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Ok, so I’m finally posting again, sorry it took me so long x_x I’ve been working on this since like forever (ever since the elections were announced) and well, I have very little free time which is why it ended up coming together so late!

Anyway, what I’m talking about it that I created an appeal video for people to vote for Yokoyama Yui of Team K in the upcoming AKB48 general elections! Yay! It’s kind of scary to show your real self in Youtube (and I’m a chicken and don’t want people commenting that I’m ugly and I should go away from the internet so I disabled Youtube comments lol) but I felt like I wanted to do this for Yui, somehow it’s all I can do, since I’m not good with graphics at all, I’m not good at drawing either, I can write, but mostly tl;dr and I can’t do OPVs either. Damn that’s a lot of uselessness in one individual haha. However, I felt like maybe I could try drawing something and talking about Yui a bit and the reason why I love her so much.

So here’s the video!

It took me like a million attempts to get it sounding like this xD and I still blabber around and talk super fast because I was SO nervous! I didn’t think I would be, but when I saw myself in my computer screen I panicked lol Also, english it’s not my first language so I apologize in advance for my fail accent and pronunciation 😀

The drawings look pretty awful as well, but it’s all because I can’t draw to save my life x_x The Not yet picture took me ages! Sasshi was especially difficult somehow haha.

So the point is: Yui is amazing, and I hope people can give her a chance because she’s a very hardworking girl who never gives up regardless of the difficult stuff that has happened to her. I know that she’s not the prettiest or loudest girl, but if you look beneath the surface, she has a heart of gold and a lot of endearing quirks <3 So consider voting for her in the upcoming elections and support her as she keeps doing her best to get closer to her dream!

The Stamen, The Pistil and the Evening Butterfly

I really like this song, you know. Being the pervert I am, it gives this song extra cool points in my book. But I should start from the beginning.

Meet Ohori Megumi, 25 year old idol and pervert girl extraordinaire


Meetan is known by non AKB fans because of her solo single release, which was pretty… racy and kind of controversial. She is also popular for her perverted character, and her constant kissing and hugging of all other AKB members.


Ever since she adopted this type of character, she became more popular, it was a great strategy for her, because it’s not common to see an idol behaving like this, which makes her very interesting. She’s one girl that you will NOT mistake from anyone else in any other group XD. And this song, Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou, was tailored just for her. She’s the perverted older girl, so why not give her a sexy duet with a loli and make sure that it becomes a hit. And I think it did.


And you see, she made it her song, her trademark. She’s been replaced by other girls whenever she’s absent at theater performances, with several degrees of success, but there’s no question, Meetan LOVES this song, and we love her in it! Her sultry voice, mischievous looks and moves make her the owner of the sexy title in AKB… But you know, there’s another half in this unit! Equally important, too. It was a key decision because they had to pick someone believable for the role of the infatuated younger girl, someone who would play along with Meetan.

And this is where the next girl comes in!

Meet Kasai Tomomi. I adore her. Seriously. She’s an anime character brought to life, girly to the max and with a very sweet voice. She also happens to be quite cheerful all the time, but since her eyes are kind of droopy she looks like a little emo whenever she isn’t smiling XD 


Her emotional looks are perfect for this kind of song, somehow. We’d already seen her as Yuko’s troubled secret lover in Kinjirareta Futari, where she almost broke all of our hearts with her sadness and her longing expressions, so, could she turn it up a notch and become the perfect partner for Meetan? The answer is rather obvious if you’ve ever seen a performance of OshiMeshi. She plays the weak, beautiful younger girl SO well! And she also adds a bit of spice to her part, making it even more interesting and very sexy in her own way.


Her super girly personality makes her naturally flirtatious, and her emotional look makes her look completely in love with Meetan XD It works perfectly! Which is what makes this combination so hard to beat whenever it comes to shuffling it around a bit. And let’s be honest here, some units aren’t meant to be shuffled. Like Blue Rose, for example. It doesn’t mean that the shuffles of that unit have been bad or that the girls couldn’t handle it or anything like that, it’s just… it doesn’t feel the same. It’s just not good enough. Interesting, of course, and sexy and stuff, but just… not quite there.

