Ponytail Power!!!!

Hi people! Just chiming in to remind you that you all should buy the new AKB48 single “Ponytail to Shushu” which has already been released!!!

The tracklist is the following for the 2 versions:


Version A:

1. Ponytail to Shushu

2. Nusumareta Kuchibiru (Undergirls)

3. Boku no Yell (Theater Girls)

4. Ponytail to Shushu (off vocal)

5. Nusumareta Kuchibiru (off vocal)

6. Boku no Yell (Off vocal)


Version B:

1. Ponytail to Shushu

2. Nusumareta Kuchibiru (Undergirls)

3. Majijo Teppen Blues (Majisuka Gakuen Cast)

4. Ponytail to Shushu (off vocal)

5. Nusumareta Kuchibiru (off vocal)

6. Majijo Teppen Blues (off vocal)

Of course, both versions include a DVD with the PVs of the respective songs too 😀 If you want my personal opinion, and you do, because you’re in my blog for a reason, I’ll do a tiny review of each song and suggest which version to buy 😀

1. Ponytail to Shushu: The main track as performed by senbatsu members is a super happy and surprisingly melodic summer song about being in love and chasing the person you love on the beach while wearing a ponytail and a scrunchie XD It’s a very nice song, and it features a pleasant Acchan mini solo (she sings 3 words by herself LOL) and the catch here is the PV, which was shot at the beach in Guam and it’s very colorful and pretty! And of course, bikinis…

2. Nusumareta Kuchibiru: The Undergirls song is a lot more serious sounding than the main track, and it’s also very emotional and kind of heartbreaking. It’s a deep contrast with the A-side, but I like it when UG get the cool song anyway 😀 The PV for this one features them by a bonfire on the beach at twilight wearing (LOL) school uniforms. Yes. XD They also wear bikinis for a major part of the PV though! Of note is that Team A’s Maeda Ami gets a TON of screentime! :O

3. Boku no Yell: Yay! They gave an original song to Theater Girls!!!! That makes me *so* happy! This one is a very relaxed and kind of slow paced song about trying your best and not giving up. I honestly expected something more upbeat, but this soothing song is also very pretty! 😀 The PV features Nakagawa Haruka as the main girl, and all of the Theater Girls are part of a soccer team, complete with uniforms and stuff 😀 It’s very nice, especially because it’s a HUGE step up in budget when compared to “Hikoukigumo” 😀

4. Majijo Teppen Blues: This song is SO much win. I don’t know if it was really needed though, how many Majisuka themed songs can you honestly release? But it is super awesome, so I’ll forgive Akimoto this time! This sounds completely different from the upbeat and even chirpy “Majisuka Rock and Roll” This one has a darker rhythm going on for it, with amazing electric guitar riffs complete with finger snapping and stomping which is a very cool effect 😀 THIS SONG IS BADASS. The only drawback is that it has a bit of a character dialog after each verse, because the song is basically about a fight between “Team Acchan”and “Team Yuko” (and you all know who I’m rooting for, right? :D) so every member of the team says their little yankee line, and afterwards they get interrupted by a long Takamina solo (really long for AKB single standards BTW. It’s just a verse, really) and more “OI”s and stomping and stuff take place! This review was all over the place LOL What makes this song so much win is the fact that the PV is amazing. Like, the epitome of a PV with a story behind it. I’ll leave you guys to find it and watch it because it’s really really cool.

Overall: I would get Version B, even though A has Yuko on the cover XD B includes the amazing Majijo Teppen Blues, and if you’re a fan of the good old times when AKB released their darker stuff as singles, this one is a bit reminiscent of that time! That said, if you like their recent image change more, and prefer something cute and idol-y then you should get version A. OR you could get both 😀 Really 😀 and vote for your favorite member in the senbatsu election! If you don’t know who should you vote for, then vote for Akimoto Sayaka because she’s made of awsum and we don’t want her to be the only Team Captain who isn’t a senbatsu member 🙁

Also… I saved the best for last… AKB48 Ponytail to Shushu has sold over 350.000 copies on the first day of sales!!!!! That’s an incredibly jaw dropping number! I’m very happy for our girls! Please let’s keep supporting them all the way!! Wheeeee!

Uhh… hello?

Hi people! Sorry for the hiatus again DDD: I should promise that I’ll post more often but really, I’m so busy with my real life that I can’t really promise anything at all…

Anyhow, this one is just a random post about random things I feel about AKB48 lately 😀 You know, my AKB girls are definitely my only hobby lol especially now that I have so little free time D:

So yeah, randomness assorted!

1. K6 is awesome: I really plan on reviewing this one, but I want to do it when B5 and A6 come out 😮 well A6 will take a million years to premier, but I really want to do the 3 like a small series (I suck at series of anything, but I love reviewing stuff, so who knows, it might even out). Anyhow, I wasn’t going to shoot myself or wail in despair when the shuffle was announced but the fact that my favorite team (which is K, in case you didn’t know) was going to get torn apart didn’t amuse me either. I just thought “Welp, let’s sit back and see what comes out of this” and what happened was the awesome K6. 😀 Also, I don’t really know how it happened, but I’ve fallen in love with Tomochin. I’ve always liked her, but in a random way, only now I REALLY like her a lot. She might even be in my top 5, go figure.

