30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 11

Hello! I’m going to keep this challenge up until I’m done 😀 And blogging about important things that may come up in the mean time of course!

Today’s question is:

11. Your favorite solo idol:


I might not be the most vocal Maimai fan in town, but I really really admire her and adore her and my feelings for her as one of my all time favorite idols have not changed one bit.

She was my oshi (alongside Yuko, of course) in AKB48 and I was really captivated by her energy, professionalism and talent. She seemed to be very friendly with the other girls, even though she teased them at times, and she was always capable of giving really interesting TV appearances and was the default MC of AKBINGO because of this. I often wonder whether Takamina would have the position she has now as a captain if Mai hadn’t graduated (although I adore and respect Takamina a lot as well) because my impression when I was a fan of AKB way back in 2007 was that she was the one who was leading the group in a way.

Always articulate and witty, with an amazing voice and great dancing skills to match, Mai was a perfect idol in many ways, and she even had the luxury to walk out of AKB just as it was starting to rise in popularity because she didn’t need it anymore. She’s become a relatively famous TV tarento and has had her own show, on top of that, she continues her successful career in gravure and has released 3 solo singles (which have kind of flopped, sadly :/)

Even though I don’t see her that much anymore, Mai will always have a special place in my heart <3 Her skills as an entertainer are undeniable and she’s one of the few idols who have really taken their lives in their own hands and decided about their careers in a way they please instead of being manipulated by the industry (to a certain degree anyway). I hope she continues her singing career and keeps being successful and amazing as always.

EDIT: Sorry to bring up something non AKB related xD But I just found out the news about the new Perfume album and single and I had to blog about it in Macaroni! Check it out if you’re a fan of Perfume 😀

Janken Senbatsu!

Hi everyone! First things first: WordPress is being a bitch to me lol I’m totally computer challenged and it’s asking me to do some really weird stuff that I just can’t get working at all, so I apologize for the blog looking so bad m(u_u)m

Sadly, it’s probably going to look like that for a long time, until I can get my tech savvy cousin to help me figure out how to freaking install the Mysql thing because I’ve tried following every tutorial in google with no luck whatsoever ugh.

The white background and black font was something I wanted to do for a while anyway, especially since the layout had been the same for 3 years now xD I know that this design is very basic, but please bear with me for at least 3 more months. On the other hand, if any of you tech geniuses would like to help me, be sure to email me at garnetjester@gmail.com! I can’t pay you in anything but huge gratitude and idol scans hahaha

Anyway, with all those apologies out of the way (I’m really sad about losing my blog stats too ;_; Thanks for the 150K hits I got while it lasted! You guys rock <3) let’s focus in some real AKB news! I don’t know what happened but my blog came back to the way it looked like before O_O Oh well, maybe in another 3 years I’ll really change the layout :awesome:

The Janken tournament was held today, you know, rock paper scissors tournament to decide who should be senbatsu for the next single, and it was super exciting! So much that I woke up at freaking 5:00 am to catch it live and now I’m really drowsy lol. They also did the playoffs to figure out the rest of the senbatsu order so here they are:

16. Kitahara Rie (Team B)


While my love for Kitarie has gone down a bit in the last few months, I still adore her so I’m very happy about this <3 Especially because she’s so negative, this might really help her self esteem! Also, Not yet represent! HELL YEAH!

15. Yamauchi Suzuran (Team 4)


Yay! Ranran is my favorite Team 4 member, so I’m obviously super excited that she’s their senbatsu quota this time <3 She’s a fantastic performer too, and even though she used to be quite pushed she (and Team 4 in general) still needs every kind of chance she can get, especially now that Minarun is out of the game.

14. Yamaguchi Yuki (NMB Team N)


Huh? I have no idea of who this girl is because I don’t follow NMB xD Congratulations to her anyway (and frankly, if I’m going to have non AKB people in the single, I’d rather they were from NMB, since they are newer and need it more)

13. Kojima Haruna (Team A)


Well, good for her, she gets to keep her record of being the only AKB member who has been in every single senbatsu! Also, I’m sure Yuko will be very happy that she made it <3

12. Kuwabara Mizuki (SKE48 Team S)


The SKE representative in this single is Kuwabara Mizuki, who is a very energetic girl who dances like she’s going to dislocate a joint, no, really. That’s pretty much all I know about her, but I’ve heard that she’s pretty loud and has a very distinctive character so I hope she can show it off.