Here’s a performance of OshiMeshi with the original line up


The point of this post is just stating my love for this very pervy but awesome song, and also, treat all my visitors with a little preview of what they will find in the newest AKB DVD, which was released today. It’s a shuffle concert, and it features OshiMeshi performed by the 2 most popular girls of Team A and possibly of the whole AKB. Maeda Atsuko aka. Acchan as Kasai Tomomi and Kojima Haruna aka. Harunyan as Ohori Megumi. I think that this version is cute, and Acchan plays her part perfectly, but Haruna is just way too cute to pull off a predator role perfectly. It’s still quite charming and amusing though, so don’t miss it! XD

More OshiMeshi XD team A version…

Stupid wordpress won’t let me embed the videos for some reason, so you’ll have to click around, sorry 🙁

Ok, finally, Happy 3rd Birthday to Team K!!! My favorite AKB team!! I have a very special post prepared to commemorate, but I just thought I’d say it here as well 😀


Why so sad? Pt. 1

Hi people! Ok, so I want to make a quick update, and it’s somewhat silly, but I’m feeling really down right now, and having a bad time in my personal life, so I thought I’d share the AKB songs I listen to whenever I’m sad. They aren’t GUARANTEED to make you happier, but hell, they sure make me feel a lot better! You know the deal, click on the song’s title to watch a performance of said song.

All lyrics are taken from STUDIO48. Translations/romanizations belong to their rightful authors.

Himawarigumi 1st – Himawari: “Despite things like sadness, loneliness and being depressed , you as your own self, look up to the sky”

This might be the quintessential cheer up song. The music is upbeat and mellow, without being too bland, and the singers are some of the best in the whole AKB, featuring Akimoto Sayaka, Oshima Mai, Noro Kayo and Shinoda Mariko. This gives the song a nice balance, because their powerful vocies (and Mai’s XD) are a good contrast to the music. Still, I adore it, it works just perfectly and manages to put a smile on my face everytime!

B 3 – Wasshoi B!: “With love, respect and bravery, I’m succeeding!”

Wasshoi B! is a slightly different song in a way, because it’s not really about depression and how to overcome it, it’s more of a VERY happy song. Which makes you happy too. Ok, I’m not making a whole lot of sense, but please click on the link, this song is just infectious. And ultra hyper. You’ll be jumping around in no time, and everyone knows that when you’re jumping around, you can’t be sad 😛

A5 – AKB Sanjou!: “Since when did you stop running and went on walking?”

Keeping on with the trend of “Wasshoi B!” AKB Sanjou is the newest theme song of AKB48. But this one does have some lyrics about getting up from your lazy ass and doing whatever it is you want to do, along with the “AKB rocks!” choruses XD This one  is absolutely worth watching for the heavy rock background music and the dance with flashlights. Awesome.

K3 – Hana to Chire!: “Even though this body is ruined, the shape of a heart seems to remain in the ashes”

You didn’t actually expect me to leave my favorite Team out of this one, did you? Truth be told, all of K4 can pump me up and get me ready to fight! Or so to speak… However, most of K4’s songs are very difficult to find on Youtube so I can’t link you to their performances 🙁 Anyhow, Hana to Chire! is an AMAZING song. It’s about dying gloriously, you see, so what can be cooler than that?

K2 – Korogaru Ishi ni Nare: “Move with your own mind. Burn hotly until the fire expires”

My favorite AKB song of them all. This song makes me sing out loud and pump my fists in the air whenever it appears on my playlist. This song is amazing because it’s about being brave and standing up no matter what. And yes, I do take idol music seriously 😛


Ok, that’s all for now, I’ll probably keep this series up until I’ve managed to cheer myself up somehow XD So please send me any suggestions you have. This is only the part 1 of “cheer up” songs, and I promise to feature more pop-py and idol-y tracks next time, so look forward to that!

