sakura no Shiori” which means “Bookmark of Cherry Blossoms”. Well, the reason why people are talking about it so much it’s because it’s a bit… unusual for an idol single XD

Here’s a screencap of the first live performance of the song (ofc it wasn’t really sung live at all XD)


Well, don’t be fooled like I was the first time I saw the screencap, it’s not AKB’s cover of Serafuku wo Nugasanaide, it’s Sakura no Shiori which so happens to be a…. choir song!

*big sweatdrop*

And I really do mean a choir song, beautiful harmonies, simplistic background music that gives it a very elegant feel… All of that is there. But the reason why fans in this side of the world are climbing up the walls in despair? They don’t like it because they think that it has no hook, and it’s not idol sounding music at all!

I have to say about that, that AKB is at least very versatile in its catalogue XD And this is another proof of this. I don’t think that people should underestimate Akimoto, he surely knows what he’s doing. I think that his plan is to turn this one into THE graduation song for all of Japan, hence it’s choral nature and the simple choreography. I wouldn’t call it a remake of Sakura no hanabiratachi, this is a completely different song! (although the lyrics of this song, SnH, 10nen Zakura, Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de and Saigo no Seifuku are very very similar)

Sure, it has no instant “hook”, sure, it’s not something you can sing along to in a very easy way XD but I think that it’s a very well crafted song for its purpose. I mean, I can totally see people singing this at their graduation day!

Takahashi Ai must be eating her heart out XD “Oh, crap, how come they are the ones who get a full blown choir number 🙁 :(”

All in all, I’m in love with this song, and I think that it’s very clever to use the big amount of girls in AKB as a choir, but I’ll agree with everyone else who thinks that it’s a kind of risky move for the group.

But don’t forget that the awesome Majisuka Rock n Roll is the coupling track, and also, Team YJ and Team PB’s songs are included, which guarantees a very interesting single, to say the least! If you’re not a fan of choirs, then support your idols singing idoly songs like “Enkyori Poster” which is also included here, or the emo “Choose Me” or the cool “Majisuka Rock n Roll” If Akimoto has a good selling startegy, it’s how he includes so much good original stuff in singles, there’s something for everyone!

Here, while you analyze the situation, have another screencap!


This song is so peaceful… I’ll definitely play it on repeat whenever I’m stressing out! 😀

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