AKB48 Concert Yossha Ikuzo in Seibu Dome DVD Review ~ Disc 1

So here’s the thing. I’ve never watched the Seibu Dome concert until now. Shock. Well see, I bought it and it was lost by the mail people here in Colombia, so I was really pissed off and didn’t even want to think about it. Also, well, the setlist was nothing to write home about and there’s only so many performances of Ponytail to Shushu I can watch in one year without wanting to rip my eyeballs out. However, with the whole Acchan graduation shakeup thing I’ve been in an AKB high so I decided to cave in and watch it, and since I’m spending a LOT of time in that already then I thought I might as well review it.

Yes, I know that everybody saw it already and no1curr about my late review, but whatever, it will keep my mind occupied because I’m really anxious right now. Anyway, here we go:

Seibu Dome Disc 1


1. Overture: Just the usual, the venue looks huge and I like how organized it is, nothing like the concerts here at Parque Simón Bolívar lol.


2. Majisuka Skit: God. this was sooooo hard to watch. I was dying of secondhand embarrassment when Team Hormone and Team Fondue were facing each other. It was beyond awful. I did like the car thingies they wheeled them in though, very expensive-looking.
So, anyway Team Hormone and Fondue start shouting things at each other (including Frrrrresh Yankii ni naritai no~ ugh kill me now) and then they hug each other. After that, everyone in the second season makes a small appearance with a line or two (Including Queens Yui and Nakamatta <3). It’s basically a staged reunion thing where it looks like Shibuya is still the head of Yabakune and supposed to fight Majijo? I don’t care, and I’m not watching it again to understand lol.


3. Yankii Soul: This song is pathetic compared to Majisuka Rock and Roll and Majijo Teppen Blues, but at least it’s catchy? I like the use of the huge building on stage, it definitely looks impressive. I’m amused by Yuko’s srs face while everyone else seems to acknowledge that this song is a trainwreck.


4. Seishun to Kizukanai Mama: For the ballad they dim the lights and the main cast sings while the rest act like they are in the school or something. It’s cute, and I’ve always had a soft spot for this song even though it’s cheesiness is only highlighted here, so I’m alright with this. They hug at the end, how touching!


5. Majijo Teppen Blues: Now we’re talking! lol they are lip synching to the spoken parts! I don’t know if I should praise their professionalism when it comes to miming or be amazed that they won’t even let them speak live. YASSSSS Yui taking Erena’s line! TAKE THAT HATERS!!! (j/k but I’ve never understood why some Erena fans hate Yui so much when Ono decided to leave on her own accord. Did they expect her to never ever have a replacement and all the songs she ever sung to be retired from AKB’s discography? Pffff.)


6. Majisuka Rock and Roll: I’m getting BORED of this Majisuka thing already. The building thing is decorated with lots of bright lights, looks really cool when combined with the rest of the lighting on stage. This song gave me life during my internship, god that was so long ago I feel old ugh.

7. MC: Takamina is so presh and earnest, I love her. They’re rambling about how they are nervous to be performing in the dome but how honored they are to be there. Sayaka is so hyper! Bless her heart!
LOL at Nachu’s wing thing ripping apart and filling the stage with polystyrene, AKB is kind of awesome for this kind of bloopers.


8. Shoujotachi yo: After everything that happened (or more like didn’t happen) in 2011, I came to the realization today that this was my favorite song of last year, and it wasn’t even a single lol. The lyrics are the usual cheesy “don’t give up” thing, but the PV was so amazing, and they work so hard ;A: I kind of hate these dresses though, too ruffly and they look tie dyed and made of a cheap fabric. Ew. Oh wait, it’s not tie dye, it’s stars! They still look gross though.


9. High School Days: Team 4 and KKS sing this one. Koko ni Ita Koto was a real flop musically for me, but this song stood out in all of its plain glory to me. It’s just a really typical idol song, but it still carries a nostalgic feeling I like. Ugh I see Kato Rena not even pretending to care as always WHYYYYYYYYYY


10. Wagamama Collection: Jurina looks so out of place in cute songs! I always said  it ever since she joined the 48 family and they put her in a lot of cute stuff because of her age. This gimmicky and lolicon number is adorable, and Mayu has definitely mastered her craft, she’s completely charming. I always forget Komori is a loli and Maeda Ami definitely doesn’t look like one, but they’re trying I guess. I’m sad that Suuchan isn’t going more places, she’s practically wasting her best loli years without a subunit. Oh, and I didn’t say anything about Aika, she’s the usual, very cute.


11. Ningyo no Vacance: My favorite album unit song! God I remember laying on the beach and listening to this, it’s so soothing and chilling! I didn’t remember Kitarie and Yuka being in here, but ok. I don’t have much to say, the water jets are a nice touch, and so are the girls in bikinis in the pool. This set is insane wow.