Bye bye!

Merry Merry Christmas Silent Night, I want to see you!

Hello people! Have you checked out my awesome Jpop blog Macaronii yet? XD Please do so, that will make me happy and it’s a great christmas present for me 😀

This is a very short post, just to celebrate Christmas! With my favorite AKB48 Chirstmas song, Team K’s beautiful and festive “Christmas ga Ippai”

ABC AKB Style!

Hi everybody! I promise you all that A2 fashion show is coming soon, but right now I had another idea for the update, so I just had to go with it. I know that many of the people who visit this blog do it out of curiosity, perhaps knowing only AKB because of their singles or because some cute girl caught their eye. But, I happen to think that AKB48’s best songs sometimes aren’t the singles, but the Stage songs, which so many casual fans are totally unfamiliar with! A crime, I tell you. But don’t worry people, I have decided to take on the best stage songs, and I’ll do it in alphabetical order. Of course, I’m not leading you to watch 160+ videos or your head might explode XD Just my favorite song that begins with said letter. You know this will be long, but you also know you’ll love it, right?

Disclaimer: All lyrics taken from AKB48 Lyrics Paradise. Credit goes to those who romanized and translated these songs.


7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi (First love at 7:12) “For only 20 minutes, in such a short time, it was a fun date!”: Ok, Acchan lovers, rejoice! This one here is taken from A4, and it features Maeda Atsuko, Ohe Tomomi, Narita Risa, Masuyama Kayano and Komatani Hitomi. Acchan is the only remaining member from this unit, which is very very sad 🙁 Anyway, I was going to pick 109, but nobody has upped that performance in Youtube so I chose my second favorite. This is a romantic lovey dovey ballad about unrequited love, it’s very cute and so are all of the girls who sing in it, so don’t miss it!


Aisareru to Iu Koto (To be Loved) “Even if all freedom is lost, such things as joy and sadness won’t be controlled”: Aww! Cute postapocalyptic love ballad, this one. The ICE subunit of Team K (Oshima Yuko, Ono Erena, Kasai Tomomi, Sato Natsuki and Imai Yu) was created only for the sake of singing this as the theme song of a crappy anime Akimoto made. However, this is probably one of the most beautiful AKB ballads, and it’s definitely a MUST watch if you haven’t already.


Bird “I am a sad bird that’s forgotten how to fly. In the place I am now, I can only bend down”: Yeah, excuse the crappy quality of the video, but really, my favorite part of this song are Mai’s lines so I had to include them. She’s so underrated as a singer, and she’s very good IMO. Anyhow, if you haven’t seen/heard this already, you’re probably a real n00b to AKB, but that’s ok! Just… go and watch it right now. This song is very dramatic and rocking, I really wish Team A got more songs like this one lately… Takahashi Minami, Shinoda Mariko and Oshima Mai are in this, BTW.


Confession “You cast your depending eyes one me, I’m not your mom!”: Himawari-gumi was such a great idea, and songs like this prove the fact that mixing A with K equals win. Oshima Yuko, Shinoda Mariko, Akimoto Sayaka and Itano Tomomi rock out and play the “tough girl” role amazingly in the most hardcore AKB unit song! I really like how the lyrics are nothing idol-like, and the headbanging performance is a great bonus too!


