Should I be all apologies?

Hi people! Sorry for not updating in such a long time, but I’m currently going through hell in uni, and also, my main PC, where I store all of my pics and songs and videos and screencaps, and well, everything, crashed and I haven’t been able to fix it yet (I sure hope that there’s a way to solve it though…) so I haven’t really had any media available to put here.

I can’t promise that updates will be more regular, for now, because I really don’t know when I’ll be able to fix my PC. And I’m also starting shifts at the pediatric ER next week, so…

But that’s not what you all come for, right? I promise I’ll do my best to update, but the profiles have to be put on hold again, at least until I can take the screencaps from the other PC.

So I was thinking of doing this for a while now, and today seemed like the perfect chance! I’ll do a mini update in the profiles I’ve already done, because my opinion of some of this girls has changed a lot, and so have their pictures lol

Maeda Atsuko “Acchan” aka The Perfect Idol


  1. This girl REALLY is a perfect idol. I mean, she’s absolutely adorable, beautiful, ladylike, her singing voice isn’t amazing but she works with it and makes it sound good enough. 
  2. When Acchan enters full power mode, she’s impossible not to look at. I think it’s a case similar to that of BK’s Risako. She can half ass a performance, but when she wants to dazzle, she totally does.
  3. She’s a really good actress, and doesn’t get enough credit for that
  4. I’m not fan, but come on! You can’t possibly hate the face of AKB48



Narita Risa “Babyface” aka The fallen from grace


  1. I’m sorry fro being so repetitive, but I love how sassy and bitchy she can get
  2. She’s not that much of a dancer… really…
  3. I LOVE her mannerisms. I’ve heard people claim that they think it’s annoying, but I feel like it really works for Risa, she appears with this huge smile and does the little head bobs and head tilts and I just feel like that’s totally her thing!
  4. I hope that in the new A5 she gets to be in a really cool unit… (A5 starts in October 19, BTW)
Kojima Haruna “Kojiharu” aka The airheaded bombshell
  1. Haruna is one of the most beautiful japanese girls I’ve ever seen.
  2. I’ve really started to think that her dumbo ears are cute
  3. She’s an excellent performer, and I feel like she doesn’t get enough credit for that. Her nasal voice isn’t all that great but she’s a charmer
  4. I’ve just really fallen for this girl lately, ever since I saw her perform “Bye Bye Bye” in Shibuya AX
Itano Tomomi “Tomochin” aka It’s all so easy for her
  1. I love how her voice is different from all the others
  2. She’s kind of wearing too much make up lately, she looks way older than she is, and very sexy
  3. I’m always amused by the fact that all seems to just flow for her, you know. She’s the only one who likes math out of Team A (and probably the whole AKB), seems like a really smart kid, excells at futsal, seems to be always quite bubbly and whenever you see her performing, it’s like she is really just enjoying herself, like its an effortless job for her (I don’t mean that she doesn’t put her best effort into it, but that it’s simply natural to her)
  4. She really reminds me of SweetS Haruna in this performing style of hers and pure starpower
Komatani Hitomi “Hiichan” aka The Doll
  1. She doesn’t look human, she’s like… too perfect
  2. I don’t really notice her at all! I don’t really know why, I’ve tried to understand her, and other than her beautiful appearance I don’t really know anything else…
  3. She reminds me of the quiet mysterious anime characters lol
  4. She recently got signed with an agency, I totally didn’t see that coming
Oshima Mai “Maimai” aka Hot Tamale
  1. She’s too hot for words
  2. She’s one of the best singers of Team A
  3. She hasn’t attended like 70% of the Team A 4th stage revival shows 🙁
  4. Apparently shows up on TV everyday
  5. I love how her new cachphrase is “Don’t mess with me just because I’m stupid” I shouldn’t, but I find that so… original somehow lol
  6. I really don’t want her to graduate, I’ve tried to detach myself from her, but really, it’s quite impossible. She’s too important for me 🙁 And AKB48 won’t be the same for me if she really leaves (which would be in less than a month considering how A5 is starting pretty soon) I only realized this when I watched the AX concert, and she was absent for the first half and I just… didn’t feel like Team A was the same 
Minegishi Minami “Miichan” aka LOLita
  1. She’s a ball of energy! Her performances are always amazing, she gives 150% percent
  2. She’s so funny! I love that, it’s just adorable
  3. I really like her little sweet voice, she needs more lines!
  4. She’s like 49% of the reason why I’m really expecting the “No Sleeves” unit!!!
  5. Her PB was amazing, she’s very beautiful in an unusual way
  6. She’s a really devious little girl! I love that side of her, and how it wasn’t really shown until now
Takahashi Minami “Takamina” aka The Legend
  1. Idols like her nly appear every 50 years or something… Wow
  2. I respect her the most out of all the AKB members
  3. She’s a dork, and always having fun, makinf funny faces and still, she takes her job really seriously! It was a real eye opener for me when she cried in Nemousu TV because of that prank, and how she was really crushed that she had failed to do her job the right way
  4. Her voice and moves just get better and better
  5. This girl IS AKB48
  6. The other 51% of expectance for No Sleeves 😀
Nakanishi Rina “Rinatin” aka The Angel
  1. Rina needs MOAR. That’s all. She’s become a bit of an underdog, and there’s no reason why she should be treated like that! 
  2. She always puts so much effort into everything she does, it’s really cute
  3. Her voice is just wow… another level of awesome
  4. She deserves the best unit for A5!!! I want something fierce, because I only recently discovered that she can totally pwn in that style of songs
Shinoda Mariko “Mariko-sama” aka The Attitude
  1. That’s one lovely pic, isn’t it? Anyway, I don’t know how she accomplishes that, but she gets even prettier every day
  2. The oldest member of Team A also seems like the one who has grown up the most… She’s still silly and fun, but she’s a woman now… There’s just this feeling to her
  3. Which makes me feel like she doesn’t fit in as well in the idol life as she used to 🙁
  4. Another big candidate for graduation, has missed around 60- 50% of Team A 4th stage revival performances (but at least didn’t miss her birthday, like Maimai did… *sigh*)
Kawasaki Nozomi “Nozofisu” aka The Prettiest girl
  1. Why did she look so… different when she first joined? Dofinitely most improved mention, now she’s the prettiest girl in Team A
  2. She’s so sexy in all her photoshoots, but her attitude is really “girl next door” I really like that, she feels like an ordinary girl.
  3. A great singer, but really not so much of a dancer…. I hadn’t really noticed before, but she’s pretty stiff sometimes. She does wonders whenever it’s her turn in the limelight though, like in Faint
  4. I love how her friendship with Yukarin just gets more and more prominent
  5. She’s front girl material, and I’m glad that she’s finally given the chance to show all that she’s got
Sato Yukari “Yukarin” aka I don’t know… I just freaking love her
  1. I don’t know when exactly this happened, but I adore this girl with a passion! She’s so funny, and random, just my kind of idol
  2. I love how she totally came out of her shell. She used to look very uptight when performing, and now she’s so smug! It’s pretty nice to see that, at least for me
  3. I love how much control of her average voice she has, that’s really something
  4. Not much of a dancer, either, but in her head she thinks she’s like J-Lo or something, I mean THAT’S self confidence!!
  5. I admire how incredibly sexy she can look and be even though she has no boobies or booty XD Gives me hope…
  6. I’ll quote another Yukarin fan, because I love what he said  “She makes being in the back look good”
I believe I haven’t forgotten anyone… :O I sure hope I haven’t LOL. No Hana, Ohe, Myao, Reinyan, Amina yet, because I haven’t made a main profile for them either!
Ok, that’s all for now! Do comment if you notice I left someone out please!

