Election Time! Next Girls!

Ok, so let’s keep going through the ranks of this year’s general elections! This time are the stupidly named New Next Girls (seriously? That’s all you could come up with? wtf)


#48. AKB48 Team A – Katayama Haruka 6602 votes (new -ranked in 2010-) “From now on I’ll work hard to become a charming woman so that more people can come to love me”


My baby! ;_; my heart broke in a million pieces last year when she didn’t rank, it was awful! But she handled it with a lot of grace and class even joking about it when she had to go as a stand in in a performance of EbiKachu in Coming Soon. This year she was given more visibility with the concert that was named after her in Saitama Super Arena, and also because she designed the goodies for the concert and the amazing set list as well. She’s also the leader of the art club in G+ but I admittedly know nothing of that because I don’t care about G+ lol. In any case, I’m glad she managed to rank in Next Girls as opposed to the bottom category, but I hope she can have more than 3 seconds of face time in the PV (Hey, a girl can dream, right?). Congratulations to my lovely Haachan!

#47. HKT48 Team H – Miyawaki Sakura 6635 votes (new) “Being in the theater, handshakes and media appearances with HKT is really fun”


This poor child! She looks 8 and she genuinely looked like she was going to have major meltdown Yokoyama style, but she managed to stutter her way through it anyway. This was really out of left field for me (I don’t follow HKT at all though, so I should just shut up) because Eto Sayaka was the HKT member who appeared in the preliminaries and Yukosu is supposedly the most popular so wtf? Some people said that fans decided against powervoting Eto because she’s just a trainee but no idea really. This one’s a cute kid though, so that’s fine too

#46. NMB48 Team N – Yamada Nana 6683 votes (new) “I wanted to rank over 40, but that goal couldn’t be accomplished. However, seeing many fans giving me their energy during handshakes and their support I’m really really, everyday thankful to everyone”


Queen Nana so low 🙁 This is really depressing for me since she’s my NMB oshi, and she’s super uber amazing. However, the management has been pushing her out of the spotlight more and more every time, first with Jou Eriko tagging along as the number 3 of the NMB hierarchy and now with Fukumoto Aina being placed ahead of her as well in dance formations and stuff. So yeah, basically this frustrates me because they are going to see this as a sign that people want less Nana (or they won’t, but you know, when they don’t want to push a girl and she ranks spectacularly they dismiss it -see Amina- but when they want to shove a girl to the back and she drops ranks they gleefully send her to the last row). D: the horror

#45. AKB48 Team 4 – Tano Yuka 6694 votes (new) “My goal was to be in the 60s but not being called for Future Girls I gave up, being given a rank in the 40s is really great, thank you very much”


I have no idea of who she is, but keep in mind that it’s been over a year since I last watched an AKB LOD. Whatever, homegirl needs to learn how to smile, I understand that it’s overwheleming, but you’ve gotta save face and be polite. So many girls have been fried for their “attitude problems” that it’s best not to let anyone think bad of oneself as much as one possibly can. In my country we have a saying”No dar papaya” which basically translates to just that, don’t give people the chance to catch you off guard.

#44. AKB48 Team A – Nakagawa Haruka 6890 votes (-20 positions -3964 votes) “I have to keep changing so I have something to say to my fans. I’m going to graduate from my nickname Harugon”


Huge drop too 🙁 Harugon was right in her speech though, the girl who I saw coming up on stage and receiving her award thingy isn’t the same girl who did that last year at all. She has really had to grow up kind of forcefully this year after Nacchan’s sudden departure, and she’s taken her role as the leader of Warota very seriously. I loved her as the crazy brat Harugon, but she’s outgrown that character, and she’s right in that way. Coming up with the idea of rebranding yourself in an industry that is only about image is a risky move, but it’s also one that could give her a fresh start, so good for her. Also, how cute were all her interactions with Lovetan? It looks like they’ve gotten a lot closer after they were both transfered to A (Lovetan used to be Mayu’s best friend, but I don’t see them together as much anymore)

#43. NMB48 Team N – Fukumoto Aina 6912 votes (new) “Standing in front of you in this stage in Budoukan is really amazing”


I’m obviously pressed that Nana ranked below her, but Ainyan is a great girl, she seemed to be truly overwhelmed! For any girl being able to go up is a fantastic occurence even if it always happens at the expense of someone else, so kudos to her and her fans. Her Hadohou was a great touch too, she even made Tano Yuka smile! Did you see Queen Nana being a magical and ethereal being exuding class and smiling for Aina? My Queen is fantastic and you will deal.

#42. AKB48 Team A – Maeda Ami 7168 votes (-5 positions +1948 votes) “Without giving up, believing in myself and in all of you is the feeling I had for this year’s elections. I’m glad I believed in all of you”


I don’t know I had a beef with Aamin in the past. I mean, I wasn’t a hater or anything, but I just thought she was so basic! But listening to her speech, and hearing her admitting that she has no special character or anything like that but she’ll try her best made her endearing to me. Not for the first time, but it was a nice feeling you know? She’s a good sport, and she seemed genuinely happy and thankful for being there. Also, very grown up words and if anything, she’s the embodiment of the AKB thing: A normal girl, who doesn’t particularly excel at anything, but tries her best and makes a connection with the fans. She did drop a few ranks, but she won more votes, so it’s all good. Let’s hope she gets more chances to prove herself so she doesn’t lose to the new gen.

