Happy 2010!!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!! I was on vacation so I had to leave for a while, but I wish you all a very happy new year, and I hope that you can keep supporting AKB48 this year as well 😀


Anyhow, the latest news that’s buzzing all over the internet is the new AKB single, entitled “Sakura no Shiori” which means “Bookmark of Cherry Blossoms”. Well, the reason why people are talking about it so much it’s because it’s a bit… unusual for an idol single XD

Here’s a screencap of the first live performance of the song (ofc it wasn’t really sung live at all XD)


Well, don’t be fooled like I was the first time I saw the screencap, it’s not AKB’s cover of Serafuku wo Nugasanaide, it’s Sakura no Shiori which so happens to be a…. choir song!

*big sweatdrop*

And I really do mean a choir song, beautiful harmonies, simplistic background music that gives it a very elegant feel… All of that is there. But the reason why fans in this side of the world are climbing up the walls in despair? They don’t like it because they think that it has no hook, and it’s not idol sounding music at all!

I have to say about that, that AKB is at least very versatile in its catalogue XD And this is another proof of this. I don’t think that people should underestimate Akimoto, he surely knows what he’s doing. I think that his plan is to turn this one into THE graduation song for all of Japan, hence it’s choral nature and the simple choreography. I wouldn’t call it a remake of Sakura no hanabiratachi, this is a completely different song! (although the lyrics of this song, SnH, 10nen Zakura, Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de and Saigo no Seifuku are very very similar)

Sure, it has no instant “hook”, sure, it’s not something you can sing along to in a very easy way XD but I think that it’s a very well crafted song for its purpose. I mean, I can totally see people singing this at their graduation day!

Takahashi Ai must be eating her heart out XD “Oh, crap, how come they are the ones who get a full blown choir number 🙁 :(”

All in all, I’m in love with this song, and I think that it’s very clever to use the big amount of girls in AKB as a choir, but I’ll agree with everyone else who thinks that it’s a kind of risky move for the group.

But don’t forget that the awesome Majisuka Rock n Roll is the coupling track, and also, Team YJ and Team PB’s songs are included, which guarantees a very interesting single, to say the least! If you’re not a fan of choirs, then support your idols singing idoly songs like “Enkyori Poster” which is also included here, or the emo “Choose Me” or the cool “Majisuka Rock n Roll” If Akimoto has a good selling startegy, it’s how he includes so much good original stuff in singles, there’s something for everyone!

Here, while you analyze the situation, have another screencap!


This song is so peaceful… I’ll definitely play it on repeat whenever I’m stressing out! 😀

Maybe… Maybe… A girl idol group can finally beat JE?

AKB48’s latest single “Iiwake Maybe” has earned the No. 1 spot on Oricon on the first day of their release, beating SMAP while at it!!! And for all of you who said that AKB sold big numbers just because of the handshakes, there have been no events held this time, so it’s all “fair game”!!!

Congratulations to our girls, I’m super happy to see them achieve this huge goal. Iiwake Maybe is a good song, albeit a little generic, while the B-side, Tobenai Agehachou is amazing and brings us back to the time when AKB did sultry songs as A-sides. 

Please remember to support the girls and buy the single if you can, it’s really worth it, if only for the HAACHAN IN THE BSIDE OMG!!!!


AKBest 10! Best Team B Songs!

Hi people! Today is Team B’s turn to shine in here XD I chose Team B because they have a small number of songs, but most of them are wonderful! But I’ll try and do all the teams! B3 obviously rules the list, being one of the most amazing stages ever, it was really difficult to leave some of my favorite songs of that stage out in favor of some B4 songs, but admittedly, B4 is pretty solid too, and has some great songs too.

Ok, so let’s get started!

10. B4 – Tengoku Yarou (Urano Kazumi, Nakagawa Haruka, Kohara Haruka, Nakaya Sayaka)


I swear that it has nothing to do with the fact that Nakayan (my second favorite B member) is part of this unit! This song is on crack, absolutely. It’s a song about alcohol! and enjoying your life with it or something XD Still, it’s tons of fun and its catchy melody sticks in my head forever. Also, cosplay! How fun is that???