DARUIKANJI (Dull Feeling) “If you’re watching from far away, we’re like insects”: From A4. This is the first group song in the countdown, and it’s one of my favorites! The lyrics are very depressing, however, the song has a really catchy melody and great bassline. Not to mention a LOL choreography that I adore. This song is a masterpiece of idol music, and it greatly symbolizes what AKB is about. Cute schoolgirls singing somewhat disturbing songs at times XD. Especially recommended if you’re a fan of Miichan or Tomochin


Erai hito ni Naritakunai (I don’t want to be a big person) “None of those difficult books have real happines isn’t written in them” Aww… No performance of this one in Youtube either 🙁 However, there’s a preview, so you can at least get an idea of what this song is like. I really like it, especially because I’m constantly surrounded by people who praise intelligence above everything else, they even idolize those who they deem smart regardless of how much of a bad person they might be. Being smarrt isn’t all there is to life, it’s better to be happy and have friends 🙂


Faint “I don’t need an eternity because just one second is more than enough to make me faint”: Another A4 song (can you tell I really love that stage?) Itano Tomomi, Tojima Hana (<3<3) and Kawasaki Nozomi perform this super sexy love song. No words are enough to describe the coolness and hotness of “Faint” so just go watch it already!


Gokimen Naname na Mermaid (An Ill tempered Mermaid) “I won’t be kept waiting, I want to go closer to you”: Team B makes its debut in the ranking with this ultra adorable song! Ok, I honestly wanted to put Gomen ne Jewel instead in this position, because I totally love that song and unit, but there was no available video either 🙁 Ok, so back to Mermaid, this is a fun summery song, and it’s a shame that I can’t show you the Stage Version itself (this one is from the Hibiyayaon Concert) because they have little cameras, and beach balls and beach stuff, which makes it even cuter! A great song to warm up to the awesome Team B!


Hana to Chire! (Go Down Gloriously!) “Without considering a thing, strike the iron while it’s still hot!”: This song is so cool it makes me want to go out there and find a cause to die for and go for it no matter what… or something. That’s basically what the lyrics are about, and make no mistake, this song is the definition of POWER! Obviously a Team K song, like everything else cool in this world should be 😀


Itoshisa no Defense (Affection’s Defense) “Overbearingly snatch away this lips that won’t obey”: The Hana version, of course, because all other versions aren’t half as sexy/cool/fierce/Hana. Tojima Hana, Komatani Hitomi and Masuyama Kayano deliver a very sexy song, kind of a follow up to Confession, this is about a tough woman, but one who wants to stop being so unreachable and become closer to someone. Nice stuff.


Junai no Crescendo (Pure Love’s Crescendo) “This evening it’s okay if I’m held, as I’m dripping wet”:  Yeah, one more great song from A4 XD For all of you Men-dol and No3b (no Sleeves) fans, here’s the unit that started it all. This is a fantastic song, reminiscent of dramatic idol classics from the 80s, complete with flashy dresses and great vocals.


Korogaru Ishi ni Nare (Become a Rolling Stone) “A hidden enthusiasm. We’re the Team K!!”: Yup, my favorite AKB48 song of all times just HAD to be on the list. This song is very cool, and it really pumps up the audience with its rock tune and fierce lyrics! AKB Sanjou! from recent A5 might be the only song to rival it in the cool department, but it lacks the strong spirit of Team K’s performances of this. Please watch it. You know you’ll love it!


Lay Down “Like a Doberman chained by the neck, with ferocious eyes I tame you!”: Nosebleed alert. This performance includes Sayaka, leather and girls being overly friendly with each other. It’s really cool, and just pure fanservice, so do yourself a favor and click the link already.


MARIA “In a forest of seduction, I won’t stray”: Ok, so in order to avoid overheating ourselves with Lay Down up there, here’s one of the best songs of AKB48, MARIA. Gothic Lolita dresses, a rock tune and the lyrics of a prayer are a very cool mix. Plus, vocal powerhouse Masuda Yuka is here, along with great performer Umeda Ayaka and Moeeeee Kasai Tomomi, nothing can go wrong with such a combination!


Nakinagara Hohoende (As I smile, I cry) “Until I grow used to be alone, I won’t move from here”: You all saw this coming, right? 😀 This is Yuko’s solo from K3, and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs ever! It’s a ballad, and Yuko’s husky voice is perfectly fitting for it. She looks like an angel in those white clothes, and sings like one <3


Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou (The stamen, the pistil and the evening butterfly) “What’s hidden is the taste of honey, right?, right?, a naught secret”: I didn’t include KinjiFuta here, but here’s the reloaded amped up fanservice version XD See how Meetan shamelessly hits on Tomo-mi, I quite like this song, musically speaking, it’s very sultry!


