New Senbatsu Election

Hello people, I’m bringing you the results of the new senbatsu election! Let’s keep things interesting, I’ll post the girls name, the amount of votes she got, a picture of her and my personal opinion. Here we go! 😀

40 Ishiguro Atsuki (RS) – 1603: Ishiguro is a Research Student, and she’s someone I’m familiar with because she’s extremely talented. She has a very beautiful voice, so I’m happy for her, at least she can hold her own. Not that idols are supposed to sing well at all, but it’s a thing I definitely prefer XD




39 Matsubara Natsumi (A) – 1859: I was SO relieved to see Natsumi here!!! She was a background girl in Team K, but she has an amazing laid back personality and she’s very talented. She’s always smiling and she’s a terrific dancer. However, as so many girls in AKB, she didn’t get enough love. However, she made it to UG last year and I’m so glad that she’s back in UG… Akimoto needs to get his game together, he just keeps pushing whoever he feels like pushing and stuffing the girls who have proven themselves to the back… Grr. This makes me very happy because she hadn’t appeared in the preliminary results. And I was sad that the lack of work she got to do might be getting to her, because the A6 shonichi has been postponed once more.. Agh. Anyway, congrats Natsumi!!!




38 Yagami Kumi (S) – 1909: Kuumin was the default choice of a Team S girl who was getting a push by Akimoto (or whoever it is that decides who gets a push XD) She’s a very good dancer, and she’s incredibly beautiful. She doesn’t get as much hate as some of her SKE teammates for invading AKB singles, but maybe that’s just because she was only an UG in the latest single. Anyway, after Takai Tsukina left Team S, she was the de facto famous girl to round up the Matsui duo. Congrats to her.


37 Katayama Haruka (A) – 1935: OMG! Haachan! She’s my no. 3 favorite girl in AKB so of course I wanted to see her making it to the list! She got a low rank, but still, the competition was quite fierce this year, and I’m just really hoping that she can keep shining, and that she gets to lead a unit in A6. OMG my baby diva is going to be a star!!!



36 Yamauchi Suzuran (RS) – Ranran is a very popular Research Student, and she’s very talented and especially, very charismatic. I’ve heard many people calling her “a natural” so I’m glad she made it, quite honestly RS have a hard time, considering how many cuts they have to live through. But really, I don’t agree with them being chosen for this kind of thing. I mean, they are trainees, they shouldn’t get the privilege of being in a single until they become full fledged members. I do understand that some of them are very talented and blah blah blah, but it detracts from the whole point of being a member. What gives, if you can still be famous while you are a trainee?



35 Takayanagi Akane(KII) – 2030: Takayanagi is pretty much the face of Team KII from SKE48. Which baffles me because I thought people would fall for Mukaida, who was the girl who was pushed the most in their first stage XD And it also saddens me a bit because my favorite KII girl is Furukawa Airi and I wish she would’ve been chosen XD



34 Yonezawa Rumi (K) – 2171: I’m really ecstatic that Rumi made it again this year. Last year, she was 3 votes away from senbatsu, so she was the leader of the UG, however, come next single, she had been stuffed in the back of Theater Girls again DX Completely unfair!!! Thankfully, she’s back in UG, and hopefully, Akimoto realizes that she has enough fans to keep her in her well earned and deserved position!


33 Fujie Reina (K) – 2460: Oh Reina, my Reina. Fujie was originally pushed a lot by Akimoto, she was senbatsu before too, and then in last years election she was nowhere to be seen 🙁 I love her, she’s sky rocketed into my top 10, she’s incredibly sweet and innocent, and she has a sultry beautiful voice that I adore too. And she’s Natsuyaki Miyabi’s cousin too 😀 Congrats Reinyan!


32 Umeda Ayaka (K) – 2499: Team K power!!! I’m super happy Umechan made it too! Especially because she is an original Team K power who doesn’t get enough love 🙁 Umechan is one of AKB’s best dancers so I’m sure she’ll be a great fit in UG!! And let’s hope she stays there too!



31 Satou Sumire (B) – 2591: Everyone’s favorite H!P reject (after Yukirin XD) makes a comeback! Suuchan is the cutest and prettiest girl on Earth! Definitely a favorite of mine in the new Team B. I hope she’ll get a push from this, because she doesn’t deserve to be an obscure background member!