Komatani Hitomi aka. Hii-chan, Hii-pinku

Hello! This semester will be hell, so that could mean that I will either try to escape from my crappy reality by updating like crazy or get depressed and not do anything at all XD Let’s hoep that it’s the former one, this blog has been seriously therapeutic for me ever since I started, so I don’t expect to abandon it any time soon! However, you’ll have to bear with me, and my erratic update schedule, since uni/hospital sucks all my free time…

Anyhow, this isn’t what you all came for, right? Here’s the profile you’ve all been waiting for since so long ago! (really?) The lovely and slightly airheaded Hii-pinku finally gets her special spotlight time here in Aitakatta! *pachipachipachi* But first, I’ll tell you about the things and projects I have for the blog, seeing how I haven’t updated in ages and I lost track for a bit 😛

1. Finish the A4 track by track review: This might be a tough one, seeing how everything just piled up on me… But I really want to do this review, because A4 is one of my favorite stages (only centimeters below K3) and I really feel like reviewing it… we’ll see how this goes.

2. Himawarigumi 1 review: This one is even more long term. I’ve been thinking if I should just do a random performance review each week? That would be fun, and also, it would force me to update weekly, so I’m really looking into that option.

3. Finish the remaining Team A profiles: Tojima Hana and Ohe Tomomi (aka Ohtoji) are among my top favorite members ever, so I plan on doing epic profiles of each, which is why it’s taking me so long >_< On the other hand, the Kenkyuusei members that became Team A members this year… I don’t think I’ll be profiling them anytime soon, I’d need to see more footage of them in order to figure out what they can really do. I could venture into doing a mini profile of Amina, since she was in H1, and I already have a strong impression of her, but Reina… well, I honestly have never seen her perform, and that is a must for me, so I’ll wait until H2 gets released for that one, and the newest addition to Team A, Miyazaki Miho aka Myao is terribly cute and adorable and whatnot, but I have no idea about her either, so I’ll have to wait even longer in order to make that profile. But I promise you that they’ll be done ASAP, maybe after I finish Team K?

Ok, so there are my plans! Comments and/or suggestions are as welcome as always 😀

Oh, and before I forget! Team A has a new member! Yay! Miyazaki Miho aka Myao was added last sunday! She’s so cute! I hope that she does really well, but I’m sure she will! On the other hand, this news makes me wonder if they have a graduation in mind soon, considering how Team A has 17 members now… Or maybe one of the girls is getting really moved to SKE48? We’ll have to wait and see! In the mean time, please adore Myao just as much as any other Team A member, k? Because I really like her!


Ok, so that’s enough about news and the such, let’s talk about what we’re here for Komatani Hitomi!


  • Name: Komatani Hitomi (駒谷仁美)
  • Nickname: Hiichan (ひぃちゃん)
  • Birthdate: December 16th, 1988
  • Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
  • Hobbies: Shopping
  • Audition song: Otsuka Ai – Planetarium
  • Height: 156cm
  • Bust: 75cm
  • Waist: 56cm
  • Hips: 82cm
  • Lovely Hiichan, aka Hiipinku, Pinku or anything related to that color. Funny thing is, you might have something in common with Hiichan, (yes, I know that you’re nowhere near to becoming Kojiharu’s best friend, you’re probably not a hot japanese girl and your coworkers are probably far from being a bunch of cuties but still…) and that is the fact that Hiichan happens to be a huge Momusu fan, and a HUGE Sayu fan (yay! Go Sayu!). Hiichan has a passion for pink (in case her nickname didn’t give that away…) is probably as airheaded as lovely Haruna or more, and has THE most nasal talking voice I have heard in my entire life. I’ve heard people hate on her because of her voice, but that just seems absurd to me, because it sets her apart from the other members and also, her singing voice is simply divine! Nowhere near nasal or anything like that, she’s a fantastic singer. The thing with Hiichan is that she’s not much of a cam-whore, so you probably won’t spot her very easily.

    Her dancing is okay, nothing amazing, really, but when you sing and look like that, you don’t really need to be the best dancer ever, I mean, that just wouldn’t be fair! I actually don’t think that Hii is a bad dancer, but I feel like she has a very particular style of performing and she does everything within that range, if you understand what I mean… she’s not very over the top or anything, and she’s actually on the mellow side, but she delivers perfectly in that particular way of hers. It’s kind of hard to explain, so you’ll have to see her performing in order to understand what I mean…

    Anyway, let’s start going over Hiichan’s PV time (which has been really limited, sadly…)

    1. Sakura no Hanabiratachi: You know, it’s always shocking to me how Hiichan gets systematically shafted in every single PV under the sun… She’s not even getting a PB yet, and God knows she deserves one like! Anyhow, everyone (but Risa and Mai) was pretty raw back in the day this was released, so we see a baby faced Hiichan that now looks a lot older (and prettier) Still, I want to pinch her cheeks! She’s adorable here!


    Well, this is actually a screenshot of Takamina, but in the background we can see Hiichan’s crying face… Anyway, I decided to put this one up because is one of the shots of her where she looks more… human XD I mean that ina good way though, her complexion and her facial features are absolutely flawless and perfect, so she looks like a doll sometimes, yes, she’s THAT gorgeus!

    Hii says Hi!! See what I mean about her looking like a doll? No? Well, I’ll show you more pics later on, then. I don’t really like her long straight hair, she doesn’t stand out much with that hairstyle. Thankfully, she has changed it quite a bit ever since…

    The girls that can be clearly seen in this screencap are from (your) left to right Yukarin, Nacchan and Hiichan is the one in the right. She cut her hair, which was a great move for her as it made her beautiful features stand out more!. I love her little pout, and notice how it’s more subtle than what Yukarin and Nacchan are doing, that’s Hiichan for you… Still works wonders, though, as we’ll see later on.

    Ok, I keep on yapping and yapping about the same thing, but anyway, she looks like a CG, right? Alright, I’ll stop now, I swear

    3. BINGO! She wasn’t officially a part of this PV, but all of the AKB girls were featured anyway, so still, I’m sure she’ll be in at least one frame…

    The infamous mugshot! It’s pretty small and crappy, but I love how she’s the only one who looks like “I’m so sorry, I will never do it again” Ahh, Hiichan, everyone loves a good girl!

    Yay for recycled screencaps! This is one of my favorite BINGO! PV moments, so I’ll post it as many times as I can. Anyway, here we see a bunch of girls smiling at the camera and waving. So we see Yukarin first, with her big smile and a cute wave, then there’s Shiho, who is really happy smiling her heart out, and then we have Hiichan, smiling sweetly as she clings to Risa’s arm. And then of course, there’s Risa (who has now the biggest boobs in AKB48 officially, 91cms, which beats Noro Kayo by one cm. Sorry Nontii! Ok, back to Hiichan) So we can really see the contrast between their personalities, and I’d say that the girl with the most similar personality to Hiichan (other than super cute airhead Kojiharu) is probably Nozofisu, who is also on the gentle, quiet side.

