So.. the Janken Tournament is Over!

Hello, everyone! I’m posting to let you know about the results of the Janken Pon tournament that was held yesterday to decide the senbatsu and center for AKB48’s 19th single coming out December 8th!

So, basically, it was a rock paper scissors tourney to decide the important stuff about the next single lol. Fans were rioting over this before it started because they felt it would be rigged, and some still do, what can you do, can’t please everyone I guess *shrugs* IMO, it was an amazing way to shift the girls around, because let’s face it, in this particular point in history it’s extremely hard to a girl to get into senbatsu, and many many AKB girls have been members for a LONG time without being senbatsu ever, so I really thought it would be a great opportunity! Especially because I have many not-so-popular favorites (well, who am I kidding, almost everybody is my favorite xD lol DD here!) but after all has been said and done I have mixed feelings about this lol. Well, I’ll eleaborate more in each girl’s post.


Kashiwagi Yuki:


Yukirin is the captain of Team B, she’s also the lead of the French Kiss subunit, and a very popular gravure model. When I saw this I was immediately sad. Yukirin happens to have my favorite voice of all regular senbatsu so sucks to be me xD

Nakamura Mariko:


I know absolutely nothing about this girls. Sorry. I’m not into following Kenkyuusei at all, because I can barely keep up with the full members as is, and it’s too sad when they get cut. So yeah, she looks very young 😮

Minegishi Minami


Miichan T_T She’s a Team K member and renown for her dancing abilities and her mischievous character. Another sad moment for me xD

Nakaya Sayaka


NOOOOO! This was my only chance to see my girl in senbatsu and she lost U_U she’s consistently been bottom of the TG, Mixi rankings, you name it, and it saddens me because she’s in my top 10 and she’s SO ridiculously talented!

Oku Manami


The non-japanese looking loli isn’t very lucky either x_x I feel bad for her because Akimoto wants to push her but fans don’t seem to care much ;_;

Nakamata Shiori


Ok, nevermind all my rambling about Kenkyuuseis, I LOVE this girl. I haven’t even seen her perform like, ever, but OMG SHE LOOKS LIKE SAYU! and she also looks like all those idols from the 80s! And I’m shallow like that xD I hadn’t even noticed she was part of the tournament! OMG! Now I’m looking forward to TG even more! 😀

Itano Tomomi


The Amuro clone and fashionista of AKB48. I love this girl SO much, she’s a fierce bitch lolol. Sad that she lost, but at this point, I’m glad she stays with Yuko and Miichan rocking TG haha

Suzuki Mariya


Awww Mariyannu u_u I want to get to know her more, cause all I know about her is that she’s gorgeous and a great singer and she is a Team B member xD

Kikuchi Ayaka


Ayarin is the rumored AKB girl who got fired for dating and then rehired and made her way from a kenkyuusei to a full member. I admire her a lot, and I’ve said it a ton of times before but OMG. Imagine being a frontgirl (because she was, way back when, more popular than Yukirin!) and then making a stupid mistake and getting fired, and then having to go through the whole thing from the bottom again? And never be senbatsu again? I mean. WOW. Major courage. I <3 U Ayarin!

Komori Mika


Mikapon, psychotic girl extraordinaire of Team B is here too u_u Reading what Sasshi wrote about her palm reading abilities on her blog I would’ve expected her to go higher 😀

Fujie Reina


My Reinyan!!! She’s a Team K girl and also happens to be the sweetest idol in the whole wide world! And that voice *_* lolol rewriting this thing makes me realize that TG is definitely my favorite tier 😀

Takahashi Minami


Takamina, Team A captain and… you really don’t know Takamina? xD She’s the unofficial AKB48 leader! OMG a single without her is going to be werd, but well, she wasn’t around SnH08 much either and the world didn’t crash xD She’s guaranteed to be uber awesome wherever she’s placed, and I’m sure she’ll be the center of TG…

Oshima Yuko


MY BABY!!!! ;_; Yuko is a Team K girl WHO IS MADE OF SOLID WIN. And it’s kind of funny that even though she won the elections she’s in the lowest tier now xD I’m proud of her because she was a really good sport even after she lost! She was all smiles, and cheered on Sasshi to get the No. 1 spot! Now I can only hope that she has a lot of screentime in the TG video hahaha

Yonezawa Rumi


Rumi is a Team K member, and she’s a very good dancer and singer, coupled with a great fun and outgoing personality that makes her amazing to watch on MCs! (Srsly you guys, every entry I type, I like TG more xD)

Masuda Yuka


Yuka is Team B member who is the best singer of AKB48. Yes, I said it. And nobody can deny it xD I kid, I kid, but I do think she was the best vocal range, control and timbre lolol.

