SKE48 Team S Second Stage “Te wo Tsunainagara”

Hello people! Here’s my mini review of SKE48’s Team S second stage DVD! I think that some people might be shunning SKE thinking that they are a subpar spinoff of AKB48, but I wanted to show people, both old fans and new, how much I love this team, and how incredibly talented and hard working they are! This new generation of idols are all stars! Starting from the miracle child, Matsui Jurina, the face of SKE48



Well, I don’t know much about Masana, she’s quite pretty, and I get an “Invisible frontgirl” vibe from her. By that I mean that somehow I feel like she’s getting a small push by the management, because she’s in the front in quite a number of songs, and she’s the lead in Choco no Yukue, her unit. I don’t really know about it, though, it’s just… a kind of Kobayashi Kana-esque feel, in that they’re both given some extra lines and close ups even if they aren’t senbatsu



Haruka looks very different in pics than the image she projects on stage. I mean, she has this super cute set of fangs (like Nono’s XD), so whenever she grins, she gives out the vibe of being a cute and bouncy kid, but don’t be fooled! IRL she’s like that, but when she performs, this girl is fierce! She has one of the most powerful voices of Team S, and she’s also a great dancer. The best part is her whole attitude, she exudes such self confidence that she just makes you look at her! Definitely a favorite of mine!



Mizuki’s talent makes her outshine some of her more famous team mates sometimes XD She’s an incredibly good dancer, even in Team S, where many girls like Jurina, Kuumin, Yuka or Moe excel. She’s always super energetic, and she moves her body in ways that I can’t quite comprehend yet. I have to analyze the tsuyokimonoyo PV more, but in this stage performance of the first SKE single she’s in the center most of the time with the Matsui stars. That means that she’s an almost senbatsu! Wow!


You know, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I think that RIna is a lot like Kojima Haruna *puts on flamesuit* I get the same vibe from both, they are gorgeous, adorable, and… not very versatile at all XD But that’s part of their charm! Harunyan hasn’t looked cuter than looking all confused in RIVER while the others went all “yeah bro, I’m all street and shit…” and she went “huh?” LOLOL Same with RIna, who smiles from beginning to end of this DVD, regardless of the song! She was grinning adorably during all of Tsuyokimonoyo XD   Also… well, I have to say it, if you hear her talk once, you’ll never forget her voice. She sounds just like if Kojima Haruna had a really bad flu and them ate a whole tank of helium. I tell you, her speaking voice is out of this world. Go look for her senbatsu election video if you want to hear for yourself XD Anyhow, her singing isn’t as peculiar, and while she’s a bit pitchy and nasal, let’s just say that it makes her recognizable among the others XD



Welp… she graduated already so… Still, she was a major fan favorite so I have to write something here, right? Tsukina was the loliest of the lolis in SKE. Jurina and Sayuki might be younger, but Tsukina was this really petite and fragile looking girl who always made the saddest puppy eyes ever XD She looked like she had walked right out of a date sim! Also, a little bit of trivia for fans of the new big underground hit idol group Momoiro Clover, Tsukina used to be a member of that group, but she kinda left them to join SKE XD Of course, she graduated because of “school” but I think that her puppy eyes were actually her being horrified at the wotas D:



Nickname Shiitan. She’s the younger sister of former Team K member Takada Ayana, so she says that she always went to watch Team K and she wanted to stand in a stage and sparkle too, so she gave it a go! She’s prettier than her sister, and she has a husky voice that I like because it makes a good contrast with the other voices of the team. I think that she’s a fan favorite because of her classic features and long silky hair, but sometimes she seems to lack a bit more confidence to really step to the spotlight, she can fade in the background at times.


Her nickname is Pippi. She was a quite famous AKB kenkyuusei, she even appeared in the Himawarigumi 1DVD as Masuda Yuka’s stand-in. Which means that she’s a great singer! And after that, she suddenly graduated, which left us fans quite disheartened D: However, when I heard that she’d be part of Team S, I was ecstatic! She’s kind of an older sister image to the other girls, which is very cool. Something I really liked about an interview I read somewhere is that her dream has always been to be a singer, so after whatever happened with AKB, she had given up and wandered aimlessly through her life, but she decided to take her last chance at fulfilling her dream with SKE! How inspiring!



She was known as Chunchun back in her old days XD That nickname doesn’t suit her at all! Anyhow, Yuuka was one of the most popular and cool kenkyuuseis in AKB48, she’s part of the same generation Naruru and Mochi are, I think. The thing is, everyone was sad that she wasn’t getting promoted, because she was one of the best dancers and also, one of the sexiest girls in the RS bunch. And then, she was transferred to SKE! Yuka is a great addition to Team S, she’s definitely one of the coolest girls in the tam, and she’s known for her boyish looks and strong attitude. The thing I love the most about her? Her voice is gorgeous *___*



OMG! My oshimen!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Rika-chan is so SO SO fucking cute! <3 <3 <3 <3  She looks always happy, and she’s a very dreamy girl *blushes* She’s also always smiling and giving her best in everything she does!!!! She’s not a great dancer or an amazing singer but OMG WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE RIKA-CHAN???? I can’t get enough of this girl, she’s an underdog, but whenever I see her I become instantly happy! She’s like my Kasai Tomomi of Team S <3


This girl is like 17 or something (too lazy to check)! People used to say that her profile and Jurina’s had gotten mixed up and she was the 12 year old! LOL. Kana is adorable, her huge round and kind of droopy eyes make her look like she’s straight out of a shoujo manga, and she’s also a very lively and cute girl!