    Well… that’s all, sadly, so let’s take a look at her performances!

    A1 – Party ga Hajimaru yo: All of Team A seemed to be so excited at this point, and Hiichan is no exception, of course…

    Graduated member Orii Ayumi sings with Hiichan, who looks pretty plain with that particular hairstyle…

    A1 – Dear my Teacher: The first time I watched this performance, what stood out to me the most (other than Maimai’s awesomeness of course)was Hiichan’s voice. She has a few solo lines in this song, and she sounds great in them!

    As everyone else in A1, Hiichan is trying too hard at times, but DMT is not one of those times XD She totally owns every line, and seems to enjoy the performance from beginning to end!

    A1 – Classmate: I love this classic sounding song! It’s very pretty, and when you watch it performed you get this fuzzy feeling inside… Cyute!

    No solo lines for Hiichan, however, she makes Yukarin’s kind of inexperienced voice sound smoother and also her voice is amazing to hear at anytime either way. I read once that Hiichan had been in another idol group before joining AKB48, I don’t know if this is true or not, but it could be a possibility considering how ahead of most of her teammates she is when it comes to vocal ability.

    I said I’d shut up about this, but I can’t. Hiichan scares me in this screenshot. It’s because of the lighting, which leaves her eyes looking completely black, and that along with her doll-like face scares me to death…

    Vacuum eyed Hiichan again… scary… She looks like a Noh theater mask

    Thankfully, when she snaps out of it, she’s really adorable and sweet as always!

    A2 – Koi no Plan: One of my all time AKB48 favorites, this song is pure Team A. Totally girly and bubbly!

    Chiru + best friends Kojoharu and Hiichan! I love Hiichan’s hat, somehow I feel like it goes really well with her dress 🙂

    Hiichan starts to show her real “personality” in A2. She’s more laid back and comfortable being herself. Like I said before, she’s not a show off, but whenever the camera is on her, she knows what to do to stay in the limelight!

    I love this girl’s smile. She fixed her teeth too, like many other fellow AKB’ers. She looks even more perfect now. Life is unfair like that…

    A2 – JESUS: I insist, this song is really something else… I love it though, it’s packed with lots of energy and I like the 80’s sound of it. Hiichan… well, she doesn’t appear all that much in it, but still…

    Sexy mysterious looking Hiichan! She still has some baby fat in her face, and yet looks beautiful here.

    A2 – Dakedo…: I’m running out of things to say about this song, because it isn’t really my cup of tea. Pretty ballad, though. I like the lyrics, although they are a bit emo…

    Melancholic looking Hiichan. See, her range of expressions isn’t particularly huge, nor is she totally over the top at trying to convey a particular feeling, but she accomplishes it perfectly in her own style nonetheless, that’s what I like about her.

    A2 – Dear my Teacher: This has always been Hiichan’s song. She nails it perfectly and effortlessly here, and it makes me think once again that it’s a shame how she almost never gets lines and stuff like that, she’s a great performer!

    Flirty Hiichan! How cute is this, seriously?

    A2 – AKB48: I effing love this song. Seriously. With a passion. Hiichan was really cute during this performance, channeling her idol’s spirit, that is to say, Sayu’s.

    Half Usachan Peace!!!! This is… too… adorable… must… love… Hiichan… XD

    A3 – Tsukimisou: I find it funny how this is one of my favorite AKB48 songs, yet there are few screencaps of this performance in my profiles… That’s gotta change! Hiichan was unfortunately sort of neglected here, but we still get a few shots of her!

    This is a song about how girls are like an evening primrose, which is a flower that blooms during the night then wilters the next day. It’s a very interesting analogy, but I’ll leave that for another discussion. The thing is that this is a very strong yet “womanly” song, which is why I like Hiichan’s apparently defenseless pose. It’s a sharp contrast from what the other girls are doing, and it fits her “Damsel in distress” idol persona very well.

    This looks like a scene from a musical, no? All the girls surround her and she looks like she’s the center of the dance. Very cool looking, but sadly far from what really happens to poor Hii in most songs… I like how she looks like she’s pointing at Miichan, like “Oh, I didn’t do it, it was her!” Hiichan is THE good girl, and she will do anything (or blame anyone) in order to keep her position XD

    A3 – Rider: I know I keep repeating myself in every post about this song, but that’s only because I think it’s a very important song in AKB history, and it makes me very happy to see that this song was given to members with great voices, all perfect for it, especially because Hiichan is the lead of this unit! Yay!

    Stunning Hiichan was the lead for this song along with Watanabe Shiho. She looked beautiful in that white suit, and notice how she looks older now, and of course, prettier.

    I love how commited to singing this song Hiichan was! I think that it was very important that whoever got to lead this unit would really be able to sing it with the same amount of sadness and hope that it has. I’m glad that Hii was so good at it, she really made this one a memorable performance.

    Yes, Hana is the reason why I’m posting this screencap. Got a problem with that? Then go away, because I ADORE Hana! And you will be seeing a lot of her in this blog anyway 😛

    Sad looking Hiichan… She’s lovely <3

    A4 – Only Today: I have just realized that 80% of my A4 screencaps SUCK. So I have to redo those before I do Hana and Ohyay or I won’t forgive myself for that! Hiichan looked absolutely beautiful in A4, with her cute pigtails and all…

    Ugh… what a sucky screencap… Anyway, look at the pigtails! How lovely! (And notice blurry Hana next to Hii Blurry Hana > your face)

    A4 – 7ji 12fun no hatsukoi: Well, this was Hii’s unit in A4, and she didn’t get a big part in it, sadly. Still, she’s the one who looks the best in that tight fluffy outfit, so go Pinku!

    Another recycled screencap FTW! Anyhow, that step of Hiichan’s looks oddly familiar… It resembles the start of a certain song that sold millions of copies and all of us have heard more times than we could bear and now inflicts brain damage to everyone who listens to it… I wonder if Natsu-sensei is becoming a bit old and recycling dance steps? (Or maybe she’s lazy and that’s why she recycles, like I do with my screencaps XD) or perhaps Hiichan decided on her own that she would do that step, you know, she’s a pretty big fan of *that* idol group…

    How serious… Is she identified with the song? Does she have a secret unrequited love? You know what’s funny… there are like 4 different screencaps of this performance where she looks exactly like this. Focused much?

    Heart-shaped earrings! Hiichan is a fashionista! She’s always referring to herself as “beautiful” and “gorgeus” which cracks me up! She really is following the footsteps of Sayu-sensei!

    Now, girls, please take a look at Hiichan’s impossibly slim waist and weep…

    A4 – DARUIKANJI: My most listened to song in iTunes. What an emo, right? Anyway, I like how aggressive this song is, and how Hiichan manages to portray that (to a certain extent, because she doesn’t really have a lot of lines or anything)

    Hana and Hii really got paired a lot in A4! Anyway, here they are, and this dark and dull shot is perfect for this song, it sort of reminds me of a dark alley or something along those lines…

    Work it girl! I love her hair color, BTW, it fits her perfectly, she looks so much better now than she did back in the day, and she was beautiful then, so go figure…

    A4 – Mr. Kissman: Even more Hana-Hii goodness! This is probably one of my favorite songs about S-E-X, it’s just so… silly and sassy at the same time!