Oya Shizuka


Shiichan is a Team A member who also happens to be the girl who’s been a Kenkyuusei for the longest in AKB history. She sort of became the Kenkyuusei leader and then her team mates started getting promoted left and right while she had to wait and wait. But she stuck in there, until her time came! <3 Also, she’s SO funny. Seriously, her election video was hands down the BEST.

Iwasa Misaki


Wasamin is a Team A member, and she’s especially talented in singing and dancing because she’s been trained before, but I wouldn’t really know how xD I absolutely adore this girl ever since I saw her in the Infinity musical, she’s so SERIOUS. And gives 200% in everything she does. Also she’s so beautiful! And the fact that she’s young gives me hope that she might rise in the ranks with time.

Miyazaki Miho


It’s probably not a very good time to be Myao ;_; She’s a Team B member who got the last senbatsu spot in the election, but was demoted to UG in the 18th single, and now, she’s eliminated in the first round! Nevertheless, sassy and spunky Myao won’t be easily defeated, I’m sure of that! 😀

Nagao Mariya


No idea about this kenkyuusei.

UNDERGIRLS (aka. Middle Tier)

Kobayashi Marina


No idea about this kenkyuusei either. Her ears are very… distinctive though o_o

Shinoda Mariko


Mariko-sama in undergirls? OMG what’s the world come to? xD She’s a Team A member and has consistently been a frontgirl ever since she was added to Team A due to a petition from the fans. I love her because even though she’s incredibly busy outside of AKB with a lot of modeling jobs and the such, she still cares about AKB a lot, and it means a lot to her. <3

Hirajima Natsumi


Aww Nacchan ;_; she’s a Team B member, but in reality, she’s an original team A member who got transfered to Team B when it was formed. She’s also the leader of my favorite AKB subunit, Watarirouka Hashiritai. And she’s the best looking girl in a bikini in the whole idol world. I kid you  not. Go google it! xD

Akimoto Sayaka


Sayaka is just OMG *___* an amazing idol! She’s no cutesy kid though, she’s a beautiful and sexy woman! Which is why she’s been steadily pushed to the UG category even though she was senbatsu before x_x She’s also the Team K captain, and what I find funny is that she ended up being the highest ranked captain, which is hilarious because usually, Yuki and Minami are in senbatsu while she’s the one in undergirls xD

Nonaka Misato


lol wtf is up with that pic? anyway, Micha is a Team K member too, and the only 6th gen Kenkyuusei along with Akicha. She’s a very sweet girl, and also, she has a beautiful low range voice! 😀 Aaaaand she looks like my Berryz favorite member, Kumai-chan xD

Nakata Chisato


Wtf? I hadn’t noticed Chiichan had made it to undergirls 😮 That’s amazing because she’s one of the least recognized Team A members. It’s funny in a way because she was very popular as a kenkyuusei, but then she got promoted and they never pushed her again ;_; She has a beautiful crystalline voice though, I’m glad she’s not stuck in TG this time <3

Katayama Haruka


NOOOOOOO! Haachan is my second favorite AKB member, so of course I was rooting for her D: She is the sexiest girl in the whole 48 family xD no kidding, man. She just oozes self confidence no matter where or what <3 Hopefully she’ll get a good position in the UG song…

Umeda Ayaka


Umechan stays in undergirls <3 She’s a Team K member who is famous because of her dance skills! And she’s also super sexy! Just look at that pic! It’s the cutesy banana costume but NO! she makes it hot! <3

Miyazawa Sae


Saepo! She’s a Team K member who’s Sayaka’s BF BFF xD She’s also usually in senbatsu, and I actually think this is her first time missing the top members in a single 😮 I’m glad she’s together with Sayaka! Hopefully we can all see some Saeyaka love around the PV!!

Matsubara Natsumi


Another UG who stays in her rank xD Nattsumii is a Team A girl who is super sweet and adorable, and she also happens to be an amazing dancer 😀

Sato Amina


Aminachiyan is a fan favorite among western AKB followers xD It’s not hard to understand because she’s absolutely adorable, and she’s extremely hard working, getting to the point of learning all of the choreographies of the stages in order to improve and make herself stand out more 😮 The fans support her a lot, but the management keeps pushing her down D: She’s in Team B, BTW.

