Happy 2010!!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!! I was on vacation so I had to leave for a while, but I wish you all a very happy new year, and I hope that you can keep supporting AKB48 this year as well 😀


Anyhow, the latest news that’s buzzing all over the internet is the new AKB single, entitled “Sakura no Shiori” which means “Bookmark of Cherry Blossoms”. Well, the reason why people are talking about it so much it’s because it’s a bit… unusual for an idol single XD

Here’s a screencap of the first live performance of the song (ofc it wasn’t really sung live at all XD)


Well, don’t be fooled like I was the first time I saw the screencap, it’s not AKB’s cover of Serafuku wo Nugasanaide, it’s Sakura no Shiori which so happens to be a…. choir song!

*big sweatdrop*

And I really do mean a choir song, beautiful harmonies, simplistic background music that gives it a very elegant feel… All of that is there. But the reason why fans in this side of the world are climbing up the walls in despair? They don’t like it because they think that it has no hook, and it’s not idol sounding music at all!

I have to say about that, that AKB is at least very versatile in its catalogue XD And this is another proof of this. I don’t think that people should underestimate Akimoto, he surely knows what he’s doing. I think that his plan is to turn this one into THE graduation song for all of Japan, hence it’s choral nature and the simple choreography. I wouldn’t call it a remake of Sakura no hanabiratachi, this is a completely different song! (although the lyrics of this song, SnH, 10nen Zakura, Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de and Saigo no Seifuku are very very similar)

Sure, it has no instant “hook”, sure, it’s not something you can sing along to in a very easy way XD but I think that it’s a very well crafted song for its purpose. I mean, I can totally see people singing this at their graduation day!

Takahashi Ai must be eating her heart out XD “Oh, crap, how come they are the ones who get a full blown choir number 🙁 :(”

All in all, I’m in love with this song, and I think that it’s very clever to use the big amount of girls in AKB as a choir, but I’ll agree with everyone else who thinks that it’s a kind of risky move for the group.

But don’t forget that the awesome Majisuka Rock n Roll is the coupling track, and also, Team YJ and Team PB’s songs are included, which guarantees a very interesting single, to say the least! If you’re not a fan of choirs, then support your idols singing idoly songs like “Enkyori Poster” which is also included here, or the emo “Choose Me” or the cool “Majisuka Rock n Roll” If Akimoto has a good selling startegy, it’s how he includes so much good original stuff in singles, there’s something for everyone!

Here, while you analyze the situation, have another screencap!


This song is so peaceful… I’ll definitely play it on repeat whenever I’m stressing out! 😀


  1. Comment by nirvgardengod on January 10, 2010 12:58 am

    i agree, the song is different but great.

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  3. Comment by Aigon on January 10, 2010 11:36 am

    Sure it different, but that does not always equal being good. I don’t like the song one bit because, simply put, it is not one I would listen too over and over again. Heck, I gave it one listen, and that’s likely the last time I will ever listen to it in its entirety. It did not grab me in anyway, and that equals a bad song in my mind (technically yes, its still a very pretty a beautiful song musically, but this kind of song is just not my thing).

    Thank god for the other 3 songs on this single.

  4. Comment by Cat on January 10, 2010 12:36 pm

    ^I agree with you to a certain extent, I mean, I love the song, but I know that this kind of music style can come across as boring. And even more dangerous, they are idol singers, not Pavarotti. Their fans aren’t likely to be enthralled by this, but when it comes to wotas, they’ll buy it anyway. Now, for the people who bought RIVER, this is a very drastic change of pace.

    But don’t tell me it didn’t look lovely as the ending of Majisuka gakuen XD

  5. Comment by max on January 10, 2010 7:19 pm

    I love the song~ It is so pretty. . . It’s not my favourite AKB single, but it’s certainly not my least favourite either 😀

    I don’t understand why it’s getting so much HATE ):

  6. Comment by Cat on January 10, 2010 11:01 pm

    ^Yeah, this beats Namida Surprise by a mile when it comes to at least the sound of their voices XD

    I think that the hate comes from people being so glad of their success with RIVER, that they wanted them to have more singles like that until they comfortably get to sit in the throne of girl pop (LOLZ), I think they see this as a rather risky strategy, which might lead to them actually falling in popularity

  7. Comment by akk on January 23, 2010 6:33 pm

    it might not be as popular
    but it definitely shows they aren’t one dimensional
    my H!P fan friends can’t keep using the it’s just generic pop argument =P

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