Against all odds, K6 is an amazing stage IMO. The songs I wasn’t really “feeling” at first have grown on me exponentially, and I like how AKB is back to having super fun performances and choreographies where you just WANT to watch them perform instead of just listen to the song. That’s what first drew me into them and I love that they’re bringing it back.

The choreographies for this one are full of energy and really amazing, and while some of the songs sound a bit generic, and this is DEFINITELY a huge step aside from what K5 was like, I enjoy seeing that the shuffled girls have so much chemistry with the old members and everything just seems to click! There’s nobody I want to tell “OMG! GTFO my beloved Team K” and I think I might stay both an old K fan and a New K fan. The only bummer for me is that I really really wish they’d kept Kasai here. I love the girl and seeing her in the same team with the other Tomo would’ve been awesome. But then Team K can’t really be the star, what would happen to Team A then??

Ok, I’ll do a huge post on new K, RESET and everything related later, but I’m just ecstatic about this!


2. Watarirouka Hashiritai welcomes Kikuchi Ayaka into their lineup: Watarirouka Hashiritai is my favorite AKB subunit, if we don’t count the dead ICE which was TEH AWESOME. Anyhow, WH was also dubbed the “loli unit from Team B” and its members were the Ogi Pro sponsored Hirajima Natsumi “Nacchan”, Watanabe Mayu “Mayuyu”, Ota Aika “Lovetan” and Nakagawa Haruka “Harugon” their songs are so much classic cutesy and energetic idol win! And you all must remember Kikuchi Ayaka from the boyfriend scandal that got her kicked out, and how she was accepted again as a trainee and then promoted to Team K, right? Well, before she was fired, she was also signed by Ogi Pro, and a while after they fired her, Watarirouka Hashiritai debuted. Rumours were that Kikuchi was supposed to be part of the group, but she couldn’t join for obvious reasons XD Anyhow, she was added to the WH roster, and was featured with a relatively big part in their latest (and Oricon No. 1) single “Akkanbe Bashi”. Some people flippeed out for many reasons, but I for one, am cool with it, you know?

I was never the biggest Ayarin fan, I thought her voice was a bit raspy back when she was a B frontgirl, but I think she has improved so much her singing! She sounds great! And also, on the personal side of things, I admire her courage to stand up for her dream, even after she made such a big mistake. I think she’s amazing fr that. She was signed with Ogi Pro again too! Yay!


3. Queen + Elizabeth = SO MUCH EPIC WIN: I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about them, and I’m sure they’re kind of a one shot deal, but OMG this unit is so amazing! Love <3 Wars (lol see what I did there?) is such a great song! It’s sassy and sexy and girly all at the same time, and I love how their voices go together in this one! This (along with Majisuka Gakuen) could be one of the reasons why Tomochin has astronomically risen in my favorites list. Please do yourself a favor and buy this single because it’s just… words can’t express the awesome. (TODO: PV review! OMG and Making Of review, cause that one was awesome too!)


4. IT’S STARGAZER FTMFW!: We all know new Team B member Masuda Yuka was one of the best singers in AKB, right? (she’s the best one IMO) but sadly, she had been pushed down a whole lot ever since K5, so all of us fans were sad and grieving. But guess what? She released a solo single! 😀 It’s the opening to some anime I have no idea (or interest) about, but IT’S A SOLO RELEASE FROM MASUDA FREAKING YUKA!!!!! This song is so hot. Her powerful voice just makes you soar! It’s the standard shounen anime opening style of song, very upbeat and uplifting too, but it’s so great! It has an edge to it… I don’t even know what I’m saying, but just listen to it! It’s so great! Hopefully, in Team B she’ll get a great position and a great unit in the upcoming “Theater no Megami” Stage


5. The future ace… looks like the future has arrived!: Akimoto Yasushi said in an interview that the halfie loli of AKB48 Oku Manami, new Team B member was his future ace. People were kind of puzzled by this because while Manami is really beautiful and cute and looks like a little angel, she has always been a bit of an underdog, and it’s admittedly quite rare for an AKB girl to be pushed after being stuffed in the back for so long. Anyhow, most of us just shrugged it off as another one of AKi-P’s crazy statements, but lo and behold, THE FUTURE IS HERE!!! Oku Manami just released her first solo single too! She sings the opening to yet another anime that I don’t know (or care) about, which is the beautiful “Katatsumuri” song. This song is breathtaking, the first time I heard it my jaw dropped XD The thing is, I’d never really heard little Maachan singing more than one line, so I wasn’t very familiar with her voice, which is very soft and dreamy. Katatsumuri sounds beautiful, it’s a light and sweet slow tempo song that really showcases her pretty voice. I’m a sucker for this kind of songs! She reminds me a bit of Sakamoto Maaya’s work here. The C/W song is “Imomushi Johnny” which is a completely different style of song XD It sounds very daceable and tropical and I love it too! My only bother with it is that her voice sounds kind of like as if it was heard from afar or something O_O but still, an amazing release, and I’m hoping that this will pave the way for more solo release for the AKB girls and also, that it pushes Maachan, cause she’s very cute <3


