30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 9

Today’s question is really easy:

9. Which idol’s voice do you dislike the most?


I love Koharu, I really do. She’s incredibly beautiful and her personality is amazing, she can definitely brighten a room with her smile and she always tried her best at everything she did, with a big smile on her face. I know all of this, and I also know that she had a lot of pressure on her because she was supposed to be a “miracle” but GOOD GRIEF her voice makes my eardrums bleed.

Ever since she joined MM she wasn’t a good singer at all, she was kind of flat all the time, but that can improve with time, right? Sayu has gotten a lot better through the years because the girls in MM receive vocal training (something AKB should really do lol) and even though she’ll never be Aichan, she’s certainly gotten better and now can carry a tune quite well (I love Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai or whatever that song is called <3) but instead Koharu got casted as Kirarin and then everything went to hell.

The weird thing is, I like the Kirarin music, the songs are ridiculous and lots of fun and her bubbly and kind of extravagant personality was right at home wearing those huge colorful dresses and jumping around but… whenever she started singing I cringed. Now on top of sounding flat (to my ears ofc) she was nasal and had this weird whiny thing going on at the end of each phrase she sang, wtf.

Needless to say, when the even whinier Hagiwara joined her to sing that horrid disaster about noses and boogers I literally wondered why did something like this even happen in the music world.

Unlike people who say that outside of her Kirarin schtick Koharu was a good singer, I disagree, she was always bad, and she never improved much because she didn’t need to in Kirarin (I never watched the anime, but I think it was something along the lines of a girl who can’t sing and becomes a singer or something like that. The can’t sing part was spot on) and it was actually in the job requirements that she sucked.

Sure, she got a little more bearable in MM songs, and there was a wacky endearing quality to her voice in loud songs like Guruguru Jump but she couldn’t handle the serious songs well at all, she ruined Resonant Blue and Nanchatte Renai for me, she ruined Aishite ato Ippun for me and she was one of the reasons why I decided to sever all ties to Morning Musume: When I heard Resonant Blue and noticed that only 3 girls had solo lines and one of them was Koharu I ragequit that fandom for good.

And yes, I know full well that idols aren’t supposed to be good singers or good dancers or talented in any way, they are supposed to be charismatic, but I enjoy the music of idols a whole deal, so if something gets in the way I won’t be able to listen to it anymore.

I still love you Koha, just please stay away from recording studios and I can keep adoring you for all of your good qualities 🙂

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