Sashihara Rino


Sasshi from Team A! I don’t even know where Sasshi stands in my ranking anymore, but it’s coming dangerously close to the top 3 anyway xD I love her super quirky random personality, and how she’s completely honest about herself, without putting on a mask or anything like that. I wanted her to get to senbatsu in place of Yuko, but UG is good enough 😀

Kitahara Rie


I have a soft spot for B member Kitarie. Maybe it’s because I have unagi inu lips too so I can relate? xD Anyway, what makes me SUPER happy is seeing her together with Sasshi, hopefully they can share some screentime together? Since they are BFFs and all <3

Watanabe Mayu


Mayuborg is the face of Team B, and she’s a CG xD I absolutely adore her because she’s too perfect to even be real hahaha. Poor thing, she must’ve been crushed to lose here though 🙁 I have a feeling she’ll lead UG though…

Nito Moeno


Moeno <3 a Team K member who is the epitome of cool. She’s absolutely fearless and OMG so amazing! I’m super happy she’s in UG, I hadn’t even noticed her position much when I went over the results the first time xD

Oota Aika


Lovetan + Mayuyu single? They must’ve found some consolation in that xD Well, I mean, not that they aren’t always together in Watarirouka, but you know, this is different 😀 Lovetan is a Team A member who is absolutely loli-licious and rebellious xD Tsundere 100%

SENBATSU (aka. Top Tier)

Chikano Rina


YESSSSS! Chikarina in senbatsu!!! I’m so SO happy! T_T you guys don’t even knowwwww… I love her so much! she’s absolutely hardworking and endearing and OMG I adore her. There are no words, I’m SO happy! She’s in Team B, BTW xD

Maeda Atsuko


Acchan, face of AKB48 and Team A etc. People cried foul when Acchan made it into senbatsu, but when one thinks that all she needed was to win one single match to be there it wasn’t such a steep possibility. I think that she kind of got a free pass because Erena withdrew from the tournament so she automatically won the first round or something? Well whatever, it will be hilarious to watch her backdance to the other girls xD But now watch AKiP troll us all and giving her a huge amount of screentime xD

Matsui Sakiko


Sakippe! Beautiful pianist of Shin K!! <3 I’m so so so SO happy for her! Especially because I feel that after she was promoted to K she hasn’t been pushed much T_T but now with MINT in the next single and her in senbatsu afterwards!!!! OMG! Please give her a piano and let us all stare in awe in the 19th single!!

Kasai Tomomi


My Team B oshimen!!!! Tomo~mi is the only one of my oshis who made it into senbatsu and she didn’t make it very far ahead either, sadly -_- Well, at least I’m SUPER happy to see her there, I honestly wanted her to be center for a super sexy single xD

Tanabe Miku


OMG! Tanamin!!! <3 One of my favorite Shin K members hands down! She’s absolutely beautiful, a great singer a FIERCE dancer and has a super dorky personality that makes her ultra endearing! <3 Also, judging from the past singles, she’d be part of Media Senbatsu, but I don’t really know if that’s how it works for a single with only 16 senbatsus instead of 22 :/

Kobayashi Kana


I’m glad Kana made it into senbatsu, because she’s one of those girls who were pushed a lot back when Team K had just started, then she was mildly pushed for a while circa K4 and now she’s nowhere to be seen -_- She’s in Team B now too.

Kuramochi Asuka


Mocchi! <3 She’s a Team A member who is absolutely beautiful and very gentle and demure. She’s also a great singer, and part of French Kiss. I hope she gets a good part in the single because I adore her voice!

Nakatsuka Tomomi


Whoa! I didn’t know Tomochan had made it this far 😮 Good for her! She’s a Team K member and she’s so glompable haha and dorky <3 I’ve warmed up to her because I honestly didn’t know what to think at first but just… she’s too adorable!

Takajo Aki


OMG Akicha looks a bit like Sooyoung from SNSD in this pic! 😮 Anyhow, I digress, she’s a Team A member who holds the record of being the fastest promoted kenkyuusei. She’s also part of French Kiss and she’s always like this: 😀 which makes me love her SO much! 😀

Sato Natsuki


Nacchi! A Team B member who is very smart, funny and a very good performer! I’m so glad that she’s in senbatsu again, after all, her last senbatsu was Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou a million years ago xD I’m especially excited about her getting a ton of lines, because she can BELT! And she chose to wear the Furishite Maneshite costumes from K5!!! That makes 2 of us who LOVE those costumes: Nacchi and me 😀

Sato Sumire


Suuchan from Team B!!! Everyone’s favorite H!P reject in the top of senbatsu! <3 <3 <3 I’m so happy for her! She’s been pushed a good deal, but she had never made senbatsu before, so yeah, it’s a good thing 😀

Maeda Ami


Aamin! She’s the other Maeda from Team A and OMG she’s drop dead gorgeous. I know next to nothing about her other than that, sadly, so I can’t wait to see more of her.

Nakagawa Haruka


Harugon must be floating! First she makes senbatsu for the first time with the elections and then she manages to get in the top 5 of senbatsu? 😮 That’s so great for her and I’m supper happy. She’s also a very fun girl who is like a child inside, always a lot of fun guaranteed xD She’s in Team A, BTW

Kojima Haruna


Kojiharu from Team A, is actually the only usual senbatsu girl who managed to climb higher than her usual position. So good for her, now watch her get all the spotlight lolol

Ishida Haruka


Harukyan is a Team B member who was a Kenkyuusei for a LONG time before being promoted. She was my favorite kenkyuusei for the longest time so of course I’m glad she got this far! 😀 Kinda sad that she couldn’t make it all the way to the top, but hey, she’s getting a solo single and all so this is great timing for her as well!