30 Komori Mika (B) – 2613: No surprise here, Komorin has always been a big fan favorite in Japan. I like the fact that she’s in now that she’s a full fledged member as I didn’t enjoy her appearance in NamiSapu as a Kenkyuusei that much. Komorin is a very talented girl, she can sing very well, and has an amazing style of dancing that can only be described as “unique and classy” 😀


29 Nitou Moeno (K) – 2693: I’ve always been under the impression that Akimoto has a soft spot for Moeno, and that works fine with me because I like her. I think it’s a spectacular jump, from being nowhere after being pushed a lot last year to making No. 29 this year without so much promotion, although she was part of Team PB 😀 I like you Moeno! Keep rocking!


28 Shimazaki Haruka (RS) -3076: This girl is clearly the darling of the Kenkyuusei, so of course, she had to rank high enough. I’ve said all I had to say about Research Students XD and she’s pretty cute, so it’s all good.


27 Ishida Haruka (B) – 3235: Ahhh! Harukyan was my favorite kenkyuusei!!! She’s so good at what she does!!!! I’m ecstatic!!!!



26 Hirajima Natsumi (B) – 4106:
Yay! Nacchan is so awesome! I was saddened to see that they stuck her in TG after she had done so good in UG, and because she’s such a good Team B member. I’m glad to see her back in her feet 😀



25 Masuda Yuuka (B) – 4137:
YES!!! YES!! Yuka is hands down my favorite AKB singer, she needs to get more lines and more love! I really loved her new unit in B5, but I wanted her out of Theater Girls, she can do much better than that!!! It’s the return of MARIA moffos!!!



24 Oya Masana (S) – 4634:
Well, this is definitely surprising 😮 I’d never imagined that Masana could rank higher than Kumi, and with such a big difference too! Masana is a great girl, though. She works hard and the camera loves her (oh God, too much ANTM XD) she’s usually one of the invisible frontgirls, which are girls who are in the front a lot but people don’t usually notice that fact all that much.



23 Kuramochi Asuka (A) – 5355: Awww… My beloved Mochi! I think this is good for her actually. She was senbatsu last year but she was in the back so she got almost no screen time or lines, but now that she’s fronting UG, she might get a much better position. I do think that the delay of A6 actually affected the lower senbatsu members of Team A, Mochi hasn’t performed in the theater ever since K5 ended, and that was months ago!!! Anyhow, I wish her the best! 😀



22 Oota Aika (A) – 6145: Lovetan was senbatsu for the first time last year, but same as with Mochi, I think she actually has more chances to shine in UG 😀 




21 Miyazaki Miho (B) – 6371: Quite honestly, I expected Myao to rank higher :O She’s been pushed a lot, and she’s one of the new Team B frontgirls. However, this years competition was crazy, so maybe that’s why. I never want her out of senbatsu either, her bitchy personality is definitely a breath of fresh air in the happy-go-lucky idol world.


20 Nakagawa Haruka (A) – 6567: Harugon didn’t even place in UG last year, and she was the lead of the last TG PV, which I think helped her a lot. Also, she said that she was crushed last year because she hadn’t ranked 🙁 I think Watarirouka fans also helped her get through and voted for her. I like Nacchan WAY more than I like Harugon, but I’m super happy that she has more fans now, and being in senbatsu for the first time must be like a dream for her 😀 Good job!


19 Sashihara Rino (A) – 6704: Whooo! Sasshi my girl is in senbatsu!!!! 😀 I love Sasshi, she’s a total wota, and so much fun to watch all the time! I only hope that her popularity keeps increasing and increasing!!


18 Sato Amina (B) – 6921: Amina had a big drop from last year, but it’s still a huge feat to stay in senbatsu considering how she was never one of the front girls. I hope that she keeps working hard, I really admire her because she puts all her heart in what she does, and hopefully, this will keep her in the spotlight 🙂


17 Akimoto Sayaka (K) – 8049: BAWWWWW. My second favorite girl made it back into senbatsu ;_; words can’t express my joy. It was all I cared when I looked at the rankings. She should be way higher, but this is a good start. I want Akimoto to stop shoving her in UG, dammit. Just because she’s not some cutesy loli doesn’t mean that she should be in the back. She is an incredibly talented and charismatic girl, dammit. And she has such a big heart! <3 I’m sure she’s happy that she was able to be part of senbatsu again, and I hope she stays there, for God’s sakes. For better or worse, all of the captains should be in senbatsu, especially when it’s Sayaka we’re talking about, there’s nobody else like her in AKB, her passion and dedication can only be compared to those of Takamina, so she should stay in senbatsu! Agh… I make no sense, but I’m just so happy ;_;



16 Kitahara Rie (B) – 8836: I absolutely adore Rie. She’s so beautiful and quirky, it’s amazing! I wish she had ranked higher though, I think she was in a higher spot last year, and she’s always been a pushed girl. *shrugs*


15 Ono Erena (K) – 9468: I don’t get Erena’s constant teetering between frontgirl and not so much ever since last year. I love Erena, yet I don’t get why she didn’t lead a unit in K6 or why she doesn’t seem to get the same push she did last year. Some people even speculated some scandal that had relegated her to the back, I don’t know. I’m glad she’s in senbatsu, for what is worth. I really like Erepyon.