    This is just… too hot for words… So I won’t type anything else…

    w00t! Hiichan has made it to one of the most important positions in AKB48 here, next to Acchan! Go girl!!!!

    A4 – Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta: I like the filler songs of AKB48. They are so easy to listen too, but they are pretty catchy nonetheless!


    The two “ladylike” characters of Team A, the good girl and the gravure model if you will XD

    A4 – BINGO! You all know about BINGO! by now, I hope… Still, some pretty nice moments in here, this song hasn’t been killed for me yet (Ok, I lie, I always skip it in H1) so I enjoy it quite a bit 🙂 /this part is true though)

    Mwahahaha! I knew she had to have some flaw… That arm looks kind of crooked, doesn’t it? Not like it matters to me, because mine looks like that…

    Hiichan: “Oh look Acchan, I’m next to you again! I’m rising to stardom!” Acchan: “You wish, I’m like WAAAAAY above anyone else in this group so back off!” Ok, all kidding aside, the fact that she gets lines with Acchan actually surprised me a bit, but of course, her beautiful voice at least get used, which is good, I guess… I mean, it could be worst, if she were in Hello!”you-can’t-sing-unless-you’re-Risako”Project

    Classic Hiichan look. Gawd, I’m running out of things to write yet there are so many great screencaps of this girl!!!

    A4 – Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou: I couldn’t resist it. She looks too pretty here…

    Her eyes look like they can pierce thorugh you, right? Damn this girl, she looks good in every freaking frame! Thankfully she was blurry in the rest, this is already like the longest entry ever and it isn’t even done yet!

    A4 – Nante Suteki na Sekai ni Umareta no Darou: Pajama Hiichan! That’s all I can say, because my brain has gone numb! This profile took me two days to write! I need to rest…

    Cute and whatnot… I’m braindead…

    So anyway, I hope you liked this HUUUUUUGE post. I have to say in my favor that it’s full of pretty pictures of Sayu’s #1 fan 🙂

    Feel free to comment if you want to, your comments make me a happy wota, and they encourage me to update more and work hard in order to always make interesting entries, so please do, it’s a win-win situation 🙂

    Love you all, and see you soon, with a special post I’m planning! No, it won’t be another profile for at least another week, but I promise you you’ll like it!

    Bai bai!

    Sato Yukari aka Yukarin

    Well, people, sorry for disappearing from the face of the Earth like that, but RL hasn’t been exactly nice lately… still, this is a long weekend and I have tons of ideas in my head, so hopefully I’ll be able to work on them this weekend 😀

    Ok, everybody, one model deserves another, so here’s Nozofisu’s crime in partner, Yukarin!!! Yay! *clap clap clap*

    • Name: Sato Yukari (佐藤由加理)
    • Nickname: Yukarin (ゆかりん)
    • Birthdate: November 22nd, 1988
    • Birthplace: Shizuoka, Japan
    • Hobbies: Sleeping
    • Audition song: Hirosue Ryoko – Maji de Koi Suru 5byou Mae
    • Height: 161cm
    • Bust: 77cm
    • Waist: 59cm
    • Hips: 83cm
    • Agency: Artist House Pyramid

    Well, Yukarin is a lovely girl indeed. And not only is she very pretty, but she’s always so freaking HAPPY to be in a unit, or in a song, or in a stage, that it seriously makes me happy to see her in turn. Sadly, she didn’t get much of a chance to shine until Himawarigumi where she totally rocked every song!!! See, I didn’t really notice her all that much, with her being stuck as backup all the time, but after I watched H1, I decided I should go back and try to see what she really was like on stage before. She has definitely improved a lot ever since the beginning, which is something I LOVE in an idol, they must be capable of evolving in time, you know, and Yukarin has proven that she is no longer that stiff dancer and nervous singer she was in A1, no, she’s confident, and shining and happy to be on stage!

    That said, her voice is good, but it doesn’t really have anything distinctive about it… but well, she is a nice singer, gets her notes and beat right and stuff. She’s improved in the dancing department lots since her debut too, and even though she’s no Minegishi, she always manages to catch my eye because of how much she seems to be enjoying herself in every performance!

    Plus, if none of this meant anything to you, she kind of resembles Sugaya Risako, I think it’s the smile…

    1. Sakura no Hanabiratachi: Poor Yukarin got virtually no screen time at all in this PV! However, she wears a Che Guevara T shirt, which totally cracked me up

    Here it is, and just when you thought that idols where silly pretty creatures who never ventured into politics… 😛

    She looks very focused in this rehearsal, trying to get the moves right, I guess. Still, it sucks that she got so little screentime… Even the girls who are now graduated got more shots than she did… Oh well, I guess that after all, she’s survived to all of these (2) years of being pushed to the background, and it finally paid off! Now she’s the gravure model and the other girls are… not? Well, I guess it depends in whether you see gravure as a promotion or a demotion, but one thing is for sure, at least she stole Kojima Haruna’s dream right under her nose 😀

    Oh hi, Risako, I didn’t know that you had lost 10 pounds, cut your hair and joined AKB48! Way to go! Wait…

    2. Skirt Hirari: If Nozofisu was hard to spot in Skirt, Hirari, Yukarin is virtually invisible…

    This is the only (rather crappy) screencap I managed to find of Yukari in this PV. She’s the one at the far left side of the pic, BTW. Yes, I know that there was supposed to be a pic of her in the ugly gray uniform when they flash all of the other girl’s pictures, but I seem to have missed hers. I’m not going back to bust my finger trying to stop the PV at every split second either, but rejoice! There are plenty of Stage caps coming ahead 😀

    6. BINGO! It was great to see Yukarin’s usually happy self in this PV, even if it was for only one frame 😐

    I’ve said over and over again that Yukari is a happy girl, but she’s not over-the-top genki hyper sugary happy, but like normal-person type of happy, which is more endearing and believable to me. I love this picture of the underdogs, Yukari, Shiho, Hitomi and Risa look positively lovely!

    9. Romance Irane I was beaming with happiness when I heard that Yukari, Kikuchi, and OMG so awesome Hana were picked for this single! And then I watched the PV… and I became a little less excited, to put it lightly. My screencaps of this really suck, but Yukarin was fierce here!

    Being paired with Team A’s cool girl, Mariko-sama, some girls get totally outshined, but not Yukarin, she held her own! You can tell that she’s really into singing! 🙂

    The very famous chest thrusting step, and you can obviously tell that Yukari is working it there!!! She even has a smug face that I love, it’s like she’s saying “Oh yeah, Haruna, you go and get all of the close ups of this PV, I’m going to be a gravure model while you stare in awe instead Mwahahahahahahahaha!!”


    Well, that is all for Yukari’s PV appearances, however, we still have plenty of Stage performances to dwell into! Yay!

    1. A1 – Party ga Hajimaru yo: Yukari was a pretty stiff performer back in the day A1 was filmed, she was still her usual happy self, though, and it’s adorable to watch her in all of her rookie awkwardness, especially knowing that she’s grown out of it completely now.