12. Kaze no yukue: I like this song, it’s alright if a little underwhelming. I wanted Yuko to get something better as a unit but whatever. I hate Miichan’s outfit and love Yuko’s. The dance is a lot more fast paced than I thought it would be, but I like it, except for the excessive twirling around. Water jets are purdy! lol unfortunate screencap is unfortunate


13. Iikagen no Susume: When I saw this line up I thought they’d get something fierce, but uh… That didn’t really happen. At least this song sounds more grown up than the others? Now I remember why I didn’t like the album much, it’s not that the songs are bad, they’re all alright, but none of them stands out (except for Ningyo no Vacance obviously). These outfits are fug, it’s so rare for Sae to be the best dressed at something 😀


14. Kimi to Boku no Kankei: Ahhh those were the days! When Acchan and Tomochin were the only soloists. I actually love this song, it’s so early 2000’s sounding, and the random english kills me. Tomochin looks so happy here, she’s adorable. Sorry that my screencaps are the derpiest ever btw, this new version of VLC confused my poor brain. BTW, if that scandal about Tomochin and the EXILE guy is true, we’re looking at our next 2 AKB graduates 😮


15. MC by Team B: I love Yukirin, but she’s so un-captain-y compared to the other 2 (Minarun wasn’t a captain back here xD) Kitarie is leading this MC. Oh man, that’s Nacchan there, heartbreaking 🙁 They keep talking about how awesome it is to be in the Dome, and then about their new costumes.


16. Renai Circus: I got so excited the first time I heard this song thinking it would be techno! I always wanted Team B to do techno, since I figured A was pop, K was rock so they should do techno. I was obviously wrong in thinking all that lol but it would’ve been awesome. Anyway, this song is really hyper and cutesy, in new B style. I don’t know if I love or hate the outfits, I obviously love anything with music notes in it, but they are way too sparkly for my taste. They’re mostly cute though.


17. MC by Team K: My babies <3 They are so over the place as always, I can’t ;A; New outfits! They say they look like adventurers in them (they do look a bit Final Fantasy inspired to me, which is awesome) and then more excitement about being in Seibu Dome.


18. Boku ni Dekiru Koto: I like this song, it’s nice, but I desperately wanted something fierce like ALIVE so I was disappointed. The lyrics are cute and meaningful but the music of the verses is kind of forgettable. Chorus is better, and the dance is simple but works. Wasted potential for Shin K but well, apparently japanese fans hate fierce songs so there’s nothing that can be done about that.


19. Overtake: Team A are so badass that they don’t need MC time. Kidding, maybe. These are my favorite new outfits, the black and white looks great and I love the poofy skirts. This song is the definition of bland though :/ And I kind of hate the lyrics of “You’re not popular because you don’t work hard” blergh.


20. MC by Team A: Oh look, their MC. They talk about how Seibu Dome makes them think of Mocchi because she likes baseball. Then they don’t believe Haruna that she’s a baseball fan, and the conversation turns to who is from Saitama, and the whole crowd cheers so Takamina calls them liars but Haruna is happy lol


21. Banzai Venus: YAY! My second favorite SKE single! 😀 This song is so under appreciated, it’s awesome! The outfits are kind of meh though, but I don’t care because I’m totally dancing along to this! Whoopee! Oh it was no senbatsu 😮 I didn’t notice until the end lol I suck.


22. Pareo wa emerald: Another amazing song. this one was a staple on my summer playlist as well! It’s great because it’s energetic but sounds different from most idol-y songs and is catchy. I love the costumes too, very original, and the color is to die for. My queen Airin looked amazing here!


23. 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku: All of SKE is performing this in a raised platform which makes me anxious that someone might fall off, especially because these girls really go all out! I really need to buy some SKE concerts, I’ve never watched one of those which is unforgivable of me ._. Since AKB has been sucking so much I’ve turned my attention to SKE but I’m not completely a convert. I’ll probably get there though 😀


24. MC by SKE: They talk about how they shot Pareo PV in bikini for the first time, and say that it was embarrassing but ok. Please buy the single and such, whatever. Churi said NMB-san, aren’t they their Kouhais? The screenshot is not of the MC, btw. But wow that platform thing is scary O_O


25. Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo: Ohhh this song is so groovy! I love it with all my heart haha. QUEEN NANA IS EVERYTHING. I should get more into NMB too, but it’s hard because they don’t have original stages 🙁  Why am I like this even though nobody cares about stages anymore? I don’t know, I can’t help it. Don’t judge. Whoooo this song is my jam! I like to pretend that Oh My God and Oki Doki didn’t exist because the rest of SKE and NMB’s discographies is flawless >:D


26. Seishun no Lap Time: Sayanee’s voice is so soothing! This song sounds like a stage song out of H1, I like that. The dance is pretty cute too.


27. MC by NMB: Sayanee is so eloquent! She thanks everyone and asks for support.

Disc 2 coming right up! 😀

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