14 Minegishi Minami (K) – 9692: Awww… I’m so glad Miichan got to climb 2 positions from last year to this!!! 😀 Miichan is all kinds of awesome, she’s funny, talented, and hilarious with a devilish touch, she’s so perfect *_* And now that she’s a front girl of Team K, she can shine even more! She must be happy with the elaborate choreographies in some of K6 songs, and of course, she leads a unit! 😀



13 Takajyou Aki (A) – 11062:
 Well, of course Akicha had to be in senbatsu this year 🙂 I’m happy for her, she’s all kinds of adorable. Like, she makes me want to cuddle her or pat her head or something like that XD She’s also a star, I mean, she was the RS who got promoted to a Team the fastest, that is pretty impressive! Also, she was really pushed last year, and she got to UG, I feel like now that she had a little more time to train herself more and become more comfortable with being an idol, she is actually even more amazing. Gosh… I remember her blabbery MCs back when she was just promoted… I feel nostalgic already <3




MEDIA SENBATSU (AKA. The girls who appear on music shows promoting the single and such)

12 Kasai Tomomi (B) – 11080: BAWWWW ;_; I’m so glad my girl made it to media senbatsu!!! especially because she had been gradually relegated to the back more and more with every single ;_; and I was so afraid of her moving to Team B, which has many front-ish girls now, but I’m so happy ;_; Go Chiyuu!!


11 Matsui Rena (S) – 12082: I’ve actually read that there’s a lot of people who feel that SKE48 shouldn’t be part of the elections, I’m cool with them taking part in the elections, but what I really hate is that SDN has to be left out 🙁 That is unfair! Er… anyway, Rena is everyone’s favorite Nagoya princess, she’s also proven herself even more after her amazing performance of psycho Gekikara in Majisuka. Props to her! 😀



10 Matsui Jurina (S) – 12168:
Welp… in the preliminary results Rena was ahead of Jurina, but now she isn’t XD I have nothing against Jurina, and she’s definitely talented enough to hold on to her stop in the top 10!



09 Miyazawa Sae (K) – 12560:
Bawww… My bb Sae made it to the top 10!!! I’m so SO so happy! 😀 She’s awesome, and if anything, the new AKB senbatsu needs a little bit more oomph IMO 😛 And Sae is just the perfect girl to deliver performances that can definitely pack a punch!



08 Kashiwagi Yuki (B) – 15466:
Yukirin! My angel voiced girl lands a very good position this year ! I’m definitely happy for her, its always nice and heartwarming to see people accomplishing their biggest dreams 😀 Also, this hopefully means she is finally getting that solo single that was rumored before??? Oh well, a girl can dream, right? 😀


07 Kojima Haruna (A) – 16231:
Super team A frontgirl Kojima Haruna got No. 7. Ok, we were all expecting her to rank high, and I honestly don’t have anything to say about her lol at least not until A6 begins which will be in like a month from now *sigh* Moving on…


06 Takahashi Minami (A) – 17787: Yay Takamina!!! I’m curious to what comes next for her though, since Akimoto apparently mentioned in the election guidebook that she was the soul of AKB and that she should be in the Top 5. I don’t think that being 6th is bad at all, since it was such a huge competition. And you gotta love Takamina, she just really loves AKB, it’s like, her whole life, and I respect her a LOT because of that.