    I like that hairstyle on her, it’s simple, but fits her very well. She has become increasingly beautiful as time goes by, too. Good for her (and for us too, of course :D)

    That blur next to her is no other than BFF Kawasaki Nozomi. Sorry about the bad screencap 🙂

    2. A1 – Dear my Teacher

    Let’s face it, with such a naughty type of song, and such an awkward little idol, it was a bit of a hit-and-miss situation. Still, Yukarin managed to get the feel of the song right and loosen up at times, and those times are the ones that proved what a good performer she would become in the future.

    She just seems to be trying too hard sometimes, but that’s good. I’d rather see my idols make a fool of themselves because they are trying to achieve some kind of particular look or feel for a song, than see them all dead on stage

    3. A1 – Classmate

    I love Classmate, it’s such a beautiful old school song! And it’s very fitting for a gentle girl like Yukari, even though she was probably the worst dancer of this unit, that fact didn’t stop her from giving it her all!

    She was seriosuly awkward, or nervous, or both. But this only made my desire to go and give her a bear hug even bigger!

    You can see the other girls smiling, and making little sweet expressions, but not Yukarin. She was way too focused in getting her lines right, so she kind of forgot about the rest. But that’s cute to see anyway, and if anything, it has more merit to grow into a confident solid performer from scratch than to be born a star, right?

    A2 – Namida no Shounan: A2 was the stage where Yukarin really loosened up and starting having fun through the WHOLE thing. I absolutely, endlessly and forever adore her in Namida no Shounan, she was simply perfect in there. Easily my favorite Yukarin moment, so I’ll share plenty of screencaps with all of you 😀

    “Chu chu chu chu chu chu chu” Well, I must say that when I finally turned to the dark side of AKB, I didn’t really watch the stages in order. I watched A4 first, and I was completely won over, so then I started hunting for the rest. I had heard a lot of this song, especially among fellow Maimai fans, because she is the lead in this unit, so that was admittedly, the only reason why I was looking forward to watching it. And then a few unexpected things happened: “Wow! Is that graduated member Orii Ayumi? She kicked so much butt!” “Is that Mariko? OMG! She’s totally hot!” “Haruna is definitely one of the best looking girls I’ve seen!” and most particularly, “Is that the girl from Kikyou? I must learn her name right now! She’s beyond amazing!”

    Yukari was not only happy here, she got the broken-hearted tease sort of mood of the song perfectly, and she seemed to be in her element through the whole thing, I was pretty shocked, in a good way, of course, because I had seen her before but never really noticed how good she was, because she was barely ever given a chance…

    You know, one of the things I like the most about AKB48 is how they give every girl a chance. I mean, sure, it’s Acchan, Takamina, Yuko all over the place if you take the singles into account, but then you watch the stages, and see units with the less popular girls, and they are given lines and limelight and stuff! Having ben a H!P fan for so long, I was used to the fact that if I didn’t see a girl in a single, chances were that I wouldn’t be seeing a lot of her anyway in concerts. And then I found out that this group works in a very different way. Say what you may about Akimoto, but he doesn’t forget something that often slips Tsunku’s mind: Each of these girls has a dedicated fanbase, and they will obviously pay more attention to the whole group if the girl they like isn’t thrown into the background every single time…

    Sexy Yukarin! People were wondering whether she could do gravure or not, but I think that those of us who believed that it didn’t really fit her, have been shut up already! She is definitely gorgeus.

    I love this screencap, that pose makes her look like one of those idols from the 80’s in their poofy skirts and extra-charming personaes… It makes me happy to see an idol work her best and truly shine, and especially if she hadn’t been given a chance to prove her worth before!

    A2 – JESUS: You know, I love Jesus, but this song is so… wrong XD I still have a kick out of listening to it everytime though…

    “ARE YOU READY TO ROCK AND ROLL?!?!” XD I kind of get that vibe from this very red and angry looking screencap…

    I love her self sufficient look. “Yeah, that’s right! I’m in the center biotches, whatcha gonna do about it?”

    A2 – Dakedo…

    In A2 Yukarin has set to prove all of us that she hasn’t only improved her dancing skills, her sexiness, and her badass-ness, she has also GREATLY improved her ballad-singing abilities. She now gives a heartfelt performance, and can focus on the small details instead of being glued to her spot trying to keep track of the beats of the song.

    Maybe the Risako resemblance isn’t just the smile… but a bit of the “spoiled child” vibe as well. 😀

    A2 – Dear my Teacher:

    Now she’s fully commited, and instead of getting it right a few times, she captures the mood of this song in a whim and conveys it in a very nice way

    A2 – Mirai no Tobira:

    I’ll be honest with you fellows, I don’t even remember what this song sounds like… But some little voice in the back of my head tells me that it’s a song about happiness and the bright future and other typical idol fare, and by Yukarin’s touching expression we can tell that she is really meaning all that she’s singing to all of us 😀

    Quite an odd but still cute pair, Miichan and Yukarin make a heart sign and smile cutely at each other

    See, I told you that she’s a very happy girl (kind of an airhead too), she even looks happier than Miichan here! Who would ever thought that possible?

    A2 – Skirt Hirari

    “Damn you Akimoto, you could’ve had me in the PV, I’m pretty hot myself, you know?”

    A3 – Tanjoubi no Yoru: My favorite birthday song! This song is so catchy and awesome!

    That’s a funny face there, but still, pretty freaking adorable.

    A3 – Rider

    This shade of bright orange is not a very nice color, but Yukarin rocks it anyway!

    Rider is a beautiful uplifting song, and after you understand the background behind it, it becomes all the more special. I like how all of the girls really performed at her best in order to send this message of love to an old fan who has passed away…

    A4 – Only Today:

    Michiru and Yukari squinting identical smiles! I SO love this costume… this was the only reason to post this ugly screencap, actually

    Well, what do you know… The happy girls teamed up again (if only for one line)

    A4 – Kikyou

    The first time I watched Kikyou, I thought this: “Oh, that girl in the dark overall looks really happy! How cute!” and then “wait a second… why doesn’t she have a single freaking SOLO line!!!!” *sigh*

    I was kind of pissed off at the fact that she didn’t get any lines even though she put all of her little idol heart into the performance, but it still impressed me how much of a good sport she was about it, not even once did she look bored, or anything like that. She was completely cheerful and commited from the beginning to the end.

    *melts* So effing cute! <3

    “*sigh* I can always hope for a line in the next unit I’m placed in…”

    I mean, how can you not love her when she looks like this when she sings? She is REALLY into the music, and you can tell by just looking at her


    I was going to post some of her gravure pictures, but the pic uploader still hates me 😐 Oh, well, there’s plenty of pics in this post anyway…

    Like what you see? Then don’t forget to buy her first gravure solo DVD! Which comes out in July! Yay!!

    Kawasaki Nozomi aka Nozofisu

    Hello there, people! I plan on keeping annoying you all until you go and buy H1, but right now I really want to get through with the profiles of the rest of Team A, because like I’ve said 10000 times before, some of these girls are my favorites.


