AKB48 Concert Yossha Ikuzo in Seibu Dome Review ~Disc 2

First of all, a shoutout to Idolminded! Ray Mescallado’s latest Wotasphere community effort! Please go visit the site, it looks amazing and there are tons of great new ideas being implemented, it’s pretty awesome.

Well, let’s continue with the review of Disc 2! The funny thing is, I didn’t want to make it too long because I’m the Queen of TL;DR, but I wrote all my comments while I was watching the videos in TextEdit, and I had a tiny window so I was like “wow, I’m writing a ton of lines about every song, I’ve gotta stop or nobody is going to read it!” and now that I paste it in this normal sized window I just wrote like 2 words about everything lol /coolstorysis

Anyway, this part of the concert is less interesting because it has no new songs, but it has a single selection from 2009 that made me weep with nostalgia ;A; (figuratively speaking, last time I cried when something AKB related happened was when Ue Kara Mariko was released and I shed tears for buying three copies of that sucky single. Ugh, I want to cry remembering it now!)


1. MIN MIN MIN: I had forgotten about the weird cicada costumes! I liked this song, it sounded clubby, but the whispery vocals are kind of strange and Serina’s voice isn’t my cup of tea.


2. MC by SDN: Serina looks a lot like Nocchi with that haircut, it’s weird. Poor girls not knowing what was ahead of them 🙁


3. Yasai Uranai: OMG. This was the reason why I bought the Flying Get theater edition CD hahaha. it got here completely crushed, so sad! Anyway, these outfits are even worse than the Yasai Sisters ones, but the cheap tropical background music is awesome to me! Also, Jurina, cover up a bit child, you’re gonna get pneumonia.


4. Ougon Center: Oh my, everybody and their dog was all over this song when it came out, while I was kinda meh about it, but it has grown on me. Miyu was such a perfect center, it’s a shame that the idol world is so ridiculously shallow because she’s amazing 🙁 Kato Rena continues to look like she couldn’t care less about performing Idk why I bother trying to look for her, I keep hoping that maybe it’s like with Acchan and cameramen just focus on her while she’s not smiling, but what are the odds?


5. Anti: Ranran and Nakamatta are perfect <3 That raised platform is freaking me out again haha. This song is good, and I’m still butthurt about Miyu being demoted from center for shallow reasons, it breaks my heart. I can’t help but thinking that the chorus of this song sounds way too much like Kobushi no Seigi, that takes away a bit from my enjoyment, but it’s still fantastic that it doesn’t sound like a Ponytail knock off like all recent UG songs.


6. Lemon to Toshigoro: Nattsun <3 Wakanyan <3 I’ve seen this song performed so much that I don’t even know what else to say.


7. Miniskirt no Yousei: Nothing can beat the original 3, but I love Saeed-Yokota Erena if only because we look alike a bit hahaha


8. Romance Kakurenbo: Wow. Jo Eriko sounds live 😮 Major props for her (although this isn’t a hard song to sing, all her senpais have lip synched even their spoken lines). Wait no, she is lip synching too, then she sounds like crap even recorded? I don’t know what to think anymore. She’s cute, her awkward out of place grin at the end of the song made me smile.


9. Everyday Katyusha: Wheee favorite AKB single of 2011! Although that’s not too hard, seeing how I only liked this one and Kazefui fufufu. Ohh man, this song is amazing, and it reminds me of the last months of my old job, and my best friend who is now in another country… When I got this single I went to the mall and bought like 10 headbands, no kidding. I collect them now, and it’s all because of this song, I just love it so so much.


10. BINGO!: Oh man. Blast to the past! Look at Kato Rena on the first line not even smiling once! Why yes, I am rather pressed about her, thank you for asking. I love the costumes with the balloon skirts! Oh wait she did smile in the chorus! I’m glad, because I don’t want to hate on a 14 year old girl, especially one who looks like she might be the next center of the group 😮 Ranran is so amazing, why don’t more people see this? Iriyama Anna is great too, why don’t I know more about her? SKE in the car things is huh… weird?


11. Namida Surprise: Unpopular girls version? I’m all over this although I don’t even like this song that much. Yonechan 🙁 lol Happy Birthday to you, this song annoys me so much because I’m bitter and hate birthdays.


12. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara: Everyone’s favorite UG song. I have to admit that it is pretty damn awesome! Akicha used to be so promising and be everywhere and now I only see Sashihara shoved down my throat all the time. Granted, I haven’t really been keeping up with TV shows or LODs since like 6 months ago, but it’s so weird to see her as center here! God this line up is like a reminder of all the failed pushes in AKB D:


13. 10nen Zakura: Unpopular girls version again! I’m loving this! I think it’s cute how they have Sakura shaped pink spotlights hehe. I love this song so much ;A; and I haven’t heard it in so long ;A; Maimai ;A; Mariyannu reminds me a lot of Anna Paquin! It has been bothering me for a while, but now I know who it is. Random, I know.


14. Iiwake Maybe: My favorite single of 2009 ;A; oh man, this song brings back a lot of memories for me, it’s beautiful. Wait Akicha is here? Who is she replacing? What?


15. Ponytail to Shushu: Everyone together! This song is great, but it’s been a bit overperformed at this point in my opinion. The crowd seems to love it though, so who am I to judge? That stage is HUGE. I mean, really, I can’t get over how much running they’ve done, surely if they were singing live they would sound like crap lol


16. Heavy Rotation: ICONIC SONG, best of their discography, legendary etc. They are divided in teams, although I’m not entirely sure all of SKE is on stage (I think it’s just W Matsui with Team A). Yuko is the most amazing idol ever in the history of mankind and I don’t care if you disagree. lol that screencap. I swear every time I tried to catch one of Yuko all I got was one of Acchan, so whatever.


17. Flying Get: I love those golden dresses, even though I hate gold and yellow IRL, they looked so pretty! The fire looks intense! But I don’t want to imagine how hot that stage got 😮 Ahh I like this song, it had some sort of danceable rhythm going on underneath the pop, and it’s very catchy.


18. RIVER: Wth is this? Girls running to line up behind each other, looks like they’re pushing each other? Then they raise their hands and wave while a clock ticks in the background, then they fall down and wut? This is trippy. More fire all over the place! This song is fantastic, 2009 was a great year 🙁 I miss this AKB 🙁 I like their spiffed uniforms! The glittery hoodies are a great choice.

19. Beginner: Another great song haha. Acchan center, as expected. I can’t help but sing along to this song, it’s one of my favorites. No screencap of this one because I was singing along and dancing and forgot to take one. Oops.


20. MC: Still talking about how they are glad to be in Seibu Dome and how they feel thankful and whatever. Meh.


21. Dakishimechaikenai: Ahh, the last undergirls song I can tell apart from the others. I really loved its PV so maybe that’s why it stuck so much with me. I forgot Akarin was in this 😮 Umechan is channeling the Mad Hatter there, but I have no qualms with that hoho.


22. Aisu no Kuchizuke: Ohhhh I love this song! The chorus is so great <3 Poor Yukirin getting shafted :s but at least this isn’t as blasphemous as Selection 6 :s and the song is great, while Sweet & Bitter falls short.


23. MC: Sayaka and Yukirin. They are talking about how their teams are and then call the captains of SKE, NMB and guess what they talk about? Yeah, being nervous and feeling the pressure of performing in the Dome lol. After that all the members come out to perform the next song.


24.  Korekara Wonderland: This song is alright, it’s kind of groovy, but it should be more fast paced for me to really LOVE it. It’s still nice to see it performed by everyone in the huge stage, kind of like a celebration or something. My screencapping skills are awesome.


25. Koko ni Ita Koto: Anata ga Ite Kureta kara is the superior ballad, but I guess this one is ok. Kind of unremarkable and forgettable (like most of its album namesake) but well, it’s expected of them to close the concert with this song and makes sense.

Thoughts: And so ends the first day. It was interesting for me because I had never seen the album songs performed, but I wasn’t happy with the lack of stage songs. The sister groups were amazing and the 2009 singles a great walk down memory lane for me, although they got a bit boring, and I think I’m skipping the second half of the next two days if it’s the same singles over and over again (ofc it will be, I just know it). Overall good, but I wouldn’t buy it again lol


  1. Comment by Tom on April 6, 2012 12:26 am

    Thanks for posting up your impressions of the Seibu Dome concert for Day 1 and 2. Is there any chance you might do a review of the Super Saitama Arena concert whenever the DVD is available?

  2. Comment by Cat on April 9, 2012 2:08 pm

    I’ll try to get around to it, of course! The setlist for that concert was a LOT better than for Seibu Dome, which kind of sucked and that’s hindering me from posting reviews of the other days, since it was basically the same tracks over and over again for 3 days. Boo.

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