Uchida Mayumi


Mayuchi in first place is just WHOA. I mean… really… I don’t think anyone ever even thought of that possibility xD I love it LOVE LOVE LOVE it for several reasons, the most important being that she’s an excellent performer and a super hardworking girl who will certainly be able to carry the pressure of being the center, and the ulterior motive is that she’s a Shin K member so YAY TEAM K!!!! 2 CENTER GIRLS IN A YEAR! REPRESENT!!! 😀 People have been making mean comments about her all over the internet, but what can you do, haters gonna hate, and I’m rooting for her 100%, I believe that she has what it takes to make the next single amazing!

Team S 3rd Stage Seifuku no Me – Final

Hello everyone! Sorry for the interference, we’re back on regular schedule with more translations 😀

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10. An Alibi of Jealousy: This one is a really great song! The music is very dramatic and rock driven, and the desperate lyrics are so epic <3


An alibi of Jealousy

I can only look at you

the flame in my heart,

no matter how much I try to turn it off, it’s an affection that flares up (1)


right now this is the last flight

I run like a stampede to check in

Why is it that I want to meet you so badly

where are you and who are you with?

Without a doubt

I can’t be stopped


in the airport runway

the blue light is

calling out to the night sky

flying out to an unknown town

is a stupid behavior


An alibi of Jealousy

I can only look at you

Born with my doubts

are these hallucination tears (2)

Repeat (1)


Crossing over the sea, crossing over our dates, why?

Am I aiming to be alone?

Meeting you was inevitable

although I know that much

I wanted to understand it

with my own eyes


No matter how many hours passed

I still can’t sleep

as I looked at the black sky

you are too far away

a big mistake


An alibi of sadness

I was the one who was wrong

I didn’t believe

in destiny or bonds


An alibi of sadness

I was the one who was wrong

the distance of our love

it wasn’t the right time to bury it

Ah jealousy

Repeat (2)

Repeat (1)

11. Doubt!: This song was somehow super complicated to translate to me *scratches head* The drill is that these are a couple of childhood friends who fight all the time and then they realize that they are in love with each other.


Doubt! Doubt! Doubt!

I won’t say the truth about myself

I like you so much that it makes me wonder what should I do?

I’m fooling myself (1)


Because I was suddenly told to go to the capital

“I am relieved” you said mischievously

I had to fight with you like we were enemies but

that was the proof that I had started to care about you


Your eyes were a little lonely

even though you tried to smile


Doubt! Doubt! Doubt!

“I don’t want you to go!” you cried

even though I’m unreasonable it’s ok

your voice was loud

if you told me your real motivation it would be ok but

you, who are my childhood friend can’t be honest

I see through your lies (2)


If such a thing happened, somehow it happened

I had confidence in my skills at fighting

“I don’t want to become sad” you whispered in a subdued voice

That’s when I realized about your weak kindness


we let go of the fights until the end, didn’t we?

I wonder if our compatibility is bad?


Doubt! Doubt! Doubt!

I want to say what I’ve always tried to say but…

Why is it that I can’t say the basic words?

Repeat (1)

Repeat (2)

12. Friends Song: I love this songs lyrics xD To all the haters: Yes, the girls of the 48 franchise aknowledge that they are tone deaf 😀 But, see, that is so NOT the point of idol music! The point is to sing love’s song until our hearts become one! <3


A lot of things have happened but

we are walking the same path

your profile becomes happy

you walked a path that was somehow different from that of your friends

becoming anxious


On days when the rain fell

and also on nights when the wind blew strongly

you were next to me, who gets lonely easily


I want to listen to the song of love being sung

we’re not good at it but we put our hearts into it

with a loud voice like the sun

I’ve wanted to say it for a long time, thank you always (1)


That moon that shone so brightly too, for the sake of tomorrow graduates

Goodbye to the sky of tears

what is more important than anything else is the fact that I’m living now

each of them sparkles and shines (the tears)


The dream was far away and it seemed like I would turn back

you gave courage to this depressed me, didn’t you?


Let’s sing love’s song together, everybody

even if we are tone deaf it’s ok, let’s unite our hearts

what I can do is lend a shoulder

if there are friends around it’s ok, it’s warm all the time (2)

Repeat (1)

Repeat (2)


Let’s sing this song so that it resonates through the whole world

because I have this many friends

whenever I’m sad I will strain my ears,

everyone keeps singing in this place

13. A pool without water: This songs lyrics are so beautiful ;_; the analogy to swimming and drowning and stuff is so powerful to me…


From the classroom window

I look at

the pool without water

I remember

That summer’s sunshine and large brown cicadas.