11. Kasai Tomomi (Team B)


My baby! ;_; Ori K FTW, they are the generation with the most girls in this senbatsu!! Best generation ever or what. The only one of my oshis who made it to senbatsu, and also kept her spot from last year! Wooo! I’m super happy for her, especially with everything she’s been through last year, being completely left behind by scumbag HoriPro and dropping hard in the elections because of it, not to mention the idiotic bunch of assholes at the handshake events ugh. But don’t lose hope baby, and rock this single like you always do <3

10. Umeda Ayaka (Team K)


Yay! More Ori K! In Umechan’s case, it’s just another highlight in a wonderful year: She got chosen to be part of DiVA, was voted center of the Undergirls in the election and now this! Amazing job, and also a great performer who I’m sure will contribute a lot to the single regardless of its style or whatever.

9. Hikawa Ayame (NMB Kenkyuusei)


This girl is really cute! And I’m shallow like that lol. I’d be lying if I said that I know something about her besides the fact that she’s a first generation NMB member who didn’t get picked for Team N, but that already sucks in itself, so I’m glad she can be part of this single, and hopefully prove the management wrong and get picked for Team M.

8. Sato Sumire (Team B)


Our little baby Sumire has certainly come a long way ever since we first saw her in the MM auditions! She looked absolutely adorable in her lolita costume BTW, so watch out for pictures of that. She also won last year, so this year is a repeat! Shining luck for her! I’m really happy she ranked, she’s one of the girls I like the most although she’s a completely different style of idol from what I usually like

7. Maeda Ami (Team A)


I’ll be honest with you guys, I really don’t understand Ami. I have no idea of what type of idol she is because to me she’s just incredibly normal and kinda unimpressive in her lack of quirks or whatever, but I’m kinda glad she ranked because she’s just recently beginning to catch up in popularity with her huge pushing in the past, so hopefully this will mean more good things ahead for her?

6. Oya Shizuka (Team A)


Another good thing in an already good year for Shiichan. She managed to rank in the elections for the first time (after being much hyped about for nothing in the second elections) and now lands a nice first position in senbatsu. Things are finally looking up for the girl who was stuck as a kks for like 4 years or something like that.

5. Akimoto Sayaka (Team K)


Oh Captain! I’m so thrilled to have her here, against all odds! Sayaka is a wonderful person, and she always works very hard, even though she’s the only AKB Team captain who is consistently left out of senbatsu ever since they became popular. She had a really bad 2010 with her scandal and her giving up her captaincy, until she worked really hard to earn it back, in the process getting a debut with DiVA and keeping her 17th position in the senbatsu elections. This is just another highlight, and even though janken is decided by luck, I’m happy for her because she deserves to be where she is, one way or another.

4. Kobayashi Marina (AKB 10th generation KKS)


Good grief, this girl’s ears freak me out. Anyway, I don’t know much about her, I just know she murdered Arashi no Yoru ni wa, so I’m really praying that she gets no solo lines (I don’t think she will though, since she’s not center).

3. Minegishi Minami (Team K)


Yay! The Miichan virus is at full work! I’m really glad she’s getting a break too, she is very interesting to watch and also a great performer <3 And she’s also part of the negative club alongside Kitarie so I’m glad they can cheer up with this.

2. Fujie Reina (Team K)


OMG! I couldn’t believe that a girl in my top 10 made it so far up 😮 I really really wanted her to win though, bummer. I’m still really really happy for her <3 She used to be the most pushed kks and one of the most pushed girls back a million years ago, and I went from really disliking her from all the hype and  poor Honehone waltz performance to absolutely loving her because really, how can you not? She’s incredibly cute and pretty, and then she sings in this sultry low voice… Whoa, she’s just awesome, I tell you! She’s also looked the happiest of her life after she was transferred to K, which makes me happy, because it’s my favorite team <3 Go Reinyan!!!

