30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 16

Hi everyone! Thsi week has been complete madness IRL for me, so I apologize for the lack of updates!

AKB48 has released their latest single “Kaze ga Fuiteiru” breaking their own record previously set with Flying Get for highest first day sales for a single ever since they started getting counted by Oricon. Congratulations to the girls! I have to say that KazeFui is definitely my favorite AKB A-side this year, it’s an incredibly beautiful song with a sad but encouraging meaning so give it a try.

I also loved the PV, although I might be in the minority for that xD Oh well, I’ve always been one for unpopular opinions anyway.

Let’s continue with the 30 day idol challenge!

Day 16 – Favorite Idol from a group not named before


I know that choosing a *48 group for this question is probably cheating a bit, but I love Nana so much that I can’t help it xD To be honest, I don’t have time to follow NMB very much (if at all) but ever since I watched the auditions I loved this girl. I didn’t know her from SINA because I didn’t even know what that group was lol but when I saw her in Starhime I knew that she would be my favorite because I’m initially super shallow with idols until I know them more.

So yeah, Nana is incredibly pretty, in ways that I can’t even understand. I love her lips and her big eyes and her innocent overall look even though she has a really hot body, it’s an interesting combination xd

I wanted to watch a performance with her to decide whether she was going to be the one or not, and then I watched the N1 stage and I was blown away by her. She’s a fantastic performer and even though her voice is pretty funny (quite high pitched but husky at the same time)  she works with it fantastically and it completes her image somehow gahh I don’t even know what I’m saying, she’s perfect I guess?

30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 15

Hi people! Today I’ll continue with the challenge, we’re already halfway through with it! Yay!

Day 15 – Favorite Momoiro Clover member

Ahhh MomoClo, I remember when they were completely indie and people talked about them like a gem about to be discovered.

The thing is that while I acknowledge that MomoClo is a fantastic group and they definitely have their own flavor to set them apart from the others, I feel like this flavor doesn’t go with me xD They remind me a bit of SKE with their hugely energetic performances but these girls take it up a notch by having hilarious PVs to go along with them and super fun sounding songs, pretty much everything MomoClo related I’ve heard sounds a bit like the wacky Team B Oshi (But I haven’t heard much, so don’t count on my opinion too much).

The problem is that I’m getting a little old for that to be honest. Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t gotten too old for idols all together. I know that there isn’t an age bracket that allows you to enjoy idols, but I just can’t relate to songs about lunch boxes and stuff like that (and my time in school was completely meh and it was a million years ago, so I don’t have particularly fond memories of that either).

That doesn’t have a lot to do with the question at hand though xD So yeah, since MomoClo are a bit too youthful to fit my tastes I’ve never really gotten into the group. The cutest one for me is the pink girl, but the one that always catches my attention is the leader


Kanako impresses me because she’s super energetic but also looks like she’s really in charge of the situation even when she’s goofing off with the other girls. How vanilla of me to pick the center girl, but really, if I ever drop my stupid age notions and stop feeling like “I’m a grown up now I need to listen to serious music only” MomoClo is first on the list of things to really pay attention to 🙂

Maybe then I’ll get back to you and say whether the pink girl really became my favorite or not.


I just read the single most upsetting piece of news I’ve read since 2008 and I don’t know how to process it or word it, but it’s still a really big deal so I figured I’d blog about it. I’m probably going to swear like a sailor, so you’ve been warned.

SDN48 or Saturday Night 48 was an idol group created by Akimoto Yasushi 2 years ago, his intentions were to create a group for girls over 18 years old and initially intended for their audience to be over 18 years old as well.


Then he proceeded to transfer some of AKB’s older members to it. Noro Kayo, Ohori Megumi, Sato Yukari and Urano Kazumi were moved to it and graduated from AKB48 with the team shuffle.

SDN48 isn’t a porn show like some people think. The girls that are part of the group are on average really talented girls, and their songs have a more mature feel to them (some of them are sexy songs, but not all) with the girls pulling off spectacular performances.

Despite all this, what I found the best feature about them was the fact that they completely threw out of the window the ridiculous premise the whole idol business is based upon: Youth is your most valuable asset. These girls were amazing young ladies of a varied group of ages, and they weren’t bound by the stupid rules of no boyfriends, no drinking blah blah blah, this made their MCs really entertaining and enhanced their connection to their fans, because they felt a whole lot more real than a bunch of teens in a school uniform bouncing around and squeaking in high pitched voices while pretending that they’ve never been in love.

After SDN started releasing singles, I was super excited, because I really love them and I wish I could get into them, but with the lack of SDN LODs it’s definitely complicated for me :s Without counting that they haven’t released their stage on DVD either. Their singles were sexy and sassy while a little underwhelming based on their predictable choice to make popular girls center even though they weren’t the most talented, which made them sound different from the fuller and deeper sound of their stage songs, but hey, being this far along in the fandom, I already am aware that stage songs will always be better yet remain underappreciated.