    • Name: Kawasaki Nozomi (川崎希)
    • Nickname: Nozofisu (ノゾフィス)
    • Birthdate: August 23rd, 1987
    • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
    • Hobbies: Speaking Spanish
    • Audition song: Kawashima Ai – 12ko no Kisetsu
    • Height: 156cm
    • Bust: 82cm
    • Waist: 59cm
    • Hips: 83cm

    I’m crazy about Nozofisu, for reasons that I find difficult to pinpoint, but I’ll try to do my best at it anyway… She was one of the first girls who caught my eye because she is incredibly beautiful! And I don’t mean pretty-beautiful like Maimai, or cute-beautiful like Miichan, Nozomi is what people would call a classic beauty, she’s kind of quiet and demure, very ladylike, and that added to her look makes her a very special type of idol, I mean, I would love to be like that, but sadly, I’m more of a tomboy than anything else XD

    Anyway, I really like Nozofisu’s voice, although I will admit she isn’t the strongest singer of the group. Her voice is just what you would expect from her, very sweet, and not cute at all, but soft and “classy” if you could say that about a voice… She is an average dancer, but whenever she is into a performance she REALLY is into it, and she gives her all, in her usual style. Also, this is a bit personal, and stupid, but she can speak spanish!!! That’s super cool, and adds 1000+ points of sexy to her.

    1. Sakura no Hanabiratachi: Well, Nozomi isn’t all that prominent in this PV, which is a shame, because she’s a cutie! However, there’s one shot of her that made me go ga-ga at how beautiful this girl is!

    Wow! I mean, wow! There was this PV, with a bunch of hyper and cute girls, in their typical idol poses and stuff… and then this frame comes out of nowhere and wow! Nozomi is absolutely beautiful, right? And it’s such a refreshing sight after all of the typical idol stuff of the backstage parts of this PV

    And then she sort of looks our way… *swoons* See, the thing about being a Nozofisu fan is that it’s a bit of an art, a certain finesse is required to rejoice in her beauty and the little variations of it, and the defined style that is so typical of her. She is a true lady, and is subtle and delicate like one should be, which in turn results as not so entertaining for the people who come to idol world looking for hyper – sugary – sweet idol personaes, winks and jumps.

    Here we see Nozofisu in action next to Komatani Hitomi, she seems to be having some fun with that choreography! I remember a shot of the Making Of AKB48’s spring tour of 2007 where they showed the girls in rehearsal and Nozofisu’s shirt said “I see that you’ve met the twins” That cracked me up, it seemed pretty out of character, but the good thing about Nozomi is that she’s a good girl with a twist, but I’ll get into that later.

    Yeah, I know that she’s kind of blurry and in the background, but still. Here’s graduated member Usami Yuki, and Nozomi in what appears to be a recording studio. Nozofisu looks very focused, and I’m surprised that even though both members have never been the most popular girls, Usami gets to be in the front… I mean, in the rest of the studio pics of the other girls, they seem to share the screen evenly, but this just seems foul… of course, when you decide to become a fan of one of the underappreciated girls, you have to deal with this kind of thing.

    The thing that bothers me, though, is that even though some of the other girls who were largely unnoticed by team A (Nacchan, Shiho, Cindy) were more TEam B material anyway, and rocked/are rocking there, Nozofisu is SO Team A, and they don’t even notice it! I’m glad that she’s a model now, and hopefully that will give her more exposure. I think she’s becoming bigger everytime, and being the Team 2 sub for Yuko was a BIG break for her and one of the reasons why I enjoyed Team 2 so much in the DVD

    Aww… don’t cry! See, the other girls are all envious now because you get the cute clothes and the best photoshoots, so you ended up winning in the long run!

    2. Skirt Hirari: Well… spotting Nozofisu in this pV is like playing “Find Waldo” but I still managed to find a decent shot of her… With such a minor performance, I can’t really say much about her job here

    She’s the second to last girl here, the one with straight long hair. She looks bored… But I would too if I knew that I would only be getting a split second of a shot in the whole thing!

    She even seems sort of pissed off in her shot, but then again I don’t blame her. It must suck to be stuck in the background all the time, and while we get to listen to all the glory of the front girls, as they get TV appearances, interviews, PV close ups and such, the less known girls remain a mystery for most of us. And it’s not really strange to see that happening, you’re most likely to be drawn to that girl who gets the camera stuck on her face thorugh all of the performance, or that which is so hyper that she lights up the stage. But then is it wrong to be a background girl? Does this mean that they are less good at what they do? A quick answer to that question would be a “Yes, being an idol is about entertaining” but it’s also abou so  much more… I would have Nozomi over Acchan any day, and that’s not out of hate for Maeda, but just to show that even though the girl can’t really sing or dance all that well and has 0 stage presence, the camera is all over her, and she has without a doubt gotten the biggest push. Is she worth MY time? No, I look for some sort of special something in my idols… which is why I might be more drawn to those who are quirky or overlooked for some reason. I just like to dig deeper I guess…

    3. Aitakatta Er… wiki lists her as part of this PV’s cast, but I couldn’t spot her even once! I’m inclined to believe that she wasn’t in it, though, because all of the girls who did got a small part and where relatively easy to spot…

     6. BINGO! Oddly enough, even though the over-the-top happiness of BINGO doesn’t really fit Nozofisu’s character all that well, I found a lovely shot of her in the PV!

    Nozofisu’s mugshot, no less! Instead of looking badass she looks HOT! Still, awesome to see her appear in a PV, regardless of what small role she might get in there…

    Here even matsubara Natsumi is cracking up, with Tomochin and her characteristic hyperness, and yet Nozomi simply waves and smiles shyly… That endears me to no end, but, like I said before, it’s not meant to be liked by everyone. I guess we all have our own kind of idol, like an “ideal type” and we’ll always like that type better than the others, which is perfectly acceptable


    Well, that is all for Nozomi’s PV appearances 🙁 Luckily, we have stage performances!!

    Party ga Hajimaru yo – A1: Strangely enough, Nozomi is all smiles and happy-genki-power in this… it’s an interesting change of pace, but I’d rather see her stick to her own self

    Yay w00t! *waves* Ahh… it’s always better to see a smile than anything else, especially if it comes from Nozofisu! She looks even prettier now, but this is nice for old memories sake

    Doku Ringo wo Tabesasete – A1: A song meant to be all sexy and stuff, that IMO fails at it and ends up just sounding plain weird. Still, it was nice to see the girls attempts at being HOTT

    Funny how she’s the only one who noticed where the camera is… she looks a bit awkard in this, but you can tell that she’s still enjoying it (when she isn’t it REALLY shows, which cracks me up)

    Zombie Nozofisu FTW!

    I’ll admit that she was much more of a typical idol at the beginning, but now she’s polished her act more in order to offer something unique. It’s still great to see her smile and have fun, and I can’t deny that the “fun” factor really comes into play when people decide to like an idol or not, because  there’s a reason why we aren’t listening to Evanescence, but we’re watching little japanese girls jump around and be silly, it makes us sick people happy!

    Hoshi no Ondo – A1: I’m sadly not a big fan of this super slow song, but it does fit Nozomi’s character very well. She manages to look very elegant in that dress, unlike some of her team mates XD

    Even though ballads are great for her quiet character, I love it when she gets to do stuff that is a bit more “edgy”, she can do that as well, surprisingly, without getting out of character or anything

    AKB48 – A1: This song is all about the fun that is AKB48, and I think the girls like singing it quite a bit, they must be glad to be a part of it!

