30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 6

Alright, let’s keep going with our regular schedule, today is time for Day 6 of the idol challenge:

6. Favorite subunit


I bet nobody saw this coming, right 😀 My favorite subunit is Not yet and even though I’ve waxed lyrical about them, I’ll give a little summary of why I love them so much:

1. The members! They have my 2 favorite girls, Yuko and Yui and their other 2 members (Sasshi and Kitarie) happen to be in my top 10 as well! These girls are all very energetic and funny, and extremely talented at MCing. They also have great chemistry with each other and are always joking around which makes them fun to watch.

2. The music: Not yet’s music isn’t technically amazing, but it serves its purpose well. With only 2 singles they have already shown that they can make peppy love songs or nostalgic ballads and I like how fresh their songs sound regardless of the genre they’re venturing into. The lyrics of their songs are also pretty cool and differ a bit from most idol-y tunes.

3. Their dancing: All of the girls are very good dancers (even though Yuko is miles ahead of the rest xD) so their performances are full of high energy and very pleasing to watch. I’m definitely looking forward to the subunit festival that’s going to take place next year because I can’t wait to see more of Not yet!

So yeah, that’s pretty much why I love Not yet in a nutshell. Please give them a chance if you can and listen to their cute songs and watch their lively performances, you won’t regret it!

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