It’s Election Time! The Under Girls

Hello! Sorry I haven’t updated daily, but my bf is visiting me so I’ve been a bit busy 😀 But now we’ll take a look at the under girls for this election, who are the girls who barely made it into senbatsu and the second best category overall.

#32. SKE48 Team KII – Ogiso Shiori 9596 votes (new) “It’s the first time I stand on this stage, and I want to really treasure this place you all gave me”


And the first one is Gomatan from KII, which works great for me because I think she’s lovely and a great performer (but very few girls aren’t good performers in SKE anyway). I’m also happy to see KII having a bunch of members who ranked because they are my favorite SKE Team <3 Go girls!

#31. SKE48 Team S – Kizaki Yuria 10554 votes (new) “I’m happy that a lot of SKE members are part of Under Girls!”


Yuria has had quite a rise in the past year, no? If my memory serves me correctly, she was featured in one of the B-sides of Give Me Five (most likely NEW SHIP but I’m too sleepy to check right now). I don’t really think much about her, sure, she’s cute, but she’s not my kind of favorite idol. Regardless, good for her, and I hope she can continue to use her push to become more popular and get closer to her dreams, whatever those are.

#30. SKE48 Team KII – Furukawa Airi 11179 votes (new)“Together with chibi Airin I could rank thanks to your support!”


Airin ;A; she’s another one of my KII favorites, and I’d been honestly bummed because she hadn’t ranked before considering how she’s a front girl in SKE and also how her personality is so fantastic and amusing, and she has a great voice! I’m super happy that this might mean she’s going to get a little more exposure for the casual and AKB fans to notice her great talents and start supporting her more because really, she’s one of a kind, and that’s hard to say in a group like AKB and co.

#29. SKE48 Team S – Suda Akari 11323 votes (+7 positions +5980 votes) “I really love all of your smiles in performances, handshake events, blogs”


Akari is as bright and uber smily as usual, and because I’m a souless bitch devoid of all emotion, I genuinely wonder if her face ever hurts from all that smiling! It’s kind of insane, but also adorable ofc. She broke down in the middle of her speech, I think she was really moved that she could rank for a second time and especially considering how many drops there were this year, rising so many positons and especially more than doubling your votes must be a fantastic sense of accomplishment, so good for her and her fans. She was also a darling smiling and nodding when the other SKE members were giving their speeches. So sweet.

#28. SKE48 Team S – Yagami Kumi 11712 votes (new -ranked in 2010-) “I was told by many fans at handshake events: “This year please stand on stage with a smile on your face” so here I am standing on this stage and smiling, thank you very much!”


These last 2 years or so have been a rollercoaster ride for Kuumin, who started out as the third most popular member in SKE but her momentum was slowed because of a purikura scandal that had the management push her to the back for a while. However, and proving that she can come back from her ashes like a phoenix (har har har) she had a great role in Majisuka Gakuen 2 where she reprised her inept but endearing Dance character and she also won the voice acting auditions and is doing a fantastic job giving life to Sonata, the obnoxious brat of AKB0048. I’m relieved to hear a success story in the 48 groups, even if I don’t care that much for Kumi personally, she’s a great girl and she’s worked hard to earn back her position, so good job!

#27. SKE48 Team S – Oya Masana 12142 votes (+3 positions +5482 votes) “Today is the year when I’ve been able to rank the highest, and it’s also the year when I’ve been able to stand with the biggest number of fans”


Not a surprise at all since Masana has been ranking for like 3 years already IIRC. Good for her or something, but since I’m pretty meh about her in general, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you guys about the strategy SKE48 fans used to make sure so many of their girls got ranked! The thing is that SKE released a summer themed single called “Aishiteraburu” and surprisingly, it didn’t keep the trend but sold less than its predecessor, not by a humongous margin or anything, but big enough to be kind of weird. So what I’ve heard is that SKE fans refrained from buying a lot of copies of Aishiteraburuu in order to buy more ManaGuu CDs and be able to power vote their favorite SKE members! That’s some dedication right there! Pretty impressive!

#26. AKB48 Team B – Masuda Yuka 13166 votes (-6 positions -971 votes) “because last year I was given the fantastic position of 21, I could finally be a senbatsu and a new bright world opened in front of me, and thanks to that I could experience many different things. By being 26 I want to experience new things too and make them wonderful”


Yuka was visibly affected by her drop, and she looked quite sad 🙁 poor girl. I have no idea why she lost so many votes either, considering how it was a relatively good year for her with her significant position in DiVA accounting for a big chunk of her PR. Her speech was very honest and I liked it a lot, but I wish she could rank higher because she is one of the most talented girls in AKB, and I wish people noticed that more about her. Umechan and Sae’s expressions during her speech were so painful.