Rena is the princess of Team S, she’s what the japanese call “ojousama” which basically means, a well mannered and refined young girl. Rena is a very gentle girl, and she’s also very lady like, which in turn gives her an adorable aura, especially when she’s surrounded by the cracktastic rest of the 48 bunch XD Rena is simply irresistible, especially because she’s a very emotional girl, so she tends to cry out of happiness easily and stuff like that. She’s so cute <3


If you don’t know who Jurina is, you’ve certainly been living in a rock in 2009, AKB wise. Jurina is the “ace” of AKB (and of course, SKE), like Koharu was the “ace” of MM. Ok, no, not really. I don’t want to sound like I’m hating on Koharu, but this 12 year old girl is WAY better than her at both dancing and singing. The thing about Jurina is that she isn’t scared or nervous to be in the center at all! She just really loves what she does, and since she’s just a kid, she simply enjoys it to the fullest without any drama. If you don’t like Jurina, chances are you’re going to be a very bitter AKB fan (same goes with Acchan haters) because she’s all over the place. However, I feel that her performances are incredible for a girl of her age! IMO, she deserves her spot in senbatsu!



I love yuimin for many reasons, the first one being her amazing voice. Call me crazy, but usually, whenever an idol is a very good singer, I’ll like her no matter what. In Yui’s case, there’s a lot more added there. She’s also really cute (She looks a bit like Konkon, wouldn’t you agree?), she’s a full blown aniota, being the self procclaimed “president” of the manga and anime SKE club XD She’s also an aspiring voice actress? And she cosplays too!!!! What’s not to love? Also, she can be unexpectedly sexy whenever the song calls for it, which is a BIG plus in the 48 groups XD


Sayuki is the second youngest member in SKE (the youngest being obviously Jurina), and while she’s as cute as a button, she’s kind of in the background most of the time. Actually, I was quite surprised to see that she got a unit in Budoukan! Good for her, though. I guess it’s like a random friend of me who is fan of AKB in Japan said, “the japanese love young girls” for whatever reason that might be. I don’t really know any quirks about her or anything else. She’s just an adorable loli, I guess



Her nickname is Kuumin, and this kid is the most beautiful thing in all of Nagoya, and I’m not even kidding. She looks a bit like a prettier version of Nakagawa Haruka, or something, I don’t know but she’s just GORGEOUS. She’s also quite a good dancer because she’s been taking hip hop lessons ever since she was in her first year of elementary school! This one is my loli of choice, she’s absolutely beautiful, and a great performer too!


This girl already graduated too which pains me so much WHY DID YOU LEAVE MOE WHY WHY WHY BAWWWWWW

Ok, so back to coherent sentences, Moe was a great performer. Not quite as “moe” as her name, since she was more like a fierce girl, instead of cute. The thing I love about her are her exotic facial features, which make her kind of “wild” looking (I obviously have no idea of how to describe this at all XD) And she’s also one of the most graceful dancers I’ve ever seen. Every little move that she makes just flows! Also, she dances every step in such a light and elegant way… it’s amazing! Aaaand… you guessed it, she’s a good singer too! That’s what I like the most about Team S! They have so many good singers!! I remember that back when Team B first debuted I didn’t like them much because I couldn’t really get into the sound of the voices of some Team B senbatsu girls *coughHarugoncough* (notice the extra care with which I wrote that line in order to avoid being flamed as much as possible XD) but then when I watched their stages I found out that they had lots of great singers too! And then Yukirin got promoted to senbatsu *____* dream come true! Ok, I?m totally rambling, I’ll shut up.





  1. Comment by RSL on January 18, 2010 8:05 pm

    “She’s not a great dancer or an amazing singer but OMG WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE RIKA-CHAN???? I can’t get enough of this girl, she’s an underdog, but whenever I see her I become instantly happy!”

    Doesn’t it suck when you can’t figure out why she’s amazing? She’s my favorite, too… but I don’t know why!

    (Side funny note: I know someone who looks like Nacchi, but has blonde hair. She is friends with someone who looks like Rikako, but with darker hair. Neither are asian.)

  2. Comment by Cat on January 19, 2010 5:02 pm

    ^ LOL but it does happen to me all the time, one of my baby patient’s mom looked exactly like Sae. I kind of wanted to take a picture of her XD But that would’ve been inappropriate XD

    Yay! Rika-chan love forever!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Comment by Samantha on January 31, 2010 6:39 am

    Agreed on SO MANY POINTS, especially~

    Mizuki: “she moves her body in ways that I can’t quite comprehend yet.”


    Moe: “The thing I love about her are her exotic facial features, which make her kind of “wild” looking”

    SERIOUSLY. When I first saw her from SKE’s audition clips, I thought the exact same thing– her look was SO incredibly exotic. It’s going to sound SO WEIRD, but she just reminded me of… jungles or something. ^^; Anyway, I miss her toooooo, she was so awesome! 🙁

    HOWEVER~ I think Yuimin might want to fight you (video game style!) for calling Rena the princess of SKE. Yuimin refers to herself in her blog posts, calls her dad “the king,” etcetcetc. I think it’s adorable. XDD

    Anyway, yeah, THANK YOU for doing this spotlight on SKE! They deserve more love!
    (Plus, you have good taste! Rikako and Haruka are favorites of mine, too!)

  4. Comment by Cat on February 2, 2010 7:05 pm

    Thanks for commenting! 😀 I love Team S, especially because they are all so damn good! It’s impossible to resist them! Also, Tsuyokimonoyo <3 OMG how awesome!

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