30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 11

Hello! I’m going to keep this challenge up until I’m done 😀 And blogging about important things that may come up in the mean time of course!

Today’s question is:

11. Your favorite solo idol:


I might not be the most vocal Maimai fan in town, but I really really admire her and adore her and my feelings for her as one of my all time favorite idols have not changed one bit.

She was my oshi (alongside Yuko, of course) in AKB48 and I was really captivated by her energy, professionalism and talent. She seemed to be very friendly with the other girls, even though she teased them at times, and she was always capable of giving really interesting TV appearances and was the default MC of AKBINGO because of this. I often wonder whether Takamina would have the position she has now as a captain if Mai hadn’t graduated (although I adore and respect Takamina a lot as well) because my impression when I was a fan of AKB way back in 2007 was that she was the one who was leading the group in a way.

Always articulate and witty, with an amazing voice and great dancing skills to match, Mai was a perfect idol in many ways, and she even had the luxury to walk out of AKB just as it was starting to rise in popularity because she didn’t need it anymore. She’s become a relatively famous TV tarento and has had her own show, on top of that, she continues her successful career in gravure and has released 3 solo singles (which have kind of flopped, sadly :/)

Even though I don’t see her that much anymore, Mai will always have a special place in my heart <3 Her skills as an entertainer are undeniable and she’s one of the few idols who have really taken their lives in their own hands and decided about their careers in a way they please instead of being manipulated by the industry (to a certain degree anyway). I hope she continues her singing career and keeps being successful and amazing as always.

EDIT: Sorry to bring up something non AKB related xD But I just found out the news about the new Perfume album and single and I had to blog about it in Macaroni! Check it out if you’re a fan of Perfume 😀


  1. Comment by Tom on September 27, 2011 6:26 am

    I love your website and the content that you post up. You’re right about Mai Oshima taking charge of her own career right before AKB48 became popular. It’s too bad that I didn’t become a fan of AKB48 earlier to get to know members like her.

    Whatever happened to Day 11 of your Idol Challenge?

  2. Comment by Cat on September 28, 2011 7:10 pm

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! 😀

    Oh you’re right, this is day 11, I messed up haha

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