Team S Second Stage “Te wo tsunaginagara” Review pt. 2

Hi people! First of all, I have to get something off my chest, so here goes:

If anything I’ve ever written in this blog or anywhere around the internet has ever offended any of you in any possible way, I apologize. 🙂 I’m trying to become a more sensible and peaceful person, so please forgive me if I’ve said anything inappropriate. I mean it in the most honest way. 🙂

Ok, now, let’s move on to the things we love! AKB48 and SKE48! Wheeee! But first, OMG have you watched the Sakura no Shiori full PV? It’s so pretty *__* I’m loving the single so much already! If you want to check it out, it’s upped at H!O.

Today, I’ll do a brief track by track review of S2 (although I really should be reading about Kawasaki’s disease XD) Also, the translations are made by me, so they’re nowhere near accurate XD They’re just supposed to give you an idea of what the song’s about anyway

1. Bokura no Kaze “The birds are flying freely towards a new horizon”


The opening song of B2 is a standard cheery idol song. Pure pop, complete with cute lyrics about overcoming obstacles in your life and how you have friends who help you out with everything always and stuff like that. It does sound a tad bit generic, though, so it’s not really a favorite of mine, however, I do appreciate the fact that it’s an upbeat number, and has a nice jumpy choreography that really showcases the high energy level of Team S’s girls. Also, tambourines! OMG I love them!

2. Mango no. 2 “Fast, fast, I want to become an adult! I want to throw away my sneakers and wear big high heels”


This song begins with Jurina saying “Uuuuhhh Mango number twoooo—” and then the girls come out and GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS, it’s actually mambo! LOLOL I love it when AKB (or SKE) have latin sounding music! It makes for great danceable numbers, and I also really really enjoy them because, well, this is the music I grew up with. So yeah, I’m in love with this cute little mambo number! The tempo is kind of slowed down though, but it still makes for a super cute choreography! And I also love the lyrics about wanting to grow up fast :3 I don’t know why though… Maybe I can relate to that feeling, because all the people around me were always older than me XD

3. Chime wa Love Song “The school chime is a love song, a dear melody to me”


This song has been way overplayed already. Whenever SKE appears anywhere this is the song they sing, but of course, it’s because it’s actually a very idol-y song, about a girl who looks through her classroom window at her crush so whenever the school chime rings she is happy because she can see him if only for a bit. Yeah, those lyrics are lame unless you’re like 14, but whatever. IT has just the right measure of energy and cute dance steps to make it catchy. It’s not a favorite of mine, though. I don’t understand why didn’t they give this awesome (albeit a little too colorful outfits to the more tropical Mango No. 2 but w/e)

4. Te wo Tsunaginagara “Under the gate where cherry blossoms bloom, while I’m feeling nervous, pushed by the spring breeze, it’s the first day of school”


Yay! Rika-chan screencap FTW <3 Anyway, the title song, is a very energetic one, albeit a little generic. However, it has a nice melody and it has parts where the audience can scream “HEY HEY HEY” along with them, so fans always like that kind of stuff XD My only complain about this one is the fact that it sounds too similar to CHIME sometimes, so yeah. But even though it might not be musically awesome, it’s pretty nice to watch the girls perform this, they are super happy and interact with each other cutely 😀

5. GLORY DAYS “every day, everytime, I’m living today as well”


This is Jurina’s unit from S2, where she sings along with Kuwabara Mizuki (left) and Nakanishi Yuuka (right). This is the dance unit in this stage hands down, and although I didn’t really like it at first because it’s all over the place, music wise, I like the reggae feel it has at some points 😀 Also, the dancing! OMG! These girls move around so much that I had to put my video player in slow motion in order to take screencaps of them, it was insane! I also don’t get why Kuwabara ended up so low in the general AKB/SKE ranking this year, she’s a really really good dancer, and that should count for something 🙁 Not a fan of the hats or the feather boas, but they make it work surprisingly well!