#41. AKB48 Team B – Kobayashi Kana 7165 votes (new) “This is the first time in 4 years I’ve been able to stand on this stage, I’ve been very worried. I talked to Akimoto Sayaka-chan and she said “The strength of Kana’s fans isn’t something to laugh about!” and everyone has been supporting me a lot”


When she hugged Sayaka I literally cried. Also when they panned to the joyous smiles of the Ori K members. Kana hasn’t really been one of my favorite idols because she’s kind of inconsistent; she can be an amazing performer in one song and forget to smile or look like she cares completely in the next, however, in spite of this shortcoming (also, she doesn’t seem to have a lot of feeling with foreigners) I admire her honesty and her endurance. When DiVA was announced and everyone in her agency was put in the unit except for her, she wrote one of the most heartfelt and thought provoking blog entries I’ve read as an idol fan. She’s had to struggle a lot, especially because she started as the Team K ace back in 2006 and gradually faded into obscurity subsequently, but she’s never let that get in the way of her dreams, and keeps doing her thing with her own style. Like her or hate her, Kana is a girl who is incredibly loyal to her Ori K friends and very friendly to the other girls. She’s also not a quitter at all, and that’s admirable on its own. Super happy for her!

#40. AKB48 Team K – Fujie Reina 7782 votes (same rank +3084 votes) “I was worried, but everyone’s support encouraged me!”


Reinyan is such a darling ;A; I’m glad she managed to keep her rank in an election where most of the UG ended up dropping a whole lot, also, she earned a huge amount of new votes, and that’s amazing too! I’m sure Uekara Mariko was useful for her in that way, and I’m thrilled that she’s had a great year!

#39. AKB48 Team 4 – Nagao Mariya 7809 votes (new) “From now on, without giving up, believing in myself I want to continue forward towards my dreams, thank you very much!”


This was another incredibly happy turn of events ;A; Mariyagi ranking above other more pushed Team 4 members is really something, especially seeing how she wasn’t included in the ManaGuu senbatsu while a lot of the girls from her generation were, yet she managed to outrank most of them. Also amazing because her part in that godawful BakaLeya drama was taken away from her and given to Mitsumune Kaoru, so this certainly must be reassuring for her, and I’m glad she had this opportunity to stick the middle finger to the management in a way. Fuck you management, Mariyagi is awesome and her fans are right by her side!

#38. AKB48 Team B – Miyazaki Miho 8173 votes (-12 positions -1108 votes) “I fell 12 positions from last year, but people who don’t fall can never go up again so I’ll keep working hard”


Myao’s popularity has been falling more and more ever since she was dropped from senbatsu after PonyShu, so it’s no surprise to see her rank in this position, but it’s a bit sad nonetheless. I liked her speech, and I’ve honestly seen her looking a bit discouraged or like she doesn’t care much sometimes recently isntead of being the spunky sassy girl she used to be once, so here’s hoping she really follows her own advice and puts her whole heart into becoming popular again.

#37. AKB48 Team A – Nakata Chisato 8315 votes (new) “I had never ranked before, but fans told me that they didn’t care if I ranked or not, they’d keep supporting me regardless”


I literally squealed when I heard her name being called, I couldn’t believe it. I love Chiichan, she’s an amazing girl and she works really hard. I remember when she was the most pushed kks back a million years ago, and how I was extremely happy for her after she got promoted to A but she fell into obscurity despite of her talents and her sweet personality. I’m just happy that she made it because that will make people interested in her and hopefully earn her more fans and a new chance!

#36. AKB48 Team A – Nakaya Sayaka 8505 votes (new) “I’ve never ranked before, so when I wasn’t called until this point I thought “Ah, they’re not going to call me” but the fans always kept supporting me”


;A; ajhfaoghozgfuhgsdfhgkjdfhgigoiaheg sorry. I can’t be coherent. My baby Nakayan ;A; I’d never thought I’d see her there ;A; when Chiichan was called she was so excited and happy and then when she was called she couldn’t believe it, and neither could I. I was literally weeping by this point. I’m glad that she wrote her book, I also loved her speech. She’s been through a lot with the earthquake so I was happy she landed one of the main roles in AKB0048 (which btw is totally amazing and you should be watching right now) and look at her now! She’s going to like, actually be in a PV, in the second row instead of in the last row where I have to put the thing in slow mo so I can hit pause at the right moment. So amazing, so exciting. omg.

#35. SKE48 Team KII – Mukaida Manatsu 8552 votes (new) “I’m very happy to be standing here, but I have to move forward, so with a smile I’ll keep doing my best”


Manatsu is cute as a button, but she bores me to death. Whatever. I was sure she had ranked last year? Oh well, in any case, it’s a victory for her because she started as KII’s ace to now be surpassed by a bunch of girls, I heard that after she was taken out of senbatsu she really became very serious about her place in the group and upped her game, so good on her and it’s good that she’s striving to improve more and more every time.