My energetic friend’s laughter

I can hear it from afar

the youth that splashed water

in front of the deep red sunset

becomes a shadow


Everyone clumsily

forgot how to swim

in happiness and sadness

thrashing their feet about

it looked like they would drown… (1)


The fallen gingko leaves

filled the bottom of

the concrete pool

until the next summer comes

they are waiting for the water to arrive


the fading tan of my skin

makes me feel too lonely

recollections always disappear

new memories are born

overlapping with them


my struggling legs are cramping

there is water coming into my nose

while I choke on despair

It seems like

I can start swimming


How much water will be taken out

and then added later?


will the bottom of the pool

feel shallow?

Repeat (1)

14. The Stairs to Paradise: My favorite group song! And the lyrics *__* They describe the rush of going to the theater perfectly! Epicness!



This show’s encore

we are still full of energy so let’s go!


if we’re in the theater

nights are longer than usual

Let’s flare up!


Loving! Blowing kisses!

We place our dream in your hands!

We’ll take you! Look at us!

Feel the miracle that happens at the same time!

Everyone is happy

and then our eyes aim for the stairs to paradise (1)



The stage is a sultry night

with max voltage let’s run swiftly!


Bathing in the light

with our minds completely blank

let’s dance!


Loving! Blowing kisses!

We’ll show you the passion in front of us!

Throw your fists in the air! Raise your arms!

Forget all the bad things now and let’s have fun!

We’ll make this a godly night

so, let’s climb the stairs to paradise… (2)

Repeat (1)

Repeat (2)

Become a legend! Towards the top of the paradise!

15. Pinocchio War: This song is completely psychotic! and I love it because of it! 😀 Also, blurry screencaps ahoy. The seizure dance is freaking hard to screencap -_- Think of it as artsy or something hahaha


“Pinocchio War! when the nose grows big, move forward!”


In perfect form! The current me

In perfect form! this feeling is excellent

In perfect form! without anyone realizing

In perfect form! this nose started growing


If its Pinocchio you don’t have to worry

If it’s Pinocchio you don’t have to be anxious

If it’s Pinocchio you don’t have to be shy

God gave us this

When the nose grows big let’s run without bumping into each other

When the nose grows big let’s go

when the nose grows big let’s enjoy

Now is the best time


Turn this overwhelming power over with a screw

Oh yeah! it’s a victorious fight

Overwhelmingly push it! Throw it down!

Ah! Even if it’s with luck or skill!


Move forward! get in a good mood

Move forward! riding on a tune

Move forward! with only your power

Move forward! Catch the whole world! Yay!

“You will become useless soon” I was told that rumor

But those things don’t make me worried in the least

No meditating!


In perfect form! I am the best in this century

In perfect form! the first and probably the last

In perfect form! it’s an untrodden path

In perfect form! let’s finish it in this way!

Raise the flag now! Victory!


Even if someone said that they would fold that nose

the long nose won’t go back to the way it was!

It can’t be stopped!


Move forward! get in a good mood

Move forward! riding on a tune

Move forward! with only your power

Move forward! Catch the whole world! Yay!

Pinocchio war Let’s advance towards a victory!

Pinocchio war We don’t know defeat!

Pinocchio! the nose grows it’s Victory!

16. About a letter: This lyrics are incredibly pretty! So simple, but so moving ;_;


I wrote a letter to you

in many pages of a simple stationary with nothing on it

The reason why I chose blue ink

is because you said that you like the blue sky.


But I was thinking what should I write and started over

somehow, I got embarrassed

so while I was thinking of you blankly

I tried to talk


I like you (I like you)

I wrote down

and after that I tore the paper up

I took many many detours before saying that


What part of you is what attracts me?

I tried to think back to when we met for the first time

Your smile and your discouraged face

are charming and I like them

but when it isn’t like that and you have a sad face

I feel like my chest tightens


I like you (I like you)

I wrote down (I wrote down)

I put down the pen

And I look at the many pictures of you I took


“Usually, I can’t write letters.

But suddenly I wrote you a letter

Will you read it?”


Why is it that now I

wrote a letter to you?

Maybe it’s because whenever I think of you

that’s the moment I enjoy the most


Surely (surely)

don’t show this letter

to anyone

After many hours I’ve wrote messily about this love

my feelings are somehow indescribable

what I put in the envelope is my monologue

Ok! That’s it!! 😀 I’ve bought A TON of AKB stuff, so I plan on reviewing it or scanning it or whatever xD I’ve also been drawing the AKB girls a lot, so maybe I’ll muster enough courage to post my doodles 😀 Don’t expect anything amazing though, they’re basically stick figures hahaha.