6. Kono Mune no Barcode “I only want the security camera to shoot the proof of the fact that I came here”


The songs so far have been either kiddie stuff, or bright cheery songs about “be happy, you’ll never be alone”. This is the first grown up song, with a moody tune and lonely lyrics about… well… shopping in a convenience store? XD Akimoto is at least original in his lyrics, I give him that XD This song compares love with things like “being read by a register machine” hence, the barcode in the lyrics. I especially like the line about the security camera because WTF? Who thinks of that when you say “break up song” Also, I used to love the outfits way more than I do now, the non-Aki girls (That’s Deguchi Aki in the screencap, BTW, the other girls in the unit are Ono Haruka and Takada Shiori) used to wear a really cute and stylish stewardess like little hat, and I really can’t understand why it was replaced with these random yellow things. I love this song, the music sounds even a bit soulful XD If such adjective can be used to describe idol music… And the vocals by the 3 of them are flawless and not grating in the least! Definitely a favorite.

7. Wimbledon he tsureteitte “Your sunburnt skin is surely a gift from the sun, right?”


And here comes the loli unit of S2! featuring Yagami Kumi (blue), Takai Tsukina (pink) and Mori Sayuki (yellow). This unit is pure idol pop in all is glory, classically made, completed by puffy dresses and ribbons and lace everywhere! These dresses are absolutely adorable as far as I’m concerned, I love them! Of course, the lyrics are kind of lame, but whatever! We’re not into idols for their lyrics most of the time anyway (except if you’re a trascendental weirdo like me…) The reason why I like this song the most is because its lyrics remind me of “Suki yo Captain” another Jpop song I really like. It’s a cute unit, to sum it all up.

8. Ame no Pianist “The pianist rain softly plays a Chopin farewell song I know”


This was the first song that made the SKE non-fans pay attention to the group. It’s kind of cheesy, but so amazing! XD Kind of like a guilty pleasure of sorts XD The girls are decked in Moulin Rouge-esque outfits, and they sing this sad break up song. The most remarkable part is the choreography, which is very intense, and goes along with the piano background really well. The girls in this unit are Yamashita Moe (left) Matsui Rena (center) and Matsushita Yui (right). Most improved mention goes to Rena, who manages to own this song as a lead, even though her vocals in her previous unit, Classmate weren’t as smooth as here. Rena is so hardworking <3

9. Choco no Yukue “Hey, tell me about the whereabouts of that love, did it end up in your tummy?”


OMG! Rika-chan unit!!! Yay!! <3 This unit is a completely cute song, about a girl who made Valentine’s chocolates for her crush and then leaves them in his locker but forgets to put a card with her name on it XD I think the comparison of love = chocolate is really cute and idoly. And I really like that line about the girl wondering if her love ended up in the guy’s tummy XD It’s all so cute! The girls in this unit are Hirata Rikako, Oya Masana, Hiramatsu Kanako and Shinkai Rina 😀

10. INNOCENCE “Before you take off my uniform, tell me that you love me once more”


Of course, me being the huge pervert I am, this is my favorite song of the stage, It’s a really sultry song about a girl who’s going to lose her virginity, and the part I like the most is that *48 decided to be politically correct for once and the only girls who get lines in this are the legal ones 😀 Yay! Because, no offense to the lolis, but I like older idols a bit more *shrugs* This song sounds amazing thanks to the fact that all the solo lines are given to girls who can really sing 😀

11. ROMANCE ROCKET “In a romance rocket, just the 2 of us, we’ll travel to the farthest ends of the galaxy!”


The only words that come to mind whenever I think of this song are “Weird and Bouncy” this sounds borderline denpa even XD And the chorus has some really catchy rhythm that I’m sure I’ve heard elsewhere before. It works though, and I like aliens, I think they’re cute, so I like songs that feature them as a main subject 😀 This song is really really weird though, in a cute way but… yeah, insanity. The male “Oh yeahs” can be annoying after a while though. Another guilty pleasure here XD

