30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 8

Today’s question is:

8. Which idol’s voice do you like best?

This question is especially hard to answer for me because I actually like most idol voices. I’m drawn to sweet high pitched voices way more than to deep powerful ones, although I recognize the merit in both. Actually, the fact that I listen to japanese music at all has to do with the western music industry being dominated by powerful voices, and this type of voice being the one considered beautiful and befitting of a singer, while the others are “weak” or “not soulful enough”, and trust me, I’ve watched enough American Idol episodes to be confident in what I’m saying.

My personal taste might also have to do with the fact that my voice is ridiculously high pitched and kid of soft, so I obviously would sound like a cat being strangled if I ever tried to sing along to Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera. I like singing, and most of the time I’m singing along to whatever music I enjoy, it’s a big part of why I like the music I do and also a big reason why I don’t listen to nearly as many male singers as I do with females.

Now, with that out of the way (although I would like to make a dedicated blog post about why I like idol music, especially seeing how lately there has been a trend in the blogosphere to regard it as crap), I must clarify that I took this question to mean “current idols” or else I would’ve lost my mind trying to pick a favorite, since Showa idols are big favorites of mine.

After pondering it for like 3 days and their nights, I concluded that my favorite idol voice of all times would be Matsuda Seiko, but as I said before, I’m limiting my answer to current idols 🙂

So here’s my choice


Team B captaing Kashiwagi Yuki also known as Yukirin probably has my favorite voice of the whole AKB. She is also a good singer (by idol standards) hitting always the right notes and having good breathing and endurance. She’s also one of the girls who has sung live the most, because of her talent.

Technically there are better girls in the group (and I don’t even know much about technicality anyway) but it’s the sweet timbre of her voice that gets me every time. She sounds very soothing and I really like this quality of her voice, especially in ballads, where she manages to be expressive enough to pull them off without putting me to sleep. I was over the moon when French Kiss was announced, and she’s the lead singer there which has helped display her voice even more!

Here are videos of Yukirin’s singing

Close runner up: Yokoyama Yui. I need to hear more of her, but so far I’m in love with her sweet little voice. I’m holding out a bit more to see if she makes me change my mind. From H!P my current favorite is Suzuki Airi, but I don’t like the way many of them get a whiny or nasal tone over the years, it wasn’t like this before :/ When it comes to korean idols, my favorite voice is Sunny’s from SNSD and a close second would be Tiffany.

Finally, a heads up! My other Jpop blog Macaroni is back up and running! I don’t update it as frequently as Aitakatta, but be sure to check it out, maybe you’ll find something you like if you’re not really into Akihabara 🙂

Here is the latest post in Macaroni, so please take a look if you’d like!

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