9. B4 – Idol no Yoake


The title track of the highly anticipated successor stage to B3 blew everyone away in different ways. In a similar fashion to K3’s Tomo yo, this song makes use of real instruments played by the girls, only this time, it doesn’t look like a school rock band, but like a marching band XD The girls look funny as hell with those huge instruments, but it’s super cute to watch them play them and try to dance and sing at the same time, and it’s a really impressive achievement for a group of idols I’d say! Also, Lovetan is the most adorable person ever, and she proves it leading this song and being totally lovable at it.

8. B3 – Wasshoi B!


This is the song that defines Team B in my opinion. It’s super cheerful and energetic, without losing a bit of cuteness. I’ve already ranted about it many many times, but it’s amazing how a silly little song like this can brighten up your mood whenever you need it!


7. B3 – Kagami no Naka no Jeanne da Arc (Urano Kazumi, Sashihara Rino, Yonezawa Rumi, Tanabe Miku, Saotome Miki)


If we’re talking about Team B songs, this one definitely has to be part of the countdown. Regardless of the controversial decision  of adding Sasshi all out of the blue to replace prominent team B member Kikuchi Ayaka as the “B flag bearer” I love this song, I love how powerful it sounds whenever it is sung live! 

6. B3 – Junjou Shugi (Katayama Haruka, Matsuoka Yuki, Nito Moeno)


Junjou Shugi was the song that got me instantly hooked on Team B, and on Haachan, so of course, it just HAD to be here. This super sexy song includes naive lyrics and a sassy choreography, and I love that combination of elements, they make it a very special song.

5. B4 – Itoshiki Natassha (Katayama Haruka, Sashihara Rino, Tanabe Miku)


This one right here might be the best AKB unit this year, the song is amazing on its own, but when sung by these 3 girls, who are some of the best B singers, it’s even greater. Also, the performance is flawless with all the headbanging and all, they really became rockstars for this!

4.  B4 – Kuchiutsushi no Chocolate (Kashiwagi Yuki, Oota Aika, Hirajima Natsumi)


This is probably the naughtiest song in the whole AKB catalogue, which is saying a lot, considering how their songs have a bit of an “edge “to them. But this takes it to the next level, especially because all of this girl are underage. Still, it’s a very good song in its own right, and Yukirin is a great lead, even though this kind of music isn’t what she’s used to do. I was also really glad to see Lovetan doing something out of the “cute” image she’s always given. 

3. B3 – Inochi no Tsukaimichi


It’s hard to defend AKB from haters when they do sing about some nasty stuff sometimes XD This song is about a girl who feels her life is so meaningless that she gets involved with some random old guy just because he’s the only person who is kind to her. Ouch. Still, this kind of depth in an idol song is rarely seen outside of AKb, so I’m glad I’m their fan anyway 😀 Also, this performance is amazing, the girls dance like mannequins or robots and the lighting of the stage is really cool. My performance of choice would be the one on AX 2009, that one was just… WOW!

2. B3 – Temodemo no Namida (Kashiwagi Yuki & Saeki Mika)

 I’ve already raved about this song too soon to do it again right now, so go back to the past AKBest 10 to read my thoughts about it 😀

1. B3 – Shonichi


There’s no denying that Shonichi is the ultimate proof that Team B went from being the “afterthought” team that nobody even wanted to look at to become an amazing group of girls with great songs and stage presence to spare. I’m always touched whenever I watch this performance, it’s always inspiring to see people who have worked so hard to achieve their dreams finally seeing them come true in front of their very own eyes.

And some runner ups:

– Tenshi no Shippo: I still think that out of all the cute units, this one beats them all effortlessly!

– Pajama Drive: Mayuyu being unexpectedly cute is always nice to see!

– Two Years Later: This song is so sassy and cool!

– Yokosuka Curve: I like how retro this sounds!

– Kobushi no Seigi: gang style AKB!!! Very cool!

AKBest 10

Welcome to my new entry series, AKBest 10! Here I’ll rate the top 10 of AKB’s songs, girls or whatever comes to mind. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update regularly this way!


Today we have a very special theme to start it all! I’m going to rate the top 10 best AKB duets!! If you noticed that I left one out that you think should’ve been in the countdown, please feel free to comment and add your suggestion, I love discussing AKB!