1. Shinoda Mariko (Team A)


Ok. First of all, what the fuck are you wearing Mariko? Seriously. She’s supposed to be fashionable but that just looks like she grabbed all the leftovers of every AKB school uniform ever and sewed them together in a haphazard way and threw the result on herself without caring much. Second, that perm is hideous. Ok now with that out of the way, congratulations to her for winning. I don’t even know where I stand about this tbh, Shinoda just keeps dropping and dropping in my rankings because I seriously never see her, but I know that she really loves AKB and takes her work very seriously, which is why she always does her best to make room for it even though she’s super busy.

A huge percentage of the AKB foreign fanbase really dislikes her because she seems to work in everything but AKB, but I’m of the opinion that all of her other jobs are important to her and they also make her famous and noticeable and might earn AKB a bunch of fans that way. However, it’s not a personal thing against Mariko, it’s just that I didn’t want a top senbatsu member to win, because honestly, they have it easy being automatically senbatsu every time BUT I do realize that being center is different, and out of all the possible outcomes (Kojima, Minegishi, Kitahara, Kasai) this is the only one that will probably result in a cool or sexy song, which I’m ALL for!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy AKB’s cute stuff, but I much prefer their darker songs that seem to have disappeared in their discography ever since they became popular, hopefully, Mariko’s stylishness and sexyness will bring with them an amazing sexy and stylish song as well.

And people, stop it with the Mariko graduation crap, I’ve been listening to it since 2008 and it’s getting boring (now watch her announce her graduation and making me look like an ass lol)


All in all, I’m super glad about the janken results, Mariko winning means there is a slight possibility of a cool single, which would make it 2 in a year and that’s just more than I could ever ask for ;_; (and yes, Kaze ga Fuiteiru is a cool song and I love it to death already). To be honest, all I really wanted was that Matsui Jurina and Maeda Atsuko didn’t win. Now before you flame me (which is inevitable lol) I like both of them, I think they are great idols, but for crying out loud, they are center in every single EVERY ONE OF THEM (in AKB and SKE respectively obviously) so please, let us just have a different center for once in the year.

Here’s the breakdown of the results by team:

Team A: 4

Team K: 4

Team B: 3

Team 4: 1

Team KKs: 1

SKE48: 1

NMB48: 2

Pretty even, I’d say! Luck is always a great thing! I’m personally really looking forward to this (if it’s a cutesy generic song like CnJ I will rage though. Be prepared.). And the single will be released on December 7, in 5 versions (lololol) Team A version, Team K version, Team B version, Team 4 version and Theater version. Totally looking forward to the Team themed B-sides, which were definitely the highlight of last year for me (ALIVE is still totally my jam).

And for those of you who are still mad, don’t worry, luck comes and goes around, maybe next time your oshi will rank!

I leave you with a priceless Yuko face before I sign off. Because you know, there’s never too much Yuko! My poor baby is really unlucky (as is Yui ;_;) but I’m still proud of her for taking it like a champ haha.


30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 10

Here’s a difficult question because I have to admit I don’t pay attention to kks or H!P eggs at all, but I don’t do it for a bad reason, but because I don’t have the time for that! I can barely keep up with my already debuted favorites!

Day 10: Your favorite “undebuted” Idol (Hello! Pro Egg, AKB48 Kenkyuusei, etc.):


Meet Kojima Natsuki aka. Nattsun. She’s an AKB48 kenkyuusei and she’s so beautiful and cute at the same time! I love her 😀 To be honest I haven’t really seen much of her performances because I don’t have the time to sit through a whole LOD nowadays, but she’s pretty popular which I’m really relieved about because maybe she could get promoted to Team 4!

30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 9

Today’s question is really easy:

9. Which idol’s voice do you dislike the most?


I love Koharu, I really do. She’s incredibly beautiful and her personality is amazing, she can definitely brighten a room with her smile and she always tried her best at everything she did, with a big smile on her face. I know all of this, and I also know that she had a lot of pressure on her because she was supposed to be a “miracle” but GOOD GRIEF her voice makes my eardrums bleed.

Ever since she joined MM she wasn’t a good singer at all, she was kind of flat all the time, but that can improve with time, right? Sayu has gotten a lot better through the years because the girls in MM receive vocal training (something AKB should really do lol) and even though she’ll never be Aichan, she’s certainly gotten better and now can carry a tune quite well (I love Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai or whatever that song is called <3) but instead Koharu got casted as Kirarin and then everything went to hell.