#34. SKE48 Kenkyuusei – Matsumura Kaori 9030 votes (new) “I’ve been a kks for 2 years, but ever since G+ appeared I changed”


I have to be honest, I don’t know much (if anything) about SKE kks, I only know about the demoted girls from KII. According to what I’ve heard, this girl -who is the oldest kks in all the 48 groups- promoted herself from scratch using G+ to get fans attention, and without help from the management at all. It’s really encouraging and touching that stories like hers still happen in the 48 groups, in between all of the agencies calculations and the girls the management chooses almost arbitrarily to give huge pushes, Kaotan proved that hard work and effort go a long way. I also really loved her speech, where she asked people to please pay attention to the SKE kks because there are many amaazing girls there so please give them a chance. Using the elections as a platform for your groupmates is nothing new, as Churi proved last year, but for an unpopular girl coming from one of the most shafted populations in the 48 groups it’s even more powerful that she didn’t go the selfish way but chose to present herself as an embassador of her fellow kks pals. Awesome girl, definitely keeping my eyes on her.

#33, AKB48 Team A – Iwasa Misaki 9297 votes (new) “I was promoting my CD, and I had no confidence, but all of you gave me confidence little by little so that I could stand here as New Girls center”


So proud of Wasamin! Whenever people said negative things about her I had to remind them that she’s very young, and still had a long way to go. I never thought she would be getting a solo debut, and I love enka and knew that she’s really talented, so that made me happy too, and I’m super glad that people are finally starting to notice her and value her talent. She’s going to be a great center!

Overall, a great group of girls, possibly my favorite of this election. Much less depressing than Future Girls and some really amazing stories of comebacks and efforts being rewarded here, totally looking forward to it! I tried to lump UG together, but this is already a novel (again lol) so I’ll do those tomorrow 🙂

So it’s election time again!!!! I’m back!

Hi there everyone! Or more like, is anyone still reading this blog? In case the answer is yes, I love you and thank you for being understanding. I just began my residency this week, so the preparation for that has been pretty stressful and when it wasn’t, well, I was on vacation. Since I’m such a good blogger who wants to stay on tops of things nonetheless, let me say a couple things about the latest AKB releases, single-wise:

1. Watanabe Mayu – Synchro Tokimeki: 5/5 Mayu is a perfect idol in my eyes, her cute squeaky voice and beautiful smile were great and the wind up doll costume she used to promote was also really cool. Fantastic PV, a cute song that manages to include her favorite word “oshiri” and B-sides with that amazing showa flair I love so much.

2. Sashihara Rino – Soredemo Suki da yo: 3/5 I don’t like the title song. Sasshi is a fantastic girl and she’s being pigeonholed so much that it’s truly frustrating for me as a semi-fan. I’m also not a fan of her strained cutesy voice, she does much better in a lower register, like Enjou Rosen. The B-sides were pretty forgettable for me too, so this was overall a very meh release. The PV does get points for being cute, and the 00s idol aesthetic is interesting and well played.

3. Nogizaka46 – Oide Shampoo: 4/5 If I was still in school I would totally get into Nogizaka! They are all so pretty, talented and their retro aesthetic and sound makes my heart melt completely! The title track sounds like something straight out of Onynako’s discography, with a really sweet hook. The cute costumes and stupid choreography is awesome ;A; also, controversy from the prudes lol “a petticoat! How scandalous!” lame. The B-sides are cute enough, if not generic and barely memorable.

4. Not yet – Suika BABY: 5/5 THIS SINGLE IS GODLY. Ahem. Other than the really really stupid idea of releasing it in May 30, only announcing it 3 weeks prior and with just one TV performance (!!!) everything about this single is fantastic. Honestly I was a little let down by Pera Pera Perao because it wasn’t really catchy, although it had a great PV; really sucky B-sides in it too *sigh* but Suika BABY is nothing like that! With a super peppy beat and a catchy guitar riff, this song also gives each girl solo lines, which is something rare in their A-sides, but they sound really good! A fantastic PV, and amazing B-sides round it up, and even more so, Kitarie makes a debut as the lyricist of “Guilty Love” a fantastic song reminisent of dark stage numbers. Aaaaand the cherry on top is Yui’s fantastic solo song, May! My baby was obviously fantastic at it and I was super thrilled because her dream is to be a singer ;A; Anyway, go buy this already, honestly.

5. AKB48 – Manatsu no Sounds Good: 4.5/5 A summer song not about hair ornaments! Yay! It’s a good catchy number, also with a bit of retro sprinkled on it, and very funky. Great B-sides and a very intriguing PV with lots of symbols about the passing of the torch from old to new gen.

6. SKE48 – Aishiteraburu: 4/5 The title song is amazing, and reminds me of one of my all time faves, Banzai Venus. B-sides for all tastes ranging from ballad to 80s sexy music. The PV was a bit lackluster and lazy, but cute and effective nonetheless.