    There’s something adorable about seeing the girls so young, sort of inexperienced in the Idol business and without make up and stuff, especially when it’s in retrospective, because then we can see how much they have evolved through their time in the industry…

    Koi no Plan – A2: Oh! I love this song so much! It’s a bubbly song, but nothing too hyper. Even though most of the underrated girls where stashed here, it sounds amazing! And they all look so cute in those dresses!

    This cute choreography was a bit more laid back than I originally thought it would be judging from the song’s music, but it’s great for the gentle girls included here, Nozomi, Hitomi and Michiru in particular

    Her soft voice balances Haruna’s powerful vocals, and she’s a great match for Oh yay’s beautiful smooth voice as well. I liked how this song sounded very much.

    Rio no Kakumei – A2: I’m a fan of carnivals, the people stop being individuals and sort of come together in this amazing mob of dancing and singing energy! That stated, I must add that I think a song about the carnival of Rio was an awesome idea, and while this particular one doesn’t really sound brazilian at all, it includes my favorite Nozofisu moment ever!

    The energetic dance and music builds and then it comes to a stop… and Nozofisu appears surrounded by blue lights, and has a speaking part XD The great thing about it is both the fact that it includes english and spanish, and that it’s great to see the underdogs get big parts! The way she slowly speaks, with her soft voice, is very sultry and it gives the sexy vibe to this song, without a doubt!

    Dakedo… – A2: Here’s another sweet touching ballad, a classic fan favorite

     I like how she seems to be singing her heart out in this screencap, because she’s rarely this passionate about her singing, so it’s nice to see her show how much it really gets to her

    Rider – A3: This song holds a special meaning because it was written for one of AKB48’s early fans, who tragically died in an accident. It’s very sweet and heartwarming, and also, on a shallow note, the outfits were great!

    Nozofisu, looking beautiful in yellow! Those earrings are SO much win!

    Same as Koi no Plan, this sweet number is very fitting for the characters of the “background girls” and they all perform their best in it, this is one performance that always manages to bring a smile to my face

    Koike – A3: Ahhh the angry break up song! Cool!

    That wavy hair is a much better look for her than the straight one! She’s sexy in Koike, both in the sateg performance and in the concert version! This is where we begin to see how much of a sexy girl Nozomi really is, so it isn’t all about being a demure lady, there’s an edge to her!

    Only Today – A4: I like how on first look this happy song seems about something completely different than what it really is about

    God, my A4 screencaps are hideous, but this is enough to show how she finally settled for what type of character she wants to be, there’s no need to be all hyper and sugary, it’s fine to be however you want to be as long as you do a great job at it!

    Faint – A4: People really noticed Nozofisu after Faint. This is a great song, but what’s even greater is its sexy choreography and honest lyrics. All of the girls did great in this, but the fact that “lady” Nozomi was so good at this really made a few jaws drop. I think it was a good way to show people that she could do more than ballads, and I daresay that she’s even better at sexy than at ballads!

    Mwahahaha! Just wait bitches, I’ll show you all what I’m really capable of!

    The very classy “boobie grabbing” step… always a winner! And that belly button piercing is HOTT

    Work it girl!


    I already said that something I like very much about this song are its honest lyrics, but they wouldn’t be as meaningful if they weren’t delivered from the heart, like the girls do here!

    Yeah, that’s a bad time to blink, Tomochin… but the other two girls looks stunning! Nozomi is SUPER sexy, as you can see here!

    Well, that is all for now, please support Nozomi, she’s a very good idol in her own way! And her hobbie is collecting Paris Hilton pictures which cracks me up as well XD So, if you don’t do it for her, do it for Paris, we all know that she needs more love! (XD XD XD No sex tape pun intended)

    Narita Risa aka. Risa

    u_u I’ve had lots of technical problems, which is why I had to delay this forever…

    OMG!!! What the hell is up with all the spam that’s flooding my blog!!!

    Ehhh… Hi folks! Here’s another profile, because the “not so well known” members of Team A are some of my favorites, and also because I want to finish team A ASAP so I can focus in Team K and Team B profiles.


    • Name: Narita Risa (成田梨紗)

    • Nickname: Risa (りさ)

    • Birthdate: March 1st, 1991

    • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

    • Hobbies: Shopping

    • Audition song: AI – Story

    • Height: 156cm

    • Bust: 80cm

    • Waist: 60cm

    • Hips: 83cm

    Risa is the “poor man’s Acchan” and I mean this in the nicest way possible XD I’ll elaborate into this a bit more, but that’s how it is, sadly.

    Personally, I would have Risa over Acchan any day! She’s a reliable singer and dancer, has TONS of stage presence, smiles all the time and is very sassy! While Acchan… well… she has good days and bad days, and if it wasn’t for that strange almost supernatural charm of hers…

    Risa was chosen to be the replace member for Acchan in the Himawarigumi performances. “Himawarigumi” was a group formed by Team A and Team K, and they have done 2 Stages (so far). The thing with this group was that because it had so many members, a group of “A class” members was formed and then a group of  ehh… B class members of sorts. So each of the A class girls had a replacement in the B class members, so that whenever they couldn’t perform somebody else could do it instead of them. Well, not just for this reason, of course, they had to have all of the members doing something and performing! But in Acchan and Risa’s particular case… Acchan was absent during a WHOLE load of shows, which gave Risa the chance to shine with the other “A class” members! yay!

    1. Sakura no Hanabiratachi: You’ve all heard me hype about Miichan and Mariko’s rise to stardom, but it all has a price, and girls who were originally meant to be at the front, like Risa, suffered from this and ended up shoved to the background! And in Risa’s particular case, it hurts me a lot, because she’s a great idol, and she should get more love dammit!


    In this screencap we see Acchan and Risa… And you can see what I mean! You can’t help but look at her! This is way more evident in performances, because the lack of stage presence really hurts Acchan…


    Here she is, so front row that she was even in front of Maimai! You know, Risa is not the BEST singer out there, but there’s something in the way she carries herself that screams “Superstar” Ehh… that’s not very obvious in such early stages of her career, of course


    I like how SNH is plastered all over the place with Risa, because we won’t be seeing much of her in the following PVs 🙁 I can’t understand what happened to her… why did she fade? I mean, when I became an AKB48 fan, she was already a background girl, and I still noticed her in performances… Maybe they wanted more “cute” type of girls fronting Team A?


    And here is where we can see how much Acchan has actually blossomed! Risa has always been a beautiful lady, but back in the day, Acchan looked like a little boy XD And look at the way Risa’s looking at her like “Oh… poor thing… don’t worry, hair grows” Oh yes, it grows indeed… and eventually became Narita’s doom, who would’ve thought about it back then?


     Here we can see Risa with fellow front girls Tomochin and Takamina. Not really about this picture, but I like how professional she looks whenever she is performing! This is a common trait among Team A members, and it gives a completely different feeling to their performances when compared to the ones of the other teams. It’s not like they don’t have fun performing or anything, but I think they can pull off the “professional idol” act a bit better. Team K and Team B are purely girls having fun most of the time (but that’s why I like them more than A)

    Of course, back in the day Team A was only about the fun too. Here we can see Miichan, Tomochin, Risa, Acchan and Nacchan having a laugh and waving. Risa seems to be the one who laughs the most, too, she seems like a fun person to be around, judging from the amount of purikura she takes with other members

    I still think that she was a pretty good front girl, but maybe due to the fact that so many other girls stepped it up, while Risa kind of stayed the same had to do with her fall from grace… Still, I always notice her in stage performances, she has great stage presence!

