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Not yet is amazing ;_; and perfect ;_;

I have been planning to post about this for the longest time xD I never really got around to doing it, but it’s never to late to gush about my favorite idol group ever, isn’t it?

So, without further ado, I give you… The most amazing Promotional Video in the history of idols!

Shuumatsu Not Yet!!! (first version) because there’s another version that comes with the Type B single.


so the PV starts with a lovely piano intro and a shoot of the girls shoes 😀 Which are sneakers! This is important, see, because Yuko LOVES sneakers! she was raving in her blog about how happy she was she could wear sneakers for this subgroup xD


After that, the actual song starts, with a BIG JUMP! Yuko is the one who jumps the highest, which is no surprise, really since she’s so athletic <3




Haha Kitarie is SO into the dance! She’s amazing <3 And possibly dethroning Tomo~mi-chan as my Team B Oshi *gasp*


This screencap looks very awkward xD However, Yuko is still very awesome. She’s still the most amazing girl on Earth. I think the reason why her eyes look so funky is because the mascara they used on the girls lower lashes makes Yuko’s rather big eyes look strange, like they are melting or something xD She’s still gorgeous though <3


Idek why but whenever I see Yui I just got D’awwww in my mind 🙂 She’s so pretty and adorable, and just so HAPPY to be there at all <3


Yes Sasshi Let’s CHUU SHIYOUZE! 😀 and yes, I’m aware that is grammatically incorrect in two languages 😀


I think Kitarie rocks the weird make up the most, although they all look gorgeous, shiny and idol-y


I just had to include this screencap because it’s adorable <3


I really really love these outfits! They are super idol-y but beautifully colorful and playful at the same time. I also adore the background, it reminds me of the school I used to go when I was little, the windows were all shaped like that, and I remember thinking how great they conveyed the feeling of “light” (no, I don’t really know what I’m talking about either 8D)


Another Yui screencap because, frankly, this girl makes me happy. And she also got me updating the blog again xD I mean, Yuko is and forever will be my number one, and I love all of the AKB girls (KKS included as of this week :D) but I hadn’t had a *squee* mushy feel in my chest in SO long (like, ever since Yurina from Berryz a million years ago lol). Yuko is definitely a different type of idol for me, while Yuko makes me happy, she seems to always be in control of the situation, she’s a pro, and she makes me go “Damn, she’s so cool and awesome” all the time. While Yui is simply *squee* worthy. I mean, just look at her. She’s amazing because she works so hard and is so thrilled to be given a chance to shine and just D’awww


I love Sasshi, I’ve gushed about her all over the internet xD but I have to agree with the AKB stylist who gave her the odd bright pink outfit in Enjou Rosen, she does look a little too pale with this yellow outfit, but still beautiful!<3


Kitarieeeee! she looks exactly like she did in the other screencap but lol


These guys were what made some people dislike the PV, they said they were too weird to be backdancers, and while I agree that they are kinda creepy they add to the wacky atmosphere idol PVs have sometimes 🙂


I know nothing about dancing, but I think this choreography was pretty cool, and it looked a bit more demanding than what AKB usually does for their singles! I didn’t know that Sasshi was such a good dancer, and I was positively surprised by how Yui managed to keep up with her senpais even though she’s relatively new!


Here we have a costume change, and the girls get dressed in these poofy idol-y get ups! I know a lot of people hated it, but I thought they were amazing xD I like the sexy sentai suits better (zettai ryouiki! hmmm yeah baby!) but the idol-y look isn’t half bad to me


Here’s a cute solo shot of Sasshi making a countdown motion with her fingers, since the song is about a couple that can only meet on weekends, they count the days left to see each other in anticipation. It’s a really cute song and I can definitely relate to it <3


It’s not the best Yuko pose ever, but it shows the head piece a little better. It’s a tulle flower thingy, and works surprisingly well with the rest of the outfit!


Yui’s smile is so cute! <3 and wide! haha


I remember that this Rie close up literally made me squee the first time I watched the PV 😀 It’s super standard idol posing 101, but it was so adorable


I like this shot, Sasshi looks so excited! I was actually quite surprised when I saw the second outfits for the PV, but since it’s the colombian flag, I’m ok with it 8D


Yuko is outdancing the rest of them so badly 😀 Even though it’s pretty clear that she’s the center of the group and stuff, I’m glad that all the girls get solo lines in the single’s songs and close ups and stuff. No major shafting going on here!


They have a little dance break in the middle, and it’s a cool effect because they move between takes of their poofy idol-y outfits and the sentai outfits


shimmy shake! lol what I find nice is that in the other version of the PV, they also have these takes that go between the 2 outfits 🙂 It’s like it joins the two PVs together.


The cute little hat! 😀


Yay! Ok, I’m gonna stop now because I’m getting more and more random with every post and I’m simply fangirling without providing any interesting insight on anything at all xD

I loved the PV! And everyone hated on it lol. It was kind of strange for AKB to go in the Dance Shot/Close Up route, but I felt like the dance was good, the girls were cute and the colors of the set were very pleasant to the eye. I loved the outfits, and the backdancers are just the LOL moment every jpop PV needs to have 🙂

Since I’ve delayed this entry so much, now I can announce you that Not yet’s next single “Naminori Kakigoori” (Surfing Snow Cone) is going to be released this july! Yay! The girls have teased us with a few pics from the shooting in their blogs, and it was shot at a beach with a ton of extras in summer beachy wear! It’s amazing, and makes me wish I could go to the beach as well ;_; So yeah, please support Not yet  and consider buying their new single!

Oh, and I’m actually planning to review the single, the other version of the PV and the mini movie and mini documentaries in the DVD. I don’t know when will that happen but IT WILL! I <3 Not yet!

The International Wota Charity Auction

Hello everybody! 🙂 Today I bring you guys the news (not really so new anymore, but still xD) of the Charity Auction Internationa Wota has organized! 100% of the profit of the auctions will go to the Japanese Red Cross. So please consider bidding, there are amazing items on auction right now, and they cover a wide variety of Jpop interests so check it out!



Hi everybody! I just wanted to let all of my readers know that there’s a new community called blog48, they are already translating the blogs of AKB, SDN, SKE, NMB48 girls! So please go there and check out what the members are blogging about! 😀


Happy Cake Day!

So, it’s that time of the year! A little later than usual, but I still want to present my congratulations to all the amazing people at International Wota for one more year of Jpop goodness! 😀 So, without futher ado, let’s move forward to the cake!


Delicious triple cake! Nevermind that Tomochin is totally cockblocking Yuko xD


Obviously, we can’t have an AKBirthday without the two top girls of AKB and SKE 😀


Of course, let’s not forget about the Special Recommend Cake 😀 It’s a little out of season right now, but still delicious :9


It’s cookies 😀 and Sanshou Shimai 😀 Double treat!


Isn’t this THE most adorable picture ever? <3 Kitarie is amazing <3

So yeah, I just want to congratulate everyone at IW for another year of great work, and wish them the best now and forever!

Also, I’m forever in debt with Ray Mescallado for hosting this blog, so here’s another chance to thank him 😀

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