Sakura no Ki ni Narou first day sales!

Hello everybody!

Today I bring good news! AKB48’s latest single Sakura no Ki ni Narou has sold 655,344 on its first day of sales!

That makes it the highest ever first day sales ever since Oricon started tracking first day sales 🙂 An amazing record too!

Obviously I’m super proud of the girls for this achievement, and I hope we can get our second million seller soon ^o^ I preordered all versions (yes, even theater version lol) so I can’t wait until they get here so I can celebrate!

In the mean time, I’ll give you a mini review of the single:

1. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (I’ll become a cherry tree): This is the stereotypical Sakura ballad that AKB releases every year since like 2008. This year, the catch is that the song isn’t sung in the usual AKB style of many girls singing together, but instead they are divided in pairs, trios and there are solo lines for Acchan. This is a minor change, but it already gives it a much different sound from most of AKB’s singles.

The song is a very pretty ballad, and the PV features only Jurina, Acchan, Yuko, Tomochin, Haruna and Takamina. The story is that Jurina was a classmate they had back when they were in school, but she passed away. They have all moved on to their lives, and doing different things, but Jurina has never left them alone and has been watching over them all the time. It’s a very sweet PV and the storyline in very touching. The downside is that we don’t get to see any of the other senbatsu members much :/

2. Guuzen no Juujiro (Crossroad of  Chance)~ Undergirls: The B side is also a typical UG song xD Very upbeat and cute, and reminiscent of Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara and Boku Dake no Value. However, I really love the arrangement on the song, especially the guitar riff makes it stand out quite a bit from the other songs. This song is guaranteed to make you feel good and put a smile on your face 🙂

The PV is amazing because my oshi no. 2 Yokoyama Yui is center 😀 /bias no, just kidding, but it is pretty cute! We see the 3 main girls (Yui, Kimoto Kanon of SKE’s Team E and Lovetan) widing their bikes to school and doing typical school things xD while 3 boys look at them from afar and daydream of them 🙂 it’s very cute! And we get a Togasaki cameo! Along with Meetan xD It’s a very nice PV and song all in all!

3. Kiss Made 100 Mile (100 miles to the Kiss) ~ MINT (A version): So, MINT makes a comeback. Yay? Personally I’m excited since Tomo~mi and Haachan are in my top 5, I like Acchan, Moeno and Sakiko too, but seriously? This was just weird, now I’m wondering if they are going to keep releasing MINT stuff with every single, why not make them debut as a subunit already? Anyway, enough of that. This song is absolutely sweet and girly <3 pure pop too!

The PV features the girls having a reunion party of MINT (I think…) and everyone is wearing costumes and just being happy all through the video. It’s pretty cute, except I want to kill whoever did Sakiko’s make up.

4. Area K ~ DIVA (B version): DIVA is back too! yay! 😀 Only this time they are really fiercing it up! While Nakeru Basho was a beautiful song, I wanted to see DIVA tackle on something more upbeat and rockish, and while I didn’t get rock, Area K is a very nice song! Danceable and stuff 8D Also, the vocals are amazing! As expected from DIVA!

The PV is definitely the best of the single IMO. We watch the DIVA girls all wearing amazing trashy clothes and make up as they arrive a secret club, where they have a dance battle and generally party around with some really weird people xD It’s better than it sounds though, I promise!

5. Ougon Center ~ Team Kenkyuusei (Theater Version): Another change we keep, this time from Chance no Junban, it’s an original song by Team Kenkyuusei in the Theater version! This is pretty cool, since they deserve it after all their hard work, and they are also the ones who keep the theater alive with their performances! This time, their song is pretty amazing xD It’s very… hmmm.. how to say it, funky sounding! Also sounds a bit like an anime opening hehe. It’s a really fun song about how they are working hard in order to become part of a Team one day, and senbatsu and center. And it also includes the mix in the lyrics. Insta-win! 😀

To wrap it up, I’ll leave you guys with a live performance of Sakura no Ki ni Narou Team K version. The catch is: Yui is center! ;_; My baby ;_; she’s so amazing!

Sakura no Ki ni Narou Team K Version


And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post Not Yet news, right? 8D

well, their song Shuumatsu not Yet was released on Valentine’s Day in recochoku for download and in 2 days they got the weekly 1# in chaku-uta!!! Congrats girls!

Also,the last time this happened was 5 years ago with EXILE’s “Tada.. Aitakute”

Can’t wait for the release date! 😀


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  2. Comment by David on February 17, 2011 12:44 am

    Amazing first day sales. Congratulations to the girls. Here’s hoping they reach another million.

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