05 Watanabe Mayu (B) – 20088: Aww… I really wanted my cyborg girl to make it to the top 3, but being No. 5 is not a bad position at all! 😀 Next year the CG Revolution will come Mayuyu!!! Don’t worry! And about people complaining that her speech was insensitive, well, it is a tough situation… it would be best for all of us if there weren’t any elections whatsoever…


04 Itano Tomomi (K) – 20513: I don’t think many people saw this coming XD Tomocin has always been a popular girl, but this HUGE jump was kind of surprising haha. She’s now a Team K member, where she is THE frontgirl alongside Yuko, and this kind of exposure was definitely very good for her. See? Good things come out of the shuffle too 😀


03 Shinoda Mariko (A) – 23139: You know, I understand that Mariko looks like a model, is a funny girl and is super stylish having a following made up of pretty high schoolers, but really? Number 3? It’s no surprise, her Mixi ranking is higher than anyone else in AKB48, but… I love Mariko, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that she’s never at the theater performing (same as most Team A frontgirls) so I haven’t seen much of her lately XD Her acting in Majisuka was pretty awesome though 😀 Still, I do think Mayuyu should be in this position next year, nothing against Mariko, I just see Mayu around more XD


02 Maeda Atsuko (A) – 30851: well, this one was definitely the big surprise of the election. I guess most of us really assumed Acchan would always be No. 1 and thus we didn’t care all that much about the whole election thing. It is certainly sad for her, and I feel bad for her because I like Acchan and I think that she’s a good front girl, but in all honesty, too much of one thing might get stale. She’s been the centre in most AKB singles for 5 years now, it’s good to change, even if its for a short while. I’m also glad that she can be relieved of the great pressure of being No. 1, and I’m sure that she’ll still be the face of AKB regardless of the results of this elections. We all should’ve learned from last year that elections mean nothing. If Akimoto likes a girl, she will be senbatsu, regardless of the fans (who will grow to like her more and more anyway because she gets more exposure) and if he doesn’t like a girl, then it doesn’t matter how many people vote for her, she’ll be relegated to Theater Girls as soon as next single so whatever…





Still, it broke my heart to watch her trying to find words to say to her fans, and how she said it must be that she wasn’t cut out for that position. I know that japanese people are supposed to put themselves down, but it must’ve been hard for her anyway 🙁 

Still, we all know that elections mean nothing and Akimoto will bring his usual senbatsu ad center girl back next single so whatever XD


01 Oshima Yuko (K) – 31448:
OMG!!! I never thought I’d see this day ;_; Yuko has always been my favorite girl, ever since I first spotted her in Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru PV, and that will never ever change. Well, I’ll try to be as coherent as I possibly can, and I’m so so happy for her! She’s so hardworking, and whenever she performs you can really see that she puts her whole heart into everything she does!!! I’m sure she’ll be a great center for the next single, and I want her to get a solo line!!! 😀 I’m going to die in happiness if she does… 




I also like this because I think it will be a change of pace, considering how Yuko can be insanely cute, but she can also deliver fierce performances. I’m hoping for new singles to be more like RIVER and less like everything else they’ve released lately XD I do love every single to bits, but honestly, I prefer when my idol music can pack a punch instead of just being happy bubbly and whatnot. So yeah, I want a “cooler” AKB now that Yuko will be supposedly fronting it (which I doubt, because Akimoto has already shown us plenty of times that he will do whatever the hell he pleases regardless of how many votes a given girl gets. Or else how did Masuda Yuka, Yonezawa Rumi and Hirajima Natsumi end up in Theater Girls when they’d been voted for UG while Oku Manami, Nito Moeno, Maeda Ami climbed to Under Girls out of nowhere when they didn’t even get a rank in the first place.)




And in order to stick to the election, I have to say that I thought Yuko’s speech was the best one BY FAR. It was translated by a number of kind people, especially, it was tweeted live on AKB48 Journal, but the gist of the speech was this: “Last year, I asked my fans to push my back so that I could improve, this year I want my fans to follow me instead”


Ehm… well, the elections are over, the amount of internet drama has been pretty funny XD and still, we’re likely to get elections again next year LOL that sucks 🙁 I hate elections. The good side is that they are the only way some girls can make it to a single, but the downside is that with so many girls in AKB, it’s just mean to rub it in their faces that they aren’t well liked enough or whatever. I don’t enjoy this reality show at all, but whatever, it’s good promotion, so I guess the management will still do it each year regardless of what we want or not.

And it truly broke my heart to read the blog entries of the girls who didn’t rank at all. It’s very sad to read that they are crushed, they feel like they are worthless or they have failed. I don’t want my idols to feel sad or defeated, I want them to be happy so that I can be happy for them. As shallow as that may sound, it’s the way I want it to be. I never want any of my girls to cry bitter tears… and more importantly, I wish there wasn’t a whole show based around watching them suffer *sigh*

At least we have one more year of peace before the ruckus comes up again next year…

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