Tomochin > You

Hello people! I hope you are all already jamming to the awesome single that is Dear J, and if you aren’t then you totally should.


Because Tomochin is one stylish fine gyaru 😀


And besides, she is dead serious about her solo career! Even though she has already said how scary it is to stand on her own, she’s trying her best and working hard!


More reasons: She’s already doing fantastically well! Selling over 80K on the first day of sales! That is more than any of the subunits singles have sold!


And all the haters will have to DEAL WITH IT


So yeah, GET IT TOMOCHIN!!!!

Best and Worst of AKB48 in 2010!

Happy new year everybody! 😀 I’ve been busy with a ton of stuff, however, I managed to find time to make the standard raking of 2010, all of which is my opinion as usual of course 😀 Sorry about the lack of updates recently, I was originally planning to review Chance no Junban, but I only got my singles last week so that plan tanked -_- Anyway, here we go! As usual all of your comments are very much welcome!

Best Single of 2010



It’s got to be Beginner, for a ridiculous amount of reasons xD It’s my favorite AKB single (A side wise) since Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou, the rhythmic song and the amazing lyrics seal the deal for me. Add in the fact that this is AKB’s first RIAJ certified million seller single <3 and there’s no contest here, really.

Best PV of 2010



This should come as no surprise if you guys know that I’m a HUGE Team K fan xD I think ALIVE is the best AKB PV in a LONG time. Yes, even better than the Beginner original version PV. This PV not only features my favorite Team, it also features my girl Yuko being absolutely fierce and flawless, and my other baby Yui getting a major part. Story wise it’s also one of the best AKB PVs this year IMO. The girls are badass criminals (lol Moeno) and they go to jail, and then it’s all an adventure for them to escape… Featuring a HUGE serving of Sayaka amazingness as well <3

Best B-side of 2010

Kurumi to Dialogue


While ALIVE is my jam forever and more, the more mainstream and trendy “Kurumi to Dialogue” from Chance no Junban type A definitely deserves props for being a very good song, and in a style that AKB doesn’t venture much to. Its catchy melody is sure to stick in your head!

Best idea Akimoto had in 2010



Back when I became a fan in 2006 there was some sort of talent appreciation system, because well, the group wasn’t popular, neither were the girls so talent played a part (albeit not a big one) in deciding who would get pushed. This is how Masuda Yuka got to co-lead 3 units in Team K, even though she isn’t particularly popular, and how Hoshino Michiru got to release the theme song of the “Densen Uta” movie, even though she wasn’t popular either. However, with AKB’s rise to popularity, keeping the status quo of the group meant that only the popular girls got a chance to appear in singles, while the unpopular girls got classified into lower tiers and almost never got a solo line outside of stage songs tbh. And even stages have been affected by this trend recently, as we can see that in the past, unpopular girls like Katayama Haruka and Masuda Yuka (like I’ve exemplified before) got to lead units based on talent alone, but right now, I watch A6 (which is a great stage, don’t get me wrong) and it’s pretty obvious it was crafted around the frontgirls, even more so than its K and B counterparts and it saddens me a tiny bit xD Anyhow, all of this babbling was only because I want to stress how much of a great idea DIVA is. It’s a group that is mostly based in talent. How cool is that? And yeah, people will say what they want about Amina not being a good singer, but well, that’s an opinion, and I think that even though her voice is impossibly high, she manages to have good control and sings well enough.

So girls who are vocally talented like Sayaka, Asuka, Nacchi, Chikarina get the chance to have solo lines in a single! That is an amazing feat in itself, and I’m happy I can see it happen! While Nakeru Basho is an incredibly pretty song, I’m not a big fan of ballads, so I hope in the upcoming single they get something more upbeat xD

Best Stage of 2010



Obviously these are all my very biased opinions, I think K6 is a great stage if only for the fact that it gives every girl a chance in the spotlight, which is how stages are supposed to be, in my opinion. No other new stage gives each girl a solo line, and hell, in A6 the solo lines are almost exclusively distributed among the frontgirls in all the group songs. Not to mention the fact that I love the songs, they are almost all dance heavy and upbeat, but that’s more of a matter of personal preference as I’ve seen a lot of hate going on for K6 xD

Best Subunit of 2010

French Kiss


Not only my bias, but also, they had the best selling subunit single of 2010 (well, except for Team Dragon, which doesn’t really count because it was a one shot deal) and that alone places them ahead 😀 Also of importance is the fact that FureKisu has one of the largest female fanbases, seeing how they’ve done PR events for girls only before, successfully so too.

Worst event of 2010

Ono Erena Graduation


Ono Erena, or Erepyon, a second generation member of AKB graduated in september. It was kind of heartbreaking because nobody thought a young, popular girl like Erena would choose to leave with AKB at its peak. She said she wants to continue her studies and therefore, graduated in order to become an actress. There were many rumors surrounding her choice to leave, because she was originally a media senbatsu member and then she got gradually demoted to the back of singles, and even lost her frontgirl spot in the Kouhaku performance of 2009… However, speculations aside, the fact is that Erepyon left for good, leaving  Team K without a senbatsu member.

On a personal side, the worst event for me is the growing number of antis I’ve seen in the AKB fan community. I’m used to people hating on AKB for a huge amount of reasons, but seeing AKB fans hating on the other girls makes me feel a bit sad. I’m speaking as a Yuko fan, obviously, and seeing the particular number of anti fans she has gotten over this year makes me sad. I’m not naive, and I understand that you’re bound to not like some members as much as the others and even dislike some of them, I can understand that, it’s happened to me before. I just don’t really get why people are hating on Yuko recently.

I mean, usually, I can say that I know why most people hate some of the girls they do, and it’s something like this:

Tomochin “she’s stuck up and haughty”

Mariko “She’s never around or theater performances”

Acchan “looks bored in everything she does”

Sasshi “Massive shoving her in our faces”

Oku “Doesn’t smile on stage”

Komori “doesn’t move at all on stage, spaces out”

Yui “overpushing her”

Yuki ” is actually evil underneath her ojousama personality”

Ayarin “had a boyfriend”

I could go on, but I won’t. I don’t share any of these reasons at all, and all the girls I listed above are among my faves, but I can see where people are coming from, whether I agree or not. But with Yuko, my bias doesn’t let me understand it that well. Somebody told me that they disliked her now because she’s been doing more and more racy gravure photoshoots lately, especially her 3rd PB shocked a lot of people (so did her 2nd back then) and I can respect that, you know. Just… I’m used to seeing people being indifferent at most with Yuko, and reading comments like “WAHAHAHA YOU’RE GOING DOWN OSHIMA I GAVE YOU ALL MY NEGATIVE POINTS IN MEMBER OF THE YEAR!!” in S48 left me wondering wth happened. I also felt a bit sad because when watching a part of the Documentary of AKB48, Yuko said right after she won the interview “I’m thinking antis don’t increase!” but it’s hopeless, whoever is in the front will get hated for it somehow, even though Yuko was only center in HebiRote, the rest of the year (and even Chance no Junban in a way) has been the same as always, with Acchan as center.

So yeah, my other favorite Yui, is now the subject of a lot of hate too because she’s “pushed too much”. But I’ll discuss that later, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

Finally, I’m telling all of you guys that I already know which is the best news of 2011 even though it’s barely started. It’s the new sub-unit, Not Yet, made up of all my favorite members 😀 Oshima Yuko, Yokoyama Yui, Kitahara Rie, Sashihara Rino!!! :3 Their first single “Shuumatsu Not Yet” is being released on march!!! Yay!!!

Suck on that Yuko, Yui and Sasshi haters! (nobody hates Kitarie thank God <3)



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