Hello everybody! 😀 As usual, sorry for the lack of updates… I’ve been very ill and also went out of the country for a week so there you go ;_; anyway, right now I’m back with you guys to tell you about the new AKB48 single, Beginner! 😀 In case you haven’t heard it yet, (which I doubt xD) I suggest that you give it a try, especially if you like songs like RIVER :3 I think that song wise, this might be my favorite AKB single in a loooooong while (cause, you know, Yuko wise, HebiRote will ALWAYS be my favorite lololol). See, I got into AKB because they weren’t singing super sugary high songs when I first heard of them (around the time they released Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou), of course, after dwelling both in the fandom and the discography of the group I’ve found out that they have just as many sugary sweet songs as most other idol groups xD

However, they still get cool songs too 😀 Especially in stages. Ever since they signed with King Records I got very concerned because it was one cute song after another. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of their singles A-sides (except for Namida Surprise… kinda) but that’s not the kind of music I listen to in a daily basis xD When RIVER came out I just couldn’t believe the awesomeness and it gave me hope that maybe cool songs would return to the singles, but it didn’t really happen until Beginner…


I’ve seen many people who don’t like the song, but that’s ok, everyone has their own taste 😀 And luckily enough, this single has something for everyone! 😀

1. Beginner: The title track is a song full of rythm hahaha what a stupid way to describe it. I don’t even know what genre is it, I get a feeling it wants to be hip-hop? Maybe? The monotonous verses build up into the AMAZING chorus, and you can tell that the way its sung also tells a story in itself. A lot has been said about Beginner, especially because the PV was censored and we were left out with a super chopped up hideous pseudo PV that I don’t even want to think about ;_; Haters say it’s just a publicity stunt, however, I hardly doubt Akimoto would hire one of the most prominent japanese movie directors and pay lots of money for CGs that aren’t even going to be seen in HD.


The original Beginner PV features the girls playing some sort of videogame ala Matrix xD and fighting against an evil power, but getting killed by it it many forms, long story short, Acchan is the one who wakes up from the blank status they are all in while plugged and kills the bad guy along with Jurina. Yeah, that didn’t sound so original xD But watching the PV the concept is really powewrful, I could really understand what it means, the message of Beginner “living through pain” became clear to me somehow when I watched it.


Worth nothing is the fact that the lyrics are also controversial. They are a critic to overprotective parents who won’t let their children experience anything negative in their lives and learn through it. Since these lyrics are in the second verse of the song, I think it was done in purpose because AKB only performs short versions on TV shows 😀

2. Boku Dake no Value:


The B-side is Undergirls song, Boku dake no Value. If you like cute bubblegum pop typical idol stuff, this is the song you should be looking for 😀 Its reminiscent of last year’s Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara, which is a fan favorite! I didn’t like it very much when I first hear it, because it sounded too much like a bunch of recent AKB songs xD however, when the HQ rip came out (my singles are still on the way ;_;) I fell in love with it <3 It’s a super adorable song! It reminded me a bit of the idols of the 80s, which I’m a HUGE fan of 😀

I haven’t seen the full PV yet, because I want to wait until I get my singles 😀 however, I believe its about a fight between AKB and SKE members and they challenge each other to a race xD

3. MINT – Kimi ni Tsuite (Ver. A exclusive)


MINT unit is made up of members Maeda Atsuko, Kasai Tomomi <3, Katayama Haruka <3, Matsui Sakiko and Nito Moeno. There was an ameba pigg battle a while ago to make users vote for whichever unit they wanted to win to be included as a B-side in this single, the winner was OBVIOUSLY Acchan’s unit xD “Kimi ni Tsuite” is a beautiful slow paced song about how when you fall in love with someone you start wanting to know more and more of the other person and you learn everything about them, even the little details that don’t really matter 🙂 It’s a very sweet song. The only thing that I dislike about this unit is the fact that Haachan and Sakiko don’t get any solo lines at all. Which actually bums me a lot, because Haachan is my second favorite member 🙁 The PV is fantastic, and shows the history of the group MINT, which is disbanding because Moeno becomes engaged to a cameraman xD. Haachan is the leader of the group 😀 The PV shows all of the singles the group released before “Kimi ni Tsuite” and I think it’s a very original concept 😀

3. DIVA – Nakeru Basho (Ver. B Exclusive)


OMG… this song… it’s just earcandy at its best <3 They took the best singers of AKB and put them in the front leading this beautiful farewell song. It sounds absolutely gorgeous! :3 another argument for people to check out the girls who aren’t senbatsu, as some of them are incredibly talented and it really shows. Also, one of my favorite members, Akimoto Sayaka is the main lead in this song. Her deep beautiful voice is just… GAAAH!!!! I just love this song too much ;_; I haven’t seen the full PV, but from what I gather, DIVA is another fictional subunit (I do hope it goes on for more singles though :/) and they are on their way to perform a concert! There are groupies everywhere but the video keeps a subdued atmosphere throughout the whole thing.

So yes, please, if you can check out AKB’s new single Beginner. There’s something for everyone there, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot if you give it a try 😀


On other news, AKB48 has sold 791,295 copies of Beginner making it the best selling single of 2010 and breaking the Top 10 Most Sold Singles in all times (Japan only ofc) 😀 Congratulations to the girls!!! I’m SUPER happy for them, all the hard work and everything they’ve gone through is finally paying off! I remember when I became a fan 4 years ago, we didn’t even look at the sales because they would rarely be over 20K, I remember dreaming about them selling 100K copies of a single like Perfume (my other bias <3) did. And now, to see all of this happening to them, it simply makes me super proud to have stuck with them since the beginning ;_;

And finally, a little word about something that’s been REALLY bothering me lately:

YES AKB48 lipsynchs 99% of their performances. If you think that this is a horrible awful horrific thing that makes them impossible for you to like, then DON’T LIKE THEM. And go your own way, find an artist that sings live all the time and follow that one instead. I’m kind of sick of AKB haters going out of their way to pop in every single AKB thread and say “OHAI WAI DON THEY SING LIVE??? THEY SUCK LOLOL” yeah, whatever, that is your opinion, respectable and whatever but an opinion nonetheless. Some of us enjoy the group despite the lipsynching so leave us alone and go find a “true” artist you like or whatever.