#25. SKE48 Team KII – Hata Sawako 13920 votes (+8 positions +7803 votes) “That you chose me from so many different girls it’s really something I’m very happy about, thank ou very much”


Aaaaand the SKE domination continues! I’m not particularly fond of Sawako, or at least, I wasn’t because she made me anxious just seeing her so nervous in her MCs and stuff, but I think she’s grown quite a lot and is now much better at delivering her thoughts without sounding or having the preverbal language of someone who is about to have a meltdown. I really like her in AKB0048 although she’s basically playing herself lol and she’s been a fan favorite since forever, so it’s no surprise, really.

#24. SKE48 Team KII – Takayanagi Akane 14111 votes (-1 position +2437 votes) “I came here thinking I would like to be in senbatsu, but that dream didn’t come true”


I really liked Churi’s speech, and her classy behaviour. She looked happy even though I think she must’ve been very frustrated with her ranking, especially because she dropped. On the other hand, she gained a bunch of new votes, which is a good thing, all things considered. Churi’s speech about her dreams, and especially about how her dream of having a new stage for KII had came true after she voiced it on the stage was very cute. I love everything about her, and I hope she can rise by next year, I’m sure the fact that so many new positions opened hurt her because people wanted to vote for their KII oshi instead of powervoting the captain, but I’m still glad she ranks high enough because she’s always a joy to watch.

#23. AKB48 Team 4 – Shimazaki Haruka 14633 votes (new -ranked in 2010-) “Team 4 and Shimazaki Haruka will continue to move forward from now on”


Paruru is such a mystery to me sometimes. She’s cute but has a kind of aloof aura that is a bit hard to figure out. Her speech was very simple and straightforward, but it sounded a bit formulaic, somehow? She’s gotten quite a bit of backlash for her seemingly despondent attitude, but I think that’s just who she is in a way, she’s not a very openly driven girl from what I’ve seen of her. I’ve also read that there are comparisons between her meagre sppech and Minarun’s, but their situations are completely different. Minarun had a scandal and was suspended on top of not even having the “qualitites” needed to be a captain and being appointed that. Obviously she had a significant drop, but I think she was just trying to wrap it up in a humble manner because everyone allowed her to come back. Paruru on the other hand, didn’t even rank last year but got a HUGE push this year that ended up giving her a great position in UG, but she doesn’t seem to care for it much or at least show it anyway.

#22. AKB48 Team A – Kuramochi Asuka 14852 votes (-1 position +2465 votes) “With everyone’s support I want to little by little, step by step, continue in my own way to the top”


Mocchi was also really bad at faking her disappointment, poor girl. When Churi was giving her speech, Yuka and Mocchi by her sides were on the verge of tears, it was really depressing. What I think it’s remarkable about her is her election speech for this year; I won’t lie and say that I watched all of those because lol but you know, I did watch hers and it really stood out to me how she said that fans were constantly asking her if it was better to be in the back of senbatsu or in the front og UG. Now, I’ve heard many fans saying that it’s much better to have visibility in UG, but Asuka’s answer is very telling of how their AKB gig works for them: She said that it was better to be in senbatsu regardless because that way you get to go on TV and promote with the others regardless of your screentime. It was a tough year for her since French Kiss was so inactive and she doesn’t really have much more going on for her. Let’s hope she can make a comeback next year because it makes me sad to see her looking so gloomy.

#21. AKB48 Team A – Sato Amina 17009 votes (-3 positions +435 votes) “I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t cry tonight, but, everyone, listen to me! These aren’t tears of frustration, they are tears of happiness!”


Amina is such a trooper ;A; the fact that the management cut back on the senbatsu was definitely a bit of a slap in the face for both Amina and Sayaka, who are the girls who constantly got voted into senbatsu by the fans even though the management isn’t so fond of them. Amina’s speech was too long and too amazing and articulate to translate it fully and choosing a part of it was tough! I loved when she talked about how she’s aware that AKB has changed and now has a bunch of sister groups and a lot more members than it used to have way back when. Also, her comment about wanting to make a song that, like Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara, surpassed the A-side in AX is pure awesomeness. This girl is fantastic.

#20. AKB48 Team K – Akimoto Sayaka 19121 votes (-3 positions +1967  votes) “This 20th rank I want to accept it humbly and I’ve really felt your love in these past 4 years”


Sayaka out of senbatsu ;_; she is obviously the classiest most amazing person in AKB ever, but the fact that she dropped was also something that I think all of us saw coming. Sayaka never really completely bounced back from her scandal, especially considering that it had a really bad timing, when King Records AKB was pushing her out like crazy because they wanted cutesy pretty idols instead of badass chicks. Sayaka is truly humble and thankful through her whole speech, and the disappointed looks in Umechan and Sae’s faces are pretty heart breaking ;_; I hope UG at least get a great song and make it so that she can be seen in the PV because I have a feeling she might be leaving the group soon and I’d love for her to have a nice send off.