Also, next time, B5 translations!! I only have the encore left to translate 😀

I’m sure that with Team A being the most popular team around, everybody will translate A6, which I feel relieved about, since my japanese is far from being perfect. I do plan on translating S2 though. It’s one of my favorite stages ever after all!

Seifuku no Me part 2.

Hello everybody 😀 Sorry about the fact that I couldn’t update yesterday. It was my grandma’s birthday so I was very busy the whole day <3 Nevertheless, here are the amazing unit songs!

5. More than a feeling: This is the first unit song, sung by Matsui Jurina (aka. The Ace), Kinoshita Yukiko (aka. she’s a halfie :D) and Hiramatsu Kanako (aka. The loli looking one). And in all honesty, one day I was working at my office and listening to some random music, and then all of a sudden, this song started playing and it blew me away. The longing in the lyrics, the selfishness of the singer… wow. I just HAD to translate this song, and that’s when this whole translation madness began xD


Hey, don’t look at me

with those distant eyes

even though beyond the sea

there is no tomorrow


Why doesn’t that crescent moon

shed any tears?

when the night comes

you aren’t here


the two of us in the beach

become more connected

our embracing footsteps faded

this affection

was left behind


Embrace me

Tell me you still love me

Lie to me and say that you still love me

for the last time, one more time,

this is the diary of a single summer

I still want to be by your side

I still can’t let go of you

this fever in my heart is

more than a feeling (1)


the eastern horizon

became bright once more,

the fragments of the stars

are floating and glittering

So if you told me

good bye in an even colder way

I would become lonely

even on my way home


The moments when you were kind

are impossible to understand to me

if time stopped like this

I want to dream

for all eternity


Even now

tell me you still love me

just like the day when we met each other

please kiss me

it’s a regret on my lips

I still want to be connected to you

I still can’t forget

the comfort I felt in your arms

is more than a feeling


Everything is an illusion (everything is an illusion)

turning back to you (turning back to you)

is nothing like me at all

I still don’t want us to say goodbye

I still don’t want to be separated from you

my love for you

is more than a feeling

Repeat (1)


The selfishness I couldn’t tell you about

Is more than a feeling

6. The big wolf and Pride: Sung by Yagami Kumi (aka. SKE’s no. 3 girl) and Mori Sayuki (aka. babyface although she’s gone now 🙁 and isn’t in this particular performance) this song reminds me a lot of the Lolita book. Except, well, Lolita didn’t love Humbert Humbert and the girl in this song does love her big bad wolf very much xD Oh Akimoto, you zany wota…


I wonder if

the wind that blew through

my pure white skirt

is to blame for me liking someone so much?


Even though I call your name

you pretend not to hear it

it’s like you are taking off

the darts in your heart


I want you to

stop treating me like a child

I am after all

a lady


The truth is

you are tantalizing

your manners are too good

my Mr. wolf is somehow


you are tantalizing

your manners are too good

in front of the sheep you

won’t attack

I won’t give you

even just a kiss

because I

have pride (1)


It’s like we’re riding

a merry-go-round

because the distance between us

can’t become smaller


With my eyes still closed

I expose my forehead

I’m waiting

for you


30 seconds

Somehow I’m getting impatient

your pace is too slow

I have heard

that men turn into wolves

somehow I’m getting impatient

your pace is too slow

even if I get suddenly eaten

I won’t care

because I want

to become special

tell me

what is so different with me when compared to other girls!


don’t tell me that I’m

like your little sister

because you’re a guy

act properly

Repeat (1)

7. Girls 6th sense: Sung by Takada Shiori (black haired beauty), Ooya Masana (snowhite), Kuwabara Mizuki (CRRRAZY), Shinkai Rina (helium voice, she’s gone now too D:) and Suda Akari (cutest girl EVAH). This song is just… way too girly and adorable! I can relate with the lyrics so much… you go out with a boy and have plans to make everything special and then something bad happens… xD


Tonight I have a feeling that it could become a special night

I’ll wear the dress and earrings my mom lent me

Being more passionate might seem shallow

even if you honk to pick me up, I’ll make you wait for at least 5 minutes


Full moon, the round moon is romantic

As you drive your open car

it looks like a mirrorball in the sky


A girls 6th sense without a doubt is nothing strange

when anything, anything happens

it’s a surprise of love

I have to many premonitions and reacting is difficult

will he come? will he come? hey, he came!

there’s no cuteness there (1)


We eat a great dinner, and we leave the restaurant in your car

the BGM that flows in the car gives a good feeling

soon the hazard appears, I wonder if we’ll stop in the shoulder of a road

I want you to give me the sweet words you hid in the depths of your heart


Suddenly the rains starts falling down really hard

even though you hurriedly closed the roof of the car

both of us ended up soaking wet


A girls 6th sense without a doubt is nothing strange

however, however, it was unexpected

this horrible happening

A development like this only could have been known by God

No way, no way, will I be

rejected like this…


We came close to my house really fast

Mistake let’s postpone this until next time

I really hope it happens.