  1. Comment by Cat on October 31, 2010 9:09 am

    Moral of the story: WHATEVER. LOL. I just re read my last paragraph and there are so many whatevers in there xD But I won’t edit them because that’s my VRY SRS OPINION 😀

  2. Comment by Yurinaluff on November 2, 2010 1:52 pm

    I really want to hear this song (cuz I’m new to AKB) and I can’t find it anywhere, not even YouTube. Know where I can find it? I heard they all got deleted due to copyright.

  3. Comment by CrazyP on November 3, 2010 4:25 am

    Random reader here XD
    I enjoyed your post about Beginner, and i must admit, Beginner is now one of my favourite AKB songs. I am a relatively new fan of akb, and this is not what i expect myself to say coz just months ago, I wasn’t into AKB at all, thinking it ridiculous to have 48++ members in a group.
    The fact that they do lipsync is also something which took me awhile to accept as to tell the truth, im not a fan of lipsyncing. But sometimes, one just have to accept the reality right? I read a blogpost somewhere about this akb lipsyncing issue, and i was more acceptable to the fact about lipsync. The main reason: AKB does a lot of performances. To me, that is reason enough, as im sure even professional singers will go hoarse one day if they have the hectic schedules that the akb girls have.
    If you are a fan of someone, the things that you love about them will definitely overpower the things that you dislike about them. That’s what i feel (:
    Sorry about the random rambling >.<

  4. Comment by Cat on November 3, 2010 7:06 pm

    Thanks for commenting! Haters are of course bound to hate, and in fact, I think all of the AKB fans accept the fact that they lip synch a TON. However, for me, as a Yuko fan, it was really painful having to see her go through a vocal cord surgery because she overused her throat. Being an idol and performing as much as they do can take a toll on their health and I definitely don’t want that.

    I won’t go and tell that to the haters because they’ll find one way or another to make this argument about how H!P is better than AKB. And I’m tired of that. Especially because the AKB members absolutely ADORE H!P. It breaks my heart to read some fans dissing the AKB girls so much, because they have something in common with them even if they don’t notice it xD

  5. Comment by JIFF on November 3, 2010 7:40 pm

    Siempre es un placer leerte, aunque sean esporádico

  6. Comment by Cat on November 4, 2010 5:39 am

    ^Gracias 😀 Es que la vida real me ha dado un golpe bastante fuerte jajajaja. Voy a tratar de hacer lo mejor posible para actualizar con mñas frecuencia 😀

  7. Comment by samaru on November 9, 2010 12:04 am

    I like Beginner lots, it’s very addicting~ I’m glad they did great with their single. ^_^

    And didn’t they do a live version of Beginner at Domoto Kyudai? (No3b did Aitakatta there too) I thought they sounded pretty good. (Well, I think it’s live since it sounded different from the CD/lipsynch versions and at Domoto Kyudai, singers usually sings live no matter if they sound good or not)

  8. Comment by akk on November 14, 2010 5:04 am

    love this single!
    not just the A-side, but the MINT and DIVA songs too
    i was a bit worried too about the releases singles they signed with king records, but this one really exceeded my expectations
    i heard the original pv is available via recochoku, but that requires a japanese mobile phone…

    as for lip-synching, there’s a reason performers that go all out for singing and dancing (like nami tamaki), take really long hiatuses

  9. Comment by Wild Goose on November 18, 2010 10:53 am

    Well, after some ups and downs it’s good to see that the hard work’s paying off for the girls. I can appreciate that – I spent the last 3 years at my company slogging away day and night, and this year sales have been through the roof, breaking all of our previous records, and I’ve been commended for my work…

    I still think that 2009 was when it all came together – they had a great single, River, and they had the exposure from Tomomi-chan and Tomochin being Queen & Elizabeth in Kamen Rider Double – a lot of people who would otherwise have left AKB48 be were prompted to check them out thanks to that show. I know I was…

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  11. Comment by Dan on April 7, 2011 5:04 am

    I was living in Japan when AKB48 released their first single “Skirt Hikari” and I never imagine that they will be this popular. I couldn’t get into them as I am not a big fan of cute songs with girls boucing around on the stage. That is until I discovered this single by chance on some random searches for Jpop on youtube. Beginner is a great catching cool song that I kept playing after I listened to it once. All of a sudden, I found myself wanting to know who the members are and what other songs they have. Although I still don’t like some their boucing cute songs, I am suprise to find quite a few other songs like Sakura no Hana Biratachi that suit my taste. I must admit this is all thanks the cat:author of this blog. There are many recommendation here and I found it really helpful for new ‘beginner’ fan like myself. I like the girls with strong vocal and good at dancing. So my top 2 girls are Yuko and Takamina (I only know the name of a few). Thanks for creating this site and I can see myself buying more singles from AKB48 in the future. Now, back to checking other AKB48 songs in the past.

  12. Comment by Cat on April 11, 2011 4:55 am

    ^Ah, it makes me glad that this blog has been helpful! 🙂 Also, another Yuko fan! yay!

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