#19. NMB48 Team N – Watanabe Miyuki 19159 votes (new) “I’ll keep working hard so that I can become the best idol of the world!”


SAYAKA WAS SOOOOO CLOSE! Ehem. Well, good for Milky, it’s a great thing to be a favorite of the manager when they are willing to overlook a breach of contract or the rules or whatever because they see enough star power and potential in a girl to take a chance with her. Milky had a great showing, and it has to do with how she’s been bumped back to her spot as NMB frontgirl and was given her own solo song as a B-side. Also, it looks like she’s going to be the center in the new NMB single, which makes me feel kinda bad for Sayanee but oh well.

#18. NMB48 Team N – Yamamoto Sayaka 23020 votes (+10 positions +14323 votes) “I won’t say I’m sorry, I’ll say thank you very much!”


Sayanee reminds me a lot of my best friend because of her honesty. I really adore this quality of her, she’s a very transparent person and I think that makes her one of the greatest captains in the 48 groups. Her speech was equal parts heartbreaking and touching, considering how ambivalent it was she managed to voice her frustration while she remained graceful and thankful through and through. One of the things that stood out the most from her speech was how she said that she felt a lot of pressure to rank in senbatsu because she was in senbatsu for the singles last year with AKB and she felt that she was sorry that she was a nuisance to her seniors but she’ll try really hard to learn from them and become better and better. I think she had one of the biggest increases in votes when compared to last year, and I’m sure she’ll do fantastically this year as well (she was SO close to being UG center too!)

#17. AKB48 Team A – Takajo Aki 23803 votes (-5 positions -7926 votes) “Even if I’m not in senbatsu, the feelings I want to convey to you and my performance won’t change”


Wow. This is one of the most significant drops in the whole election because the she fell from media senbatsu straight to under girls, and lost a lot of votes in the process. To be honest, I didn’t really see it coming, although I wondered if she would still rank high considering how she’s had no chance to showcase her abilities much this year what with French Kiss being almost completely inactive for a large part of this last year. Still, Akicha is a great girl and I hope she really listens to her own speech and takes this as an opportunity to seize further chances and move up again next year.

So there you have them, the under girls! Sorry about the delay, I had a lot of trouble getting free time to write this up, but I hope I can get senbatsu up here too by friday. Thank you!


  1. Comment by Cleber Diniz on June 13, 2012 7:18 pm

    OMG I was waithing for soo long this post!!!
    You are amazing I love wath you say and agree with almost everything!

    ahhh Akicha so sad about her, but she will shine in center of UG!

    sorry for the bad english I’m from Brazil hahah

  2. Comment by Marie on June 14, 2012 10:32 am

    I hoped Sayaka would be the UG center but still she should be somewhere in front when the UG single is out, and Amina as well.

    I’m happy somebody from Team 4 ranked high and that Sayanee rised so much 🙂

    Akicha looked very disappointed throughout her speech and even when she was already sitting in the chair during the senbatsu election I think she was sobbing or crying because her shoulders were shaking. I thought she would rank 16-12 because she had (in my opinion) kind of a stable/steady popularity like Mii-chan and Kitarie. I was surprised that she lost so many votes compared to last year. She’s far from my favourite, but it was sad to see her so heartbroken. Maybe she’ll rise like Ume-chan after being the UG center.

    Looking forward to your post about senbatsu (I’m just a big fan of Tomo~mi and Yui and so happy they both got in senbatsu!♥)

  3. Comment by Tom on June 14, 2012 8:09 pm

    Another great write-up from you 🙂

    It sure seems like a pretty SKE dominated group for UG, but I can’t complain as long as they’re given a good song. I was hoping that Sayaka (Akimoto) would not drop this year, but alas, it has happened and it looks like this could be the end of the road for her…just really sad.

    As for Akicha, I had this feeling that she would drop, but not by that many positions to get put as center for UG. However, I do hope she can rise up and take this opportunity to improve herself just like what happened to Ume-chan this year.

    I definitely look forward to seeing your write-up for the Senbatsu members and the members who didn’t rank this year.

  4. Comment by Cat on June 24, 2012 9:10 am

    @Cleber Diniz: Thanks! 😀 And your english is fine, don’t worry about it 🙂 I love Brazil, lovely country!

    @Marie: Thanks for your comment! I was surprised abut Akicha as well, and kind of heartbroken because she was really affected 🙁 But let’s hope she sees this as a chance and turns it around, you know.

    @Tom: Thanks! I’m writing the senbatsu write up now, I just had a really hectic week so it only had to be now. Also, Sasshi scandal had me distracted.

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