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Ok, so I was pondering whether I should do this or review Not yet’s amazing new single and PV but I figured I might as well do this, since I have some uhh… opinions about all the crazy stuff that has happened with AKB in the past weeks.

1. Eguchi Aimi:


Oh come on, this is old news by now. At first I was on the fence about this, and to be honest I really really with all of my heart wanted her to be real because that would mean people would finally lay off the Yui hate and hate someone else instead. But then she turned out to be fake :/ (not saying that I didn’t think she was fake haha When everything was announced and an audition video of a SUPER adorable girl who was supposed to be her popped up I was like “AWWWWW YEAHHHH” but then when PS masters said “lol this eye was pasted on” I was all DDDD:) however, this turned out to be the craziest advertising campaign AKB has ever done, which is a feat, considering how much stuff they’ve advertised ever since they got famous! Pretty much after PonyShu there’s always a gimmicky advertising song in each single, but this took it to the next level.

It was all about the hype they could create, and it made it pretty obvious that right now, everything Akimoto touches turns into gold, newspapers all over the world (literally) reported the wacky idea, some even exaggerating and saying that fans had been fooled into thinking she was real, and buying her stuff and whatever and some of them missing the point of the advertising campaign.

All the while, I had mixed opinions about this, I felt like it was too extravagant at first, like it was pointless, but then it dawned on me: It’s good that AKB is in a point right now where they can do this crazy publicity stunts and get talked about. The bigger the better, to hell with it!

P.S: I never noticed Yuko’s ears were strangely square shaped until Aimi came along 😮

2. Nogizaka46


Now THIS is when I facepalmed. It’s just so bizarre and I feel like we’re missing a big part of this story in order to connect the dots, like they’re not telling us all there is to this.

So, to all of you who don’t know what this is about, Defstar, AKB’s former music label, is creating a group that are supposed to be AKB’s official rivals, the group is going to be called Nogizaka46 (I remember the days when we still called AKB Akihabara48 *sigh*) and is allegedly going to be produced by Akimoto Yasushi who produces AKB48 as well.

Now cue the facepalm.

Spreading himself too thin is an understatement to what Akimoto is doing: He has AKB, which means Team A, Team K, Team B and the newly formed Team 4 (I won’t count kks since they don’t get original stages… except wait! no one does anymore /rage), SDN48, who have 3 generations, and are still performing the same setlist from when they debuted; SKE, with their 3 teams, one of which celebrated their SECOND anniversary and still have only one song to their name, NMB, who are just Team N for now, don’t have an original stage either and have started releasing singles, HKT which are ongoing the formation process PLUS allegedly Taiwan48 already planned.

That’s a LOT of stuff to have on your plate, especially because Akimoto writes the lyrics to all the songs (he has nothing to do with composition and arrangement though) of all those groups. However, things are looking kinda bleak because of AkiP’s lack of time to handle it all by himself, and he actually acknowledged it in a recent interview, hinting that he might hire somebody else to do the lyrics because it’s starting to overwhelm him.

Let’s look at it on a case by case basis:

1. AKB48: Teams A, K and B are performing the same stages they’ve been performing for over a year. To be fair, that’s not only Akimoto’s fault, but the fact that the girls are so busy with more relevant famous idols stuff that they can’t even attend the regular performances anymore. They have to shoot for dramas, for TV shows, they have to record their own solo songs, or their sub unit songs, and rehearse for those and then there’s the singles, which they also have to cram in that hectic schedule. Yikes. Considering how time consuming it is for the girls to learn a whole stage of 11 songs on top of all that, and it would be superhuman for them to accomplish it (and it was, for the debut of the Shuffled Teams stages) I remember in the AKB documentary Takamina said that they had to learn A6 in a week. A week!!! So yeah, let’s cut Akimoto some slack here, there’s a lot more going on there than just his lack of time to write them 48 songs and make new stages for the teams again. On top of all that, there’s the single releases, which are also penned by Akimoto, and maybe that’s why he’s running out of ideas and repeating last year, you know, no matter how much of a genius you are, you will get burnt out with so much work to do eventually.

But then we have Team 4, which was formed recently, consisting of mostly the 9th generation of kks (the legendary super generation) and 2 10th gens who became famous, one for being smart and one for being an overly moe freak of nature. They are going to debut soon, and I guess it’s going to be a rehashed stage, as is the tradition. And I really hope it is, and I hope they do something awesome, like K3 or even better, A4. Yup yup. But yeah, in this front we probably have time for Akimoto to give them a new stage since they will have to perform an old setlist for like 6 months or something like that. However, since they are a completely new team created out of the blue, they are behind the other teams in terms of popularity, so Akimoto should probably really rush that first original stage.

2. SKE48: Things are looking particularly bleak stage wise for SKE48, Team S has been performing S3 for over a year, but the worst part is that Team KII debuted 2 years ago and they still don’t have an original stage. Talk about MAJOR shafting, especially for girls whose main job is performing at the theater, as opposed to the super stars of AKB and all their gazillion side jobs 🙁 and to make things worse, Team E just debuted, and while they are performing a rehash of B3, they will have to get an original stage eventually, the question is when?

3. NMB48: The NMB girls are, according to the people who know stuff about them, exceptionally good and polished performers. So far only Team N has debuted, and they are soon going to release their first single. They haven’t gotten an original stage either (but by now you’ll know where this is going…)

4. HKT48: The Fukuoka based idol troupe, currently there are auditions being held for it, and it’s going to debut soon

5. Taiwan48: I don’t know much about this, to be honest, but I suppose that if Akimoto is succeeding in his idea of selling the idol theater troupe concept to other countries, he won’t have to write the lyrics to them. Right? Please somebody say so ;A;

So, with all of this, what am I even trying to say? That it’s way too complicated for Akimoto to keep writing so many songs, and especially if he has to take over Nogizaka as it seems. Some people have thought that maybe he accepted the deal in order to set the record straight with Defstar, who were the former record company of AKB, and apparently dropped the group after the whole Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008 poster fiasco. The hypothesis is that he might’ve agreed to produce them because then he might get the chance to release the Lost Stages that were never released on CD. Frankly, I don’t think this is the case, because selling those CDs doesn’t end in good profit for AKS anyway (the stage CDs have sold like 1000+ copies each so far). What I think is that Akimoto knows that AKB’s honeymoon with the mainstream is going to over sooner than later, so he’s coming up with pretty insane publicity stunts to keep people’s attention for as long as he possibly can.

*sigh* So Nogizaka is debuting with a TV show called AKB HISTORY where they will supposedly have to overcome the same things the AKB girls overcame in their 5 year history. It sounds interesting at least, but something just seems very odd with this, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

That’s without even mentioning the fact that AKB girls didn’t know, and when the no3b girls were told, their reaction wasn’t that good. This just makes no sense, but I’ll wait and see, and deathloop all my Stage CDs while I’m at it reminiscing of the past…

3. New Janken Tournament to determine the senbatsu for 24th single

Yay! Finally news I’m completely thrilled about! I loved the janken idea because it’s random, cute and it also allows unpopular girls to get a chance to be part of a single. Everybody wins.

I really hope that the center isn’t a usual senbatsu member and especially a non senbatsu member. I also hope that SKE and NMB who are included this year don’t make it too far up because I don’t care about them :awesomeface: but it would be good if they are part of the single, you know, just not center or else I’ll quietly rage on my own haha

And well, I’ll talk more about the Janken tournament later, because this post is getting insufferably long as is. But the main feeling is “YEAHHHH BABY! BRING IT ON!”

I’m rooting for Nakayan and Haachan 😀

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