Repeat (1)

8. The Station of Dry Leaves: Matsui Rena (MISTRESS GEKIKARA) has a solo, this super heartbreaking song also got the No. 1 spot in the Request Hour Set List Best 30 SKE48 songs 😀


The dry leaves flutter in the wind

just like my tears

The dry leaves flutter in the wind

they come floating down into my heart

in the station

where I was left alone


Suddenly you said you can’t go

and canceled the trip

Inside of the trunk our plans

are stuffed


Coming out from the ceiling

is the destination of this platform

Near the trees in the side line

I wait in vain


Fluttering painfully among the branches

is your selfish back

Fluttering painfully among the branches

I held on to this affection

the location

where I lost my dreams


Now it seems like rain is going to fall

the train is going to depart from this city

the seat next to me is still empty

I run


The glass window was clouded

even though I pretended to be strong

loneliness is chasing after

my memories


The dry leaves flutter in the wind

just like my tears

The dry leaves flutter in the wind

they come floating down into my heart

In the station

where time is passing by


“It’s Rena. I’ve been waiting for a long time but…

I… will leave alone”


Why is it that I understood

from the start

Alone in the terminal station


Fluttering painfully among the branches

is your selfish back

Fluttering painfully among the branches

I left my goodbye in your answering machine

in the station

where I was left alone

9. Kaleidoscope: Sung by Matsushita Yui (Best singer of SKE48), Ono Haruka (FIERCE), Nakanishi Yuuka (cool girl), Hirata Rikako (MAI WAIFU), Deguchi Aki (The cool older sister). This song literally gave me a horrible headache. I started out thinking that it was a happy and pretty song and turns out to be the most emo thing Akimoto has written since Inochi no Tsukaimichi O_O (BTW, it’s Oya Masana instead of Yui in this performance). Random thoughts: My 3 SKE oshis in the same unit! (That’s Yui, Haruka and Rikako) I totally want those clothes too ;_;


As I turn the kaleidoscope round and round

it collected the light that came from the window

the boy from back then was the prisoner

of a fleeting dream of primary colors (1)


An incomplete life has a blank space as a reason for living

I imagine that in the middle of this empty journey

my friend who is like a grown up says “what you are missing is self awareness”

that’s the philosophical opinion she saw on the internet


The thing I want is love

but what I was given has no color at all (2)


I got dizzy from watching the kaleidoscope twirl

as I looked up from the fluorescent light inside it

what jumps inside only one of my eyes

is a sparkling flower of primary colors (3)


“There is no point in studying, it’s a method to make you smart”

when you said that, I felt suddenly depressed, and had no courage left

this low way of living and the father who despises me

while I pester them for a little more money I hate them more


What I aim for is freedom

everything around me is dyed in a fading color

Repeat (1)

Repeat (2)

Repeat (3)


The kaleidoscope turns round and round and it starts rolling

I store my pride inside the desk

I can’t return to that time again

it’s a broken dream of primary colors

So there you have it, the lovely units 😀 Next time! Group songs! 😉

SKE48 Team S 3rd Stage – Seifuku no me

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*clears throat* so now, after all the fighting, struggling, typing and raging, I’ve come up with an amazing idea to defeat the evil entity that has been space-eating wordpress 😀

1. I can’t become a poet who speaks about love: Well, this song is kind of… unremarkable xD It’s standard idol fare. And I have no idea of who Rilke is 😛 This is sung from a boy’s perspective, and the lyrics are very cute and dreamy


Under the tree shadow of the elm in the schoolyard

I flip the pages of a Rilke poem book

my lips are moving

you are now in the bottom of my heart

I wonder if what is troubling you

can be blown away by the gentle wind?


From afar

without you noticing

I want to protect you gently

my gaze

will be a sun

that keeps you warm


I can’t become a poet who speaks about love…

instead of adorning words

I remain my usual silent self

I can’t become a poet who speaks about love…

my heartbeat will remain as a heartbeat

it would be good if it were a flower blooming in the wild


You tie again the ribbon of

your deep blue school uniform

And start running while smiling

what you found in that place

certainly wasn’t an answer

but a path called youth


Just talking seems like it would fade…

more than ideas to communicate

there are things I love

Just talking seems like it would fade….

my sadness will remain as sadness

it would be good if it were a beloved flower


I can’t become a poet who speaks about love…

instead of adorning words

I remain my usual silent self

I can’t become a poet who speaks about love…

my heartbeat will remain as a heartbeat

it would be good if it were a flower blooming in the wild

2. Passing Kiss (pass as in being accepted on a school or something like that. My english fails me.) Admission kiss? Well, I hope you get the point xD I love this lyrics. I can’t believe how Akimoto has written a TON of songs yet he still manages to come up with new topics 😮 Music wise it’s nothing outstanding, but it’s a sweet girly song. Of course, the girl who sings this is an honor student! This will be the dorkiest thing I’ll admit to ever but I feel like I can kind of relate to this lyrics :3


Hey, for the sake of the two of us

(Don’t fall in love!)

hey, let’s end this love

(Don’t kiss me now!)