12. Koi no Teikoku to Taisaku Oshiete “Nobody has noticed, but behind his glasses, he has round eyes, and if he cut his hair, he might even become cool”


This song makes me happy for no reason whatsoever XD It’s a cutesy song about a girl who falls in love with a geek 😀 It reminds me a lot of a mix between Ki ni Naru Tenkousei and Heart Gata Virus 😀 But music wise, it’s a bit like Doku Ringo wo Tabesasete, in that the girls sing a solo line and then another girl says something cute like “KAWAII!” or something like that. It’s hard to explain. I just love this song <3

13. Daisuki “No matter what hard things might happen, it’s going to be ok from now on”


Oh, how I love this song. There aren’t words to express it. This song really made me cry the first time I listened to it. And I hadn’t cried about an idol song for like years. Seriously. I can’t even remember the last time I did. This song is kind of a ballad, slow paced and very pretty. I love the lyrics, although they are really generic about loving someone and being there for them. Also, the white dresses are so pretty.

14. Rope no Yuujou “The friendship rope, while it’s tied, we can go together to paradise or anywhere we want”


This is the first rocking song of the stage, and it’s really nice. I’m a bit fed up with the lyrics about friends, it’s like “Yeah, I get it, friends are nice, now STOP IT!” Ugh. But, other than that, the outfits are incredibly fierce, and military inspired. And they also have props! Yay! They use a rope to symbolize friendship and have an interesting choreography to showcase it. Yeah, you kind of have to watch it to get it though, but I like the music a lot. I wish Team K gets similar songs in their latest stage ;_;

15.  Kayoubi no Yoru Suiyoubi no Asa “The me who cries too much, cries until the morning comes, because I can’t open the door”


This song is SO good. It’s not even funny. I was seriously converted into a fan when it started playing. The music is incredibly catchy and dramatic, and the macarena-like choreography works surprisingly well, although I was expecting headbanging here XD As always emo lyrics are popular within Akimoto’s works, this one is no exception but just… wow… it’s a really good song, by all standards.

16. Tooku ni Itemo 


I haven’t even bothered to listen to this song paying attention to what it says. It’s just a boring ballad, but almost every stage has one of its own, so it’s ok. 


S2 is a great stage, I highly recommend it even for people who don’t like Matsui Jurina, she’s not all over the place in this, and the girls from S2 are very charismatic and talented, it’s a stage that you will definitely enjoy, one of the best in AKB history IMO!


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  2. Comment by freak on February 5, 2010 11:50 pm

    Nice review bro 🙂

    Regarding INNOCENCE
    “This song sounds amazing thanks to the fact that all the solo lines are given to girls who can really sing.”

    Not that I disagree with you, but I think the main reason why those three were chosen is because they are the oldest.

  3. Comment by freak on February 6, 2010 12:23 am

    Kayoubi no Yoru, Suiyoubi no Asa is my most favorite performance.
    Just after I saw 1 min preview for the first time via SAKAE TA☆RO, I like it instantly. lol

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  5. Comment by RSL on February 9, 2010 7:14 pm

    Cat, I have to ask you: How did you get so well-versed in Japanese? Classes? Self-taught? I would love to be able to at least get the gist of a song in a listen or two.

    Otherwise, great review. I love how you got so much Rikako in the caps!

  6. Comment by Cat on February 10, 2010 7:07 am

    @freak: Thanks for commenting on my blog! Yeah, they are the oldest, but they are incidentally some of the best singers IMO 😀 And I really love Kayoubi Suiyoubi a lot too, it’s probably my second favorite

    @RSL: Thanks for the comment! I’ve been taking classes of japanese, I had to take a hiatus for a little while, but I’m thinking of resuming them whenever I can. I’m nowhere near fluent though, and it usually takes me around 10 listens to get the gist of a song XD

    And OMG Rikako! She’s the awesomeness. I had screencaps of her in every group song, but then i felt kind of bad for being so biased XD

  7. Comment by HPMS on March 15, 2010 3:29 pm

    Haruka is so full of win in INNOCENCE <3

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