The weird thing is, I like the Kirarin music, the songs are ridiculous and lots of fun and her bubbly and kind of extravagant personality was right at home wearing those huge colorful dresses and jumping around but… whenever she started singing I cringed. Now on top of sounding flat (to my ears ofc) she was nasal and had this weird whiny thing going on at the end of each phrase she sang, wtf.

Needless to say, when the even whinier Hagiwara joined her to sing that horrid disaster about noses and boogers I literally wondered why did something like this even happen in the music world.

Unlike people who say that outside of her Kirarin schtick Koharu was a good singer, I disagree, she was always bad, and she never improved much because she didn’t need to in Kirarin (I never watched the anime, but I think it was something along the lines of a girl who can’t sing and becomes a singer or something like that. The can’t sing part was spot on) and it was actually in the job requirements that she sucked.

Sure, she got a little more bearable in MM songs, and there was a wacky endearing quality to her voice in loud songs like Guruguru Jump but she couldn’t handle the serious songs well at all, she ruined Resonant Blue and Nanchatte Renai for me, she ruined Aishite ato Ippun for me and she was one of the reasons why I decided to sever all ties to Morning Musume: When I heard Resonant Blue and noticed that only 3 girls had solo lines and one of them was Koharu I ragequit that fandom for good.

And yes, I know full well that idols aren’t supposed to be good singers or good dancers or talented in any way, they are supposed to be charismatic, but I enjoy the music of idols a whole deal, so if something gets in the way I won’t be able to listen to it anymore.

I still love you Koha, just please stay away from recording studios and I can keep adoring you for all of your good qualities 🙂

30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 8

Today’s question is:

8. Which idol’s voice do you like best?

This question is especially hard to answer for me because I actually like most idol voices. I’m drawn to sweet high pitched voices way more than to deep powerful ones, although I recognize the merit in both. Actually, the fact that I listen to japanese music at all has to do with the western music industry being dominated by powerful voices, and this type of voice being the one considered beautiful and befitting of a singer, while the others are “weak” or “not soulful enough”, and trust me, I’ve watched enough American Idol episodes to be confident in what I’m saying.

My personal taste might also have to do with the fact that my voice is ridiculously high pitched and kid of soft, so I obviously would sound like a cat being strangled if I ever tried to sing along to Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera. I like singing, and most of the time I’m singing along to whatever music I enjoy, it’s a big part of why I like the music I do and also a big reason why I don’t listen to nearly as many male singers as I do with females.

Now, with that out of the way (although I would like to make a dedicated blog post about why I like idol music, especially seeing how lately there has been a trend in the blogosphere to regard it as crap), I must clarify that I took this question to mean “current idols” or else I would’ve lost my mind trying to pick a favorite, since Showa idols are big favorites of mine.

After pondering it for like 3 days and their nights, I concluded that my favorite idol voice of all times would be Matsuda Seiko, but as I said before, I’m limiting my answer to current idols 🙂

So here’s my choice


Team B captaing Kashiwagi Yuki also known as Yukirin probably has my favorite voice of the whole AKB. She is also a good singer (by idol standards) hitting always the right notes and having good breathing and endurance. She’s also one of the girls who has sung live the most, because of her talent.

Technically there are better girls in the group (and I don’t even know much about technicality anyway) but it’s the sweet timbre of her voice that gets me every time. She sounds very soothing and I really like this quality of her voice, especially in ballads, where she manages to be expressive enough to pull them off without putting me to sleep. I was over the moon when French Kiss was announced, and she’s the lead singer there which has helped display her voice even more!

Here are videos of Yukirin’s singing

Close runner up: Yokoyama Yui. I need to hear more of her, but so far I’m in love with her sweet little voice. I’m holding out a bit more to see if she makes me change my mind. From H!P my current favorite is Suzuki Airi, but I don’t like the way many of them get a whiny or nasal tone over the years, it wasn’t like this before :/ When it comes to korean idols, my favorite voice is Sunny’s from SNSD and a close second would be Tiffany.

Finally, a heads up! My other Jpop blog Macaroni is back up and running! I don’t update it as frequently as Aitakatta, but be sure to check it out, maybe you’ll find something you like if you’re not really into Akihabara 🙂

Here is the latest post in Macaroni, so please take a look if you’d like!

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