    2. Skirt Hirari: Skirt Hirari was definitely Risa’s signature song/performance. I like her stuck up attitude in the PV as it makes for a cool change of pace from the way the other girls act here


    Needless to say, she wasn’t trying to be sexy here, in fact, her attitude reminds me of that of the girl who is a snitch or something like that. The look in her face in this particular screencap is very “Don’t look at me or I’ll tell mommy”

    She looks very lonely leaning against that wall… Ahhh nobody know what it’s like to be teacher’s pet… it’s very difficult and lonesome

    The pointing fetish of AKB returns… Still, she looks truly evil here! “You’re busted! I’m so telling on you!!”

    When you compare her performance in this particular song to that of say… Tomochin, you realize that she had a lot more of potential from the start but perhaps she didn’t know how to work it in order to mantain her front girl position

    I also like how she managed to turn her stuck up attitude into a sassy one as she grew up as an idol, it’s really nice to see girls who aren’t all winks and blown kisses every now and then

    Oh Risa… Everytime I look back and try to understand why was she pushed to the background I end up completely puzzled. The theory I believe in is that they wanted more “cutesy” girls to front the group, but neither Maimai, Takamina or Mariko fit into this category completely, and yet they are rather big. I hope that she gets bigger roles in the team, but the addition of Fujie Reina makes me think that it won’t be the time for Risa’s revival just yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

    3. Aitakatta A bubbly song like this fits Risa’s smily self to a tee. Still, she wasn’t very big in this PV, and we could start seeing the trend of her vanishing from the map.

    She was still kind of famous here, because we can see how she was placed in the front row! Even ahead of Maimai! (I lol at my “kind of famous” definition… She’s more famous than any of us we’ll ever be XD)

    A heart with Oh yay and Risa!! God I love this picture! It’s so cute and natural-looking!

    And now she’s trying to take a pic of Oh yay and Tomomi-chan. She got a kind of big part in this PV you know, when you compare it to Umeda or Hana who appeared for like 2 seconds pushing a bike or Erena and Rina who appeared for like a second too…


    1. A1 – Party ga Hajimaru yo: This DVD (A1) is probably the worst looking of all, because the girls had just debuted and looked pretty stiff. BUT if you’re a Risa fan, this one is probably the best you could pick, because she is SO ahead of the rest when it comes to acting like a pro and delivering her lines with perfect idol attitude! Party ga Hajimaru yo was the song which gave the name to this stage, and while it’s not one of my favorites, there were some nice Risa moments in it, so let’s look at them!

    Yukarin + Risa! It looks like an unfortunate screencap for Yukari, but the truth is that she was that stiff during the whole song! Risa, on the other hand, look like she knew exactly what to do and how to carry herself!

    2. A1 – Dear my Teacher: This song screams AKB to me… the dated sound of it and the naughty lyrics are the trademark of early AKB. Risa managed to pull of a sexy-loli look here that is very appealing!

    See? loli-Risa is awesome!

    3. A1 – Skirt Hirari: Well people, prepare yourselves for a LOT of Skirt Hirari screencaps. And I mean A LOT, because this one is Risa’s highlight!

    Risa brings a completely different attitude to the stage version, compared to the one she had on the PV. Here she is totally rocking the sexy looks!

    Risa is a true idol. That’s all I have to say about this picture.

    4.  A1 – Aozora no Soba ni Ite: this sweet song was IMO one of the best performances of the first stage of Team A, because all of the girls let loose and we could see little bits where they interacted with each other and were just normal girls (kind of)

    Risa continues to be placed ahead of Maimai… That’s to show how big she was back then! Here she shares lines with Rina, and they are a great pair!

    And here’s probably my favorite screencap of Risa! The second before she leaned towards Rina and picked a paper sakura petal that was left tangled in Rina’s hair. As a response to this, Rina smiles sweetly at her <3

    5. A1 – AKB48: All the girls are pumped up here to deliver the theme song in high spirits!

    Risa-chan stills sparkles the most!

    6. A2 – Aitakatta: Risa was still big when A2 happened, but here we see how the other girls are more confident with their performing skills, so she doesn’t stand out as much.

    this is totally wrong but Risa probably has the biggest boobs in AKB48… And yes… that is all the purpose of this screencap…

    7. A2 – GLASS no I LOVE YOU: I’m a big fan of this song, it’s very very girly, and cute, but not hyper cute but.. you know, girly cute or something…

    Risa proves here that she’s pretty cute herself, but instead of making it super sweet cavity inducing cute, she gives it a little bit of a sexy twist, which is very welcome in this particular song!

    This type of unit fits her perfectly, but I’d love to see her in something where she could be “sexier” because it fits her character a bit more. Maybe she should be in something similar to Junai no Crescendo….  In case you didn’t notice, these are the girls of Nageki no Figure minus Acchan and plus Risa. Which also helps my theory of Risa being Acchan2 in a way…

    It’s nice when a girl brings something different to a performance, something that kind of changes the mood of the song a bit! I like that kind of versatility.

    8. A2 – JESUS: This song cracks me up so much XD Risa was very serious here, and sexy too, fitting the kind of dark mood that the song tries to have (but fails at XD)

    Intense looks and all…

    This is probably my favorite Risa moment of A2! She turns her head with that serious look on her face… sexy!

    9. A2 – Dakedo…: I’ve already stated how this song isn’t one of my favorites, but Risa’s emo face is priceless!

    It’s like she’s back to her snitch Skirt Hirari PV persona!

    10. A2 – Dear My Teacher: Risa is no longer a loli now, but she’s very very sexy nonetheless!

    Well, Hello there Narita! *prrrrrr*

    Now she knows what this song is all about! (or she acts like she does…)

    11. A2 –  Mirai no Tobira: It’s a cute song, and a cute screencap. That is all.

    Miichan looks kind of weird, but can you see Risa’s mischievous expression? Priceless!

    12 – A3 – Nage kiss de Uchi otose: This is the only screencap of Risa I’m including from A3 for various reasons. The first one is that A3 wasn’t Risa’s best, really. She wasn’t seen much in there, because this is where we could start noticing how much she was shoved to the back, and the second reason is that I’m absolutely tired, I’ve been writing this entry for a week now, with no success so far and for the love of all that’s holy, I’m not going back to screencap more split seconds of A3 where Risa appears right now!!

    Risa’s so sassy! I insist on that… Acchan looks kind of dull when she’s next to her (no hate for Acchan, I’m just stating the truth :P) Risa was the only back up girl in this song to get a cowboy hat, which is exactly like Acchan’s, only purple. Make what you will out of that, I’ve already statedd my opinion about this 😀


    I can’t believe that this is finally over! It was soo soo hard for me to finally manage to finish this profile! And I’m sure that if I hadn’t liked Risa as much as I do, it would’ve ended up being published like in a year from now.

    I want to thank Ray for helping me out through this whole picture mess, and hopefully I can keep updating regularly now that I’ve sort of worked it out.



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