7. NMB48 – Nagiichi: 3.5/5 NMB is pretty hit or miss with me, and while I love the title track, which sounds like a chirpier and faster PonyShu, I don’t really care for the B-sides, which drags down the ranking. Real pretty PV though!

8. Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Shounen wo Uso wo Tsuke!: 5/5 another really great single! One of the cutest PVs in the history of 48 groups, and a super catchy A-side already make it a winner, but the B-sides are pretty goo too! Also, the Lovetan solo is so cute ;A;

Ok, if I forgot something, tell me in the comments 😀 I know you want to know my ~*enlightened opinion*~

So, let’s do this election thing! Unlike last year when I was all RAGE BUTTHURT MADNESS BITTERNESS, this year I was over the moon all day after watching the event! Everything about it was pretty much amazing for me, and I had a great time, so I’m going to try and comment on all the girls here! Since this is already a super long post (what else did you expect from me though lol) I’ll only do Future Girls here, then Next and Under girls and finally a post dedicated only to senbatsu because I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS K?

FUTURE GIRLS (stupid name, I know, I know)

64. AKB48 Team B – Komori Mika 5398 votes (-32 positions -722 votes) “I was worried I didn’t appear in the preliminaries, but the fact that I ranked makes me happy, thank you very much!”


Yikes, that drop is disheartening 🙁 I was also sad that she didn’t make it in the preliminaries, so this was quite a relief. She seemed genuinely relieved to have made it even though she had the last position, but then again, Komorin has never been quite “there” if you know what I mean. I love her anyway, so I’m really glad she managed to at least snatch a spot even though her fall is alarming.

63. SKE48 Team S – Nakanishi Yuka 5592 votes (new) “Standing on this stage really feels like a dream”


Nishishi had never ranked, and as an old member of the group (she was a 5th gen member, if I’m not mistaken, too lazy to look it up lol) and one who really loves everything about SKE and brings something unique and special to the table with her spunky personality, so I was really happy she made it ;A; especially because many staple senbatsu members of SKE didn’t and it’s just so great! Also, Jurina choking up and crying during Nishi’s speech and both of them crying so much was cute beyond words! Also super cute: Kitarie crying tears of happiness for her province buddy! Aww!

62. SKE48 Team KII – Yakata Miki 5606 votes (new) “From today on I want to smile enough to bring smiles to the faces to all of Japan and the world”


MIKITTY!!!! I’m trying my best not to do keyboard smash and a bunch of crying emoticons because MIKITTY RANKED OMG! In case you didn’t know she’s my SKE oshi 😀 Well, I don’t know yet, because I honestly don’t know much about her either, but just look at her! (not in this pic though, this one is extremely unfortunate lol) her smile is like, the most amazing thing ever, and she has the most beautiful sparkly eyes I’ve seen since Yuko’s ;A; I first noticed Mikitty performing in the KII3 shonichi during her unit, Finland Miracle, and I thought “This girl is the prettiest member of any 48 group, and she is SO happy to be there!” so yeah, basically, I really love her to bits. I’m a bit of a MD when it comes to SKE, but after seeing Mikitty she stole my heart <3 I think I’ve found a new oshi, and she’s amazing! Also, how cute was the part where they focused on Sasshi and she was nodding proudly for her fellow Oita ken group mate. Awesomeness.

61. AKB48 Team B – Sato Sumire 5706 votes (-27 positions +268) “The fact that I dropped so many ranks must mean that there are still a lot of bad points about me, so I’m going to work hard and do my best”


Poor Suuchan ;_; I’ve always felt like she was some sort of lost potential in AKB, she’s so charismatic and cute and talented but she never seemed to really catch on in the small pushes the management gave her, and now she’s losng popularity with the advent of the new generation. Still, the fact that the number of votes for her raised, it’s a good thing, I think. Maybe if the categories weren’t expanded so much all the way to 64, people would have mass voteed using strategies, like what HKT fans did, instead of trying their best to make their oshi rank. In any case, her part in AKB0048 and subsequently in NO NAME is a great thing because it will give her more exposure. She took everything like a champ, go Suuchan!

60. NMB48 Team N – Ogasawara Mayu 5919 votes (new) “I am standing with all of you in this stage I had only dreamed of”


Good for Maachun! Her speech was really pretty too, talking about how she’s going to take everyone’s love and everyone and take us all to the world of dreams. Well, it sounded better when she said it lol. I’m happy for her, she’s a great girl 🙂

59. AKB48 Team A – Oya Shizuka 5933 votes (-30 positions -1331 votes) “From now on I want to go on varieties, Thank you very much!”


