30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 5

Today’s question is:

5. Your favorite idol group


Another extremely simple question! 😀 As you all know, my favorite idol group is AKB48, and it’s been that way since 2007, I don’t see it changing any time soon. I must clarify, that I’m only an AKB fan, not SKE, NMB or SDN, sadly. I wish to change this fact and care about SDN, so I’m eagerly awaiting a DVD release from them so I can get to know the girls.

The reason why I stick to AKB and practically ignore SKE, NMB et al. is because I don’t have time to watch all their concerts, TV shows and so on xD I have a really hard time only following AKB as is, let alone the sister groups. I’m a casual fan of their stuff and there’s a handful of girls I like in each group, but that’s pretty much it, since real life is a bitch and won’t let me spend all my time fangirling like back when I was a carefree student ;_;

Anyway, I’m a fan of AKB48 first and foremost because of their music. I am aware that it’s not some artsy groundbreaking sound, but it’s simply music that makes me happy, or music that I can relate with and sing along to, as simple as that.

That’s obviously not the only reason why I love AKB though, maybe it’s the one that made me their fan, but what made me stay were the girls, I find all of them incredibly endearing in their own ways, they are regular girls with cute little quirks and amusing things to say, but they are also very real and face problems and get discouraged like everyone else does. In this way, I feel like I’m closer to AKB than I’ve ever been with another idol group: You see the girls working hard every day, but their blogs and the stuff they say on TV is very honest as well: We can hear about Sasshi’s fears of her group falling from grace, of Acchan’s pressure to be a perfect girl, of Mayu’s reluctancy to display her otaku side in fear of alienating her fanbase, of Yui’s story about how she was bullied in elementary school.

While all of these elements often make it seem a bit like a reality show, it’s the honesty of the young girls that keeps it from being overly sappy and pathetic: They have problems, but they’re not here to whine about them, they encourage each other and move forward without mulling over things to much or falling into self pity. They are strong, maybe not individually, but supporting each other all the time they know that they are on the way to make their dreams come true and that’s inspiring to me (as corny as it sounds).

Another thing I like about AKB is how they all get along well enough. I’m sure there are squabbles occasionally, but most of the time you can notice that they like being around each other, they are genuinely close and hug, make jokes and smile comfortably like a big family <3 I remember one time at Music Japan, the Perfume girls said that they had accidentally gotten inside the AKB transportation bus and they were shocked to see that all of the girls were holding hands while sitting in the bus, Takamina and Yuko explained that everyone is very close in AKB and I can definitely see it, and I like that. I don’t like bitchy or difficult people, so I’m glad my idols don’t behave in that way.

I have mentioned it briefly above, but I really respect and admire these girls because of their hard work. It upsets me when people don’t acknowledge this, but whatever. As an old fan, it’s really rewarding to see everything they’ve done up to this point finally pay off! They’ve been performing non stop with smiles on their faces, being grateful all along and selling under 20K, getting dropped from their record label and facing being finished before they finally made it big time. I’m proud of them because they never stopped believing even against all odds, and even after they became famous, they never forget where they came from and are very humble and still super grateful to their fans who helped them get where they are.

Also, their marketing strategy is genius, and they really make sure that you’re getting as much bang for your buck as you possibly can. I have a decently sized AKB collection even though I only started buying their stuff last year (I didn’t work before so I couldn’t afford it) and it’s really pleasing to see that you’re paying for a quality single that includes freebies like pictures or trading cards and also a DVD with all of the PVs, including PVs for the B-sides! And well, with all the attention they pay to details, everything turns out being quite pleasing on the eyes and even if the song isn’t your cup of tea, you can find something you like and something that will keep you entertained! The PV collections they have released are also greatly appreciated by fans like me! I wish all the groups I follow did this (*coughPerfumecough*), especially the Bluray collection they released this year, definitely a must!

Another thing I like is their concepts that empower the fans a bit in deciding where the group is going or what songs they want to hear (namely, the elections and the Request Hour concert). i think it’s great that finally a management has decided to officially listen to the fans, even if just for a bit and even if it doesn’t make any difference in the long run, because after all we’re the ones paying for the swag!

I could probably find a million more reasons but I’ll leave it like this. AKB48 will always hold a special place in my life and I hope to be a fan for many years to come (unless they start sucking lol)


  1. Comment by James E on September 4, 2011 9:23 pm

    excellent article and I do agree with almost all your points. I do like a couple of the girls in SKE as well, but I don’t follow them as much as the original group. I do like the subunits, especially Not Yet since it has Yuko my favorite performer and Sashii, my oshimen.I try to buy as much, but economically it is quite difficult. I agree that the blu-ray PV collection is a good investment and I did buy that. I try to get the limited edition singles as well. great article. My family always asks me why I like them, and your comments pretty much echo my thoughts.

  2. Comment by Shaun on September 5, 2011 3:29 am

    All I can say is.. AKB48 is pure and total kick-ass. xD

    Pretty much everything I want to say has been summed up above, so there’s no reason for me to be retyping everything you’ve already said.

  3. Comment by Cat on September 5, 2011 8:24 am

    @James E: Yeah, I worded it wrong, probably xD I do pay attention to the subunits, my favorites being Not yet and French Kiss, I don’t pay attention to sister groups though, because I don’t have time for it x_x I’m glad you’re a Not yet fan as well! They are amazing <3

    @Shaun: I have moments when I facepalm at some of the choices the management makes, but overall, I think that this fandom is great and the girls are definitely amazing!

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