Happy Cake Day IW!!!

Happy 3rd Cake day to Intl Wota!!! Thanks for the years of bringing the J Pop blogging community together! 😀

Now, as a celebration, let’s all have YUMMY CAKE!


Of course, there’s never a party unless the 2 top frontgirls of the 48 family show up ready to sing!


And for all of the fans of Watarirouka Hashiritai (I’m a fan :D) here’s a little preview of their swimsuit photobook. I think Kikuchi Ayaka isn’t inluded in most of the shots though, but still, GO BUY IT NOW!!! 😀 Cuteness overload!


No party should even happen without the participation of the hottest AKB member ever! And if anyone dares to comment saying “She’s not in AKB anymore, dumbass” I’ll go berserk. Maimai how I love thee <3



For people not too fond of curves, Shinoda Mariko is the slender beautiful girl you’re looking for 😀


But then again, if you prefer Moe, there’s Tomochin! 😀


And I’ll make use of this post to do the news updates I’ve been neglecting so much because I’m busy as hell 😀 This is Queen & Elizabeth people, they’re releasing a single with one of those guys in thighs. They’re awesome and hot and amazing, so go buy it and ignore the guy in thighs XD


And of course, everyone’s favorite H!P reject is here XD It’s Team B captain herself! The lovely reaction queen Kashiwagi Yuki!!! (and her boobs XD)


And to round it up, a picture of my favorite girl in the world, cosplaying as Avril Lavigne… except, looking 48976 times fiercer than Avril could ever dream of 😀

So yeah, HAPPY CAKE DAY! Hopefully many more years of wotaness are still to come 😀 Oh, and I was actually thinking of posting tons of Namida Surprise screencaps for the occasion, but I really hate that song so I decided against it XD 

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