Togasaki’s wise words

Ok, so I bring you the latest news regarding AKB’s scandals. The full translation of Togasaki’s words is here, but in a few words, I’ll sum it up by saying that he is asking the fans to understand that before they auditioned to become idols, these girls were normal schoolgirls, and did stuff they usually do, like falling in love, even dating and such. However, they make a personal sacrifice in order to become idols and join AKB48, so instead of scrutinizing their past, he asks the fans to please support their present work, and the efforts they make everyday as members in order to grow up.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the theater manager for many reasons. The biggest one is personal (he was the one who allowed my 2-shot with Yuko even though she was already booked for that day), but I also admire him because he doesn’t only get his job done, but he also cares a lot about the girls.

The first time I realized this was when the first elections were announced, his comment to the girls was that regardless of how many people voted for them, they would always be Number One for all those who did. Isn’t that sweet? For all the heartbreak that is inherent to this fandom, I feel simply overjoyed that a good guy with a heart of gold is around taking care of my girls and always listening to the fans.

However, this was the highest proof of amazingness from Togasaki. He’s actually a part of the management of an idol group and has COMMON SENSE (!!!) this is completely unheard of, but it’s a very pleasing surprise <3


Seeing that I’ve been an idol fan for like 10 years now, I’m already used to ridiculous stuff going on left and right. The rules are clear, and even though AKB intended to follow the idol model pretty much down to the last little detail, I realized that maybe they were trying to be a little more rational about it ever since they decided to allow Ayarin back in the group, and as I pointed out back when I noticed what the “Renai Kinshi Jourei” lyrics meant, it looked like Akimoto was actually agreeing with the fact that it’s too difficult to keep teenage girls from falling in love and getting together with a boy, even if it was against the rules they already knew.

As I pointed out back then, Akimoto himself married an idol, so he knows first hand about this issues. But again, the point of the matter isn’t even whether the rule is going to be kept or not (because it looks like it is) but just to what extent are the fans willing to go in order to sling mud at the idols they’re supposed to love? Togasaki makes a fantastic point, even if he does say that this is just his personal opinion, when he says that people should be looking at the girls ever since they chose to become idols (he cleverly made an exception in stating that illegal activities are different, of course) he’s saying something that is crucial to understand the whole mechanics of the idol world: They are selling an image, and they are bound by a contract to keep that illusion of purity BUT they are human beings, and there’s no reason to subject them to the same ludicrous rules before they even signed up for it.

There’s a saying in my country “El que busca encuentra” which means something like “If you look for something, you’ll end up finding it” and fans should know better than to go through all the purikuras in the net because they will most definitely find familiar faces in there. So how far back are they going to go? And if you are paying for an illusion, shouldn’t you also do your part and stop poking around to crash your own dreams?

There’s still no final word on what is going to happen with Mori and Oba, nothing has been brought up about Matsui Sakiko or Nito Moeno, so we’re all assuming that they are safe. And it looks like Shimarena is not going anywhere either. If anything, Togasaki’s wise words should be taken to heart by people who are in favor of a witch hunt.


  1. Comment by Anon on August 22, 2011 10:40 am

    “it looked like Akimoto was actually agreeing with the fact that it’s too difficult to keep teenage girls from falling in love and getting together with a boy”
    according to Aki, and the girls; there can only be a ‘one-sided’ love, right? It’s weird cuz you cant control ppl’s feelings? w/e.

    With the second half, I think its just bull (not your words, but just the idea in general) those girls know what they signed up for. quoting a person “they cant have their cake and it it too.” (i know, harsh). i believe they can keep themselves from getting together with a boy. i just dont understand why they would risk their career sneaking with a by. love can wait.

    and I know Aki-P married an idol, but wasnt that after her idol career?

    and i know this sounds ridiculous to say, but if management ever got rid of the ‘no-boyfriend’ rule, than that could be the downfall of akb. wotas aren’t priority fans, but their loss would be a blow. i already know western fans who have left MM/H!P because of scandals; how would the same thing happening to AKB be any different?

  2. Comment by Cat on August 22, 2011 1:49 pm

    Thanks for commenting :) I agree with you, Akimoto and co. can’t turn their back on wotas completely because once their 15 minutes of fame are over (and they will be) they’ll have to rely on the hardcore fanbase if they want AKB to stick around ala Hello Project. However, I think it IS too harsh to ask for this girls to never ever have had any sort of contact with a boy even if they did it BEFORE they decided to commit to being idols.
    Sure, we all agree that after they sign the contract the rules are very clear and if they don’t want to abide by them then they shouldn’t get into it anyway, but what about girls like Meetan who joined the group when she was 25? Was she supposed to imagine her whole life that she was gonna end up being an idol and never kiss a boy or allow herself to date someone just because of this far fetched possibility? Because, you know, not all the girls who want to be idols manage to pass an audition. Yokoyama Yui was rejected 100 times before she was accepted as a kks and promoted to Team K, and she’s just an example, many other girls have been rejected before, so why should they put their lives on hold for something that isn’t even certain?

    And that’s not touching on the subject of “why do they have to even date someone?” because like you said yourself, it’s impossible to control the way people feel, and, well, I’m only speaking from my point of view, but I’ve broken a lot of rules in order to be with someone I love, I assume they aren’t different (And Yaguchi Mari did say in an interview that when she dated the guy of the scandal she knew what was at stake, but she didn’t care because she was too into him)

    My point is that I agree with Togasaki: The no dating rule is probably going to stay, and the girls should follow the rule, or at least work hard to not get caught if they want to stay and succeed, but judging them for stuff that they did BEFORE they even chose to be idols or got accepted is too much, and it’s probably only going to upset fans more than anything else, because they were just regular girls before they became idols, and dating is part of what regular girls do

  3. Comment by Cat on August 22, 2011 2:02 pm

    BTW, I didn’t clarify, I don’t think it’s impossible for them to not date guys, and I think most of them don’t, but I can understand (not justify, since it’s a sign of irresponsibility because they are breaking a contract, but understand) the position of those who do because it’s hard to think clearly when you are in love with someone and you’re a teenager.

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  5. Comment by Shaun on August 23, 2011 4:42 am

    Carrying everything forward from the previous post, I may have gone off the wrong footing by saying that they should be more careful. I’m in no position to judge exactly what they’re up to and what they have faced but they should know better to be more careful. I’m being concerned and not otherwise which is to bash them. Cases like these are often taken advantage of and as a fan, I stand by your side to say that I will avoid any possible negative case.

    It’s like you said; what kind of dumb idiot will destroy his own vision of happiness when everything has already been set up? Some people can be idiots; there will always be one out there looking to destroy others. Even so, they need to know they’re running risks and must try their hardest to let it stay as low as possible. They’re normal girls (but the whole drinking and sex thing, IMO, is a little too much), I understand. It’s only time before they get married anyways (at least under normal circumstances).

    So yeah, go figure. Humans are humans, none of them can be stopped from doing something due to hormonal faults. We are not to be blamed; the destroyers are.

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