Holy huge drop batman! I wondered why was she so sad because I swear I forgot she ranked last year OTL well, I hated everything last year so I guess I just repressed it. Her speech was a bit all over the place, so it was hard to pick a part to translate and I just went with the worst one 😀 She was talking about how she had set a goal for herself but that didn’t come true, but she was smiling and laughing all through it and being random I guess so she wouldn’t really break down 🙁 She’s a total pro, because of the way she handled it, but right after she put down the mic you could see how sad she was. Heartbreaking 🙁 Natsumi was beaming in such a cute way in the audience too…

58. AKB48 Team 4 – Ichikawa Miori 5963 votes (-19 positions +1035 votes) “I was worried that you guys hated Fresh Lemon […] even though my rank fell, I will continue with a smile for everyone who has supported me”


lol Miorin. I don’t know how to feel about her, sometimes I feel like her trick is getting old, but sometimes I think the ridiculousness of the trick and the fact that she’s beating on a dead horse are very humorous and she’s a great sport and can take a few jokes like a champ. Very entertaining! Seeing her crying and visibly shaken up was quite weird, but I’m glad she’s kept a positive attitude. She dropped a lot of ranks but she gained a lot of votes, so maybe it evens out? I don’t know math at all, but I suspect that if the regular 40 places had been used this time as well she might have gotten a better position. Who knows though?

57. AKB48 Team 4 – Oba Mina 5969 votes (-22 positions +555 votes) “I’m thankful to be standing on this stage, from now on I’ll walk forward and aim for my dreams”


Just a 3 vote difference between her and Lemon 😮 Minarun dropped a lot too, but honestly, after everything that’s happened to her in this past year it isn’t surprising, and the fact that the fans have given her a second chance is maybe the reason why she was very humble and wrapped up everything quickly.

56. SKE48 Team E – Kimoto Kanon 5982 votes (new) “I’m very thankful to be standing here, but my aspiration was to be in senbatsu so in order to get closer to that goal I’ll work harder”


I was honestly expecting Non to rank higher as the sole Team E representative, but I guess ranking at all when they are such huge underdogs is a big feat. She seemed to be quite frustrated but kept it classy nonetheless. It was cute seeing the other E girls beaming proudly regardless, I guess they thought it would be hard even for their ace to be there so they must’ve been relieved.

55. AKB48 Team K – Nito Moeno 6025 votes (-24 positions -263 votes) “I thought after the preliminary that I wouldn’t rank this year, and just now I realized I’m 55”


Poor Moeno seemed a bit confused, and I totally understand her because I’ve been in situations of great stress and pressure and it makes my head a bit fuzzy too (this is why I’ll never work in ERs or ICUs btw). It’s sad that she dropped so much because I really love her, she’s fantastic but she didn’t get much of any chances to shine this year. The conspiracist in me wants to say that it’s because in the Minarungate there were some blog posts by her (or Mori Anna, I don’t remember) that talked about how a girl named Moeno in AKB had a boyfriend (I might be remembering all of this wrong, so all of you victorian idol fans, take it with a grain of salt the size of Mitsumune Kaoru’s confidence) and maaaaaaaybe the management was silently punishing her by keeping her out of the spotlight. Or maybe the invasion of “fresh idols” (that word is so weird. Makes me think of veggies) completely set her back. In any case, I hope she has a comeback, because her badass yankii character is refreshing in a sea of fake princesses.

54. AKB48 Team 4 – Yamauchi Suzuran 6027 votes (new -previously ranked in 2010-) “I’m really thankful, from now on I’ll try to become a fantastic idol, so please support me”


Only 2 votes separated Ranran from Moeno. Wow. Talk about the poor Nito fans that must be kicking themselves! Poor things. Anyway, yaaaaay Ranran comeback! She’s a great idol and a very flirty and cute young lady so I’m super happy for her. Since I’m a shallow bitch I oshihen’d to Shiorin after she cut her hair, but I still think she’s amazing and I’m really happy for her because last year I raged about her lack of proper ranking. Yup.

53. AKB48 Team K – Matsui Sakiko 6058 votes (-15 positions +1038 votes) “I wasn’t in the preliminaries so I was very worried, but I still really wanted to stand on this stage”


Sakiko got a lot more votes than last year, so I’m happy about that 🙂 I don’t know if I’ve been out of the loop (understatement of the year) but I don’t remember a release date being announced for her piano album? I want it and I need it in my life!

52. AKB48 Team A – Ota Aika 6140 votes (-27 positions -3770 votes) “I feel really sorry for everyone who bought more than the one CD they needed for my sake […] I was given a coupling solo song in Warota’s last single, and it was because of your support”


Lovetan DDDDDDD: I really wasn’t expecting her to drop this much, this is insane and I honestly do not understand it at all. I’d always taken for granted that Lovetan was the most popular Warota member after Mayu and seeing her drop this much is awful! Especially because the difference in votes from last year to now is appalling D: I’ll just lie to myself and think that her fans all ran out to buy the new Warota single because of her solo song and thus skipped the voting for her part 😀 In any case, I’m glad she kept it classy instead of throwing a hissy fit like she did 2 years ago when she was center of UnderGirls, at least she has grown up!

51. AKB48 Team K – Kikuchi Ayaka 6185 votes (new) “I had never ranked in any elections before, I’m very happy. But I will work harder to slowly keep climbing higher and higher, please support me”


Ayarinrinrin! I’m super happy for her! I was really gutted when she didn’t rank last year despite being included in the senbatsu of EbiKachu and being one of the girls who did best at handshake events 🙁 I also really like her determination, even in the face of adversity. That’s what makes her so amazing, she never gives up no matter what and I love her for it.

