Tomorrow the new you of tomorrow will be born… as a pr0n star x_x

Well, I guess her uniform isn’t getting in the way anymore, am I right? *wink wink*

*sigh* Who am I kidding?

I’ve been a fan of AKB for a long time, and Rinatin was absolutely one of my favorite members. I have a ton of favorites, I know, but she was special to me because of her angelic voice. I love it when girls have beautiful voices, which isn’t necessarily common in the idol world, sadly. But Rina was all I loved in an idol back then: great voice, cute looks and a sweet personality.

When she graduated I was of course very sad, especially cause she graduated along Tojima Hana who was another BIG favorite of mine, it was a horrible day for me xD

Afterwards, she kind of was a lot less active than the other graduates. I was uber happy when she appeared in AX09 and sang “Ashita wa Ashita no kimi wa Umareru” with her Chocolove partners <3 Also, she was a very sickly girl, she was out of the whole Himawarigumi 2nd Stage because of a back injury and she was also supposed to perform at AX10 but got hospitalized because of an asthma attack and couldn’t attend, she even blogged about how she was sad she had missed the event.

Later she posted in her blog that she would leave the entertainment business.

A little after that, rumors started spreading about her supposed nude photoshoot and her starring in JAV, I thought it was a lie, or a joke… and then… I was a faced with reality, or more like, tons of naked Rina pictures and then “Yamaguchi Rico”, the snaggletooth debate, the covers of her movie (I’m really not into that sort of thing, so it might have been especially traumatizing for me xD)

It’s obviously her, some fans are still in denial, but the fact that AKS filed a lawsuit against Nakanishi for a breech of contract (Her contract with them stated that she couldn’t do anything that put the brand name of AKB48 down even for 3 years after she had left the group) obviously proves that Rico is Rina, otherwise there would’ve been no lawsuit x_x And well, in case you’re interested, the lawsuit didn’t progress because the judge didn’t think anything Rina did would affect AKB48.

And neither do I, honestly. Well, of course, anti-fans will yap and yap about how the AKB girls are such whores that they even go into porn *rolls eyes* but it’s nothing new to hear them bashing AKB for whatever reason so meh…

But what I do worry about isn’t AKB, but Rina herself. It just strikes me as something incredibly odd given the personality she always showcased in the group. She was the most demure, gentle and sweet girl in Team A. She didn’t even do too well in sexy songs because she looked scared all the time in the Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru PV xD

And then… this? I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t be shocked if anyone from AKB would go into JAV but… Rina of all people is really baffling.

Hell, we were all betting it would be Narita Risa, who became reknown for her big breasts and racy gravure photoshoots and DVDs, and now, lo and behold, after Nakanishi said on her graduation speech that she was going to be a solo singer, it is actually Narita who is going to debut with a unit later this month. Oh, the ironies of life

I have a LOT more to say about this. Actually, I hadn’t even thought about it that much until yesterday, when I was working and listening to my iPod and all of a sudden “Shinkirou” her duet with Kojima Haruna started playing. Then it really hit me. And… man… I don’t even know what to think, but I’m planning a tribute to her nonetheless.

I just really really hope that this is what she wanted to do in life, and she’s happy with it. I don’t want to think that this is one of those sad stories of falling from grace I often watch on E! Entertainment Television xD

So yeah, expect a second post as a homage to Nakanishi Rina, the AKB48 idol I knew and loved.


You know, I’m just tired at people having a go at AKB48 because of their new single. It’s my favorite AKB48 single so I can’t help but think “Geez, people need to chill out O_O”

I’m ok with people hating AKB48, people should be able to voice their dislike of something all over the internet if they feel like it, but it’s the double standards that really REALLY annoy me.

First off, I’ll say that I like AKB48 because they have slutty songs. I won’t fool anyone, that’s what lured me into liking the group and it’s why I’ve been liking them for so long and I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon. I’m 22 years old, I no longer want to listen to happy sugary stuff all the time, and although it’s perfectly fine for me if people want to like such stuff, I don’t.

I don’t want to rag on any group because I hate flame wars, and really, I’m a very respectful person xD But people just need to calm down. Seriously.

I think the whole Nakanishi Rina porn scandal thing had a very bad timing considering this PV xD but both things are completely unrelated, and I’ve seen people even making connections to them O_O wtf

So here’s what bothers me:
1. OMG UNDERAGE GIRLS IN UNDERWEAR DO NOT WANT DDDDD: That’s never happened before in my K-pop/J-pop!!!!

Seriously? wtf is this. I’ve seen plenty of Jpop stuff that sells sex, without even touching on H!P because I don’t want to ignite a flame war. Remember SweetS? I loved them, but they were well underage and their lyrics and dances were provocative enough.
Hinoi Team anyone? Keika was like 12 and it was also the same story.
And you know what? I will touch on the H!P issue because I loved those songs that were a little racier xD How about Chu! Natsu Panty, excuse me Party and its panty flashing when Aibon was definitely underage? There, I said it xD

Now K-pop? I love it. Because it’s slutty. Yes, I’m like that. If KARA’s butt shaking dance isn’t sexual the I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. And what about T-ara’s PV in a high school? That was also pretty sexual. And how about SNSD’s Cabi song (love it so SO much BTW) HOTNESS OVERLOAD. You all get my point I hope.

And to boot, only 2 of AKB’s frontgirls are underage: Watanabe Mayu: who is 16, and she was wearing a very cute puffy pink top and boxers, hardly more revealing or suggestive than a bikini.

And Matsui Jurina, who is turning 14 soon, and all you can see of her is her head and her knees. THE HORROR. *rolls eyes*


Fine, don’t. And chill out. Geez. Nobody is forcing you people to like anything or buy anything, so please chill out, ok?
Also, I’m pretty sure that AKB48 will sell pretty well anyway even without all of you non-fans helping out with buying some singles, so don’t worry about it 😉

Now, before people start flooding my blog and commenting stuff like “That was only one time, and underwear is definitely worse” Yes, ok, I get it. I like slutty stuff, but it’s only me, if you don’t like it then it’s ok too. If you hate it, it’s ok too. Just don’t pretend that sex hasn’t been anywhere near your preferred part of the music industry, because unless you’re a big fan of Pavarotti, it has been. BELIEVE ME.

And also, a quick note about fans who are sad because their oshis didn’t make the PV even though they were senbatsu. I feel for you. I wanted to see Sayaka in lingerie as much as anyone else. But Akimoto does what Akimoto wants 🙁 Let’s all wait till the next CD and hope for a better luck for our oshis (I wanted Sayaka, Kitarie and Sasshi in cat ears ;_;)

So, to sum it all up, hate and rag on AKB as much as you want, but I just had to get this off my chest!!

And also, expect a detailed review with lots of screencaps when I get my single 😀 I bought both editions too!!! YUKO MY LOVE I’LL SUPPORT YOU EVEN IF THE WORLD IS AGAINST YOU MY LOVE!!!!

Yeah, for me, this is the best AKB single EVER. Slutty songs are my favorite songs, and it’s why I like AKB, I couldn’t be happier about slutty songs returning to singles 😀

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