After this ridiculously long intro, here comes the bomb.

SDN48’s captain, Noro Kayo announced in a recent show that all of the members of SDN48 have decided “together” to graduate next year. They will have a graduation concert on 12/03/31.

Here’s a link to the announcement in Ebi48

Whoa. I haven’t been this upset ever since the Elder Club massacre in H!P, or the mass Team A graduation from which I haven’t recovered yet (I’ll probably never be able to like Team A again after that).

What is the fucking point of creating a group that’s going to be shafted like hell (they only have one stage) in order to give it the axe in 2 years?

What is the fucking point in having auditions and forming a 3rd gen if they were planning on pulling the plug on this? And don’t give me that “we all decided together” shit. How can the 3rd gen girls decide to graduate? They’ve barely been in the group as is ffs!

I understand that SDN’s singles don’t sell as well as the other xxx48 singles, but come on. Akimoto is a smart guy, he must’ve known that japanese people are obsessed with youth and cuteness so SDN wouldn’t ever sell millions. They didn’t do that badly either, they outsold every non48 idol group with every release.

It just makes no fucking sense. I know that idols are a business not a happy fluffy family full of feelings and emotions, but this is just being a dick.

It’s still not clear whether this means disbandment or not, the girls haven’t blogged about it and there aren’t any official words either; however, from the wording of the whole thing it looks like it’s bye bye for the best 48 group. They were the ones who were talented, sassy, unafraid to show themselves just like they are, we will never have that in any of the other 48 groups and it pisses me off.

I’m getting old for idols, the reason why I stick with AKB it’s because there are still girls who are older than me in there xD That’s also the reason why I can’t get into SKE, I just don’t care about high school stuff anymore (funnily enough, I did care when I was in college because medshool is like high school here, no kidding) and I was hoping that with the addition of one of my all time favorite AKB members in Tojima Hana I would finally find the chance to get on board with SDN, I was really rooting for her to do well and become a front girl and now that’s just all gone.

I’m very very pissed at Akimoto or whoever decided this (it wasn’t “everyone” come on, it’s never “everyone”) because from the moment SDN was formed I was so excited that there was at least one human being thinking forward in the idol industry. Now I see that that’s all bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong, I still really care about AKB, and there are times when I’m just feeling silly and want to have fun so I’ll listen and dance along to Yasai Sisters, but I can’t help becoming a little jaded after so many years in the fandom. I understand what being an idol is about, but it gets a little tiresome to listen to 23 year olds saying that the last time they liked a boy was in kindergarden and pretending to blush whenever someone makes a comment related to sex. I’m equally tired of fanboys raging that their girls aren’t virgins anymore because of a stupid purikura (Get real. Most of them are definitely not virgins, why should they be?)

I guess I have Dream Morning Musume to console me. If I’m lucky enough, Koharu will graduate and I’ll finally have another idol group I can really follow without rolling my eyes every time I hear a stupid fucking bouncy under girls song with 19 year old girls pretending to be 5 and winking spastically /bitter.

EDIT: Newsflash. It’s all in Ebi48, so check the link I posted earlier, but it looks like the group is actually disbanding, the girls have blogged about it. And there’s a statement from a staff member now too: Basically, he’s saying that since the girls got SO MUCH promotion (pfffft yeah right) they became lazy and took everything for granted, so he decided to graduate all of them so that they would work harder for their dreams.

Right. That makes a lot of sense. Because SDN was the most pampered group of the 48 family, obviously. And they were so from day one, getting a million promotion deals and Tv shows from their debut. Oh no, wait, I was talking about NMB! Sorry, my bad, I can’t even remember SDN BECAUSE THEY WERE GIVEN FUCKING SQUAT.

And besides, that “work harder” excuse is even worse than “she must continue her studies” Work harder at what exactly if you’re leaving them out of jobs?

FUCK YOU. Just… I can’t even.

I’m just going to ask everyone who cares about SDN or the girls that were part of it (I’m guilty of knowing only the ex-AKB girls, but I adore them) to please buy the Kaze wa Fuiteiru single of AKB48 and vote in the next Request Hour for the song Kodoku na Runner from SDN. It’s all I can do, and I don’t even have money to buy more than 2 copies, but I don’t want the girls to leave feeling unwanted and shafted like they were just an afterthought in Akimoto’s mind that didn’t go as well as he planned. I know that casual fans or new fans probably don’t care and they’re going to vote for all of AKB’s King Records singles A-sides and B-sides, so we’ll need as much help as we can get, that’s why I’m posting this here.

30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 14

Hello! Let’s continue with the challenge.