50. AKB48 Team B – Ishida Haruka 6333 votes (new -ranked in 2010-) “I didn’t rank last year, so I’m very happy to be standing on this stage. I have a lot of memories of Budoukan so next year and the year after that I want to come back here and have a revenge”


Harukyan weirded me out tbh. She was so stone faced during the whole thing! Maybe she was trying really hard to hold back the tears or something, but I thought she would be smilier considering that she didn’t rank last year. In any case, 2011 wasn’t too kind on her what with everyone becoming her anti because of those janken videos and stuff. But this year with her Niconico show and being G+ center she got great opportunities, and I’m glad they worked for her.

51. AKB48 Kenkyuusei – Mutou Tomu 6428 votes (new) “So that this wonderful chance that the fans gave me doesn’t go to waste I’ll work harder and harder from now on”


I know nothing about her other than she’s really really pretty. Maybe one of the most conventionally pretty girls in AKB as of now. Well, I’m happy for her, but I also feel really weirded out because she’s just a kks lol But let’s hope she does well with this job and she can get the spotlight and go places 🙂 Maybe the reason why Harukyan looked so serious is because she was beaten to the center position by a trainee? Who knows. Tomu has a huge responsability in her hands now, and I’m really looking forward to see what she’s capable of.

Alright folks, it’s almost 1 am, so I’m going to wrap this up! See you tomorrow for the Next Girls and Under Girls!

Janken Senbatsu!

Hi everyone! First things first: WordPress is being a bitch to me lol I’m totally computer challenged and it’s asking me to do some really weird stuff that I just can’t get working at all, so I apologize for the blog looking so bad m(u_u)m

Sadly, it’s probably going to look like that for a long time, until I can get my tech savvy cousin to help me figure out how to freaking install the Mysql thing because I’ve tried following every tutorial in google with no luck whatsoever ugh.

The white background and black font was something I wanted to do for a while anyway, especially since the layout had been the same for 3 years now xD I know that this design is very basic, but please bear with me for at least 3 more months. On the other hand, if any of you tech geniuses would like to help me, be sure to email me at garnetjester@gmail.com! I can’t pay you in anything but huge gratitude and idol scans hahaha

Anyway, with all those apologies out of the way (I’m really sad about losing my blog stats too ;_; Thanks for the 150K hits I got while it lasted! You guys rock <3) let’s focus in some real AKB news! I don’t know what happened but my blog came back to the way it looked like before O_O Oh well, maybe in another 3 years I’ll really change the layout :awesome:

The Janken tournament was held today, you know, rock paper scissors tournament to decide who should be senbatsu for the next single, and it was super exciting! So much that I woke up at freaking 5:00 am to catch it live and now I’m really drowsy lol. They also did the playoffs to figure out the rest of the senbatsu order so here they are:

16. Kitahara Rie (Team B)


While my love for Kitarie has gone down a bit in the last few months, I still adore her so I’m very happy about this <3 Especially because she’s so negative, this might really help her self esteem! Also, Not yet represent! HELL YEAH!

15. Yamauchi Suzuran (Team 4)


Yay! Ranran is my favorite Team 4 member, so I’m obviously super excited that she’s their senbatsu quota this time <3 She’s a fantastic performer too, and even though she used to be quite pushed she (and Team 4 in general) still needs every kind of chance she can get, especially now that Minarun is out of the game.

14. Yamaguchi Yuki (NMB Team N)


Huh? I have no idea of who this girl is because I don’t follow NMB xD Congratulations to her anyway (and frankly, if I’m going to have non AKB people in the single, I’d rather they were from NMB, since they are newer and need it more)

13. Kojima Haruna (Team A)


Well, good for her, she gets to keep her record of being the only AKB member who has been in every single senbatsu! Also, I’m sure Yuko will be very happy that she made it <3

12. Kuwabara Mizuki (SKE48 Team S)


The SKE representative in this single is Kuwabara Mizuki, who is a very energetic girl who dances like she’s going to dislocate a joint, no, really. That’s pretty much all I know about her, but I’ve heard that she’s pretty loud and has a very distinctive character so I hope she can show it off.

11. Kasai Tomomi (Team B)


My baby! ;_; Ori K FTW, they are the generation with the most girls in this senbatsu!! Best generation ever or what. The only one of my oshis who made it to senbatsu, and also kept her spot from last year! Wooo! I’m super happy for her, especially with everything she’s been through last year, being completely left behind by scumbag HoriPro and dropping hard in the elections because of it, not to mention the idiotic bunch of assholes at the handshake events ugh. But don’t lose hope baby, and rock this single like you always do <3

10. Umeda Ayaka (Team K)


Yay! More Ori K! In Umechan’s case, it’s just another highlight in a wonderful year: She got chosen to be part of DiVA, was voted center of the Undergirls in the election and now this! Amazing job, and also a great performer who I’m sure will contribute a lot to the single regardless of its style or whatever.

