Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan

Hello everyone. To be honest, I didn’t intend to blog about this, as I’m sure there are much better places to find information about this tragedy. I’m very concerned and pained about what has happened, and I’m praying for everyone’s safety and a swift recovery, my heart goes to everyone in Japan, especially those who were affected in any way, or those who have loved ones there.

The reason why I decided I should post it’s because I’m sure we can all do something to help, even if its small. Anything you can donate will certainly be appreciated by everyone who is suffering right now.

What has touched me the most are all of the amazing stories of people working together and helping strangers in many ways. I’m certainly moved by the kindness of everyone and I’m praying that everything will work out fine. As examples of this kindness most of the AKB girls have blogged asking for everyone’s help and cooperation, and stating that they will do their part too. Miichan will help with fundraisers, while Yuko told everyone that they can try to get in touch or leave messages for their families using the comments part of her blog, and she’s also updating frequently informing the blackout rotation schedule. All of the other girls are encouraging everyone to save electricity and giving tips on how to accomplish this. Miichan even went as far as suggesting that people listen to music because silent environments can make people uneasy.

I’m obviously just pointing out this AKB examples because they are the ones I know the most about, but it’s really great to see how everyone is doing their part. Please keep Japan in your prayers and let’s try to help by doing the best we can so that the country can recover fast.

UPDATE: Togasaki (the AKB Theater Manager) has posted saying that Akimoto Yasushi, himself, and all of the members and staff of the 48 family have already donated to the Japanese Red Cross. They also opened an account under the AKB48 Donation Project name, and all the money will go to the Red Cross. Here’s the account information in case you are in Japan and want to donate:

<Charity account 1>
Risona Bank (bank code 0010)
Shibuya branch (branch number 473)
Account number:2871105
Account name :AKB48 Purojekuto Gienkin (AKB48 Project Charity Fund)

<Charity account 2>
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (bank code 0005)
Gotanda branch (branch number 537)
Account number:0167382
Account name :AKB48 Purojekuto Gienkin (AKB48 Project Charity Fund)

Information about the accounts taken from Stage48.

I’m very proud to be a fan of AKB, and I’m glad to see them working so hard at trying to help in what they can in order to aid those who are in need. Please consider donating if you are able to. Thank you.

UPDATE 2: The whole 48 family has just donated 500 million Yen to the Japanese Red Cross to help the people who have been affected by the earthquake.

The Yokohama Arena concert has been cancelled, and the release of the first original AKB album has been postponed until further notice. Several agencies like Hori Pro (Itano Tomomi, Kasai Tomomi, Sato Sumire, Nito Moeno, Miyazaki Miho, Ishida Haruka) and Ogi Pro (no3b, Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, Urano Kazumi, Matsubara Natsumi, Nonaka Misato) are also donating and planning fund raiser events.

I’m very proud to be a fan of AKB48 and seeing them try to do their best to help those who need it. They are truly wonderful people. Please remember to donate too if you’re able to, thank you.


  1. Comment by nekotails on March 15, 2011 8:34 am

    Hi there, I recently come alot to this website for my weekly dose of AKB48, thanks for the update & keep it up, I’ll do my part aswell to donate and help.

  2. Comment by David on March 15, 2011 1:22 pm

    I echo your sentiments Cat. Everyone please do whatever you can to help.

  3. Comment by the blind watchmaker on March 17, 2011 11:21 am

    Thanx for your help. Your assistance will be appreciated.

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