Ok, so here we have them, let’s start with number 10

10. K3 – Honehone Waltz (Stage Version) – Oku Manami and Ono Erena


The original Honegumi from AKB48 included Team A members Itano Tomomi and Masuyama Kayano, however, the song was recycled and used as a stage song in K3, in a duet formed by Erepyon and Maachan only. The truth is that this cute song gets old relatively quickly, so it’s no surprise that it ends in the bottom of the ranking… It’s pretty amusing to watch though, but the lack of Kayano’s huge smile and Tomochin’s mischievousness make it feel a bit lacking at times

9. H2 – Tonari no Banana – Ono Erena & Kasai Tomomi


It looks like I have something against cute songs, but I swear I don’t XD Tonari no Banana is a really cute duet between the cutest K girls, Erepyon and Tomomi-chan. Apparently, there’s a hidden meaning to this song’s lyrics, and it’s something naughty, but I’m t thick to fully grasp it 😛 The thing with this song is that despite its cuteness and catchiness it kind of falls behind in comparison to the rest of the songs in the countdown…

8. A1 – Anata to Christmas Eve – Hoshino Michiru & Orii Ayumi


This type of songs are kind of missing in the recent AKB style, the older sisters Chiru and Ayu sang this beautiful ballad, with Michiru on the keyboard, it ended up sounding rather beautiful! However, it’s a really slow ballad, so unless you’re in the mood for it or are a ballad person you could get a bit bored with it. Musically wise, though, it’s very pretty and uses beautiful harmonies, making it special if only just because of that.

7. K5 – Wagamama na Nagareboshi – Ono Erena & Kobayashi Kana


Erepyon really does a lot of duets, she has a ton of stage presence so she can easily manage, Kana, on the other hand, doesn’t do as well herself, but she isn’t bad either! This one’s another cute song, but this time, it’s about a girl who is just wishing on a shooting star, refusing to grow up. I like the lyrics a lot, and the tune is catchy and easy on the ears, but Kana’s voice wavers a bit and even breaks at times which brings it down a notch.

6. A3 – Shinkirou – Nakanishi Rina & Kojima Haruna


In Shinkirou we have a combination of the angelic voice of Rinatin with the nasal tone of Haruna’s, still, it manages to sound really good because of the good use of harmonies, which keeps Haruna in the low range sounding great while Rina takes the higher melody which works best for her voice. This heartbreaking song about a lost love is really good!

5. K4 – Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou – Kasai Tomomi & Ohori Megumi


This song is already a classic, isn’t it? With low key suspicious sultry background music and writhing and moaning all over the place, this is probably the most overtly sexual AKB song ever! It’s all about the theatrical antics of Tomomi and Meetan too, who really spice it up! 

4. A4 – Haru ga Kuru Made – Oshima Mai & Hoshino Michiru


This one right here is my favorite AKB duet, which is why it ranks so high. I stand alone in my love for this song though, because it always ends up in the bottom of the AX rankings, and I’ve never heard anyone else saying that they like it! However, it’s my little secret baby song and I adore every second of it. It’s a nostalgic song about unrequited love, however, it carries some hope in its tune and lyrics that manages to cheer me up all the time! Most people don’t like Mai’s voice because they say it isn’t strong enough, but I think that it works perfectly for lovely songs like this one, especially when combined with Michiru’s which is downright beautiful!

3. H1 – Higurashi no Koi – Takahashi Minami & Masuda Yuka


There’s always going to be a fight between AKB fans. Who is the best singer in AKB? Takahashi or Masuda? Akimoto decided to settle it by giving them this duet which is probably one of the best songs of AKB’s catalogue, vocals wise. In my opinion, Masuda pwns the world with her deep rich voice, but we’re all welcome to have our own opinions! The only truth about this song is that it’s absolutely breathtaking.

2. B3 – Temodemo no Namida – Kashiwagi Yuki & Saeki Mika


B3 really took everyone by storm and proved that Team B could very well stand on its own and kick ass! This beautiful song with electro hints is about a girl who loves someone who doesn’t like her quite as much (why are almost all of this duets so sad anyways?) The funny thing is that despite of the weird astronaut outfits and the lacking choreography, there’s no way that this song won’t grab your attention! I especially like the fact that Mikachii (who has graduated recently 🙁 ) managed to stay at the same level as super talented Kashiwagi Yuki, because Mikachii was a kenkyuusei and stuff, but still, she managed to hold her own and sing beautifully!

