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*clears throat* so now, after all the fighting, struggling, typing and raging, I’ve come up with an amazing idea to defeat the evil entity that has been space-eating wordpress 😀

1. I can’t become a poet who speaks about love: Well, this song is kind of… unremarkable xD It’s standard idol fare. And I have no idea of who Rilke is 😛 This is sung from a boy’s perspective, and the lyrics are very cute and dreamy


Under the tree shadow of the elm in the schoolyard

I flip the pages of a Rilke poem book

my lips are moving

you are now in the bottom of my heart

I wonder if what is troubling you

can be blown away by the gentle wind?


From afar

without you noticing

I want to protect you gently

my gaze

will be a sun

that keeps you warm


I can’t become a poet who speaks about love…

instead of adorning words

I remain my usual silent self

I can’t become a poet who speaks about love…

my heartbeat will remain as a heartbeat

it would be good if it were a flower blooming in the wild


You tie again the ribbon of

your deep blue school uniform

And start running while smiling

what you found in that place

certainly wasn’t an answer

but a path called youth


Just talking seems like it would fade…

more than ideas to communicate

there are things I love

Just talking seems like it would fade….

my sadness will remain as sadness

it would be good if it were a beloved flower


I can’t become a poet who speaks about love…

instead of adorning words

I remain my usual silent self

I can’t become a poet who speaks about love…

my heartbeat will remain as a heartbeat

it would be good if it were a flower blooming in the wild

2. Passing Kiss (pass as in being accepted on a school or something like that. My english fails me.) Admission kiss? Well, I hope you get the point xD I love this lyrics. I can’t believe how Akimoto has written a TON of songs yet he still manages to come up with new topics 😮 Music wise it’s nothing outstanding, but it’s a sweet girly song. Of course, the girl who sings this is an honor student! This will be the dorkiest thing I’ll admit to ever but I feel like I can kind of relate to this lyrics :3


Hey, for the sake of the two of us

(Don’t fall in love!)

hey, let’s end this love

(Don’t kiss me now!)

Right now,

it isn’t the right time

you understand that too, don’t you? (1)


In the seat next to me in cram school

I brush aside the hand you extend to me

I have to take more lessons

There is little time left until the exam


The truth is that even though I look at the teacher

I would like to say OK to your invitation

(I have to be patient)


Hey, when april comes

(Let’s fall in love!)

Hey, we can be together

(Let’s kiss more…)

I believe that

so right now I can only study (2)


Hey, so until then

(Don’t fall in love!)

Hey, let’s postpone everything

(Don’t kiss me now!)

Yes, if the two of us

Don’t pass

we won’t be able to go out on dates, will we? (3)


we are dreaming of the same goal but

I can only think about the happy things

I worry a bit but

because you are here, I have the feeling that I will do my best

(last spurt)


Hey, if the cherry blossoms bloom

(Let’s fall in love!)

Hey, we will be free

(Let’s kiss more!)

What I wish now

is only for that


Repeat (1)

Until we give each other a passing kiss

Repeat (2)

Repeat (3)

3. Antenna: If you’ve heard K6 UHOHOHUHUHOHOHO song (and you MUST) this one might sound a little familiar. It’s like a toned down version of Team K’s song, but it’s still full of energy and super cute! Ahhh… The amazing and always surprising thing that is love… Hey, maybe I can become a poet who speaks of love xD


Yes, when a girl

looks in the mirror

she becomes pretty

I’ve heard that


But I want to try

getting dolled up

because romance is



Meeting is (meeting is)

not something you look for

Coincidences (coincidences)


and I’m in front of you


Somewhere someone is waiting

like finding something that was lost…

Somewhere someone is waiting

it’s surprising no matter where it is… (1)


Yes, maybe it’s not easy

to find it

if I stand still

it runs away


So, I will gather courage

take a deep breath

And increase my number of male friends


Love is (love is)

Something I realized that day

The fact that it was

this close (this close)

surprised me!


Somewhere something starts to change

It catches this kindness

Somewhere something starts to change

The antenna deep in my heart

Repeat (1)

4. A sprout of school uniform: Sadly for me, the title song of S3 is my least favorite song of the whole stage xD It just… sounds generic genki… somehow hahaha It doesn’t stand out much to me, and I’m too old for seifukus so 😛 I’ll admit that the whole seasons and plants analogy is nice and heartwarming though.


On the road to school in the winter morning

Wearing my heavy grey and dark blue clothes

my breath doesn’t become white

I think I don’t need a muffler


The north wind gradually changes direction

and sunlight leaks through a creak in the clouds

On the road is the calendar of a sunny day

the people who looked down

will raise their heads and smile



The school uniform sprouts

under this heavy coat

like a horsetail (plant) a new spring is waiting

The school uniform sprouts

I have a feeling that I can do something…

Facing the sky

I want to grow more

in the middle of this energetic preparation (1)


the harsh cold and snow

and hardships and sad things

exist in order to make a beautiful flower bloom

it’s a necessary season for our heart


There’s still more time left until keichitsu (when insects come out of hibernation)

but we’re closer to it than we were yesterday

inside the earth there are endless possibilities

the people who were lost are all

waving their arms and aiming straight

to their dream


Let’s walk wearing our school uniforms

we’ll become more nimble

let’s try

our vitality and power

Let’s walk wearing our school uniforms

believing in our good luck

in order to scream

“I’m here”

I’ll prepare too

Repeat (1)

Ok, tomorrow unit songs! You guys, you have no idea how long this took xD I’m amazed at how I managed to make uber long profiles back when the blog started, it’s already 10:00 pm and I’ve been doing this the whole day and I’m so tired lol I guess I really am getting old 🙁 But I’ll work hard for all of you guys nonetheless! 😀


  1. Comment by 名古屋48 on September 9, 2010 6:22 am

    Great translation. I tried to translate it myself before but give up half-way. So, thank you.

    *Anyway, Rilke means Rainer Maria Rilke.

  2. Comment by Cat on September 9, 2010 11:02 am

    ^ Oh thanks! I’ll look her up 😀

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