Right now,

it isn’t the right time

you understand that too, don’t you? (1)


In the seat next to me in cram school

I brush aside the hand you extend to me

I have to take more lessons

There is little time left until the exam


The truth is that even though I look at the teacher

I would like to say OK to your invitation

(I have to be patient)


Hey, when april comes

(Let’s fall in love!)

Hey, we can be together

(Let’s kiss more…)

I believe that

so right now I can only study (2)


Hey, so until then

(Don’t fall in love!)

Hey, let’s postpone everything

(Don’t kiss me now!)

Yes, if the two of us

Don’t pass

we won’t be able to go out on dates, will we? (3)


we are dreaming of the same goal but

I can only think about the happy things

I worry a bit but

because you are here, I have the feeling that I will do my best

(last spurt)


Hey, if the cherry blossoms bloom

(Let’s fall in love!)

Hey, we will be free

(Let’s kiss more!)

What I wish now

is only for that


Repeat (1)

Until we give each other a passing kiss

Repeat (2)

Repeat (3)

3. Antenna: If you’ve heard K6 UHOHOHUHUHOHOHO song (and you MUST) this one might sound a little familiar. It’s like a toned down version of Team K’s song, but it’s still full of energy and super cute! Ahhh… The amazing and always surprising thing that is love… Hey, maybe I can become a poet who speaks of love xD


Yes, when a girl

looks in the mirror

she becomes pretty

I’ve heard that


But I want to try

getting dolled up

because romance is



Meeting is (meeting is)

not something you look for

Coincidences (coincidences)


and I’m in front of you


Somewhere someone is waiting

like finding something that was lost…

Somewhere someone is waiting

it’s surprising no matter where it is… (1)


Yes, maybe it’s not easy

to find it

if I stand still

it runs away


So, I will gather courage

take a deep breath

And increase my number of male friends


Love is (love is)

Something I realized that day

The fact that it was

this close (this close)

surprised me!


Somewhere something starts to change

It catches this kindness

Somewhere something starts to change

The antenna deep in my heart

Repeat (1)

4. A sprout of school uniform: Sadly for me, the title song of S3 is my least favorite song of the whole stage xD It just… sounds generic genki… somehow hahaha It doesn’t stand out much to me, and I’m too old for seifukus so 😛 I’ll admit that the whole seasons and plants analogy is nice and heartwarming though.


On the road to school in the winter morning

Wearing my heavy grey and dark blue clothes

my breath doesn’t become white

I think I don’t need a muffler


The north wind gradually changes direction

and sunlight leaks through a creak in the clouds

On the road is the calendar of a sunny day

the people who looked down

will raise their heads and smile



The school uniform sprouts

under this heavy coat

like a horsetail (plant) a new spring is waiting

The school uniform sprouts

I have a feeling that I can do something…

Facing the sky

I want to grow more

in the middle of this energetic preparation (1)


the harsh cold and snow

and hardships and sad things

exist in order to make a beautiful flower bloom

it’s a necessary season for our heart


There’s still more time left until keichitsu (when insects come out of hibernation)

but we’re closer to it than we were yesterday

inside the earth there are endless possibilities

the people who were lost are all

waving their arms and aiming straight

to their dream


Let’s walk wearing our school uniforms

we’ll become more nimble

let’s try

our vitality and power

Let’s walk wearing our school uniforms

believing in our good luck

in order to scream

“I’m here”

I’ll prepare too

Repeat (1)

Ok, tomorrow unit songs! You guys, you have no idea how long this took xD I’m amazed at how I managed to make uber long profiles back when the blog started, it’s already 10:00 pm and I’ve been doing this the whole day and I’m so tired lol I guess I really am getting old 🙁 But I’ll work hard for all of you guys nonetheless! 😀

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And as a birthday present to myself and to everyone who still reads my poor neglected blog, here are the translations I made of SKE48’s Team S 3rd Stage “Seifuku no Me” I’m nowhere near fluent in japanese, however, I have some basic knowledge, and I figured that it might be a WHILE before someone decides to do a proper translation of these, and since I love Team S and I love this stage, I figured I’d try my hand at them 😀 So, again, these translations aren’t perfect, but I tried my absolute best to make them sound coherent in english and convey the meaning of the song. I took the kanji and romaji from STUDIO48

Fufufu~ coming soon! 😀 I WILL DEFEAT YOU WORDPRESS! *ebil laf*

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