Day 14: Favorite Idoling!!! member

First of all, I know next to nothing about Idoling!!! and it pains me because I randomly watched one of their concerts a million years ago and loved them. They are hilarious to watch and super entertaining! However, my time constraints make it impossible for me to pay more attention to them which is a shame.

The closest I’ve gotten to knowing the group (other than watching their concert which made me fall in love with Koizumi Rumi’s beautiful voice, but she graduated) was the AKBIdoling!!! collaboration. It was amazing, definitely one of my favorite AKB singles of all times, the song was just perfect and the interactions were adorable. Idoling!!! shares with AKB the multi member system and also the spunk and overall liveliness, which made for great TV in the AKBINGO episodes where they guested and an amazing release.

So, since I know virtually nothing about them (and it’s gonna get worse when the Momoiro Clover question of the challenge appears xD) I had to go with a shallow approach.


Meet Yokoyama Rurika (whose name I didn’t even remember and had to google all of the first generation members to see who it was I was looking for xD). The fact that she shares a last name with one of my all time favorite idols is just a mere coincidence, by the way. While I don’t know a lot about her, I think she’s the prettiest Idoling!!! member, her big eyes and beautiful smile are amazing. And from whatever little I can recall from the Chuu Shiyouze PV and the AKBINGO guest appearances, she seems quite kind and nice. I like that.

30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 13

Ok, let’s move along with our challenge! Today’s question is:

Day 13: Favorite AKB48 member

I assume you guys don’t care for another Yuko dissertation, right? xD And I’ve already discussed my second favorite member in the “Who would be your girlfriend” day too (that would be Yokoyama Yui), so now it’s time for my third favorite member to make an appearance here! 😀


When I first became an AKB fan, Team B was just being formed, and they debuted with a rehash of K2, which was one of my favorite stages at the time (still is, but I digress) I really didn’t think much of them, to be honest, and I only knew the scrawny little girl in BINGO! (that would me Mayuyu btw) and Yukirin, who I knew from the MM 8th generation auditions. I was obviously inclined to favor Yukirin, because I wanted her to win those auditions and I loved her voice, so she was the main reason why I watched B1.

And then I found myself falling in love with another girl who wasn’t Kashiwagi at all xD I first noticed Haachan because I thought there was something about her performance style that set her apart from the others. Now, don’t get me wrong, when Team B debuted they were already leagues better than K or A at that time, but even then, Haachan had a particular sense of confidence in everything she did, from her dancing, to her smoldering expressions to her amazing vocals in Ame no Doubutsuen. Yes, that is the only time that song has had amazing vocals lol.

So right after I finished that DVD I had to find out who she was, and I started hunting videos and anything that could teach me more about her personality. This is how I found out that she was a big sister character for Team B and that she was completely head over heels for the Showa era (so am I!!!) and well, I just found her incredibly gorgeous and mature for her age.

And then Team B got its first original stage, B3, and I was completely blown away. My baby had gotten a unit all for herself! She was the center of Junjou Shugi, and as soon as I heard the first stage audio that leaked (back then we didn’t have LODs xD We’d just make do with a crappy quality recording of the stage’s audio and wait eagerly for the video previews that were shown in the home page) I fell in love with the song completely. It was techno oriented, sassy sounding and omg Haachan’s voice is just an eargasm. Needless to say, when I watched her in that sparkly red dress with a garter belt I died. And then I died again the next time I watched it and well, you get the point xD

Obviously Itoshiki Natassha, her B4 unit was another pleasant surprise for me. Even though Haachan never became really popular she got a great position, and she got more lines than Sasshi, even though she wasn’t the lead. It makes me happy to see that at some point in AKB talent was somewhat important (hence the Yuka domination in original Team K stages <3) but yeah, I won’t turn this into a rant of why I hate AKB’s popularity sometimes xD

Suffice to say, I was crushed when she was moved to Team A because pretty much a million frontgirls were there and I knew she wouldn’t stand out. She got stuck in the leftover unit, but even then she rocked it. And she ended up subbing for Takamina’s solo, which is amazing, because she’s simply a fantastic performer.

Lately she’s been developing a hilarious character who gets to be the butt of all jokes with her old fashioned personality and tastes, which is great because it’s given her more screentime in general, and I hope her popularity keeps rising. No matter what, what I admire the most about her is her capacity to be super confident in all cases, that’s what makes her so sexy and such a fantastic performer.

The latest Haachan moment of note for me was when after the elections (she didn’t rank for the first time :() the girls had to perform in Coming Soon, and Nakai-kun asked her why was she included in the line up for the performance if she hadn’t ranked (along with Natsumi and someone else I can’t recall) to which everyone laughed, and then he asked if they knew their positions even though they hadn’t ranked, and the answer was no, but Haachan still replied “Oh, it’s ok, I’m sure we’re number 41, 42 and 43 anyway” with a huge smile on her face. That’s what makes her my girl <3

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