6. Team Dragon WTF?: So, AKB48 is in charge of doing the ending to Dragon Ball Kai. WTF? I have to confess, I was the biggest Dragon Ball fan EVER back when I was like 9 years old. That’s what got me into listening to Jpop in the first place, because I loved the endings of DBGT. But this was a bit of a shock nonetheless XD I’m too old to be watching something as lame as Dragon Ball, let alone a remake, but having a girly cutesy group of idols doing the ending? That made me chuckle. Although it’s not necessarily far fetched, you know. After all, the ending of Dragon Ball was the ultra sappy “Romantic Ageru Yo” and DBGT featured mostly romantic songs like “Hitorijanai”, “Don’t You See”, “Sabitsuita Machine Gun de Ima wo Uchi Nukou (WTF longest title ever)” and even the opening, “Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku” was ultra cheesy  and lovey dovey XD. And what’s more, former Onyanko Club member Kudou Shizuka sung the only kickass GT ending, “Blue Velvet” OMG!!!! It’s really a small world, am I right?

Anyway, Dragon Team was initially rumored to be made up of lower senbatsu members, but when the release date and members were announced everyone’s jaws dropped XD It’s going to be released at the same day that Idoling!!! and Morning Musume’s new singles are released, and the members of this subunit are the Top 7 AKB members, Oshima Yuko, Maeda Atsuko, Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kojima Haruna, Itano Tomomi, Takahashi Minami. Aaaaand the song is LAME. XD No, really, it’s so generic that it hurts, but then again, so is Dragon Ball *shrugs* and anyhow, if they perform it in fighting suits or something like that it will be amusing to the max! I have to give the song another listen, in all honesty, I just skipped it over, kinda, but it sounded very much anime ending-esque.

And about the idol wars that will surely ensue from this *sigh* I hope everybody stays calm in the internet, really. But what I really really want is a special show where the 3 groups are featured XD Imagine that? Junjun vs. Yuko battle of funny could be totally epic! And the Idoling!!! girls are so charismatic and funny that it’d be a blast to watch for idol fans in general 😀

7. Ponytail to Shushu!: The new AKB48 single “Ponytail to Shushu” is scheduled to release on May 26th. and the PV has already been aired! It’s a super fun song, with very cute lyrics and upbeat music that definitely makes you think of summer. Also, the girls appear in their bikinis in the lovely Guam! It’s a great song and PV, so I hope you all will support our girls and buy it 😀 Also, if you do buy it, you can get to vote for your favorite girl in the second senbatsu elections! Yeah, drama galore once again *sigh* Anyhow, coupled with this single are the Undergirls song “Nusumareta Kuchibiru” with its lonely aura and nostalgic lyrics, and of course, the hot girls in their bikinis watching the sunset at the beach… The Theater Girls song “Boku no Yell” which features them in football uniforms! 😀 or instead of Boku no Yell, you could buy the version that includes “Majijo Teppen Blues” a really bizzarre but cool number which features the girls speaking lines from the Majisuka Drama along with a kickass instrumental and chorus.


8. Senbatsu Election AGAIN????: Yeah, there’s a new senbatsu election, and there’s a promotional book for it which includes the promo posters for all the girls… And well, an interview with Aki-P with some controversial statements such as something along the lines of “Takamina’s position in this election will determine the path AKB takes from now on” and “The struggle of Maeda fans and haters has always been there, we’ll see how things turn out for her this time” I’m just paraphrasing though lol I can’t read much japanese as to translate it myself, so this comes from Stage48 😀

9. New SKE48 single: My God… I’ve been off the internet for a LONG while haven’t I XD Anyhow, SKE48 released a new single called “Aozora Kataomoi” a cute and upbeat song featuring only a handful of members, with the exciting “Bungee Senge” as the C/W! Congratulations to the Nagoya girls! They sold around 45000 copies, which is a fantastic achievement!


10. Team S 3rd Stage “Seifuku no Me”: So after the smashing hit that was S2 (one of the best stages in the 48 family history hands down) everyone was eager to watch the follow up batch of performances, we got a special LOD where we got to see the girls performing in their traditional super energetic and amazing style <3 Team S is so wonderful!!! While I really enjoyed some songs out of S3, I have to say I still think S2 prevails. But I’ll get around to review S3 anyway soon enough 😀 Exciting!


11. Graduations… Again????: Yup, well first, Team S members Mori Sayuki and Shinkai Rina announced that they’d be demoting themselves to Kenkyuusei status in order to focus for their studies, but a little bit after that, they said that they’d be graduating instead 🙁 In case you don’t know who they are, Mori Sayuki was the super cute kid in yellow of Wimbledon and Shinkai Rina was the girl with the IMPOSSIBLY high voice XD Good luck in your studies girls!!!

Phew, that was a long post! Now I want to write about K6 really badly!!! Uhhnhh… I’ll see what I can do to restrain myself and release the new reviews!!!

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