9. Hikawa Ayame (NMB Kenkyuusei)


This girl is really cute! And I’m shallow like that lol. I’d be lying if I said that I know something about her besides the fact that she’s a first generation NMB member who didn’t get picked for Team N, but that already sucks in itself, so I’m glad she can be part of this single, and hopefully prove the management wrong and get picked for Team M.

8. Sato Sumire (Team B)


Our little baby Sumire has certainly come a long way ever since we first saw her in the MM auditions! She looked absolutely adorable in her lolita costume BTW, so watch out for pictures of that. She also won last year, so this year is a repeat! Shining luck for her! I’m really happy she ranked, she’s one of the girls I like the most although she’s a completely different style of idol from what I usually like

7. Maeda Ami (Team A)


I’ll be honest with you guys, I really don’t understand Ami. I have no idea of what type of idol she is because to me she’s just incredibly normal and kinda unimpressive in her lack of quirks or whatever, but I’m kinda glad she ranked because she’s just recently beginning to catch up in popularity with her huge pushing in the past, so hopefully this will mean more good things ahead for her?

6. Oya Shizuka (Team A)


Another good thing in an already good year for Shiichan. She managed to rank in the elections for the first time (after being much hyped about for nothing in the second elections) and now lands a nice first position in senbatsu. Things are finally looking up for the girl who was stuck as a kks for like 4 years or something like that.

5. Akimoto Sayaka (Team K)


Oh Captain! I’m so thrilled to have her here, against all odds! Sayaka is a wonderful person, and she always works very hard, even though she’s the only AKB Team captain who is consistently left out of senbatsu ever since they became popular. She had a really bad 2010 with her scandal and her giving up her captaincy, until she worked really hard to earn it back, in the process getting a debut with DiVA and keeping her 17th position in the senbatsu elections. This is just another highlight, and even though janken is decided by luck, I’m happy for her because she deserves to be where she is, one way or another.

4. Kobayashi Marina (AKB 10th generation KKS)


Good grief, this girl’s ears freak me out. Anyway, I don’t know much about her, I just know she murdered Arashi no Yoru ni wa, so I’m really praying that she gets no solo lines (I don’t think she will though, since she’s not center).

3. Minegishi Minami (Team K)


Yay! The Miichan virus is at full work! I’m really glad she’s getting a break too, she is very interesting to watch and also a great performer <3 And she’s also part of the negative club alongside Kitarie so I’m glad they can cheer up with this.

2. Fujie Reina (Team K)


OMG! I couldn’t believe that a girl in my top 10 made it so far up 😮 I really really wanted her to win though, bummer. I’m still really really happy for her <3 She used to be the most pushed kks and one of the most pushed girls back a million years ago, and I went from really disliking her from all the hype and  poor Honehone waltz performance to absolutely loving her because really, how can you not? She’s incredibly cute and pretty, and then she sings in this sultry low voice… Whoa, she’s just awesome, I tell you! She’s also looked the happiest of her life after she was transferred to K, which makes me happy, because it’s my favorite team <3 Go Reinyan!!!

1. Shinoda Mariko (Team A)


Ok. First of all, what the fuck are you wearing Mariko? Seriously. She’s supposed to be fashionable but that just looks like she grabbed all the leftovers of every AKB school uniform ever and sewed them together in a haphazard way and threw the result on herself without caring much. Second, that perm is hideous. Ok now with that out of the way, congratulations to her for winning. I don’t even know where I stand about this tbh, Shinoda just keeps dropping and dropping in my rankings because I seriously never see her, but I know that she really loves AKB and takes her work very seriously, which is why she always does her best to make room for it even though she’s super busy.

A huge percentage of the AKB foreign fanbase really dislikes her because she seems to work in everything but AKB, but I’m of the opinion that all of her other jobs are important to her and they also make her famous and noticeable and might earn AKB a bunch of fans that way. However, it’s not a personal thing against Mariko, it’s just that I didn’t want a top senbatsu member to win, because honestly, they have it easy being automatically senbatsu every time BUT I do realize that being center is different, and out of all the possible outcomes (Kojima, Minegishi, Kitahara, Kasai) this is the only one that will probably result in a cool or sexy song, which I’m ALL for!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy AKB’s cute stuff, but I much prefer their darker songs that seem to have disappeared in their discography ever since they became popular, hopefully, Mariko’s stylishness and sexyness will bring with them an amazing sexy and stylish song as well.

And people, stop it with the Mariko graduation crap, I’ve been listening to it since 2008 and it’s getting boring (now watch her announce her graduation and making me look like an ass lol)


All in all, I’m super glad about the janken results, Mariko winning means there is a slight possibility of a cool single, which would make it 2 in a year and that’s just more than I could ever ask for ;_; (and yes, Kaze ga Fuiteiru is a cool song and I love it to death already). To be honest, all I really wanted was that Matsui Jurina and Maeda Atsuko didn’t win. Now before you flame me (which is inevitable lol) I like both of them, I think they are great idols, but for crying out loud, they are center in every single EVERY ONE OF THEM (in AKB and SKE respectively obviously) so please, let us just have a different center for once in the year.