Party ga Hajimaru yo (The party begins!) “Quietly close your eyes, be quiet! Can you see the entrance to the dream?” O_O I don’t really like this song, but there isn’t a single video of Pajama Drive in youtube, so you’ll have to conform with this one. Here’s the SKE48 version, just for a little more variety…


Rider “Even though we can’t meet, without feeling sad, I sing, I hope that somewhere you are getting along well”: OMG! I’m crying I can’t believe it T_T. This is a very special song to me, for many reasons. This is originally from A3, and the unit members were Komatani Hitomi, Watanabe Shiho, Orii Ayumi, Ohe Tomomi, Kawasaki Nozomi, Sato Yukari, Hoshino Michiru and Tojima Hana. The song was written for one of the original AKB fans who passed away, and it’s a very sweet song, really heartfelt too. Whenever I listen to this song, I immediately think of Hana, giving her best smile always, and she’s just so great, I hope she does well in whatever it is she wants to do with her life now, I’ll always support her no matter what! 


Saishuu Beru ga Naru (The last Bell Rings) “The light amidst the hesitation let’s out an answer from here”: Sorry about the sapfest up there, but I just… get so emotional when it comes to Hana, I have to get over it! Anyway, this time it’s another Team K song, the namesake of their 4th Stage, this is very cool and K-ish, and it has a very memorable tune that sticks in my head really easily! Great choreography too, and a guitar interlude that I really like (it’s quite short though)


Tomo yo (My friends) “On top of the desk I sit down, as a dream harmonizes”: People always mock this song, but I adore it. It’s a very cute “feel good” kind of song, and the catch is that Team K girls play their own instruments for this! (well, sorta) I find it very very cute and endearing, it’s a classic IMO, so you should totally watch it!


Viva! Hurricane “Recklessly, naughtily, rush rush rush, My heart rages!”: More Himawari goodness! This song is so random it’s amazing. It starts like a sentai theme song from the 70s, then turns into idol pop, has its hot latin flavor moments and there’s rap to boot! The dance is manic too, this makes you want to get up and shake your body, for sure.


Wasshoi B! (Heave-ho B!) “With love, respect and courage I’m succeeding!”: No video again, but there’s a compilation of cute Team B pics in the one I’m liking to. And it has the song in good quality, which is the most important thing. Team B are amazing, and it sucks how neglected they get in many ways… I hope that this great song and cute video can help make you a fan, because you know, “The best team is B! B! B! B!” as this song says XD


Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai (We must not let the dream die) “Where is the sun rising? There’s no light to guide my raising hand”: H2 was a very good stage, and this song right here is one of the best! It’s very dramatic, musically speaking, but it carries a message of hope and courage in the lyrics that works very well with the mood of this stage. I really like the choreography too, which is a plus 😀


Ok, so there you have it! It’s the ABC, AKB Style!! I hope you liked it, but mainly, I hope that watching some of this great performances sparked your interest in this great group and that you will become a fan and a supporter 😀 Comments are always welcome, as you know, you can say anything you want to, from “Screw you biatch! How come there’s only 2 freaking Team B songs in your lousy ranking” or “Ohai, wheres bingo cuz that song is so lulz” to “I really admire your refined taste in idol music, and look up to you” XD I kid, I kid, just, you know, comments make me happy 😀

Oh, and there is a reason why I didn’t embed the videos but decided to link them, first of all, my posts are usually super long as it is, and I’m trying to do my best to make them shorter without having them lose their “aitakatta” essence XD Plus, it’s a matter of personal choice (like pre marital sex lol) but I prefer having all videos open in their own separate window because I have a bit of an OCD issue, so bear with me.

Well, that’s all for now, I really have to go study for my monster final of monday! Bye bye!

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