1. K2 – Kinjirareta Futari – Oshima Yuko & Kasai Tomomi


If I were to choose a word to describe this song, it would be powerful. It’s a ballad, like most of the songs in this countdown, but this one is different because it tells a story in such a way that you can actually feel what this girls are singing about, and I mean it! I’m sure I’m biased, because Yuko is my favorite member, but nevertheless, it’s undeniable that this song is REALLY important in AKB. Not only because of its controversial subject, but also because of the performance itself, which is a bit more like real acting than most of the idol songs I’ve heard. This song always ranks high in popularity among fans and has intrigued many non fans enough to give the group a chance, so I think that it’s very deserving of the position I’ve given to it here, even if it isn’t even my personal favorite!


Interesting facts I noticed while making this: Ono Erena and Kasai Tomomi are tied for the girl with most duets at 3 songs each

Why does Tomomi-chan always end up the seme in this yuri songs?

Team K has more duet songs on average

Most of this duets are about unrequited love or another form of suffering

Why so sad? Pt. 1

Hi people! Ok, so I want to make a quick update, and it’s somewhat silly, but I’m feeling really down right now, and having a bad time in my personal life, so I thought I’d share the AKB songs I listen to whenever I’m sad. They aren’t GUARANTEED to make you happier, but hell, they sure make me feel a lot better! You know the deal, click on the song’s title to watch a performance of said song.

All lyrics are taken from STUDIO48. Translations/romanizations belong to their rightful authors.

Himawarigumi 1st – Himawari: “Despite things like sadness, loneliness and being depressed , you as your own self, look up to the sky”

This might be the quintessential cheer up song. The music is upbeat and mellow, without being too bland, and the singers are some of the best in the whole AKB, featuring Akimoto Sayaka, Oshima Mai, Noro Kayo and Shinoda Mariko. This gives the song a nice balance, because their powerful vocies (and Mai’s XD) are a good contrast to the music. Still, I adore it, it works just perfectly and manages to put a smile on my face everytime!

B 3 – Wasshoi B!: “With love, respect and bravery, I’m succeeding!”

Wasshoi B! is a slightly different song in a way, because it’s not really about depression and how to overcome it, it’s more of a VERY happy song. Which makes you happy too. Ok, I’m not making a whole lot of sense, but please click on the link, this song is just infectious. And ultra hyper. You’ll be jumping around in no time, and everyone knows that when you’re jumping around, you can’t be sad 😛

A5 – AKB Sanjou!: “Since when did you stop running and went on walking?”

Keeping on with the trend of “Wasshoi B!” AKB Sanjou is the newest theme song of AKB48. But this one does have some lyrics about getting up from your lazy ass and doing whatever it is you want to do, along with the “AKB rocks!” choruses XD This one  is absolutely worth watching for the heavy rock background music and the dance with flashlights. Awesome.

K3 – Hana to Chire!: “Even though this body is ruined, the shape of a heart seems to remain in the ashes”

You didn’t actually expect me to leave my favorite Team out of this one, did you? Truth be told, all of K4 can pump me up and get me ready to fight! Or so to speak… However, most of K4’s songs are very difficult to find on Youtube so I can’t link you to their performances 🙁 Anyhow, Hana to Chire! is an AMAZING song. It’s about dying gloriously, you see, so what can be cooler than that?

K2 – Korogaru Ishi ni Nare: “Move with your own mind. Burn hotly until the fire expires”

My favorite AKB song of them all. This song makes me sing out loud and pump my fists in the air whenever it appears on my playlist. This song is amazing because it’s about being brave and standing up no matter what. And yes, I do take idol music seriously 😛


Ok, that’s all for now, I’ll probably keep this series up until I’ve managed to cheer myself up somehow XD So please send me any suggestions you have. This is only the part 1 of “cheer up” songs, and I promise to feature more pop-py and idol-y tracks next time, so look forward to that!

Bye bye!

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