Here’s the breakdown of the results by team:

Team A: 4

Team K: 4

Team B: 3

Team 4: 1

Team KKs: 1

SKE48: 1

NMB48: 2

Pretty even, I’d say! Luck is always a great thing! I’m personally really looking forward to this (if it’s a cutesy generic song like CnJ I will rage though. Be prepared.). And the single will be released on December 7, in 5 versions (lololol) Team A version, Team K version, Team B version, Team 4 version and Theater version. Totally looking forward to the Team themed B-sides, which were definitely the highlight of last year for me (ALIVE is still totally my jam).

And for those of you who are still mad, don’t worry, luck comes and goes around, maybe next time your oshi will rank!

I leave you with a priceless Yuko face before I sign off. Because you know, there’s never too much Yuko! My poor baby is really unlucky (as is Yui ;_;) but I’m still proud of her for taking it like a champ haha.


Happy Cake Day IW!!!

Happy 3rd Cake day to Intl Wota!!! Thanks for the years of bringing the J Pop blogging community together! 😀

Now, as a celebration, let’s all have YUMMY CAKE!


Of course, there’s never a party unless the 2 top frontgirls of the 48 family show up ready to sing!


And for all of the fans of Watarirouka Hashiritai (I’m a fan :D) here’s a little preview of their swimsuit photobook. I think Kikuchi Ayaka isn’t inluded in most of the shots though, but still, GO BUY IT NOW!!! 😀 Cuteness overload!


No party should even happen without the participation of the hottest AKB member ever! And if anyone dares to comment saying “She’s not in AKB anymore, dumbass” I’ll go berserk. Maimai how I love thee <3



For people not too fond of curves, Shinoda Mariko is the slender beautiful girl you’re looking for 😀


But then again, if you prefer Moe, there’s Tomochin! 😀


And I’ll make use of this post to do the news updates I’ve been neglecting so much because I’m busy as hell 😀 This is Queen & Elizabeth people, they’re releasing a single with one of those guys in thighs. They’re awesome and hot and amazing, so go buy it and ignore the guy in thighs XD


And of course, everyone’s favorite H!P reject is here XD It’s Team B captain herself! The lovely reaction queen Kashiwagi Yuki!!! (and her boobs XD)


And to round it up, a picture of my favorite girl in the world, cosplaying as Avril Lavigne… except, looking 48976 times fiercer than Avril could ever dream of 😀

So yeah, HAPPY CAKE DAY! Hopefully many more years of wotaness are still to come 😀 Oh, and I was actually thinking of posting tons of Namida Surprise screencaps for the occasion, but I really hate that song so I decided against it XD 

The picspam to rule all picspams XD

“The summer when I was with you seems like it’s part of a distant dream…”

Ah! How poetic! Also, extra brownie points for those who know which famous Jpop song those lyrics come from 😀

See, I’m bored and sad and the weather isn’t helping AT ALL. This gray city looks even grayer nowadays, and it rains and rains and rains… It’s very depressing! I’m freezing cold, and I have a ton of homework and stuff. BOTTOMLINE! I want summer.

Sure, you might say “Well, shut up! There aren’t seasons in your country anyway!” And you would be right, but there are some tropical places where there’s sun and beaches and fun… And I’m really craving those! Especially because I have no more vacation in my entire life! D:

So, in order to make my cold gray life a little bit more colorful and fun, I’ll be posting the greatest AKB summer pics I found! And then I’ll pretend that my life is all fun and games like that XD

Disclaimer: I didn’t scan any of these pictures, I just found them in the public gallery of S48 forum. So if you scanned any of these and want me to take it down please let me know 😀





I love the striped bikini! It’s very playful and fun 😀


Whaaaa! I want that bikini! She’s pale  so she looks kind of washed out XD But it’s still so cute!


Hiipink is back in pink! She looks adorable <3


Nagekiss de Uchiotose! XD



Fave picture of Acchan. She looks stunning


Mr Elephant! Her Phuket PB was kind of weird, wasn’t it?


Yummy coconut… I want some D:


A refreshing shower in the sun! How nice!


I like how sunny this pic looks…


In my country, we call these flowers “Veraneras” which roughly means “Summer flowers” How appropriate!


Loving her star necklace! I like her when she smiles simply like this. It’s when she looks the prettiest IMO


I want a spa to relax in! Hmm… I don’t need summer for that do I? I’ll go next week and Relax!


I hate pools, but.. right now… I wish I could jump into one :


The watermelon looks so tasty!



Playing games in the beach! So much fun!


What a cute summer dress!




That smile!!! Cyuuuute!





Pasta isn’t exactly a very summery food XD But whatever…



That’s such a cute dress! The lively color is very summery too!


Granny panties FTW XD


I don’t really know why, but I love her smile in this pic


I don’t really enjoy how pale poor Erepyon looks in this shot XD

And that’s all for today! Ahh… I can feel the warmth of the sun already! Wait for the next post everyone!

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